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Lupita Nyong'o - 2019
    She is darker than everyone in her family. She is darker than anyone in her school. Sulwe just wants to be beautiful and bright, like her mother and sister. Then a magical journey in the night sky opens her eyes and changes everything.In this stunning debut picture book, actress Lupita Nyong’o creates a whimsical and heartwarming story to inspire children to see their own unique beauty.

Hair Love

Matthew A. Cherry - 2019
    Cherry and New York Times bestseller Vashti Harrison.Zuri’s hair has a mind of its own. It kinks, coils, and curls every which way. Zuri knows it’s beautiful. When mommy does Zuri’s hair, she feels like a superhero. But when mommy is away, it’s up to daddy to step in! And even though daddy has a lot to learn, he LOVES his Zuri. And he’ll do anything to make her—and her hair—happy.Tender and empowering, Hair Love is an ode to loving your natural hair—and a celebration of daddies and daughters everywhere.

Rumple Buttercup: A Story of Bananas, Belonging, and Being Yourself

Matthew Gray Gubler - 2019
    A charming and inspiring story written and narrated by Criminal Minds actor/director, Matthew Gray Gubler.Rumple Buttercup has five crooked teeth, three strands of hair, green skin, and his left foot is slightly bigger than his right.He is weird.Join him and Candy Corn Carl (his imaginary friend made of trash) as they learn the joy of individuality as well as the magic of belonging.

The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and Family

Ibtihaj Muhammad - 2019
    It’s the start of a brand new year and, best of all, it’s her older sister Asiya’s first day of hijab–a hijab of beautiful blue fabric, like the ocean waving to the sky. But not everyone sees hijab as beautiful, and in the face of hurtful, confusing words, Faizah will find new ways to be strong.Paired with Hatem Aly’s beautiful, whimsical art, Olympic medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad and Morris Award finalist S.K. Ali bring readers an uplifting, universal story of new experiences, the unbreakable bond between siblings, and of being proud of who you are.

Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story

Kevin Noble Maillard - 2019
    Fry bread is food.It is warm and delicious, piled high on a plate.Fry bread is time.It brings families together for meals and new memories.Fry bread is nation.It is shared by many, from coast to coast and beyond.Fry bread is us.It is a celebration of old and new, traditional and modern, similarity and difference.

Maybe: A Story About the Endless Potential in All of Us

Kobi Yamada - 2019
    New York Times best-selling author Kobi Yamada has written a story about the unbound potential you hold inside. With striking, realistic illustrations, it's a reminder that you were meant for incredible things. And maybe, just maybe, you will exceed your wildest dreams.

Just Ask!: Be Different, Be Brave, Be You

Sonia Sotomayor - 2019
    But in the same way that different types of plants and flowers make a garden more beautiful and enjoyable, different types of people make our world more vibrant and wonderful.In Just Ask, United States Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor celebrates the different abilities kids (and people of all ages) have. Using her own experience as a child who was diagnosed with diabetes, Justice Sotomayor writes about children with all sorts of challenges—and looks at the special powers those kids have as well. As the kids work together to build a community garden, asking questions of each other along the way, this book encourages readers to do the same: When we come across someone who is different from us but we're not sure why, all we have to do is Just Ask.

When I Pray for You

Matthew Paul Turner - 2019
    Paired with Kimberley Barnes's vivid and playful illustrations, When I Pray for You is a beautifully affirming book, in which children and parents will see their own stories come to life.When I Pray for You celebrates the dreams, hopes, and longings parents pray over their children, and shares with the little ones how much care and concern a loved one feels for them.This is a book you will read to your child again and again. Perfect for any occasion, as well as for milestones including baby showers, birthdays, and graduations.From the moment I saw you, I started to pray.Big prayers and small ones I have sent God's way.I prayed you felt safe, full of joy and content.When I whispered "I love you,"you knew what I meant.

Way of the Warrior Kid 3: Where there's a Will...

Jocko Willink - 2019
    He's done really well in his classes, his friends Kenny and Nathan have joined him at jiu-jitsu, and most important, he's been staying on the Warrior Kid path. There's just one problem and that problem is named Danny Rhinehart. It seems like every thing Marc does, Danny does better. Danny runs faster, can do more pull-ups, has jiu-jitsu moves that Marc can't solve, and is even awesome in school. On top of all that, Danny is too nice--he smiles at everything and it drives Marc CRAZY. Marc doesn't know what to do. Luckily, there is some good news: Marc's Navy SEAL Uncle Jake is back to visit for the summer. Maybe Uncle Jake can help Marc learn to handle a kid like Danny--a kid who is good at everything! But it won t be easy. Marc will have to work hard, train hard, and learn to deal with a brand new kind of problem: his own ego. It's going to be a tough summer, but where there's a will, there's a way...

Parker Looks Up: An Extraordinary Moment

Parker Curry - 2019
    She saw a queen—one with dynamic self-assurance, regality, beauty, and truth who captured this young girl’s imagination. When a nearby museum-goer snapped a photo of a mesmerized Parker, it became an internet sensation. Inspired by this visit, Parker, and her mother, Jessica Curry, tell the story of a young girl and her family, whose trip to a museum becomes an extraordinary moment, in a moving picture book. Parker Looks Up follows Parker, along with her baby sister and her mother, and her best friend Gia and Gia’s mother, as they walk the halls of a museum, seeing paintings of everyone and everything from George Washington Carver to Frida Kahlo, exotic flowers to graceful ballerinas. Then, Parker walks by Sherald’s portrait of Michelle Obama…and almost passes it. But she stops...and looks up! Parker saw the possibility and promise, the hopes and dreams of herself in this powerful painting of Michelle Obama. An everyday moment became an extraordinary one…that continues to resonate its power, inspiration, and indelible impact. Because, as Jessica Curry said, “anything is possible regardless of race, class, or gender.” **FOREWORD BY ARTIST AMY SHERALD**

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: The Poetry of Mister Rogers

Fred Rogers - 2019
    Through songs, puppets, and frank conversations, Mister Rogers instilled the values of kindness, patience, and self-esteem in his viewers, and most of all, taught children how loved they were, just by being themselves. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood reimagines the songs from the show as poetry, ranging from the iconic ("Won't You Be My Neighbor?") to the forgotten gems. The poem are funny, sweet, silly, and sincere, dealing with topics of difficult feelings, new siblings, everyday routines, imagination, and more. Perfect for bedtime, sing-along, or quiet time, this book of nostalgic and meaningful poetry is the perfect gift for every child--including the child in all of us.

How Much Is a Little Girl Worth?

Rachael Denhollander - 2019
    Armed with this understanding, girls will develop confidence in their own value and blossom into women who can face any challenge life puts in their path.This powerful message, paired with vivid, glowing illustrations will make you want to snuggle up with your little girl and remind her of how precious and treasured she is.

A Kids Book About Racism

jelani memory - 2019
    Inside, you’ll find a clear description of what racism is, how it makes people feel when they experience it, and how to spot it when it happens.This is one conversation that’s never too early to start, and this book was written to be an introduction for kids on the topic.


Mo Willems - 2019
    Illustrator Amber Ren brings Willems' music to life, conducting a stunning picture-book debut.

George and Harold's Epic Comix Collection Vol. 1 (Epic Tales of Captain Underpants TV)

Meredith Rusu - 2019
    Laff along with Captain Underpants and practical pranksters George and Harold in this collection of original comix from the hit Netflix TV series.George Beard and Harold Hutchins are back with original new comic adventures starring the world-famous Waistband Warrior, Captain Underpants! This collection features George and Harold's hilarious comix from the first two seasons of the TV show -- over 20 comic stories total! Each epic adventure features a brand-new villain from the hit Netflix TV series.

Not Quite Snow White

Ashley Franklin - 2019
    But she fears that having brown skin and a plump frame might keep her from her dreams.

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

Andrea Beaty - 2019
    . . until one day, when Abuelo hurts his ankle at a local landfill and he can no longer do so. Sofia misses her Abuelo and wonders what she can do about the dangerous Mount Trashmore. Then she gets an idea—the town can turn the slimy mess into a park! She brainstorms and plans and finally works up the courage to go to City Hall—only to be told by a clerk that she can’t build a park because she’s just a kid! Sofia is down but not out, and she sets out to prove what one kid can do.Collect them all! Add these other STEM favorites from #1 New York Times bestselling team Andrea Beaty and David Roberts to your family library today!  Rosie Revere, EngineerIggy Peck, Architect Ada Twist, ScientistRosie Revere and the Raucous RivetersAda Twist and the Perilous PantsAda Twist’s Big Project Book for Stellar ScientistsIggy Peck’s Big Project Book for Amazing ArchitectsRosie Revere’s Big Project Book for Bold EngineersQuestioneers Family Calendar

Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug

Jonathan Stutzman - 2019
    Meet Tiny, a diminutive but determined T-Rex in a big world, as he embraces all obstacles against him in his quest to learn how to hug.

The Best Mouse Cookie

Laura Joffe Numeroff - 2019
    Each page has one or two sentences.Starring the ever-popular Mouse, this is a sweet addition to the classic and beloved series.

Never Let a Unicorn Scribble!

Diane Alber - 2019
    She keeps trying to teach her unicorn to scribble but soon realizes this is more difficult then she anticipated. But instead of giving up, she uses her imagination to come up with a creative way to get her unicorn to scribble, at first it looks like it was complete disaster but ends up being truly magical! If you and your child liked I'm Not just a Scribble..., Splatter, Snippets, or Spots - it's time to start making sparkling scribbles with Never Let A Unicorn Scribble!

The Beast of Buckingham Palace

David Walliams - 2019
    1 bestselling author David Walliams, in an epic adventure of myth and legend, good and evil, and one small boy who must save the world… Illustrated by the artistic genius Tony Ross! It is 2120 and London is in ruins.The young Prince Alfred has never known a life outside Buckingham Palace – but when strange goings-on breach its walls and stalk the corridors in the dead of night, he is thrust into a world of mystery, adventure and monsters.And when his mother, the Queen, is dragged away to the Tower of London, Alfred must screw up his courage and battle to save her, himself… and the entire city.In a future of myths and legends, join the bestselling David Walliams and venture forth into his most enthralling tale yet!

My Heart

Corinna Luyken - 2019
    My heart is a slide. My heart can be closed...or opened up wide.Some days your heart is a puddle or a fence to keep the world out. But some days it is wide open to the love that surrounds you.

I Am Love: A Book of Compassion

Susan Verde - 2019
    Letting our hearts lead the way can help move us closer to a better world.   From the bestselling team that created I Am Yoga, I Am Peace, I Am Human, and I Am One comes a celebration of love in all its forms. Grounded in mindfulness and wellness, I Am Love asks readers to look inward when they feel afraid, angry, hurt, or sad. When a storm is brewing inside us and the skies grow dark, the transformative power of love lets the light back in.   Includes heart-opening yoga poses and a guided meditation.

The World’s Worst Teachers

David Walliams - 2019
    From the phenomenally bestselling David Walliams and illustrated in glorious colour by the artistic genius, Tony Ross.Think your teachers are bad? Wait till you meet this lot. These ten tales of the world’s most splendidly sinister teachers will have you running for the school gates. Dr Dread teaches science and is half man, half monster… Watch out for the ghastly Miss Seethe. She is ALWAYS furious – and she’s on a detention rampage. And as for Mr Phobe, he’s a teacher with a real difference. He is bone-shakingly terrified of… children!Millions of children have loved the World’s Worst Children – now they will revel in this delightfully dreadful collection of the most gruesome grown-ups ever, The World’s Worst Teachers. Brought to you by number one bestselling author, David Walliams, with every story illustrated in glorious colour by artistic genius, Tony Ross.

We Are the Gardeners

Joanna Gaines - 2019
    Turns out, trying something new isn't always easy, but sometimes, it's the hardest work that leads to the greatest reward.


Diane Alber - 2019
    It's about finding yourself in a situation that didn't turn out like you expected and having your friends and family help you find he courage to pick yourself back up and persevere.

M Is for Melanin: A Celebration of the Black Child

Tiffany Rose - 2019
    This book teaches children their ABCs while encouraging them to love the skin that they're in.Be bold. Be fearless. BE YOU.

The Day I Was Erased

Lisa Thompson - 2019
    Roaming the town with his beloved pet dog Monster (who he rescued as a puppy from being run over) as a way to escape his parents' constant sniping at home, he's a menace to the neighbours and teachers at school. While visiting an elderly neighbour, Maxwell comes across a mysterious cabinet of curiosities and suddenly finds himself erased from his life: it's as if he's never existed. Able to walk around anonymously might be great at first - finally, no-one is yelling at him! - but he soon realises that he misses his old life and, crucially, if he had never existed, then he wouldn't have swooped in and stopped Monster the dog from being hit by that car... Maxwell needs to find a way to reverse his erasure, with the help of his best friend Charlie and his sister Bex, who need a whole heap of persuading that this weird kid they've never clapped eyes on is actually super close to them in his former life...

Island of Dragons (Geronimo Stilton and the Kingdom of Fantasy #12)

Geronimo Stilton - 2019
    Geronimo's next adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy!

A Little SPOT of Anger: A Story About Managing BIG Emotions

Diane Alber - 2019
    They will realize they can manage their spots of emotions with fun counting and breathing techniques by watching a fun illustrated ANGRY SPOT start to shrink down.

Remarkably You

Pat Zietlow Miller - 2019
    Pat Zietlow Miller celebrates individuality in her picture book about the beauty of being yourself.Remarkably You is a manifesto about all of the things—little or small, loud or quiet—that make us who we are.You might go unnoticed, or shine like a star, but wherever you go and whoever you are…don’t change how you act to be just like the rest.Believe in yourself and the things you do best.

If I Built a School

Chris Van Dusen - 2019
    My school will astound.By far the most fabulous school to be found!Perfectly planned and impeccably clean.On a scale, 1 to 10, it's more like 15!And learning is fun in a place that's fun, too.If Jack built a school, there would be hover desks and pop-up textbooks, skydiving wind tunnels and a trampoline basketball court in the gym, a robo-chef to serve lunch in the cafeteria, field trips to Mars, and a whole lot more. The inventive boy who described his ideal car and house in previous books is dreaming even bigger this time.

Dear Boy,

Paris Rosenthal - 2019
    Anything else means no.Dear Boy, if you need one more reminder to pursue your dreams, then here it is: pursue your dreams!Dear Boy, always trust magic.Dear Boy, is a celebration of boys everywhere. It teaches boys to be kind, to be bold, and to never shy away from their feelings. This book delves into the life lessons we all hope to teach the strong (yet gentle) boys in our lives. For the first time, father and daughter of the late Amy Krouse Rosenthal team up together to create an ageless and timeless picture book with stunningly imaginative pictures by Holly Hatam.

Steven Universe: The Tale of Steven

Rebecca Sugar - 2019
      A companion book to the series, The Tale of Steven tells the story of “Change Your Mind” in the same style as the New York Times bestselling The Answer.   Featuring an unusual and thought-provoking interactive format, readers will follow the story of Pink Diamond’s escape from Homeworld, Rose Quartz’s life on Earth, and the creation of Steven Universe, from multiple conflicting perspectives.  The Tale of Steven will be an irresistible keepsake for Steven Universe fans of all ages. From the back cover:Once upon a time,a silly, impossible little Gem named Pink Diamond ran away from her Homeworld to the planet Earth.   She transformed into Rose Quartz and gave up her existence to create a half-human child, Steven Universe.   But so long as Steven has her Gem, can they BOTH exist? Is he her? Is she him? Is she trapped inside his Gem?   This is so DISORIENTING!   In a story unlike any other— made up of multiple points of view— who gets to tell the Tale of Steven?


David Walliams - 2019
    1 bestselling author David Walliams – a deliciously daft Tall Story of a child who had everything, but still wanted more. Illustrated by artistic genius, Tony Ross.Meet the Meeks!Myrtle Meek has everything she could possibly want. But everything isn’t enough. She wants more, more, MORE! When Myrtle declares she wants a FING, there’s only one problem… What is a FING?Mr and Mrs Meek will do anything to keep their darling daughter happy, even visit the spooky library vaults to delve into the dusty pages of the mysterious Monsterpedia. Their desperate quest leads to the depths of the jungliest jungle where the rarest creatures can be found. But will they ever find a FING?An explosively funny, totally surreal Tall Story about two perfectly nice parents and their unbelievably monstrous daughter from the phenomenal bestselling author David Walliams.

A Little SPOT of Kindness!

Diane Alber - 2019
    A fun story about the power of kindness! From saying please to sharing toys, your child will learn how to spread kindness in everyday situations as school and at home! Join a little SPOT on a journey as he SPOTS kindness and shows children a fun way to remember to be kind too! If you enjoyed I'm NOT just a there is a fun new way to spread kindness!

The Taylor TurboChaser

David Baddiel - 2019
    The Taylor TurboChaser is a road-trip rollercoaster… with a twist. At its heart is the unforgettable Amy Taylor. Amy loves cars, and dreams of being a driver. But there’s a major catch: her slow old wheelchair with its broken wheel. When Amy finally gets a new electric one, it’s exciting… at first. But standard engines only have so much power. And that’s where Rahul comes in – Amy’s best friend and genius inventor. Soon Rahul turns a wheelchair into… a supercar! And so the Taylor TurboChaser is born. But when it all goes suddenly wrong Amy is going to have to hit the road – and drive…

This Book Is Gray

Lindsay Ward - 2019
    But the other colors are always leaving him out. So he decides to create his own project: an all-gray book. Once upon a time, there lived a wolf, a kitten, and a hippo…Gray just knows it’s going to be perfect. But as he adds page after page, the Primary and Secondary colors show up…and they aren’t quite so complimentary.A book within a book, this colorful tale explores the ideas of fitting in, appreciating others, and looking at things from another perspective and also uses personality and wit to introduce basic color concepts.

Amazing Facts about Baby Animals: An Illustrated Compendium

Maja Säfström - 2019
    This charming collection by beloved Swedish artist Maja S&aauml;fstr�m is full of interesting, weird, and funny facts about animals before they are born (elephants are pregnant for 22 months!), when they are born (whales are born tail-first so they don't drown!), and life as babies (parrots give their offspring names! Baby macaques have snowball fights!). Perfect for art- and nature-loving kids and adults, this sweet book makes a wonderful gift and conversation starter for the whole family.

The Cherry on Top: A Story about Embracing Differences

Lauren Eresman - 2019
    Will separating finally make them happy? Or is it a huge mistake?Your 4-7 year-olds will enjoy getting to know these two spunky cherries and deciding which one they relate to more.Encourage the children in your life to celebrate differences while embracing similarities, with this heart-warming message about sibling and friendship love.Buy it NOW and sweeten someone's day!

Bo the Bat

Alma Hammond - 2019
     Reading level 1 to 2 Celebrates differences in others and respect for nature Learn the true story about the misunderstood bat Fun Facts about real bats; includes disclaimer that you should not touch them Pages to color in the back Free ebook with paperback purchase.

I Am Walt Disney

Brad Meltzer - 2019
    Each book tells the story of one of America's icons in a lively, conversational way that works well for the youngest nonfiction readers and that always includes the hero's childhood influences. At the back are an excellent timeline and photos. This volume features Walt Disney, who makes dreams come true for himself and countless kids around the world.

Bo's Magical New Friend

Rebecca Elliott - 2019
    Grow a Reader!This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line Branches, aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read text, high-interest content, fast-paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and stamina. Branches books help readers grow!Bo Tinseltail loves going to Sparklegrove School with the other unicorns. Every unicorn has a magical power. Bo is a Wish Unicorn with the power to grant wishes. Bo has lots of friends, but one thing Bo wants more than anything is a best friend. When a new unicorn named Sunny Huckleberry pops into the forest, will Bo's big wish finally come true? And what will Sunny's Unicorn Power be? Discover this TWINKLE-TASTIC, full-color series from Rebecca Elliott, creator of the USA Today bestselling Owl Diaries series!

Owen and the Soldier

Lisa Thompson - 2019
    Only Owen understands how important he is. At home, Owen and his mum are struggling and there's nobody he can talk to. Hidden away in the park, Owen feels free to be himself. When the war-weary soldier is listening, his worries slip away. But nobody else cares about the soldier, and the town council want to tear him down. Owen's the only one who can save him but can he find the courage to speak up before it's too late? A touching story of loss and remembrance from Lisa Thompson, the award-winning author of The Goldfish Boy. Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant or dyslexic readers aged 8+

A Little SPOT of Anxiety: A Story About Calming Your Worries

Diane Alber - 2019
    And although these feelings are quite common and sometimes they can help protect us, they can also get TOO BIG and overwhelming! When these feelings become anxiety and it can prevent a child from doing what he/she wants and and/or needs to do, which can make anxiety a disability. This story addresses how anxiety can affect all ages and can show up in all different situations. The Anxiety SPOT (Gray SPOT) creates a visual representation so that a child can see when it's gets too big, and how to shrink it back to a PEACEFUL SPOT. It offers creative strategies for children to help cope with anxiety as well.From the tip of my finger, to the center of my palm,I can do this! I can be calm!This worry grew too big, and cannot stay,take a deep breath, and blow it away!The goal of this book is to give children the tools needed to identity what emotion they are feeling and how to properly manage that emotion.

Good Night, Little Blue Truck

Alice Schertle - 2019
    Say goodnight with Little Blue Truck and friends!   A storm is brewing and Little Blue Truck and his good friend Toad are hurrying home for bed. But who can sleep with all that racket? It’s not long before other friends show up seeking safety from the storm. Thunder and lightning sure can be scary, but it’s easy to be brave together. When the clouds roll on and the sky is clear, it’s all aboard for a bedtime ride! Beep! Beep! Shhh . . .Illustrated by John Joseph in the style of Jill McElmurry (1954-2017), who created the original Little Blue Truck illustrations.

The Treasure Seekers

Thea Stilton - 2019
    Join the Thea Sisters on their search for the seven missing treasures.A Treasure Hunt Begins...While on vacation in Scotland the Thea Sisters find a secret map! It holds clues to the location of the first of seven treasures that were discovered hundreds of years ago by a young explorer.On the last day of their trip, the map is stolen! Can the mouselets find it before the thieves get their paws on the treasure?

An Elephant Piggie Biggie Volume 2!

Mo Willems - 2019
    From award-winning, best-selling author and illustrator Mo Willems comes a bind-up of five Elephant & Piggie adventures to spark early-readers' imaginations. Titles include: I Am Going!We Are in a Book!I Broke My Trunk!Listen to My Trumpet!I'm a Frog!

Mostly the Honest Truth

Jody J. Little - 2019
    It’s not the first time they’ve been apart, but Jane’s determined it will be the last.Twelve days out in the boonies of Three Boulders makes Jane miss Pop more than ever. But as the days go by, she realizes that family is more than who you’re related to—and that a home can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

I Am NOT a Unicorn! (Sammy Bird Series)

V. Moua - 2019
    This little bird does NOT want to be an enchanting creature. Will Sammy come to accept that he is a unicorn? Read the book to find out! About the Sammy Bird Series This is a picture book series about a quirky bird named Sammy and his amusing misadventures. Readers will discover that Sammy is a little red bird who has a BIG personality. The books in this series are humorous, engaging and sometimes deal with common childhood issues like bullying, fear of the dark, patience and friendship. The books are interactive and engages young readers to participate in the story. There are over 90 Books in the series and counting! From the Author I like to think of myself as a storyteller who brings families together through the medium of picture books. Whether it is between a parent or child or a grandparent and child. These stories are intended to be light-hearted and funny and most importantly the stories engage young readers to be a part of the story itself. My hope is that these books will help build upon a child's love for reading and allow families to laugh and enjoy spending time together. As a reader, you can look forward to many more adventures with this silly and fun-loving red bird! -V. Moua About the book: I Am NOT a Unicorn! This is a read aloud kids book. The target age range audience is appropriate for preschool and young children who are at the following stages of reading: I can read level 1, I can read level 2, I can read level 3 and I can read level 4. This is a book that any child will love, especially at bedtime. It is suitable for parents to read to their children. Also, grandparents will enjoy reading this book to their grandchildren. This series is part of the short bedtime stories for kids. Read this children's book FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited membership!

The Truth Pixie Goes to School

Matt Haig - 2019
    New friends. Same old pixie.'Aada started her new school,And the pixie came too.But this school was a placeWhere it was hard to be true . . .'An uplifting story that will delight younger readers and help them to be themselves in their school uniform. With words by the bestselling mastermind Matt Haig and pictures by the inky genius Chris Mould.

Invisible Scribble

Diane Alber - 2019
     This story is strange and I think you'd agree, It's about a Scribble you just cannot see. Each day he would try and spin and twirl, hoping just once he'd see a bright swirl. But sadly it was always the same, that's how he got his "Invisible" name. Join invisible on a journey full of friendship, kindness, and wonder as he discovers the beauty inside himself!

I Turned My Mom Into a Unicorn: A funny thankful story

Brenda Li - 2019
    He didn’t understand why his mom was always mad, rushing him everywhere. He wished his mom would stop being so mad for once and just turn into a happy unicorn! Magically, his wish came true! He and the unicorn did fun things together and had a blast! But then, it was bedtime and he missed his mom. Watch what happened after - the twist at the end will warm your heart.If you and your child enjoyed Never Let A Unicorn Scribble by Diane Alber, An Elephant and Piggie Book by Mo Willems and A Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss, you will both love I Turned My Mom Into A Unicorn. Hilarious plot with a message: A funny unicorn story with a moral where kids learn to always be grateful Highly relatable scenes Silly moments that make kids and adults laugh Easy Read: Simple words that build kids' confidence in ability to read Perfect for children age 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Parents will bond with their kids as they read to the little ones Bonus: Includes Look and Find activity pages where kids can practice counting  Illustrations in this book are designed specifically to increase imagination and creativity for children Makes a perfect gift for kids

Never Let a Princess Paint with Her Unicorn!

Diane Alber - 2019
    And that when attempting art, a mess can turn into a masterpiece too! Join this little girl and her unicorn on a fun painting journey that turns out to be quite magical!

Never Let A Unicorn Get Spots!

Diane Alber - 2019
    In the end the most magical thing happens to actual cure the spots!

The Dictionary of Difficult Words: With more than 400 perplexing words to test your wits!

Jane Solomon - 2019
    Test your knowledge with more than 400 words to amaze, confuse, and inspire budding wordsmiths (and adults). All of the words featured in this book are difficult to spell, hard to say, and their meanings are obscure to most children (and most adults)! Written with simple, easy-to-understand definitions by lexicographer Jane Solomon, this dictionary celebrates the beauty of the English language for family trivia time spent around the printed page.

Honeysmoke: A Story of Finding Your Color

Monique Fields - 2019
    She finally chooses her own, and creates a new word for herself—honeysmoke.For multiracial children, and all children everywhere, this picture book offers a universal message that empowers young people to create their own self-identity.

I Am Perfectly Designed

Karamo Brown - 2019
    In this empowering ode to modern families, a boy and his father take a joyful walk through the city, discovering all the ways in which they are perfectly designed for each other.

Spencer's New Pet

Jessie Sima - 2019
    There’s just one hitch: Spencer’s new pet is a balloon. And that means No. Sharp. Objects. No drooling dogs at the park. No prickly porcupines at the vet. And absolutely no pinning tails on any donkeys! Spencer’s New Pet is a story of pure fun about a boy, his dog, and a friendship that endures life’s sharpest...and most unexpected twists.

Maria Montessori

Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara - 2019
    Maria grew up in Italy at a time when girls didn't receive an equal education to boys. But Maria's mother was supportive of her dreams, and Maria went on to study medicine. She later became an early years expert – founding schools with her revolutionary educational theories and changing the lives of many children. These books make the lives of these role models accessible for children, providing a powerful message to inspire the next generation of outstanding people who will change the world!

When We Were Warriors

Emma Carroll - 2019
    . .Evacuation to an old house with forbidden rooms and dark secrets . . .An animal rescue service . . .Set in World War Two, Emma Carroll explores the resilience, resourcefulness and inventiveness of children when their lives fall to pieces. Introducing some compelling new characters, as well as revisiting some familiar settings, these adventures are sure to win over new readers, as well as fans of old favourites such as Letters from the Lighthouse and Frost Hollow Hall.'It's impossible to stop reading.' The Times'Carroll is a remarkable writer.' Daily Mail'Compelling storytelling.' BookTrust'Immediate and appealing.' Books for Keeps

Reading Beauty

Deborah Underwood - 2019
    Set in the universe of the acclaimed Interstellar Cinderella, this irrepressible fairytale retelling will charm young readers with its brave heroine, its star-studded setting, and its hilarious, heartwarming happy ending.

Wolf Girl: Into the Wild

Anh Do - 2019
    'I owe you.'When disaster separates Gwen from her family, she must fend for herself, all alone in the wilderness. Luckily, she's not alone for long… When a wolf puppy, a Labrador, a Chihuahua, and a greyhound want to make friends, Gwen discovers talents she didn't know she possessed. It will take all her new skills and strength just to survive. Does Gwen have what it takes to be leader of the pack?

A Little SPOT of Confidence: A Story About Believing In Yourself

Diane Alber - 2019
    Confident children are better equipped to deal with peer pressure, challenges and negative emotions. A little SPOT of Confidence is a story that uses an orange spot to help a child visual there confidence spot growing or shrinking. It shows a child real world situations on how they can grow their confidence SPOT.

The Fate of Fausto

Oliver Jeffers - 2019
    But they were not enough for Fausto, so he conquered a boat and set out to sea…Working for the first time in traditional lithography, Oliver Jeffers, combines art with prose, hand set using traditional lead type, to create a modern-day fable.

I Am Marie Curie

Brad Meltzer - 2019
    Each book tells the story of one of America's icons in a lively, conversational way that works well for the youngest nonfiction readers and that always includes the hero's childhood influences. At the back are an excellent timeline and photos. Being a woman scientist in the 19th century meant Marie Curie faced plenty of obstacles, but she never let them dull her love of science and passion for learning.

The Worst Book in the Whole Entire World

Joey Acker - 2019
    Will he succeed in his noble quest? Is he the reason this book is the worst?? Will it have a happy ending or the worst ending ever???The Worst Book in the Whole Entire World is a humorous and witty tale for young and seasoned readers. Whatever you do though, don't read it out loud! You may catch wind of these words: toot, stinky, booger, and booty. You've been warned, but you'll still want to see what happens next!If you purchase the paperback you get the eBook version of The Worst Book in the Whole Entire World for FREE. So technically you are getting the worst book AND the worst eBook in the whole entire world for the price of one...who wouldn't want to miss out on that??Be sure to check out The SCARIEST Book in the Whole Entire World!

Love the Fur You're in (Sesame Street)

Michael Frith - 2019
    Wise and witty advice from Sesame Street--perfect for graduation gifts, commencement speeches, or anyone looking to celebrate Sesame Street's 50th anniversary!Brought to you by Sesame Street and illustrated with 50 years of art from Sesame Street children's books, this is a wise and funny guide to life that's just right for fans of all ages, especially those who grew up with Sesame Street!Written with great heart and great humor, this hardcover book contains advice for being true to one's self and living life with a Sesame Street perspective--finding that sunny day! Inside you'll find treasures like: "Get out in the rain and dance!" "Don't hide your light under a trashcan lid." "Be someone's Super Grover!"--and much, much more.The rich, full-color art showcases classic characters such as Big Bird, Grover, Oscar, Ernie, Bert, Elmo, Cookie Monster, the Count--as well as Prairie Dawn, Betty Lou, Biff and Sully, Sherlock Hemlock, Guy Smiley, and others.The illustrations offer a look back across five decades of Sesame Street book art and give readers the opportunity to remember or discover a wide range of nostalgic art styles that took Sesame Street beyond television--and into the hands of generations of young book lovers.Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sesame Street--a truly iconic part of our culture and an indelible part of growing up--with this gem of a book!

Cami Kangaroo Has Too Much Stuff (Cami Kangaroo and Wyatt Too Book 2)

Stacy C Bauer - 2019
    She collects them, sorts them and builds with them. There's only one problem: her room is so messy that it's nearly impossible for her to find things! Will she ever be able to figure out how to be more organized? In this funny and relatable new release from author Stacy C. Bauer, Cami tries to find a way to keep her treasures from taking over her room! The best book for teaching your kids about minimalism. It’s only natural that children will have a harder time finding the value in minimalism at their age. Their classmates are discussing the latest fads, which change every couple of weeks, leading to mountains of unused toys. Younger children will have a materialistic idea of what’s valuable to them, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In Too Much Stuff, children can easily relate to Cami Kangaroo, as she struggles to contain all of her things. They’ll start to learn the benefits of minimalism and gain valuable life skills. Marie Kondo for kids! Searching for a book that encourages children to clean their rooms and stay organized? Look no further! Author Stacy C Bauer was inspired by Marie Kondo (The life-changing magic of tidying up), Elaine N. Aron (The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You), and Melissa Michaels (Simple Organizing). Cami Kangaroo Has Too Much Stuff provides parents with advice and tips to help guide their children as they declutter their space and find peace in their surroundings. This best selling book is Ideal for children ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. It is the second in a series of books that reflect gentle parenting and nurture universal values that inspire and empower kids. Too Much Stuff is a thoughtful gift for baby showers and birthdays. Perfect for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, first grade and second grade, Cami Kangaroo Has Too Much Stuff will compliment books from authors like Jay Miletsky (Ricky the Rock that Couldn’t Roll), Diane Alber (I’m NOT Just a Scribble), Laurie Wright (I can do it- Mindful Mantras) and Deborah Diesen (The Pout-Pout Fish). Praise for Cami Kangaroo Has Too Much Stuff!: "Marie Kondo for kids! Every child struggles with organization at some point in their young lives. The earlier we can teach them how to stay organized, the more clear their lives will become. Clarity in the mind is directly related to clarity in life. Get this book to help develop this in your child!" -Mary, author and mother "My kids love both of the Cami Kangaroo stories (we're hoping there will be more). Having too much stuff is something many kids deal it, so this is very relatable. And Cami, as always, figures out a good solution. I love the helpful tips at the end, too! Don't forget to read through those with your kids - it's never too early to teach tidying skills." -Julia M, author and mother Praise for Cami Kangaroo Has Too Many Sweets! (book 1): "Cami is fun, adorable and crafty, a very relatable character." -Crystal, mother and teacher "A sweet little book for sweets lovers everywhere!" -Angela Halgrimson, author and mother "My kids love th

Oi Duck-billed Platypus!

Kes Gray - 2019
    Jam-packed with animals and silliness! From the bestselling, multi-award-winning creators of Oi Frog. *Over 1 million copies sold*Oi! Where are duck-billed platypuses meant to sit?And Kookaburras and hippopotamuses and all the other animals with impossible to rhyme with names...Over to you Frog! 'Laugh-aloud humour will have young readers in fits of giggles.' Parents in TouchCan't get enough? Look out for: Oi Frog, Oi Dog, Oi Cat, Oi Puppies . Oi Frog and Friends is a top ten bestselling series. Loved by children and parents, the books have won numerous awards, including the Laugh Out Loud Picture Book Award, and been shortlisted for many more!

Goodbye to Goodbyes: A True Story About Jesus, Lazarus, and an Empty Tomb

Lauren Chandler - 2019
    He knew how sad it is when someone dies. Jesus cried when his friend, Lazarus, died. But he did something at his friend’s tomb that changed everything. He showed that he came to give his friends life in the land that lies after our dying.In this vivid, moving and exciting retelling of the story of Lazarus, Lauren Chandler helps children understand how Jesus makes all the difference to death. Children will see that because Jesus rose from death, he has power over it and all who believe in him will also rise, just as Lazarus did.The author, Lauren Chandler, used the story of Lazarus to help her own children come to terms with her husband’s (Matt Chandler) brain tumor. Whether children are coming to terms with the illness or death of a loved one, or simply fearful of when that day might come, this book reassures them with the amazing truth that Jesus came to to say goodbye to goodbyes—forever.

Greta and the Giants

Zoë Tucker - 2019
    This picture book tells the story of Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greta Thunberg—the Swedish teenager who has led a global movement to raise awareness about the world’s climate crisis—using allegory to make this important topic accessible to young children.

Polly and Buster: The Search for the Silver Witch (Polly and Buster, #3)

Sally Rippin - 2019
    With the witches furious and the monsters in uproar, their whole town is heading for a war … and yet no-one realises that a much greater menace lurks nearby. Can Polly and Buster bring everyone together in time to save their town from the biggest danger of all?The thrilling finale to the much-loved Polly and Buster trilogy, written and illustrated by award-winning and best-selling author Sally Rippin.

The Moon Is Always Round

Jonathan Gibson - 2019
    In The Moon Is Always Round, seminary professor and author Jonathan Gibson uses the vivid imagery of the moon to explain to children how God’s goodness is always present, even when it might appear to be obscured by upsetting or difficult circumstances. In this beautiful, two-color illustrated book, he allows readers to eavesdrop on the conversations he had with his young son in response to his sister’s death. Father and son share a simple liturgy together that reminds them that, just as the moon is always round despite its different phases, so also the goodness of God is always present throughout the different phases of life. A section in the back of the book offers further biblical help for parents and caregivers in explaining God’s goodness to children. Jonathan Gibson reminds children of all ages that God’s goodness is present in the most difficult of times, even if we can’t always see it.

What Is Nasa?

Sarah Fabiny - 2019
     The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as NASA, began in 1958. With its creation, the United States hoped to ensure it won the space race against the Soviet Union. Author Sarah Fabiny describes the origins of NASA, the launching of the Apollo program that landed the first human on the moon, and the many missions and discoveries that have taken place since then. NASA has a rich history and still plays an important role in uncovering the mysteries of the universe. Readers are sure to get sucked into this book.

Don't Drink the Pink

B.C.R. Fegan - 2019
    Filled with secrets to uncover and brimming with imagination, Don't Drink the Pink explores a number of basic concepts including colors, numbers and the reality of growing older.

Can You Find My Shoe?: A Zoo Adventure for Ages 3-7

Patty Lennox - 2019
    After committing the story to memory as a child, life went on. Years were filled with work, children, and sushi; memories were made from adventuring, hobbies, and sailing.An animal lover from way back, Patty has never lost a shoe in the zoo! Have you?

A Little Scribble SPOT: A Story About Colorful Emotions

Diane Alber - 2019
    He feels angry, happy, sad, peaceful, confident, and love all at the same time. A little boy and girl guide him through how to separate his emotions so they can be easily identified and managed. He becomes mindful of his feelings and becomes happy as a result. This story was developed as a fun introduction into emotions! In order to learn how to cope and manage with emotions a child must first learn how to identify which emotion they are having.

The Pajama Zoo Parade: The Funniest Bedtime ABC Book (The Funniest ABC Books)

Agnes Green - 2019
     It's time for bed... Hip hip hooray! Let's all give a cheer! The day is through. We've had such fun. Now sleepy time draws near. Before you drift away to dream, let's check in at the zoo. I hear they're having a parade and a pajama party too!  Who's the favorite tonight? Happy Oliver the Octopus in his snazzy red PJs? Or maybe Polly Panda and her bright yellow jammies? It could the very sleepy Wally Walrus!Each night, little lovable zoo animals walk through vibrant illustrations with whimsical, engaging rhymes by author Agnes Green, making bedtime an amusing adventure. Just like Kimberly Koala, who indeed is a snuggle bug, cuddle up with your little one and get ready for a good night's rest with this entertaining, educational story.Sleepy little zoo babies march off from A to Z in beautiful illustrations that tell an endearing bedtime story and create a truly engaging learning experience.

My Big, Dumb, Invisible Dragon

Angie Lucas - 2019
    A most unwelcome guest, the dragon follows him to school, sleeps on his chest at night (making it hard for him to breathe), and even crashes his birthday party. As the boy comes to terms with his mother’s death, however, his relationship with the dragon changes in surprising ways.My Big, Dumb, Invisible Dragon is a story for children dealing with loss, particularly the death of a parent. Although grief is a heavy topic, Angie Lucas and Birgitta Sif handle it deftly for children, using the metaphor of the dragon, a light tone, and touches of humor. The book shows that healing takes time and that it’s OK to experience a wide range of emotions as you process a really big loss.

Dr. Snow Has Got to Go!

Dan Gutman - 2019

The Someone New

Jill Twiss - 2019
    Jitterbug the chipmunk likes it when things stay the same. So when one day Pudding the snail comes into her woods, Jitterbug worries that everything will be different. What if Pudding spoils everything? What if there’s no more room for Jitterbug?With the help of her friends, can Jitterbug welcome the newcomer and learn that kindness is stronger than fear?

A Is for Awesome!: 23 Iconic Women Who Changed the World

Eva Chen - 2019
    Why stick with plain old A, B, C when you can have Amelia (Earhart), Malala, Tina (Turner), Ruth (Bader Ginsburg), all the way to eXtraordinary You--and the Zillion of adventures you will go on?Instagram superstar Eva Chen, author of Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes, is back with an alphabet board book depicting feminist icons in A Is for Awesome: 23 Iconic Women Who Changed the World, featuring spirited illustrations by Derek Desierto.

Second-Chance Sam, King of the Junkyard

JoAnn Sky - 2019
     Follow the adventures of Sam, an older dog adopted from an animal shelter whose new family lives next door to an old car junkyard. Confused at first by all the junk, Sam quickly adapts and helps visitors find special parts and "treasures" and also becomes friends with a host of animals who've made the junkyard their forever home. See, treasures don't have to be snazzy and new. This scruffy, old second-chance dog proves it's true! This sweet, unique story, written in verse with playful illustrations, will capture your heart as you share in Sam’s joy of finding friends, a purpose… and most importantly, love. In addition to promoting recycling, SECOND-CHANCE SAM is a story about starting over and making new friends that children of all ages will cherish, as it gently reminds us to be thankful for what we have, not to judge a book by its cover, and that everyone deserves a second chance. Perfect for ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Printed in the USA, this story advocates for the adoption of shelter dogs and the publisher supports animal rescue causes.

What the Ladybird Heard

Julia Donaldson - 2019

Grumpy Owl

Eric Esau - 2019
    Grumpy Owl wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and, just when he thinks things can't get worse, he discovers his animal friends are making all the wrong sounds! Brown Bear says "Woof!", Tan Toad says "Gobble!", and Red Rooster says "Moo!" Grumpy Owl cannot believe his ears and frantically tries to correct his friends without much success! Come along on this silly adventure as Grumpy Owl learns a valuable lesson about treating others with kindness whether they "Woof, oink, gobble! Moo, quack or squeak!"

Diary of Greg Heffley's Best Friend: World Book Day 2019

Jeff Kinney - 2019
    This World Book Day he is taking centre stage, and writing a journal that's all about him.(Oh, except he will also be acting as Greg's biographer, as one day Greg will be rich and famous.)The only thing is, Rowley isn't really up to the job as biographer, and it turns into a hilarious rambling mess!This HUGELY EXCITING Wimpy Kid World Book Day book is the opening to the BRAND NEW Wimpy Kid story by Jeff Kinney, Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid, available 9th April! Rowley's journal is a new window into the Wimpy World, and one fans won't want to miss!

The Closest Thing to Flying

Gill Lewis - 2019
    She and her mother came to England when she was four years old, brought across the desert and the sea by a man who has complete control. Always moving on, always afraid of being caught, she longs for freedom. 1891: Hen knows exactly where to call home. Her stifling mother makes sure of that. But her Aunt Kitty is opening her eyes to a whole new world. A world of animal rights, and votes for women, and riding bicycles! Trapped in a life of behaving like a lady, she longs for freedom. When Semira discovers Hen's diary, she finds the inspiration to be brave, to fight for her place in the world, and maybe even to uncover the secrets of her own past

The Somerset Tsunami

Emma Carroll - 2019
    But now is not the time for a girl to be drawing attention to herself and she is sent away to find work dressed as a boy. Luckily a rich manor house is hiring.Yet Barrow Hall's inhabitants harbour dangerous secrets of their own, the suspicious owner is hunting for witches, and the house itself is a little too close to the sea...

Aroha's Way: A children's guide through emotions

Craig Phillips - 2019
     At the back of the book, there is a section for parents and/or teachers to explore the tools in more depth. Asking questions around those emotions to make it easier for children to recognise the emotion, and then a simple way to manage it. “Aroha’s Way is a beautiful, descriptive and relatable book – an important book – helping children to normalise, understand and even develop their own tools for dealing with their feelings.” – Jenny Palmer, Author of Feel a Little. Suitable for ages 5-12 years. A book that helps children label emotions associated with anxiety and provides tools to manage them. Parents/Teachers notes at the back included to expand on the story’s tools. The author is the winner of the 2018 NZ Book Awards Russell Clark Award for Illustration, and Gold Ledger Award for his book, Giants, Trolls, Witches, Beasts: Ten Tales from the Deep, Dark Woods. A beautifully created paperback children’s book with 36 pages of full-colour illustrations by Craig Phillips. Produced with the assistance of The Mental Health Foundation & Like Minds, Like Mine.

Think Big, Little One

Vashti Harrison - 2019
    Featuring eighteen women creators, ranging from writers to inventors, artists to scientists, this board book adaptation of Little Dreamers: Visionary Women Around the World introduces trailblazing women like Mary Blair, an American modernist painter who had a major influence on how color was used in early animated films, environmental activist Wangari Maathai, and architect Zaha Hadid. The irresistible full-color illustrations show the Dreamers as both accessible and aspirational so reader knows they, too, can grow up to do something amazing.


Alison Green - 2019
    The book is endorsed by GRUFFALO illustrator Axel Scheffler, and £1 from the sale of each printed copy will go to the Three Peas charity, which gives vital help to refugees from war-torn countries.

My Wild Cat

Isabelle Simler - 2019
    Sure, he may seem sweet as he snuggles a stuffed animal, but don’t let that fool you! When you least expect it, he’ll pounce…From beloved creator Isabelle Simler comes a sly, hilarious read sure to delight cat lovers of all ages.

Epic Kids

David Blaze - 2019
    My name is Jake, and I’m just an average 6th grader that was invited to sit at the cool kids’ lunch table. Now I’ve got to rescue a crazy girl who thinks she’s a princess. Before I can do that, I’ll be chased by an angry monkey, hunted by a hungry dinosaur, and abducted by an ugly alien (and that’s not all)! I should mention that the princess thinks she’s from another planet. Nothing weird about that.The only way I can make everything right is to find out what’s behind the glowing door I’ve dreamed about every night of my life.

That's Not My Giraffe...

Fiona Watt - 2019
    Babies and toddlers will love turning the pages, touching the feely patches and spotting the familiar little white mouse as they look for their giraffe. Part of an internationally bestselling series, which includes over fifty titles and has sold over 5 million copies in the UK alone. With simple, repetitive text, tactile patches and bold illustrations suitable for babies and toddlers. A little, white mouse appears on every page, for children to spot.

Snow Place Like Home

Christina Soontornvat - 2019
    She lives in a massive palace in the clouds. Everyone in her family has the power to control the wind and weather. On a good day, she can even fly! She loves making lemons into lemon ice, riding wind gusts around the sky, and turning her bedroom into a real life snow globe.There's just one thing Lina wants: to go to regular, non-magical school with her best friend Claudia. She promises to keep the icy family secret under wraps. What could go wrong? (EVERYTHING!)

A Little Bit Brave

Nicola Kinnear - 2019
    But there's an amazing world outside, if he can just pluck up courage to look . . .A Little Bit Brave is a funny, reassuring picture book which shows that we're all a lot braver than we think. Nicola Kinnear is a fabulous new talent - and this, her debut picture book, is a joy.

Timothy Mean and the Time Machine

William A.E. Ford - 2019
    Hip hip hooray! Where shall we travel in time today?With Timothy Mean, every day is a rhyme in time!

What Should Darla Do? Featuring the Power to Choose

Adir Levy - 2019

Upside Down Magic #4: Dragon Overnight

Lauren Myracle Sarah Mlynowski - 2019