The Laws of Prosperity

Kenneth Copeland - 1974
    God delights in the prosperity of His people -- and The Laws of Prosperity describes His laws for your customers' spiritual, mental and physical well-being.

Fresh Air: The Holy Spirit for an Inspired Life

Jack Levison - 2012
    The Holy Spirit is not just about speaking in tongues, spiritual gifts or “fruits”—but also about our deepest breath and our highest human aspirations. Popular teacher Jack Levison brings a scholar’s knowledge of this complicated biblical topic to a wide audience that crosses all denominational boundaries. His new book aims to do nothing less than clarify 2,000 years of confusion on the topic of who the Holy Spirit is, and why it matters. Provocative and life-changing, Fresh Air combines moving personal anecdotes, rich biblical studies, and practical strategies for experiencing the daily presence of the Holy Spirit. In brief chapters, the book finds the presence of the Holy Spirit where we least expect it—in human breathing, in social transformation, in community, in hostile situations, and in serious learning. Fresh Air will unsettle and invigorate readers poised for a fresh experience of an ancient, confusing topic.

Shaped by Grace

Max Lucado - 2012
    Including a clear presentation of the Gospel message, this bookletoffers the perfect starting point on a lifetime of grace discovery.

Adventures in God

John G. Lake - 1981
    Lake in his own words. His testimonies of faith in the healing power of God and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit will challenge you to reach a new level in your spiritual walk.

Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible

Erwin W. Lutzer - 1998
    In his readable, yet profound style, Lutzer critically examines proof that will determine supernatural authenticity of the Bible.

Wild At Heart: A Band of Brothers: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul (Facilitator's Guide)

John Eldredge - 2003

The Discerning of Spirits

Frank Hammond - 2014
    God has called all of us into spiritual warfare and spiritual battle. His Church will be a militant Church, and the “gates of hell shall not prevail against her.” The weapons God supplies us with are not carnal or fleshly weapons, but spiritual ones, they are “mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.” We are equipped by God for spiritual warfare through the gifts of the Holy Spirit mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12. God has said that these are the channels through which His power will flow, the avenues through which His Holy Spirit will operate. Chief among these gifts for the ministry of deliverance is the gift of discerning of spirits. We must rely upon the Holy Spirit for the ministry of deliverance and nothing else, not the arm of the flesh or the voice of demons. Frank Hammond explains the application of this gift to the believer, and provides examples of how it has worked in his own ministry. He concludes with a prayer of impartation for the reader to receive this gift and the gifts of knowledge, wisdom and faith.

Destined to Reign Devotional: Daily Reflections for Effortless Success, Wholeness, and Victorious Living

Joseph Prince - 2008
    Come to know the tender heart of the Father towards you as well as the perfection of Jesus' finished work. Each devotional inspires faith while dealing with practical issues such as wisdom, healing, provision and protection.Expect to experience the amazing love and grace of God as you feed on His Word through these devotionals, and begin to see yourself enjoying wholeness and victorious living!

The Spiritual Secrets of Happiness Health and Success: A Powerful and Practical Guide for Manifesting the Life You Truly Desire

Andrew C. Walton - 2009
    When You discover these astonishing Secrets you will immediately start gaining the essential Spiritual Power to effectively and quickly manifest into being the wonderful life you have always dreamed of . You will join the growing few with the ability to access the infinite power of True Self in order to efffortlessly and effectively manifest whatever you choose to imagine and wish for ! You can start living a wonderful life of happiness , abundance and limitless success . . . A worry free life full of enduring happiness , harmony , inner peace , true freedom , love , wealth and health. . All you need is the practical knowledge provided for you now in this inspirational and Universal Self Help Guide.** THE SPIRITUAL SECRETS OF HAPPINESS, HEALTH AND SUCCESS ** is a book of powerful , hidden Spiritual secrets ! Spiritual knowledge for manifesting a rich, effortless and fulfilling life for yourself right here and now ! Read exactly how to ask your True Self for the wonderful life you desire and let it then start manifesting it into being for you . You will discover within the pages of this book the secrets of life . . . The Universal Secrets for attracting lasting inner happiness , love , inner peace , healing and unlimited worldly abundance that is your true right . These are the proven spiritual secrets for enabling you to manifest into being the wonderful and amazing life you have always dreamed of ! Read how you can experience lasting inner happiness , health, true freedom and limitless success through these timeless , yet nearly lost ancient secrets and how your life and world will then be transformed .** THE SPIRITUAL SECRETS OF HAPPINESS, HEALTH AND SUCCESS ** is a unique Universal Self Help guide , written from the real life experience of the author , for accessing the infinite power of True Self for effortlessly creating the wonderful life You truly desire!

A Woman's Wisdom: How the Book of Proverbs Speaks to Everything

Lydia Brownback - 2012
    What we need is biblical wisdom, and even more than that we need hearts set on the One who governs all our practicalities. The book of Proverbs unlocks the key to both, helping us to face very real challenges such as:handling our freedom, independence, and material resources wisely keeping ourselves sexually pure practicing biblical femininity in a world that scorns us for it sustaining God-glorifying marriages elevating biblical priorities ahead of day-to-day pressures Exploring the timeless counsel in the book of Proverbs, A Woman's Wisdom teaches us to know the very Author of wisdom and to apply his relevant, how-to riches.

The Dynamic Laws of Prayer

Catherine Ponder - 1987
    DeVorss & Company; 2nd Revised edition (May 1, 1987)

Early Writings of Ellen G. White (Christian Home Library)

Ellen G. White - 1882
    White’s published writings from the 1850s, along with a prologue explaining the historical background of the text. The autobiographical section of the book describes the author’s conversion experience, the Millerite movement of 1840-1844, and the early visions that formed the foundation of her theology and ministry. A second section contains counsel on various matters pertaining the experience of the early Adventist believers.The final half of the book traces salvation history from the fall of Satan in heaven to the final end of sin and sinners. This material forms the core of the later five-volume Conflict of the Ages Series.Ellen White’s bold apocalyptic imagery helped to shape a movement centered on the hope of the Second Coming. This volume bears witness that God continues to reveal Himself through dreams and visions to chosen individuals today.

On Death

Timothy J. Keller - 2020
    And so it is profoundly important to understand how to approach and experience these occasions with grace, endurance, and joy.In a culture that does its best to deny death, Timothy Keller--theologian and bestselling author--teaches us about facing death with the resources of faith from the Bible. With wisdom and compassion, Keller finds in the Bible an alternative to both despair or denial.A short, powerful book, On Death gives us the tools to understand the meaning of death within God's vision of life.

The Character of God's Workman

Watchman Nee - 1988
    God made covenants with His people. He deals with themaccording to the covenants He made with them. Today weare under God's New Covenant. For all God's dealings with usin addition to our dealings with God will be governed by thisNew Covenant. We are therefore called to have New CovenantLiving as well as New Covenant Ministry. It is hence extremelyessential for us to be sure that our living and ministry are ofthe New Covenant way.

The 4:8 Principle: The Secret to a Joy-Filled Life

Tommy Newberry - 2006
    In this New York Times bestseller, Newberry takes a single biblical principle and teaches us how one simple truth can magnify the joy we experience in our marriage, with our parenting, and in our life as a whole. Unfortunately, we live in a society bent on nursing old wounds and highlighting what is wrong with just about everything. As a result, we have grown accustomed to viewing the world, our lives, and ourselves through a lens of negativity--and that negativity stands in direct contrast to the passionate, purpose-filled people God wants us to be. This is where The 4:8 Principle grabs our attention. First, the author skillfully persuades us to acknowledge the link between the thoughts we choose to think and the joy we experience. Next, he shows us how we can grow our potential for joy by refusing to dwell upon the problems and pressures that are enduring and inevitable. Finally, he challenges us to pay the price of joy by becoming "extraordinarily picky" about what we read, watch, and listen to on a consistent basis. The strength of the book, though, is in Newberry's ability to clearly explain how to put this principle into daily practice through a series of quick, easy and even fun adjustments. The 4:8 Principle is loaded with specific suggestions and helpful advice for going beyond the ordinary and experiencing life as it was meant to be.