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Animal Snackers by Betsy Lewin


If Not for the Cat

Jack Prelutsky - 2004
    On these glorious and colorful pages you will meet a mouse, a skunk, a beaver, a hummingbird, ants, bald eagles, jellyfish, and many others. Who is who? The answer is right in front of you. But how can you tell? Think and wonder and look and puzzle it out!

Winter Eyes

Douglas Florian - 1999
    Well, winter's not all fun and games. But well-loved, best-selling poet Douglas Florian will melt your doubts about Mother Nature's chilly grip with twenty-eight winter-inspired poems accompanied by his crisp, trademark watercolor illustrations. Young readers are sure to warm up to the uniquely keen vision of this wholly original volume. Whatever the time of year, Winter Eyes is just right for the season.List of Notable Children's Books in Lang. Arts 00 (NCTE) and 00 Riverbank Review Magazine's Children's Books of Distinction Award Nominations

Nibble Nibble

Margaret Wise Brown - 1959
    Lots of onomatopoeia and large pictures with the right amount of white space make this book a good read-aloud for very young children."With charming paintings from award-winning naturalist artist Wendell Minor, this book is sure to "nibble nibble nibble" its way into the hearts of a whole new generation of Margaret Wise Brown readers.

The Midnight Farm

Reeve Lindbergh - 1987
    Secrets of the dark are revealed in this poem describing a farm at midnight.

Mother Goose: Numbers on the Loose

Leo Dillon - 2007
         The rhymes, both familiar and lesser known, are ordered from simple (1, 2, 3) to more complex numbers, making this a collection to grow with. The illustrations are filled with surprising wit and whimsy. And this vibrant, playful volume is irresistible as an introduction to Mother Goose or as a new delight for her longtime fans.     Includes a note from the illustrators.

Poems for the Very Young

Michael Rosen - 1993
    Its contents range from the hilariously funny to the thought-provoking, from playground rhymes and nonsense verse to poems by favourite writers, classic and modern.Imaginative and entertaining, this is an inspiring first poetry anthology for children and grown-ups to share.

On the Farm

David Elliott - 2008
    The rooster crows, the rams clash, the bees buzz, and over there in the garden, a snake -- silent and alone -- winds and watches. David Elliott's graceful, simple verse and Holly Meade's exquisite woodcut and watercolor illustrations capture a world that is at once timeless yet disappearing from view -- the world of the family farm.

Bright Baby Touch & Feel Baby Animals

Roger Priddy - 2006
    In Roger Priddy's Bright Baby Touch & Feel Baby Animals board book, little learners meet all different sorts of furry and feathery creatures, big and small.With colorful pictures of baby animals, rhyming text to read aloud, and touch and feel textures, this interactive book is perfect for your bright baby to build their reading skills and vocabulary.

You Read to Me, I'll Read to You: Very Short Stories to Read Together

Mary Ann Hoberman - 2001
    A unique book 'in two voices' that uses traditional reading teaching techniques (alliteration, rhyme, repetition, short sentences) to invite young children to read along with an adult. Each of the twelve short stories fit on one spread and features childlike themes - family, friendship, pets and seasons. With clear, color-coded typography and amusing illustrations, this collection is sure to entertain.

Baby Animals

Jennifer Quasha - 1999
    One of a series of Touch and Feel books, Baby Animals features full-colour photographs of a range of animals accompanied by tactile patches to encourage the child to feel explore and touch all their different textures. Tough and sturdy for little hands to hold the simple text and bright pictures make the books ideal for a parent and child to share.

Pony Crazy

Catherine Hapka - 2009
    She has pony books, pony toys, and even a pony rug! But Meg lives in the big city and has never been around real ponies before. Then her family moves to the country, and on her first day of school, Meg makes a new friend—a friend who lives on a horse farm! Beginning readers will cheer as Meg meets, feeds, and grooms her very first horses. A sweet story of friendship and big ideas, this is the perfect book for horse lovers of all ages.

Hooray for Hair!

Tish Rabe - 2013
    Curly or straight? Long or short? It's too hard to choose--until the Cat in the Hat arrives with his Wig-o-lator--a machine that allows the kids to "try on" the hairstyles of a yak, a fur seal, and a porcupine--with comical (and educational) results! Written specifically for children learing to read on their own, this Step 3 reader is based on an episode of the PBS KIDS preschool science show The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!  Young readers will flip their wigs over it!

Bear Hugs: Romantically Ridiculous Animal Rhymes

Karma Wilson - 2004
    They rub their rhino tusks like this. And now you've seen rhinocerkiss! Join the fun in the romantically ridiculous and the ridiculously romantic escapades of your favorite animals!

Shark in the Park

Phil Roxbee Cox - 2002
    -- Join Pup and his friends Sam Sheep, Jake the Snake and Big Pig as they discover a shark in the park.-- The newest addition to the Easy Words to Read phonics series, Shark in the Park is sure to delight young and older readers alike.-- An 'About Phonics' page is included for parents and teachers and fold-out pages add to the fun!

Mrs. Brice's Mice

Syd Hoff - 1988
    Brice's 25 mice, all but one do everything together. And this mouse's difference ‘comes in handy when the mice meet a cat, and while twelve run this way and twelve run that, this mouse runs this way and that, wearing out the cat and saving them all. The simple, gracefully repetitive text and bright drawings will make a preschool hero of the clever little mouse.' 'C.