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Deceiving Miss Dearborn by Laurie Bishop


The Counterfeit Husband

Elizabeth Mansfield - 1982
    So she and her daughter, Pippa, take up residence in London, and Camilla invents a husband to assure Ethelyn that she is being taken care of.But when Ethelyn announces a visit, Camilla must think fast. She asks Thomas, one of her servants, to pose as her husband. And soon finds herself wishing she could pretend forever...

Fool's Masquerade

Joan Wolf - 1984
    But the arrogant (and irresistible) Diccon discovered her deception quite easily and felt he was honor-bound to offer marriage to the young lady. Valentine would rather suffer London's ton than marry a man who didn't love her--wouldn't she? Regency Romance by Joan Wolf; originally published by Signet

A Talent For Trouble (Signet Regency Romance)

Anne Barbour - 1992
    Tally became his collaborator so she could gain her financial independence, but she was not immune to Chelmsford’s charm. Could the Viscount be aware of his artist’s attractions despite her country ways? Regency Romance by Anne Barbour; originally published by Signet

An Unmarried Lady

Anna Willman - 2011
    “You don’t want a fortune and you don’t want to be married, while I should enjoy both excessively. If Great Aunt Agatha had wished to promote the marriage of a great niece, why didn’t she leave her fortune to me?” At the age of 24, the bookish and beautiful Miss Elaine Howard of Lynnfield Manor has long accepted her status as a spinster. Her life is focused on taking care of her roguish invalid father and his dilapidated estate and on preparing her younger sister Anne for her first Season. An unexpected inheritance which promises her a large fortune if she marries before her 25th birthday soon sets off a train of dramatic and comic events, which include a spate of unwelcome fortune hunters, an exchange of identities, an abduction, and a mystery around a missing family heirloom. An Unmarried Lady is a regency romance written in the style of Georgette Heyer. Its lively characters become embroiled in a plot that makes use of the thick black fog that descended upon London and the surrounding countryside in December of 1813, and also touches on events in the lives of Henry VIII, Catherine Howard and Mary Wollstonecraft.

The Unofficial Suitor

Charlotte Louise Dolan - 1992
    Lady Cassiopeia is on the auction block in the marriage mart. And her only escape is into the greedy hands of scandalous Richard Hawke, a handsome rake who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Original Regency Romance.

Dame Durden's Daughter

Joan Smith - 1978
    So Edith is pushed into an engagement with the Saxon-blooded minister, Dr. Thorne, who may not be all he appears. The wild and newly elevated duke, Helver Saymore, is Edith's own choice, but there are powerful arguments against him--including his own lack of coming to the point.

Lord Love a Duke

Renee Reynolds - 2013
    He hastily organizes a house party with a guest list that includes a wide-range of potential suitors, but unfortunately for the duke, his sister, Lady Miranda, has no desire to enter a union yet. Instead, her agenda for the dreaded party calls for the help of her closest friend, Lady Juliet Quinn, to thwart and confound her brother's plans by orchestrating a series of pranks meant to humiliate and confound him . . . if only he would cooperate and be the victim.Someone at the house party is in a marriage-minded way, despite his best intentions otherwise: the duke himself. He has secretly admired Lady Juliet for several years now, but she is off limits in many ways; not only is she friend to Miranda, she is also the sister of his close friend, Charles Quinn, Earl of Bristol. Perhaps the biggest obstacle is the tiny problem that Lady Juliet has vowed to avoid marriage, wanting no part of the typical unions of their set based on convenience, money, or titles and lands.With nothing at the party going according to anyone's carefully laid plans, and most of the guests participating in their own plots and schemes, the final prank yields even more surprises. Whatever is a duke to do?Lord Love a Duke is the first book in the Regency-based Lords of Oxford series, stories about the lives and loves of a group of five peers of the realm who met at university and formed a fast and lasting friendship.

Falling for Chloe

Diane Farr - 2000
    But Gil's mother happily sees more to their bond than either yet realizes. And when the two innocents are caught in a deceptively compromising situation, she wastes no time in using it to her advantage -- and theirs....Soon enough, the pair find themselves no less than engaged -- and no less than panicked at the very idea. But in a case of mother knows best, what seems a tender trap may free two stubborn hearts....

The Sergeant Major's Daughter

Sheila Walsh - 1977
    EVERYONE WAS EAGER TO PUT FELICITY IN HER PLACEHer cousin Amaryllis made it clear that Felicity did not belong in the fashionable drawing rooms of the great country house of Cheynings.Jamie, the six-year-old heir to Cheynings, marked Felicity as his latest victim in a long series of routed governesses.Lord Stayne, the infuriatingly handsome master of Cheynings, coldly informed her that her ideas and opinions were of no earthly interest to a supremely self-confident male like himself.And the vile Captain Hardman, whose devious designs Felicity threatened, did not bother to mask his intentions of removing her from his path by either brutal force or contemptible cunning.Felicity, however, had her own notions about what a woman’s place should be–as she set out on a campaign of conquest with only her wit and wiles as weapons, and love as a very treacherous ally….

Deceiving the Duke of Kerrington

Ginny Hartman - 2013
    The book was updated on August 6th, 2013 after having been professionally edited***Hope Hillburn was born to a life of servitude and never once questioned her role in society. As a lady's maid to Noelle Parrish, she had everything she wanted out of life; a secure and honorable post, a decent room to call her own, and ample time to write fantastical tales of winsome creatures while her mistress, Lady Noelle, attended the various society events offered by the ton. Lady Noelle Parrish knew that her father was anxious to see her wed but she never imagined he'd go behind her back and arrange for her to marry against her will, to a duke with a questionable reputation no less. Disheartened by the prospect of marrying a man she's never met and the possibility of foregoing a lifetime of love, Noelle makes the impulsive decision to flee England with an American gentleman she's only just met. There's only one problem...Lady Noelle's father, the Earl of Brattondale, would never permit her to marry an untitled American, nor was he willing to go back on his word to the duke. In her desperation, Lady Noelle convinces Hope to take her place after noticing an uncanny resemblance between them both. Against her own better judgment, Hope agrees to take Noelle's place when she realizes there's no other way for Noelle to flee to America without causing her family disgrace. Thrown into a life she has only ever viewed from the outside, Hope must convince everyone that she is a lady lest her farce be discovered. She is confident that she can handle society's strict rules of propriety but she soon learns that guarding her heart from falling in love with an incredibly handsome, self assured duke with a penchant for snarling isn't going to be quite as easy.

The Village Spinster

Laura Matthews - 1993
    But she was once the Earl of Kinsford's equal in society, and she refuses to let him browbeat her about her involvement in the lives of his sister and brother. If Clarissa is a tad eccentric, well, the earl is a bit overbearing. Their battle of wills plays out against a sister who sustains a riding accident, a step-mama who is more than eccentric, a brother who has kidnapped a dog, and a cousin whose in-laws are driving him to despair. Nothing two strong-willed people can't sort out--if they first address their own roiling emotions.

Second Season

Elsie Lee - 1974
    She had reached the ripe age of eighteen without a husband, and if her disastrous first season in London was any indication, she was doomed to spinsterhood. What could you do with a girl who would not learn to chatter sweetly or sew neatly or even play the harp? Instead Charlotte rode as well as any man, read the most boring books, and even knew how to speak German. All society was startled when the dashing, handsome, immensely wealthy Duke of Imbrie asked for Charlotte's hand - and shocked when she turned him down. But that was just the first of many surprises Miss Charlotte Stanwood had in store!

The Gamester

Elizabeth Chater - 1980
    Desperate to regain possession of her home, the beautiful but proud Zelda cloaks herself and challenges the shrewd card shark to a game where the stakes are high. The gambler, smooth, calloused and undeniably handsome, is a man unaccustomed to losing. A master of deception, the gambler quickly discovers Zelda's façade, but not before desire begins to burn in his soul. Before the final card is dealt, Zelda must outwit a master or all hope to recover her family's estate and her heart is lost.

The Wooing of Miss Masters

Susan Carroll - 1991
    His insolence was infuriating. How dare he deem her a Long Meg with unremarkable eyes! She wouldn't go to his ball if he got on his knees and begged.But the duke was not to be bested by this brazen hoyden. No, he had a few ideas of his own....

The Unexpected Wife

Emily Hendrickson - 1998
    So she ran away - to a charming home on the country estate of Alexander Barr, Viscount Hawkswood, the most notorious rake in London. Juliet would simply pretend to be his wife while he was away.