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NIV Bible

Anonymous - 1987
    The NIV eBook is designed to be easy to navigate and has additional links for immediate access to key passages within the Bible.With over 400 million Bibles in print, the New International Version is the world's most popular modern English Bible. It is renowned for its combination of reliability and readability. Fully revised and updated for the first time in 25 years, the NIV is ideal for personal reading, public teaching and group study.This eBook edition features: * Navigation system to easily access Bible passages * Links to key stories, events and people of the Bible * Linked reading plan * Bible Timeline * Overview for each book of the Bible * Quick links to find inspiration and help from the Bible in different life situationsBritish Text: This edition uses British spelling, punctuation and grammar to allow the Bible to be read more naturally.More about the translation: This revised and updated edition of the NIV includes three main types of change, taking into account changes in the way we use language day to day; advances in biblical scholarship and understanding; and the need to ensure that gender accurate language is used, to faithfully reflect whether men and women are referred to in each instance. The translators have carefully assessed a huge body of scholarship, as well as inviting peer submissions, in order to review every word of the existing NIV to ensure it remains as clear and relevant today as when it was first published.Royalties from all sales of the NIV Bible help Biblica, formerly the International Bible Society, in their work of translating and distributing Bibles around the world.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous - 1987
    This book primarily concerns itself with the nature of recovery. If you are an addict and have found this book, please give yourself a break and read it. This is the major book used in drug rehab programs throughout the US.

Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

Barbara Ann Brennan - 1987
    Our physical bodies exist within a larger 'body' , a human energy field or aura, which is the vehicle through which we create our experience or reality, including health and illness. It is through this energy field that we have the power to heal ourselves.This energy body - only recently verified by scientists, but long known to healers and mystics - is the starting point of an illness. Here, our most powerful and profound human interactions take place, the precursor and healer of all physiological and emotional disturbances. Hands of Light offers:* a new paradigm for the human in health, relationships and disease* an understanding of how the human energy field looks and functions* training in the ability to see and interpret auras* medically verified case studies of healing people from all walks of life with a variety of illnesses* guidelines for healing the self and others

The First Epistle to the Corinthians

Gordon D. Fee - 1987
    Prepared by some of the world's leading scholars, the series provides an exposition of the New Testament books that is thorough and fully abreast of modern scholarship yet faithful to the Scriptures as the infallible Word of God.

Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing

Barbara Ann Brennan - 1987
    Now, she continues her ground-breaking exploration of the human energy field, or aura -- the source of our experience of health or illness. Drawing on many new developments in her teaching and practice, she shows how we can be empowered as both patients and healers to understand and work with our most fundamental healing power: the light that emerges from the very center of our humanity.In a unique approach that encourages a cooperative effort among healer, patient, and other health-care providers, Light Emerging explains what the healer perceives visually, audibly, and kinesthetically and how each of us can participate in every stage of the healing process.Presenting a fascinating range of research, from a paradigm of healing based on the science of holography to insights into the "hara level" and the "core star," Light Emerging is at the leading edge of healing practice in our time.

The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God

John M. Frame - 1987
    Taking this viewpoint, he combines trenchant analysis--and practical insight and counsel--for how we should live knowing what we do about God.

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic

Scott Cunningham - 1987
    This comprehensive and clear guidebook by Scott Cunningham has introduced over 200,000 readers to the secrets of over 100 gems and metals. Learn how to find and cleanse stones and use them in divinations, spells, and tarot card readings. Discover how to determine the energies and stories contained within each stone, and the symbolic meanings of a stone's color and shape. Also included in this classic guide:A 16-page, full-color insert, new with this edition Birthstone and jewelry magic lore Tables listing both planetary and elementary rulers of stones, magical intentions, and magical substitutions

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language

David Crystal - 1987
    Probably the most successful general study of language ever published, The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language covers all the major themes of language study, including popular ideas about language, language and identity, the structure of language, speaking and listening, writing, reading, and signing, language acquisition, the neurological basis of language, and languages of the world. Exposing this work to a new generation of readers, the Second Edition extends the range of coverage to include advances in areas such as machine translation, speech interaction with machines, and language teaching. There is new material on acoustics, physiological concepts of language, and World English, and a complete update of the language distribution maps, language-speaking statistics, table of the world's languages, and further reading. All geopolitical material has been revised to take account of boundary changes. The book has been redesigned and is presented for the first time in full color, with new pictures and maps added.

One Hundred Flowers

Georgia O'Keeffe - 1987
    This concise edition captures the ageless and absorbing quality of Georgia O'Keefe's highly distinctive paintings of flowers, each of which draws the viewer into the most minute of details and, in turn, into another world.

Lord Krishna's Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking

Yamuna Devi - 1987
    Created by a noted author and lecturer, Lord Krishna's Cuisine features more than 500 recipes, filled with fresh produce and herbs, delicate spices, hot curries, and homemade dairy products. All recipes are based on readily available ingredients and have been scrupulously adapted for American kitchens. The recipes are enlivened by the author's anecdotes and personal reminiscences of her years in India, including stories of gathering recipes from royal families and temple cooks, which had been jealously guarded for centuries.Hailed by Gourmet as "definitive," and as "a marvelous source for vegetarians" by Bon Appetit, Devi has created the landmark work on the world's most sophisticated vegetarian cuisine. Repackaged and evocatively illustrated, Lord Krishna's Cuisine unlocks the mysteries of the most healthful and delicious recipes of the world.

Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Breads

Bernard Clayton Jr. - 1987
    In this exhaustive volume, you'll find recipes for every imaginable type of bread, from white and rye to cheese, herb, French, and Italian breads. Croissants, brioches, flat breads, and crackers are covered in depth as well. Home bakers will find an extraordinary range of variety, nearly enough to supply a new bread a day for a year. There are wheat breads -- Honey-Lemon, Walnut, Buttermilk; sourdough breads; corn breads; breads flavored with herbs or spices or enriched with cheese or fruits and nuts; and little breads -- Kaiser Rolls, Grandmother's Southern Biscuits, English Muffins, and Popovers, to name a few. For the baker who observes the holidays with a fresh loaf there are Challah and Italian Panettone. Clayton also covers topics like starters and storing and freezing breads, and devotes an entire chapter to "What Went Wrong -- and How to Make It Right." Perfect for all levels of bakers, this book walks the novice through the steps and encourages the advanced baker to try new variations on recipes. Devoted fans of Bernard Clayton will be thrilled with this easy-to-use paperback edition and delighted to see old favorites and try new ones. This is the definitive edition of the classic baking book that every good cook should own.

The Complete Illustrated Holistic Herbal: Safe and Practical Guide to Making and Using Herbal Remedies

David Hoffmann - 1987
    The most comprehensive and authoritative guide available, this herbal offers clear, step-by-step advice on the use of herbal medicine for the safe treatment of a wide range of complaints. Its unique holistic approach enables you to restore and maintain wellbeing by treating the body as a whole. Beautifully illustrated with over three hundred full-color pictures, it covers treatment of a wide range of complaints and diseases, gathering herbs and preparing remedies, A-Z herbal featuring more than 200 herbs, and Clear explanations of the body's systems.

The Wit and Wisdom of Mark Twain

Mark Twain - 1987
    Wit and repartee permeate his work — from the short, light pieces to his great novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and even later, in dark meditations on the human condition where his humor takes on a cynical, satirical twist.This remarkably inexpensive volume gathers together hundreds of Twain's most memorable quips and comments on life, love, history, culture, travel, and a diversity of other topics that occupied his thoughts over 50 years of writing and lecturing.An invaluable, ready reference for writers, speakers, and others in search of amusing and insightful quotes, this entertaining and thought-provoking compilation is also an ideal introduction to Twain's inimitable style and thought.


V. Vale - 1987
    Although not regarded as poetic or artistic acts, pranks constitute an art form and genre. Here, pranksters such as Mark Pauline, Monte Cazazza, Jello Biafra, Joe Coleman, Karen Finley, Henry Rollins, John Waters and Henry Rollins challenge the sovereign authority of words, images and behavioral convention. Some tales are bizarre, as when Boyd Rice presented the First Lady with a skinned sheep's head on a platter. This iconoclastic compendium will dazzle and delight all lovers of humor, satire and irony. A great quotations section is also included.

Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs

Claire Kowalchik - 1987
    Presented in A-to-Z format, supplemented with easy-to-use charts and lists, beautifully illustrated with drawings and color photographs, it is the only book on herbs you ever need to buy.

Campbell Biology [with eText, Mastering Biology Access Code, & A Short Guide to Writing About Biology]

Jane B. Reece - 1987
    Custom bundle: Campbell Biology, Books a la Carte Edition; MasteringBiology with Pearson eText -- ValuePack Access Card -- for Campbell Biology; Short Guide to Writing About Biology (10th Edition)

Campbell Biology

Jane B. Reece - 1987
    This text has invited more than 4 million students into the study of this dynamic and essential discipline.The authors have restructured each chapter around a conceptual framework of five or six big ideas. An Overview draws students in and sets the stage for the rest of the chapter, each numbered Concept Head announces the beginning of a new concept, and Concept Check questions at the end of each chapter encourage students to assess their mastery of a given concept. New Inquiry Figures focus students on the experimental process, and new Research Method Figures illustrate important techniques in biology. Each chapter ends with a Scientific Inquiry Question that asks students to apply scientific investigation skills to the content of the chapter.


Neil A. Campbell - 1987
    This text has invited more than 4 million students into the study of this dynamic and essential discipline.The authors have restructured each chapter around a conceptual framework of five or six big ideas. An Overview draws students in and sets the stage for the rest of the chapter, each numbered Concept Head announces the beginning of a new concept, and Concept Check questions at the end of each chapter encourage students to assess their mastery of a given concept. New Inquiry Figures focus students on the experimental process, and new Research Method Figures illustrate important techniques in biology. Each chapter ends with a Scientific Inquiry Question that asks students to apply scientific investigation skills to the content of the chapter.

Campbell Biology

Jane B. Reece - 1987
    The text's hallmark values-accuracy, currency, and passion for teaching and learning-have made it the most successful college introductory biology book for eight consecutive editions. Building on the Key Concepts chapter framework of previous editions, Campbell BIOLOGY, Ninth Edition helps students keep sight of the "big picture" by encouraging them to:Make connections across chapters in the text, from molecules to ecosystems, with new Make Connections QuestionsMake connections between classroom learning, research breakthroughs, and the real world with new Impact FiguresMake connections to the overarching theme of evolution in every chapter with new Evolution sectionsMake connections at a higher cognitive level through new Summary of Key Concepts Questions and Write About a Theme Questions


Neil A. Campbell - 1987
    Campbell, Jane B. Reece, Lisa A. Urry, Michael L. Cain, Steven A. Wasserman, Peter V. Minorsky, Robert B. Jackson

Campbell Biology

Lisa A. Urry - 1987
    This text has invited more than 4 million students into the study of this dynamic and essential discipline.The authors have restructured each chapter around a conceptual framework of five or six big ideas. An Overview draws students in and sets the stage for the rest of the chapter, each numbered Concept Head announces the beginning of a new concept, and Concept Check questions at the end of each chapter encourage students to assess their mastery of a given concept. New Inquiry Figures focus students on the experimental process, and new Research Method Figures illustrate important techniques in biology. Each chapter ends with a Scientific Inquiry Question that asks students to apply scientific investigation skills to the content of the chapter.

Campbell Biology [with eText & MasteringBiology Access Code]

Jane B. ReeceChris D. Moyes - 1987
    Campbell Biology, Canadian Edition Plus MasteringBiology with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package

The Little Red Book

Hazelden Foundation - 1987
    Filled with practical information for those first days of sober living, this little book: • offers newcomers advice about the program, how long it takes, and what to look for in a sponsor• provides in-depth discussions of each of the Twelve Steps and related character defects• poses common questions about AA and helping others, identifying where to find answers in the Big Book• features non-sexist language

Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System

Anodea Judith - 1987
    Anodea Judith's classic introduction to the chakra system, which has sold over 200,000 copies, has been completely updated and expanded. It includes revised chapters on relationships, evolution, and healing, and a new section on raising children with healthy chakras.Wheels of Life takes you on a powerful journey through progressively transcendent levels of consciousness. View this ancient metaphysical system through the light of new metaphors, ranging from quantum physics to child development. Learn how to explore and balance your own chakras using poetic meditations and simple yoga movements--along with gaining spiritual wisdom, you'll experience better health, more energy, enhanced creativity, and the ability to manifest your dreams.Praise: "Wheels of Life is the most significant and influential book on the chakras ever written."-- John Friend, founder of Anusara Yoga

Patternmaking for Fashion Design

Helen Joseph-Armstrong - 1987
    Hinging on a recurring theme that all designs are based on one or more of the three major patternmaking and design principles–dart manipulation, added fullness, and contouring–it provides all the relevant information necessary to create design patterns with accuracy regardless of their complexity. Sewing guides included for the pleated trouser (with pattern layout), belt/loops, pockets, and zipper; the jean pant with pockets, countour belt, and fly front; and the gusset. Updated jacket foundation draft includes fabric preparation, interfacing, chest piece, tape control, and shoulder pads. Pant drafts–Trouser draft including pocket, waistband, and loop; dungaree foundation draft; grunge pant draft; and three jean waistline variations including pocket and sewing instruction. Includes fitting corrections for the basic patterns. Unique section on patternmaking for bias-cut garments. For anyone developing their patternmaking skills.

Lore of Running

Tim Noakes - 1987
    The book includes new interviews with 10 world-class runners who share their secrets to success and longevity in the sport. Features on legendary figures and events in running history provide fascinating insights.And that's just scratching the surface. Lore of Running is not only the biggest and best running publication on the planet. It's the one book every runner should own.

Everyone's Way of the Cross

Clarence Enzler - 1987
    Beautiful, bold commissioned woodcuts by Annika Nelson and her mother Gertrud Mueller Nelson help us meditate on the passion and death of Christ and to see how Christ is among us—often in unexpected places. Also available in Spanish, the booklet is ideal for personal or parish-wide use during the Lenten observance of the Stations of the Cross.

The Advancing Guitarist: Applying Guitar Concepts & Techniques

Mick Goodrick - 1987
    Rather than a step-by-step method book, the information is presented in a general essay format, discussing ways that the various techniques covered may be applied by the advancing guitarist to enhance his/her own style of playing, some of the areas discussed include: basic fingerboard mechanics - modes, scales and chords - contemporary harmony, - harmonica and overtone influences - being self-critical - improvising short pieces - different playing situations.

Job's Body

Deane Juhan - 1987
    Furthering the presentation of recent research in biochemistry, cell biology and energy medicine in the Second Edition, this new and greatly expanded edition includes advances in neurophysiology and physics, reconfiguring knowledge of mind and body, from microgenesis to quantum consciousness. A rare book, required reading for national massage therapy certification, that also serves the general reader.

Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage

Bryan A. Garner - 1987
    With great detail and care, Garner explains what legalese is, how it can be simplified, and how far legal writers can go in simplifying it. The topics are alphabetically arranged for ease of reference: simply look up any phrase or grammatical category you're interested in, and you're likely to find the final word on the subject. Shortly after the completion of this massively expanded second edition, the late Charles Alan Wright said: "The first edition of this book has been praised around the world as both the most reliable guide to legal usage and the most fascinating to read. The second edition outdoes even its predecessor."

Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book

Ben Cohen - 1987
    Dastardly Mash, featuring nuts, raisins, and hunks of chocolate. The celebrated Heath Bar Crunch. New York Super Fudge Chunk. Oreo Mint. In addition to Ben & Jerry's 11 greatest hits, here are recipes for ice creams made with fresh fruit, with chocolate, with candies and cookies, and recipes for sorbets, sundaes, and baked goods.

Guitarmaking: Tradition and Technology

William Cumpiano - 1987
    Over 450 photographs, drawings, and diagrams reveal in exquisite detail the hows, whys, and how-to's of the traditional craft of guitarmaking, all accompanied by fascinating historical and technical notes. A comprehensive bibliography; a list of tools, materials, and supply sources; and a full index complete this uniquely authoritative reference -- and essential acquisition -- for guitar and craft enthusiasts, woodworkers, and students of instrument making everywhere.

Prepare for War

Rebecca Brown - 1987
    Rebecca Brown writes from seven years’ experience helping deliver many, many people out of hard-core satanism. A sequel to Dr. Brown’s best seller He Came to Set the Captives Free, this book will show you how to:Stand victoriously against SatanDeal with the dangerous New Age teachingsRecognize and deal with satanic ritualistic abuse of childrenMinister in the area of deliveranceHandle the rarely discussed problems people face after deliveranceIt’s shocking! It’s graphic! But this is war! Do you know how Satan can use “doorways,” including yoga, role-playing games, and meditation, to bring demonic destruction into your home? Satan hates you and wants to destroy you. To be victorious, you must Prepare for War.

Medicinal Plants of the Desert and Canyon West

Michael Moore - 1987
    Unsurpassed as a field guide for its authoritative information on collection and medicinal preparation. Focuses on the plant life of rocky and arid lands of the West, and includes detailed information on the preparation and use of these vital herbs.

Showing the Spirit: A Theological Exposition of 1 Corinthians 12–14

D.A. Carson - 1987
    Partisans on both sides of charismatic issues are challenged by the even-handed consideration of nuances in the Greek text in these three crucial chapters.

Opening Doors Within

Eileen Caddy - 1987
    A diary of inspirational and practical messages offered in the hope that they will help others find faith, fulfilment and inner peace.

The Tarot Handbook

Angeles Arrien - 1987
    An exciting handbook for either a beginning or an ardent student of the tarot, it contains a multitude of charts, spreads, illustrations of the Thoth Deck, and other methodology tools for anyone looking for insights into personal and spiritual development.An anthropologist who specializes in cross-cultural myths, Arrien demonstrates how the seventy-eight figures of the tarot are portraitures and archetypes that are prevalent in the collective human experience. The author teaches us to use this realization to look beyond our cultural viewpoint or bias when we approach the tarot, and to rely instead on these more important universal principles, thereby deepening the quality and accuracy of our interpretations and expanding our awareness of the human psyche. A significant and classic piece of tarot literature, The Tarot Handbook is both a required manual for teachers and students of the subject, and an accessible and fascinating exploration of cultural anthropology.

Common Herbs for Natural Health

Juliette De Bairacli Levy - 1987
    Juliette de Bairacli utilizes her Gypsy wisdom and decades of studying herbs and healing to create a book filled with natural remedies and recipes. What a treasure! Her respect and love for the plants, the earth, and the medicinal knowledge garnered from people of all ethnic origins is powerful, practical, and sensible. My gardens and personal health are already benefiting from this intelligent and tender book.

Georgia OKeeffe, Art and Letters / Jack Cowart, Juan Hamilton ; Letters Selected and Annotated by Sarah Greenough

Georgia O'Keeffe - 1987
    Approximately 120 color and 20 black-and-white illustrations.

Rang & Dale's Pharmacology

Humphrey P. Rang - 1987
    Progressing logically from a molecular understanding of receptors and drug actions to the clinical uses of the most important groups of drugs, it delivers the latest information on cannabinoids and rimonabant, Cox 2 inhibitors, pharmacogenetics, biopharmaceuticals, and drug abuse-as well as "lifestyle drugs" such as performance-enhancing substances, botulinum toxin, and Viagra?. And now, online access via STUDENT CONSULT makes it an even more effective learning resource

Discover Your God-Given Gifts

Don Fortune - 1987
    Therefore, Discover Your God-Given Gifts is fun as well as revealing. Don and Katie Fortune explain how the seven motivational gifts listed in Romans 12:6-8 are actually the key to understanding the very motivating forces of our lives, the forces God created within us to help us serve Him more fully. The authors provide extensive and insightful "self-help" forms that help you recognize your gifts. You'll see why you act and think the way you do. Using your motivational gifts will bring you the greatest joy you have ever known. Take some time now to Discover Your God-Given Gifts.

Astrology for Yourself: How to Understand and Interpret Your Own Birth Chart: A Workbook for Personal Transformation

Douglas Bloch - 1987
    Aside from providing you a wealth of knowledge about your birth chart, Astrology for Yourself promises to promote personal growth and change your life.

Be Dynamic (Acts 1-12)

Warren W. Wiersbe - 1987
    Wiersbe has provided insightful commentary on God's Word for many years. This always-popular series now covers the entire New Testament and part of the Old Testament. Over 3 million BE books sold. Leader's Guide included in all BE books.

Linda Goodman's Star Signs

Linda Goodman - 1987
    Here, in her most personal book yet, Linda Goodman, America's premier astrologer, has written an enlightening and remarkably accurate cuide to help you discover all the powers you possess. How can you achieve financial freedom and financial security? Which holistic healing methods really work? What hidden meanings can be found in numbers, words, and deja vu? How can music, color and crystals be used to improve your body and your mind?With her usual compassion, wit, and perception, Linda Goodman broadens the horizons of astrology to help you on your way to health and happiness. Recall the forgotten harmony of the Universe with... Linda Goodman's Star Signs

Anguished English: An Anthology of Accidental Assaults Upon Our Language

Richard Lederer - 1987
    From bloopers and blunders to Signs of the Times to Mixed Up Metaphors...from Two-Headed Headlines to Mangling Modifiers, Anguished English is a treasury of assaults upon our common language.

Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft

Janet Burroway - 1987
    A bestseller through six editions, Writing Fiction by novelists Janet Burroway and Elizabeth Stuckey-French explores the elements of fiction, providing practical writing techniques and concrete examples. Written in a tone that is personal and non-prescriptive, the text encourages students to develop proficiency through each step of the writing process, offering an abundance of exercises designed to spur writing and creativity. The text also integrates diverse, contemporary short stories in every chapter in the belief that the reading of inspiring fiction goes hand-in-hand with the writing of fresh and exciting stories.

The History of the Countryside: The Classic History of Britain's Landscape, Flora and Fauna

Oliver Rackham - 1987
    Going right up to the present day, and including both natural and man-made features, it demonstrates the sometimes subtle, sometimes radical ways in which people, flora, fauna, climate, soils, and other physical conditions have played a role in shaping the landscape. "...quirky and rewarding...full of answers to questions that others have not had the wit to ask."--Economist. "One thing is certain: no one would be wise to write further on our natural history...without thinking very hard about what is contained in these authoritative pages."--Country Life.

Tales of Terror

Time-Life Books - 1987
    A collection of thirteen tales about ghosts, goblins, hauntings, and black magic, gathered from places as far apart as Arabia and Norway.Stories: Walking dead of Brittany -- Implacable army -- In the body of the beast -- Harvest of horrors -- Goblin's guest -- Unfinished death -- Furies of the far north -- Bloodguilt of a royal house -- Stormy reckoning -- Bride of the ghost-chief -- Kiss of evil -- Demons of the dreamtime -- Healer's secret.

Be Diligent (Mark): Serving Others as You Walk with the Master Servant

Warren W. Wiersbe - 1987
    Mark is the perfect Gospel for space-age people on the go. In this study, Dr. Wiersbe focuses on Jesus Christ the Servant, always on the move, always doing the Father's will and serving others. Mark is the ideal Gospel for busy people who want to discover how to make their lives count for God.Studying Mark's intensely dramatic account of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ will help you appreciate Him as God's Ideal Servant. You will be motivated and encouraged in your own ministry for the Lord . . . and helped increasingly to BE DILIGENT!

Genesis 1-15

Gordon J. Wenham - 1987
    Gordon Wenham, and with this trend his commentary identifies.Dr. Wenham has a remarkable gift for clarity of expression in discussing even the most difficult problems. His terse, crisp style serves well in his interaction with the multiciplity of arguments in primary arenas of scholarly concern-textual analysis, compositional sources, chronology, theological significance. Throughout, he effectively shares his broad knowledge of current research on Genesis and provides invaluable bibliographic information.Among the topics discussed are: Genesis in recent research and an evaluation of current critical positions An analysis of the principal source hypotheses of the early 19th century to the present The new literary criticism and its relationship to source criticism The theological relationship of Genesis 1-11 to ancient Near Eastern ideas, to the rest of the Pentateuch, and to modem thought.It would be difficult to find a more concise yet thorough discussion of technical and textual matters. At the same time, Dr. Wenham displays unusual sensitivity to the compositional artistry of Genesis and the importance of storytelling in God's self-revelation to the human family.Dr. Wenham shows the opening chapters of Genesis as describing an avalanche of sin that gradually engulfs mankind-the alienation of the first man and woman and their expulsion from the presence of God in the garden, mankind's near-annihilation in the flood, the folly of Babel and humanity's dispersal over the face of the globe teaching that without God's blessing mankind is without hope. "But the promises to Abraham and the patriarchs begin to repair that situation," says Dr. Wenham. "The covenant will benefit not just Abraham and his descendants, but in him all the nations of the earth will find blessing, and the ultimate fulfillment of the creator's ideals for humanity is guaranteed ... . Let us beware of allowing ourselves to be diverted from the central thrust of the book so that we miss what the Lord, our creator and redeemer, is saying to us."

2007 Physicians' Desk Reference

Physicians' Desk Reference - 1987
    You?ll find the most complete data on more than 4,000 drugs by brand and generic name (both in the same convenient index), manufacturer, and product category. Your 2007 PDR provides usage information and warnings, drug interactions, plus more than 2,000 full-size, full-color photos cross-referenced to the drug. You will also find: > Phonetic spelling for each listing > A key to controlled substances > Dosages > Clinical pharmacology > FDA use-in-pregnancy ratings > Adverse reactions > Contraindications > Pediatric use > And all other FDA-required information

Interior Design Illustrated

Francis D.K. Ching - 1987
    K. Ching's illustrated introduction to interior design is now completely revised and even more clear and accessible than in the previous bestselling edition. His unique approach is more useful than ever, with a reformatted, larger trim size for easy reading and an all-new full color section! The book includes new and updated material on finishes, furnishings and textiles, lighting, sustainability, acoustics, workstations, and much more. Order your copy today!

Bill Bernbach's Book: A History of Advertising That Changed the History of Advertising

Bob Levenson - 1987

Out of the Depths

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones - 1987
    Martyn Lloyd-Jones turns readers to Psalm 51, which is perhaps the classic statement on repentance in all of Scripture. It not only models the process involved in receiving salvation and forgiveness for sins--from the Holy Spirit's conviction and the sinner's confession to God's cleansing and renewal--but draws a profile of the truly repentant heart."There are certain things that we must realize, we must grasp, we must believe [before salvation can be ours], and the first of these is repentance.... Without repentance there is no knowledge of salvation, there is no experience of salvation. It is an essential step. It is the first step."This moving study gives readers a fuller understanding of the importance of repentance both for the unsaved and for Christians. Enlightening and practical, Out of the Depths is necessary reading for the earnest seeker who wants to take that first step on the road to salvation, and for the troubled Christian desiring to find again the path to a restore relationship with God.

Atlas of Pediatric Physical Diagnosis

Holly W. Davis - 1987
    Accompanying text emphasizes pertinent historical factors, examination techniques, visual findings, and diagnostic methods rather than therapy. Expanded coverage from new contributors enhances readers' diagnostic skills, enabling them to take advantage of the best treatment options available. This book is more than just an atlas. It contains thorough text in most major subspecialties of pediatric practice.*JAMA, rev. of last edition.Provides unparalleled diagnostic guidance through more than 2000 illustrations of a full spectrum of conditions.Features detailed information on normal physical examination findings in each chapter.Depicts gross anatomic signs as well as lab and radiologic findings.Includes up-to-date coverage of neonatology allergy and immunology cardiology child abuse nephrology pulmonology and many more.Presents new information on topics such as dysmorphology genetic diagnosis Beh�et's disease sports medicine and spina bifida.Features a new chapter, Craniofacial Syndromes, which examines the embryology of craniofacial abnormalities, and genetics and common disorders.Offers the fresh practice-proven perspectives of many new contributors.

The Canon of the New Testament Its Origin, Development, and Significance

Bruce M. Metzger - 1987
    Canonization was a long and gradual process of sifting through scores of gospels, epistles, and other books that enjoyed local and temporary authority--some of which have only recently come to light. Metzger discusses the external pressures that led to the fixing of the limits of the canon as well as Patristic evidence that bears on the development of the canon, not only in the West, but also among the Eastern churches. He also considers differences as to the sequence of the books in the New Testament.

Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary

Merriam-Webster - 1987

The Teachers & Writers Handbook of Poetic Forms

Ron Padgett - 1987
    Defined in alphabetical order, each entry is allotted 1-7 pages with examples and histories of-and ideas for using-each form.

Prolegomena to Theology, Volume 1

Richard A. Muller - 1987
    A major study reevaluating the primary sources of the post-Reformation period to determine how consistent they are with the thinking of the Reformers on theological prolegomena.

Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving

Betty Linn Davenport - 1987
    Both beginners and experienced weavers will value its thriftiness and versatility.

Origami for the Connoisseur

Kunihiko Kasahara - 1987
    Groundbreaking in concept and challenging in content, it presents sixty-five ingenious projects by respected masters working in a variety of themes and origami genres. From Toshikazu Kawasaki's Unique Iso-area Folding Method to David Briil's remarkable "bottle" to Peter Engel's playful "kangaroo," the featured designs have been carefully chosen to test the refined sensibilities and stimulate the artistic appetites of the origami devotee. If you are an accomplished paperfolder you will be inspired by the beauty and logic of the geometric form as discovered in such designs as Hourglass, Rotating Tetrahedon, Brain Ticklers, and Extraterrestrial Being. You will delight in the wit and poetry of representational origami as you create delicate and winsome patterns for Kitten, Goose, Pelican, Giraffe, Camellia, Spiral Snail Shell, Ground Beetle, Pine Cone, Fox, and many more designs. What's more, you will find the key to successfully mastering numerous intricate techniques and complex paper fold...with ease! This is no ordinary origami workbook. Complicated processes are made highly accessible-yet remain daring-through clear, concise instructions and highly detailed diagrams. One of the unexpected joys of the book is that its mentally invigorating text will serve as an ongoing inspiration to novel approaches and new origami adventures - even after you have completed a project.

Parochial and Plain Sermons [Complete]

John Henry Newman - 1987
    Newman's sermons are as powerful, fresh and challenging today as when he first gave them. The topics he covers are ones central to Christianity and salvation. Newman once again demonstrates his tremendous understanding of human psychology and the temptations and trials that we encounter as Christians in the world. 191 sermons in total. A magnificent work of timeless inspiration and illumination for every generation of Christian readers.

Gods and Goddesses

Time-Life Books - 1987

The History of Beads: From 30,000 B.C. to the Present

Lois Sherr Dubin - 1987
    It includes several thousand examples of beads, beaded jewelry, and beadwork representing 30,000 years of history and drawn from every major culture and region of the world. Now largely unavailable in hardcover and still the most authoritative book on the subject, it is finally available in paperback at a very attractive price.For thousands of years, beads have played an important role throughout the world, from Japan to Cameroon. This highly unusual and innovative volume surveys the fascinating story of their evolution: beads have been used as a medium of trade, as talismans, as personal adornment, as status symbols, and as religious artifacts. They are capsules of cultural, historical, and technological information. This ambitious survey of beads and their unique contribution to history features more than 380 illustrations, most in full color, a spectacular illustrated time line of bead history, detailed maps, a chart of bead shapes, and a highly readable text by Lois Sherr Dubin.

Juran's Quality Handbook (Mc Graw Hill International Editions: Industrial Engineering Series)

Joseph M. Juran - 1987
    Now this Fifth Edition—a major revision and the first new edition of Juran's Quality Handbook in more than 10 years—forges a new standard in tools for quality. Bringing managers and engineers the most up-to-date methods, research, and theory, under the guidance of a team of the world's top experts, Juran's shows you how to plan for quality, achieve quality control, and ensure quality results. Packed with new methods, research, and thought on quality, and emphasizing the need for quality software and quality software development methods, this completely updated classic also gives you new information, new techniques, and new applications. Broad in scope and inclusive in methodology, Juran's Quality Handbook is the reference of choice for anyone concerned with quality in business, manufacturing, or engineering. Whether you're just beginning your journey or a longtime traveler on the quality path, this book is the best possible companion for your voyage.

Benét's Reader's Encyclopedia

William Rose Benét - 1987
    s/t: An Encyclopedia of World Literature and the ArtsReference book on the symbols, movements, genres, characters & individuals found in Arts & Literature--as well as disciplines which are effected, or are alluded to, in these fields.

Turner in His Time

Andrew Wilton - 1987
    M. W. Turner is one of the most famous—and most mysterious—of artists. His paintings are among the masterpieces of Western art, and the range of his work and the originality of his technique make him a giant. He kept his private life a secret, and his contradictory personality, his love of mystification, and his revolutionary manner of painting all fascinated his contemporaries and still arouse our curiosity today.Andrew Wilton's knowledge and enthusiasm uniquely qualify him to introduce us to the artist's life, and he concentrates here on original sources: Turner's writings, in the form of letters, notes, and verse; impressions recorded by his contemporaries; and reviews of his exhibited works. A comprehensive illustrated chronology covers Turner's travels, exhibitions, and projects, and includes portraits of his friends and patrons, views of places with which he was associated, and works by other artists who played a crucial role in forming his style and thought.• Revised and updated edition • Now with color illustrations throughout (200 illustrations total, 150 in color)• Forty-four works are new to the book• Includes a recently discovered watercolor•

Backgrounds of Early Christianity

Everett Ferguson - 1987
    The book explores and unpacks the Roman, Greek, and Jewish political, social, religious, and philosophical backgrounds necessary for a good historical understanding of the New Testament and the early church. New to this edition are revisions of Ferguson's original material, updated bibliographies, and fresh discussions of first-century social life, of Gnosticism, and of the Dead Sea Scrolls and other Jewish literature.

The Artist's Handbook

Ray Campbell Smith - 1987
    The Artist's Handbook is packed with information on the traditional art methods of drawing, painting, and printmaking together with significant modern art techniques such as digital photography, digital printing, and digital image manipulation. Encompasses all the tools, materials and skills of the artist's craft. This is the definitive reference guide for amateurs and proficient, conventional and progressive artists alike.

Hatha Yoga

Swami Sivananda Radha - 1987
    Swami Sivananda Radha explores the mythological meaning of each posture as she encourages the hatha yogi to stretch beyond the physical. Building on the classical foundations of an ancient tradition, Swami Radha brilliantly synthesizes the ancient wisdom of yoga with an understanding of psychological and spiritual facets of contemporary life. With this approach, one can penetrate the mystical messages of the asanas so that the body is truly understood as a spiritual tool. It was twenty years ago when Swami Radha first introduced the transformational Hidden Language method to students interested in going deeper with their practice. Now, with expanded instructions on how to incorporate the Hidden Language method into a personal practice, beautiful photographs by Derek Shapton and an introduction by ascent columnist, Swami Lalitananda, the 20th anniversary edition of HLHY is essential reading for the serious student of yoga. �This book contains the insights of an extraordinary woman who dared to look deeper into the practice of asana to experience wholeness, which is the essence of yoga." � Sharon Gannon, co-founder of the Jivamukti Yoga method �Swami Radha's book has been on my bookshelf since it was first published. The language of yoga, as spoken by Swami Radha, speaks to my heart.� � Amy Weintraub author and yoga teacher

The Craft of the Japanese Sword

Leon Kapp - 1987
    When all sword manufacture was prohibited in Japan for seven years after World War II, the age-old techniques were in danger of being lost forever. Today, in the hands of a new generation of practitioners, the craft is making a startling comeback. Connoisseurs say that the swords being produced now are the equal of anything made in Japan in the past few hundred years.This book takes the reader into the workshops of four of Japan's leading sword craftsmen. Each craftsman has a different role in the manufacture of a blade. Yoshindo Yoshihara, the swordsmith, begins with raw steel made in a traditional charcoal-fueled smelter and refines it by folding and forging, gradually shaping it into a sword with a hardened edge. Okisato Fujishiro then sharpens and polishes the sword with fine stones to reveal the color and texture of the steel. Metalworker Hiroshi Miyajima makes the small copper-and-gold habaki collar that fits between the blade and the scabbard. Finally, Kazuyuki Takayama carves the hilt and the scabbard out of a single piece of wood. Black-and-white photographs show every stage of the manufacture, while important information on history, metallurgy, and modern-day appraisal is presented in an extensive introduction.The swords made in Japan today are not, of course, intended for actual use. But their design, the quality of their steel, and the techniques used to create them still derive from the sword's historical function as a lethal hand-held weapon. A sword must be razor sharp, light, well balanced, and strong, but not so brittle it will break. In the perfect resolution of these qualities lie the beauty of the blade and the challenge of the craft.This book demonstrates how brilliantly Japan's sword craftsmen today have met this technological challenge. The impulse of the craft now is to preserve the utilitarian object and yet create an enduring art for the modern age. While many fine books on sword appreciation exist, these deal primarily with older blades or problems of appraisal. The Craft of the Japanese Sword is the first book in English devoted entirely to contemporary sword manufacture, and will thus be of enormous value to metal artists everywhere, as well as to collectors and students of weaponry.

Stage Rigging Handbook

Jay O. Glerum - 1987
    The remaining four parts contain numerous revisions.Explaining his purpose, Jay O. Glerum points out that four main principles constitute the core of this book: know the rigging system; know that it is in safe working order; know how to use it; keep your concentration. Glerum applies these principles to all the major types of stage rigging systems, including block and tackle, hemp, counterweight, and motorized. He describes each type of rigging and then thoroughly reviews the operating procedures and ways of inspecting existing systems.To provide background, Glerum opens with the basic theory of applied physics as it relates to rigging. Step by step, he explains the calculations required to determine safe working loads for various components. Glerum’s many anecdotes help the reader translate theory into reality.Glerum then turns to four separate and detailed treatments of the main types of theatrical rigging. His thorough descriptions include drawings that identify each separate component of the rigging. He points out the advantages of each system, detailing everything from the mechanical advantage and the effects of wear on rope to the best ways to tie off the pin rail and to store weights. Because stagecraft often has been handed down orally from one stagehand to the next, incorrect—as well as dangerous—assumptions exist in the trade. Glerum provides a ready reference for everything from how to tie a knot to how to effectively communicate a warning for a runaway set.Glerum also discusses special problems such as cutting fiber rope, terminating wire rope, attaching drops and framed scenery, using trusses and bridles, dead hanging, tripping, guiding loads, and other topics. He also covers recordkeeping, with tips and pointers on how to establish an inspection log.

Complete Bladesmith: Forging Your Way to Perfection

Jim Hrisoulas - 1987
    Written by a master bladesmith, this book tells you how to set up your forge, select your materials, fashion grips and hilts, grind edges and much more!

Pottery Analysis: A Sourcebook

Prudence M. Rice - 1987
    Prudence M. Rice uses pottery as a starting point for insights into people and culture and examines in detail the methods for studying these fired clay vessels that have been used worldwide from prehistoric times to the present. Pottery Analysis is a classic in its field as well as an invaluable reference for all students of archaeology and ancient culture.

Marilyn Among Friends

Sam Shaw - 1987
    A biography that bursts with enormous authority, candor, and affection.

Orthopedic Physical Assessment

David J. Magee - 1987
    This comprehensive text covers every joint of the body, head and face, gait, posture, emergency care, the principles of assessment, and preparticipation evaluation. The latest edition of this core text is the essential cornerstone in the new four-volume musculoskeletal rehabilitation series.Thorough, evidence-based content provides the information and detail you need to select the best diagnostic tests.Extensively updated information incorporates the latest research and most current practices.Case Studies help you apply what you learn from the book to real life situations.Tables and boxes throughout the text organize and summarize important information and highlight key points.Chapter Summaries review the assessment procedures for each chapter to help you find important information quickly.Case Histories in each chapter demonstrate assessment skills to help you apply them in practice.Reliability and validity of tests and techniques included throughout help you choose assessment methods supported by current evidence.A new full-color design clearly demonstrates assessment methods, a variety of tests, and causes of pathology.A Companion CD-ROM with all of the references from the text linked to MedLine abstracts reinforces concepts from the book.Primary Care Assessment chapter includes the latest information on the constantly evolving state of physical therapy practice.Includes the most current information on the assessment of the cervical spine, hip, posture, and foot and ankle to keep you up to date on current methods of practice.

The Top One Hundred Pasta Sauces: Authentic Regional Recipes from Italy

Diane Seed - 1987
    Great recipes and gorgeous art in an international best-seller.

Adirondack Trails High Peaks Region (Forest Preserve, Vol. 1)

Tony Goodwin - 1987
    Includes the latest trail routes, designated campsite and lean-to locations, DEC regulations, and updated trail mileages. The latest edition of the High Peaks topographic trail map is included. Edited by Tony Goodwin and Neal Burdick. 13th ed. 300 pages, 5" x 7". Softcover (includes topographical folding map of areas covered).

Chakra Balancing: A Guide to Healing and Awakening Your Energy Body [With Cards and Workbook and 2 CDs]

Anodea Judith - 1987
    Now, Anodea Judith-one of the country's foremost experts on the therapeutic use of the chakra system-gives access to this subtle energy matrix, opening a powerful path for healing and spiritual growth with a complete chakra "wellness kit": Chakra Balancing. Anodea Judith leads a journey through each of the chakras, where listeners discover their purpose, imbalances, and strengths-and learn how to "fine-tune" their energies for health and awakening. This complete chakra kit includes a 102-page illustrated workbook; two audio CDs with seven guided meditations; and seven beautifully illustrated chakra cards.

Fundamental Astronomy

Hannu Karttunen - 1987
    While emphasizing both the astronomical concepts and the underlying physical principles, the text provides a sound basis for more profound studies in the astronomical sciences. The fourth edition of this successful calculus-based textbook and reference includes a wealth of new information and several chapters are restructured for clarity and improved organization. The chapters on radiation mechanisms and temperatures have been combined, and some of the material from the appendices has been redistributed to appropriate places throughout the text. In addition, the chapters on the solar system and cosmology are rewritten to reflect new understanding and tables in the appendix on the theory of relativity have been updated. Long considered a standard text for physical science majors, Fundamental Astronomy is also an excellent reference and entrA(c)e for dedicated amateur astronomers.

Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2 in Full Score

Gustav Mahler - 1987
    These early works are seen by some critics as attempting to "establish some ultimate ground for existence in the face of pain, death, doubt, and despair." The composer's spiritual quest, as well as the vivid orchestration, innovative symphonic structure, and rich emotional expression that characterized his music can be clearly studied and appreciated in this volume, which contains complete scores of Mahler's first two symphonies.Of the Symphony No. 1 in D Major ("Titan"), the Encyclopaedia Britannica notes, "The program of the purely orchestral Symphony No. 1 in D Major … is autobiographical of his youth; the joy of life becomes clouded over by an obsession with death in the macabre "Funeral March in the Manner of Callot (basically a parody of popular music), which is eventually routed in the arduous and brilliant finale."Of Symphony No. 1 in C Minor, ("Resurrection"), Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians states: "Symphony II is a good example of all Mahler's works … scored nearly always heavily for a large orchestra, restless and stormy in places, monumentally exalted in others."Now both works are available in this handsome, inexpensive edition, reproduced directly from the original editions published by Josef Weinberger in Vienna in 1897 and 1899. Beautifully printed with wide margins and clear noteheads, this edition of the symphonies offers an unparalleled resource for studying and enjoying the seminal works of a modern master.

Biology of the Honey Bee

Mark L. Winston - 1987
    In the first broad treatment of honey bee biology to appear in decades, Mark Winston provides rare access to the world of this extraordinary insect.In a bright and engaging style, Winston probes the dynamics of the honey bee's social organization. He recreates for us the complex infrastructure of the nest, describes the highly specialized behavior of workers, queens, and drones, and examines in detail the remarkable ability of the honey bee colony to regulate its functions according to events within and outside the nest. Winston integrates into his discussion the results of recent studies, bringing into sharp focus topics of current bee research. These include the exquisite architecture of the nest and its relation to bee physiology; the intricate division of labor and the relevance of a temporal caste structure to efficient functioning of the colony; and, finally, the life-death struggles of swarming, supersedure, and mating that mark the reproductive cycle of the honey bee.The Biology of the Honey Bee not only reviews the basic aspects of social behavior, ecology, anatomy, physiology, and genetics, it also summarizes major controversies in contemporary honey bee research, such as the importance of kin recognition in the evolution of social behavior and the role of the well-known dance language in honey bee communication. Thorough, well-illustrated, and lucidly written, this book will for many years be a valuable resource for scholars, students, and beekeepers alike.

Cakes and Slices Cook Book

The Australian Women's Weekly - 1987

Fashion Sketchbook

Bina Abling - 1987
    With new and revised illustrations and instructions, this edition of 'Fashion Sketchbook' continues to provide students with a comprehensive course on sketching the fashion figure, fabric shapes, and garment details.

Galatians MacArthur New Testament Commentary

John F. MacArthur Jr. - 1987
    The letter is personal, doctrinal, and practical; understanding its message is key to spiritual life and victory.Join John MacArthur as he explains each verse in a way that is both doctrinally precise and intensely practical. Taking into account the cultural, theological, and Old Testament contexts of each passage, MacArthur tackles interpretive challenges and fairly evaluates differing views, giving the reader confidence in his conclusions.The MacArthur New Testament Commentary series comes from the experience, wisdom, and insight of one of the most trusted ministry leaders and Bible scholars of our day. Each volume was written to be as comprehensive and accurate as possible, dealing thoroughly with every key phrase and word in the Scripture without being unnecessarily technical. This commentary will help to give a better, fuller, richer understanding of God's Word, while challenging the reader to a vibrant personal spiritual walk.A great resource for pastors, teachers, leaders, students, or anyone desiring to dig deeper into Scripture

63 Easy-to-Crochet Pattern Stitches

Darla Sims - 1987
    A Basic Stitch Guide and clear, easy-to-follow instructions are included.

The Art of the Psychotherapist: How to develop the skills that take psychotherapy beyond science

James F.T. Bugental - 1987
    James Bugental has been practicing, teaching and writing about depth therapy for 40 years, and in this book, he shares his experiences as a psychotherapist.

The Secret Arts

Time-Life Books - 1987
    Time Life Enchanted World

The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation: From Seed to Tissue Culture

Michael A. Dirr - 1987
    Over 1,100 species and their propagation requirements by seeds, cuttings, grafting and budding, and tissue culture are discussed in exhaustive detail. Essentially a recipe book for making more trees and shrubs, this reference is a high-level how-to.

Atlas of the Dragonlance World (Dragonlance Books)

Karen Wynn Fonstad - 1987
    Karen Wynn Fonstad, author of The Atlas of Middle-Earth, The Atlas of Pern, and The Atlas of the Land, draws you into the lives and places of the DRAGONLANCE Saga as never before.

Ecumenical Creeds & Confessions

Christian Reformed Church - 1987
    This book, approved by Synod 1988 of the Christian Reformed Church, contains the Apostles', Nicene, and Athanasian creeds, as well as translations of the Belgic Confession (1985), Heidelberg Catechism (1975, updated 1988), and Canons of Dort (1986).

The Victorian Kitchen

Jennifer Davies - 1987
    The upstairs/downstairs image is of maids in starched aprons overseen by an outwardly stern cook with a heart of gold, but what was life really like below stairs in Victorian times?

The Japanese Tattoo

Sandi Fellman - 1987
    A horned demon stares menacingly. These vivid scenes are tattoos, created in pain, incised in the flesh of the Yakuza, Japan's feared secret society of gangsters. They are the visions of the Irezumi, the legendary tattoo artists, who spend years creating living masterpieces. Photographer Sandi Fellman describes this strange and violent world both in her text and in her stunning, large Polaroid photographs.

Glorious Needlepoint

Kaffe Fassett - 1987
    Kaffe's samples come from the natural world - the patterned markings of frogs, butterflies, flowers, shells and stones - the manmade markings of primitive cultures and the world of 20th-century art.

Body Process: A Gestalt Approach to Working with the Body in Psychotherapy

James I. Kepner - 1987
    Yet many of the problems people bring to therapy are linked with or manifested in the body--such as obesity, psychosomatic distress, chronic tension, and sexual problems. This book provides a therapeutic approach that addresses both the physical and mental nature of clients.In this book, James Kepner shows that a client's posture, movements, and bodily experiences are indeed relevant to therapy, and he offers an insightful framework for incorporating these aspects into a therapeutic framework. This comprehensive treatment explains how body work can be integrated with the aims, methods, and philosophy of psychotherapy, offering a framework within which practitioners of different theoretical approaches can better appreciate body processes in the context of the whole person, rather than as isolated events.This book, including an updated introduction by the author, explores the range of body work in psychotherapy, from the development of body awareness to intensive work with physical structure and expression. And it demonstrates how this approach can be particularly effective with a range of clients, including survivors of sexual abuse, recovering drug addicts or alcoholics, or those suffering from chronic illness.

The Workbench Book: A Craftsman's Guide to Workbenches for Every Type of Woodworking

Scott Landis - 1987
    278 color photos. 185 drawings.

Learner English: A Teacher's Guide to Interference and Other Problems

Michael Swan - 1987
    Learner English has chapters focusing on major problems of pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and other errors as well as new chapters covering Korean, Malay/Indonesian and Polish language backgrounds.

Runelore: The Magic, History, and Hidden Codes of the Runes

Edred Thorsson - 1987
    In Part One, Historical Lore, Thorsson uses archaeological evidence to explain where the runes come from, what they mean, and how they evolved. In Part Two, Hidden Lore, he takes a more psychological view of the runes and looks at the entire cosmology of the Old Norse to explain the role runes played and how they were used over time. Included are specific sections on rune magic and divination, rune poems, runic numerology, and concise explanations of the mysteries of the 24 runes.Reprinted with a newly designed cover, Runelore offers a complete picture of the Runes.

Health from God's Garden: Herbal Remedies for Glowing Health and Well-Being

Maria Treben - 1987
    Clearly written and logically organized for easy use, this handbook has an alphabetical listing of illnesses and suggested remedies, with herbal recipes included. The author's first book, Health Through God's Pharmacy, was an international best-seller that sold four million copies in seven languages.

Sister Carrie / Jennie Gerhardt / Twelve Men

Theodore Dreiser - 1987
    In this Library of America volume are presented the first two novels and a little-known collection of biographical sketches by the man about whom H. L. Mencken said, “American writing, before and after his time, differed almost as much as biology before and after Darwin.”Dreiser grew up poor in a series of small Indiana towns, in a large German Catholic family dominated by his father’s religious fervor. At seventeen he moved to Chicago and eventually became a newspaper reporter there and in St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and New York. Reaction to his first book, Sister Carrie (1900), was not encouraging, and after suffering a nervous breakdown, he went on to a successful career editing magazines. In 1910 he resumed writing, and over the next fifteen years published fourteen volumes of fiction, drama, travel, autobiography, and essays.“Dreiser’s first great novel, Sister Carrie …came to housebound and airless America like a great free Western wind, and to our stuffy domesticity gave us the first fresh air since Mark Twain and Whitman,” Sinclair Lewis declared in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech in 1930. Carrie Meeber, an eighteen-year-old small-town girl drawn to bustling Chicago, becomes the passionless mistress of a good-humored traveling salesman and then of an infatuated saloon manager who leaves his family and elopes with her to New York. Dreiser’s brilliant, panoramic rendering of the two cities’ fashionable theaters and restaurants, luxurious hotels and houses of commerce, alongside their unemployment, labor violence, homelessness, degradation, and despair makes this the first urban novel on a grand scale.In a 1911 review, H. L. Mencken wrote, “Jennie Gerhardt is the best American novel I have ever read, with the lonesome but Himalayan exception of Huckleberry Finn.” Beautiful, vital, generous, but morally naïve and unconscious of social conventions, Jennie is a working-class woman who emerges superior to the succession of men who exploit her. There are no villains in this novel; in Dreiser’s view, everyone is victimized by the desires that the world excites but can never satisfy.Dreiser’s embracing compassion is felt in Twelve Men (1919), a collection of portraits of men he knew and admired. They range from “My Brother Paul” (Paul Dresser, vaudeville musical comedian and composer of “On the Banks of the Wabash” and “My Gal Sal”) to “Culhane, the Solid Man,” a sanatorium owner and former wrestler. Without sentiment but with honest emotion and respect for the bleak and unvarnished truth, Dreiser recalls these anomalous individuals and the twists of fate that shaped their lives.