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The Christmas Fix

Lucy Score - 2017
    No festival means no tourism dollars. A disaster of epic proportions for his hometown.But when home renovation expert slash smoking hot reality TV star Catalina King shows up with a camera crew and a budget big enough to put the town back together again, Noah balks. Hard. The last time Cat was in town she stirred up trouble everywhere she went. (Residents are still talking about the town's first and only bar fight.) Noah doesn't need a TV diva capitalizing on his town's tragedy or filling his daughter's head with glitz and glam.Cat is ready and willing to put Merry back in Christmas mode with a holiday special that will leave everyone believing in miracles and get her friends back in the home they love. But there's one big problem standing in her way. And his name is Noah Yates. He's wrong about her and she can't wait to prove it. Ring those jingle bells because it's on.

Sleighed It

Max Monroe - 2017
     Question: What would you do if every holiday you ever spent with your family ended in disaster? I’ll tell you: you’d cry. I know, because each and every celebration with my family ends in chaos—and I’ve had more than my share of mental breakdowns because of it. But I’m done with the tears, the insanity—I refuse to take it anymore. This Christmas is going to be perfect. I’ll put Thatch in a fluffing Santa Claus suit and have him tap dance to Jingle Bells, if I have to. I deserve Christmas smiles and that feel-good Christmas high I’ve been missing. My name is Georgia Brooks, and by Christmas night, my husband, my kids, and my closest friends will be thinking only one fluffing thing… She Sleighed It.

Holly Jolly Lycan Christmas

Alicia Montgomery - 2017
    After watching all his friends and family pair up with their True Mates, the animal inside him wants what they have. Children. Family. And a woman to call his own. When he runs into rival Holly Taylor, his wolf is intrigued, but the frosty chef won’t give him the time of day. After a disastrous blow to her career, Holly has one last chance to prove her skills as a chef de cuisine and earn her stars. Her life is complicated enough, and she doesn’t need more distractions, especially not in the form of sexy celebrity chef Dante Muccino. But there’s something about the easygoing chef that’s melting the icy walls she spent years to build. Holly Jolly Lycan Christmas is a paranormal romance novel that's a standalone novel with a HEA, hot and sexy scenes, Lycan action and no cheating. It takes place in the True Mates Universe but works as a standalone novel.

Men of Inked Christmas

Chelle Bliss - 2017
    It features the entire Gallo family, but is told through Mike & Mia's point of view. 
It was originally released in the back of Wicked Impulse, but now is available as a separate eBook.

Santa Paws is Coming to Town

Roxanne St. Claire - 2017
    It’s been three years since he’s lost his wife and though his family is growing – thanks to his matchmaking efforts – he still dreads the day his dearly departed wife used to love so much. Determined to make Christmas Eve festive and fun, he puts his sadness aside for the family and pretends everything is normal…until it’s not. When a recently rescued puppy goes missing on Waterford Farm, all celebrations come to a halt. The entire family, from Gramma Finnie down to the youngest Kilcannon and their cousins, is enlisted on the search. Before they can continue the old Irish tradition of putting a candle in the window to welcome strangers, they must find little Jack Frost…and nothing short of a Christmas miracle can make that happen.

Ever-Greene: A Souls Christmas

Annabella Michaels - 2017
    There will be an abundance of laughter, fun, heartwarming moments, and, of course, the shenanigans that only occur when the Greene family comes together. Reminisce with all your favorite Souls of Chicago couples and triad as they celebrate this joyous time of year.

A Navesink Bank Christmas

Jessica Gadziala - 2017
    What you have all been asking for! 5 short Christmas stories.Where we revisit couples of the past.Reign & Summer.Cash & Lo.Wolf & Janie.Breaker & Alex.Paine & Elsie.** This is not a standalone, and must be read after you have read the five main books mentioned above **

Merry Christmas, Baby

Alexandria House - 2017
    Having to work the graveyard shift on Christmas Eve is worse. Having to work the graveyard shift on Christmas Eve when your life is a mess? Well, that’s some BS. There doesn’t seem to be a Merry Christmas in store for Sunday Marks, but maybe one call can change that. ***This short story contains profanity and sexual content. If you do not like those elements in your romantic reads, this is not the story for you***

Christmas on the Little Cornish Isles: the Driftwood Inn

Phillipa Ashley - 2017
    . . Fans of Poldark and Carole Matthews will love this brand-new festive read from the author of the bestselling Cornish Café series.For Maisie Samson, this Christmas is going to be different. After years working in a busy Cornish pub, she’s moved back to quiet Gull Island where she grew up, to help her parents run the family inn.But even though she can’t wait for the festive season to arrive, Maisie cannot shake the memories of what happened to her last Christmas – the day she lost everything. She keeps herself busy, setting up the tree and hanging mistletoe ready for her first proper family Christmas in years.Until a new arrival to the island walks into her bar and changes everything. Australian backpacker Patrick is looking for a job for the low season. When Maisie takes him on, she doesn’t expect him to last the week, but to her surprise Patrick is the perfect fit. Charming and handsome, could Maisie allow herself to hope that she and Patrick could be more than just colleagues?As Christmas approaches, Maisie finds herself dreading the spring, when Patrick is due to leave. With the help of a little Christmas magic, can Maisie get the happily ever after she always dreamed of?Christmas on the Little Cornish Isles is the first in a stunning new series from Phillipa Ashley. The perfect book to snuggle up with this Christmas.

A Mate for the Christmas Dragon

Zoe Chant - 2017
     Jasper Heartwell needs to find a mate before Christmas. Jasper is a dragon on a mission. If he doesn’t find his mate by his twenty-fifth birthday, he’ll lose his ability to shift, and be stuck as either a human or a dragon forever. Luckily, his birthday is on Christmas Day. What woman could resist the spark of romance during the most wonderful time of the year? Abigail George hates Christmas. Most wonderful time of the year? Curvy Abigail learned long ago what a lie that is. She hates the fake snow, the cheesy carols, the hordes of shoppers that save their Christmas cheer for everyone except shop workers—and most of all, she hates going home to her empty apartment on Christmas Eve. Jasper knows Abigail’s the one for him the moment he sees her. But can the Christmas dragon win his mate’s heart, when Christmas is the one thing she hates the most? A Mate for the Christmas Dragon is a steaming hot standalone dragon shifter romance. HEA guaranteed!

The Winter Baby

Sheila Newberry - 2017
    . ? As Christmas approaches, seventeen-year-old runaway Kathleen stumbles through the snow, alone and about to give birth. But when she's carried to safety by a mysterious figure, her life is set on a new path . . .Welcomed by the Mason family at Home Farm, Kathleen believes she may have finally found a safe place to raise her newborn child. But her past cannot be forgotten and no matter how hard her new family tries, she has secrets she refuses to share.Will Home Farm be the safe haven Kathleen has been searching for? And will a chance at love allow her to finally break free of her past?

Santa's Husband

Daniel Kibblesmith - 2017
    and Mr. Claus, and gives us a glimpse of their lives together. We see the Clauses sitting by the fire at their cozy North Pole home, vacationing at the beach, having an occasional disagreement, celebrating their wedding day, and comforting each other when some loudmouth people on television angrily dispute Santa’s appearance and lifestyle.In the weeks before Christmas, Santa’s husband helps with all the pre-Christmas work, from double-checking lists, to feeding the reindeer (organic gluten-free grains, of course), to negotiating labor disputes with the restive workshop elves. At the height of toy-making season, he even fills in for his busy hubby at the mall to ensure every child can meet the Big Guy in the red suit, and give him their wish list.As this charming book reminds us, Santa Claus can come in all shapes and colors and sizes—just like the children and families he visits all over the world each Christmas eve.Featuring beautiful watercolor pictures drawn by artist AP Quach, Santa’s Husband is a delightful gift for readers of all ages.

Filthy Scrooge

Taryn Quinn - 2017
    And tonight, my terms are…her.   I hate Christmas. For years, I’ve avoided the holiday entirely.   Until Kandy Kane enters my life—the same seductive mystery woman I danced with at a club last night. When she shows up at my company the next day as our Christmas party planner, she’s desperate for help with her little problem.   My hot elf in striped tights needs a last-minute Santa.   And I need her. In every way possible. And this time, she’s not going to run. Alone in my remote cabin for the weekend, she’s going to be mine in every way she knows and a few she doesn’t.   Except she’s hiding a secret. So am I.   She’s a virgin.   And I’m the bastard who is going to ruin her for any other man…unless she ruins me first. AUTHOR's NOTE: While Filthy Scrooge is a standalone short novel that can be read without reading any other story, you never know when characters from our other books may show up. BONUS: Also included at the end of Filthy Scrooge is an exclusive excerpt of our steamy romantic comedy, Rockstar Daddy.

The Chocolate Chase

Geronimo Stilton - 2017
    This year, there was also a special exhibition of priceless jeweled Mousebergé eggs in town. Then one of the Mousebergé eggs was stolen... and it was up to me to find it! Squeak! Could I chase it down?


Lane Hart - 2017
     Now it’s gonna take a Christmas miracle to convince my wife to forgive me. This is the part of happily ever after that no one ever told you about, when real life turns Prince Charming into a giant Grinch. No matter what it takes, I won’t stop fighting for my family until we get back to where we belong. ***This is a novella that should be read after the novels in the Cocky Cage Fighter series.***

A Very Beary Christmas

Abbie Zanders - 2017
    She plans to spend it as she does every other day— alone, escaping the harsh realities of the world through her art. Painting mountainous landscapes reminds her of the one brief time in her life when she didn’t feel so alone. The hallmark grizzly bear she incorporates into each and every painting has the same golden-brown eyes as the only friend she’d ever known. Sam Brown was only eight years old when Chloe moved to the small mountain town he and his family called home, but his bear knew right away that she was the one for him. In a cruel twist of fate, Chloe was taken away, but he’s never forgotten her – or what she is to him. When Sam’s cousin comes home for the holidays and shows him a painting he’d seen of a very familiar looking bear and signed simply “Chloe”, it might just be the break he’s been hoping for. A winter storm is coming but nothing is going to stop Sam from finding her and bringing her home. After all, Christmas is the time for miracles…

Silent Knight

Becky McGraw - 2017
    But when he was no longer useful to the government he'd spent his life serving, they turned their back on him when he needed them most, costing him everything he ever loved. After that, he really didn't care. Living his life on the fringe was safe and he didn't have to worry about anything except his next meal. That safety remains until a beautiful socialite decides to come slumming for Thanksgiving on the wrong side of town and gets herself into trouble. Over her fifty-five years of life, Lou Ellen Wells had received many blessings. To pay them forward and honor the men in her life who served her country, both living and dead, she cooked Thanksgiving Dinner at the Dallas Veteran's Services Center every year. It was located in a bad part of town, but she'd never had a problem, until this year when she's brutally attacked and can't get to her gun. A bedraggled man with piercing blue eyes jumps to her rescue and saves her with moves out of an action movie. She gives him her card and offers him help, but he tells her doesn't need saving and takes off like his tail is on fire. A couple of weeks later, Lou is surprised when the man calls her asking for help of a different kind. A teenage girl he cares about has gone missing in gang territory. He's afraid she'll get killed if he doesn't find her soon. Lou calls in the team to help him, but her price for that help is finding out why her Silent Knight, who is obviously skilled and educated, chooses to be homeless. But will satisfying her curiosity about Thomas Griffin put her in the crosshairs of a terrorist group even more dangerous than MS-13?

Drunk in Love

A.D. JusticeKandi Steiner - 2017
    Jude's Children's Research Hospital***A glittering diamond, the promise of forever, and the hope that your future in-laws will move to a galaxy far, far away…sounds like a decadent recipe for eternal happiness, doesn’t it? All girls dream about their wedding day, fantasize about each and every gooey-delicious detail. It’s so easy to get swept away by the champagne bubbles and swallowed up by our dreams. But we all know the magical path toward happily ever after is not always sprinkled with pixie dust. Sometimes, we stumble over our plans for a perfect future and choke on the words promising forever. We watch as the path takes a defiant turn away from our blissful paradise because everybody has secrets, skeletons, and fears.And we realize that being drunk in love isn’t always enough.Enjoy these short stories by:A.D. JusticeA.M. JohnsonAmy DawsCarey HeywoodElle BrooksIsabelle RichardsJ.D. HollyfieldJeannine ColetteKandi SteinerKathryn AndrewsKaty RegneryKristen LucianiLiv MorrisMariah DietzM.D. SapersteinMeghan QuinnMelissa CollinsMJ FieldsRyan RingbloomTori Madison

The Holidays Series

Tara Sivec - 2017
    The crazy Holidays family stories are now available in one, special edition book bundle! Included in this bundle: *The Stocking Was Hung (The Holidays #1) *Cupid Has a Heart-On (The Holidays #2) *The Firework Exploded (The Holidays #3) *The Bunny is Coming (The Holidays #4) *A Note from Aunt Bobbie *A preview of The Pumpkin Was Stuffed, A Holidays Family Halloween Short Story

A Very Henry Christmas

N.R. Walker - 2017
     Henry wants to share his and Reed’s first Christmas Eve being engaged by hosting dinner with their closest friends. Henry loves food and he loves to cook—he plans an entire menu and decorates the house to rival a department store, but even though everything’s perfect, something’s not quite right. As Henry and Reed prepare for a merry Christmas, no matter what happens, you know it will be a very Henry Christmas.

Sweet Christmas Kisses 4

Mona RiskShanna Hatfield - 2017
    Sweet Christmas Kisses 4 takes you from the Pocono Mountains to sunny Florida, and as far away as Portugal. Curl up with your favorite hot beverage and enjoy this sweet romance boxed set that’s sure to put you in the mood for Christmas. Mona Risk, In Time for Christmas Dr. Sylvia Reynolds promised to be at her parents’, in time for Christmas dinner, but her priorities change after she meets a motherless baby and her gorgeous uncle. Beate Boeker, Unique Christmas Chiara hopes to spend a solitary Christmas all by herself. But when a man jumps through her office window to save her from an accident, things spin away—beyond her wildest dreams. Christine Bush, Christmas with the Cat Lady Carly is happy living alone in her mountain house with her cats. Can the handsome author who rents a room over the Christmas holidays change her mind? Lyn Cote, Loving Winter At her cousin’s wedding, Winter Woodard, owner of her family’s garden center, isn’t expecting to meet her match in local football coach, Clay Dixon, (she isn’t IN to sports!) but he stands by her through a holiday season fraught with unexpected setbacks. Denise Devine, Once Upon a Christmas Small town girl returns home to find love and success, but can she outlast the mistakes of her past? Raine English, Christmas in Walnut Creek Will a Christmas blizzard reunite a couple and give them a second chance at love? Jean C. Gordon, A Team Macachek Christmas Sparks fly from a Christmastime reunion of motocross racer Jesse Brewster and his ex-girlfriend Lauren Cooper. But is it the wrong time for their love? Shanna Hatfield, Saving Mistletoe A stubborn cop, a hotshot attorney, and a little girl determined to see her father need a miracle to make this holiday season jolly and bright. Milou Koenings, The Gift of Yesterday When Bailey returns to Green Pines to open a pastry shop, Joe Hudson sees all his Christmas wishes coming true—if only he can convince her to risk her heart again. Josie Riviera, A Portuguese Christmas The holidays—like love—can sneak up on you. And sweep you away like a riptide. Roxanne Rustand, A Christmas in Montana Kristen Weatherby goes to Montana to get her late grandmother's house ready to sell, but finds much more than she bargained for: a house she can't let go, a charming mountain town, and a handsome veterinarian who just might steal her heart. Magdalena Scott, A Cowboy for Christmas Hannah Kincaid is in love with Jacob Hollingsworth, and will overcome her fear of horses and his bossy brother Michael to get a Christmas happily-ever-after with the cowboy of her dreams. Kristin Wallace, Loving You at Christmas Annaliese Matheson is convinced she’ll never love again. This Christmas will become the opening act for her holiday happily ever after. Merrillee Whren, Puppy Love and Mistletoe Can a little girl and a fluffy black dog bring a reluctant couple together in a Christmas miracle?

Noelle The First

Nicole Falls - 2017
    As a kid she had been in love with the holiday, but adult Noelle just saw it as another day to get through. Jay has moved back home after a breakup and is looking to reconnect with his childhood bestie. Cooking up a scheme to get her in the holiday spirit with her sisters, he's determined to bring back to the old Noelle. With a combination of nostalgia, Christmas magic and a little bit of mistletoe, Noelle the First is a tale of old friends finding their way back to each other and more.

Sawdust and Mistletoe

Michelle Pennington - 2017
    Unfortunately, she has to survive decorating for her boss’s wealthy clients so she can afford to quit after New Year's. Everything is on track for her to start her own design company until she hires a new handyman and all her meticulous plans fall apart. Not only is her future business in danger, but so is her heart. Hunter is talented, strong, and charming, but falling for such a free-and-easy man will only lead to heartbreak. Hunter Newman loves his single life with no responsibilities, but he’s always there for his family. When his brother loses his job, he drives across the country to help however he can. Then he meets Ava and realizes his brother isn’t the only one who needs help. Ava captivates him with her determination and warm heart, but she’s lost the joy of Christmas. He’s determined to put the sparkle back in her eyes, even if it means risking his heart. Somewhere between the twinkle lights and candy canes, they’ll discover the magic of the season. But can they find a way to be together?

Wingmen Babypalooza

Daisy Prescott - 2017
     Now the Tom Cat’s been domesticated and about to become a dad for the first time. If he can survive Hailey’s pregnancy, Baby 101 classes, and the holidays with his family. Let’s hope the stork has his own wingmen, because Tom’s not the only one of the guys to catch baby fever. In fact, the whole island seems to have it. This is one Christmas on Whidbey no one will ever forget. Five USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors have a special delivery this Christmas. They are releasing novels that feature characters from their top selling series –all announcing the birth of a new baby to bring extra joy to this holiday season. Cozy up with these amazing stories with characters you know and love for the ultimate feel-good romantic experience of 2017.

63 Days Later: A Holiday Tail

Adrienne Wilder - 2017
    This can be read as a stand alone story. However, it might be more enjoyable if you read WILD first. Trigger Warning: Christmas music, trees, presents, and all around holiday cheer. It’s been almost two years since Keegan and August escaped the Alaskan wilderness, and they finally get to celebrate their very first Christmas together. But their plans of peace and quiet get turned upside down when Santa leaves more than just presents under the tree.

Santa Baby

K.B. Winters - 2017
    And I’m the one who put her there. Being Santa Claus isn’t on my bucket list. I’m naughty, not nice. But when hot single mom Maci Hannah walks into my life, all I can think about is how I’d love to get her on my lap, my face, even my bed. While she tells me exactly what she wants for Christmas. But, I’m not a real Santa Claus. I’m a billionaire. I’ve come back to my childhood home for the holidays. And as luck would have it, things have changed. But, I know what I want and I’m going to get it. Starting by putting Maci at the top of my naughty list. Santa Baby is a standalone Christmas romance with loads of heat, guaranteed HEA and absolutely no cliffhangers! Includes extra steamy holiday bonus content for your reading pleasure! That's like getting 4 books for the price of one!

Road to Joy

Piper Davenport - 2017
    This novella is smack dab in the middle of the Dogs of Fire MC and the Dogs of Fire MC: Savannah Chapter seriesJoin the members of the Dogs of Fire Motorcycle Club as they try to catch a thief in the middle of preparing for their Christmas Celebration, and revisit your favorite characters during the most festive holiday of the year.

Christmas Wish Box Set

Morris Fenris - 2017
    1 Best Selling author, Morris Fenris. Do you love stories that touch your heart? Then you will love all six romance novels in this box set. All novels are readers’ favorites with over 300 5-Star reviews. These have been put together for a short time only for your reading pleasure. 6 Novels, 850 pages, quarter million words of touching and tender romance. Enjoy these clean and wholesome love stories with enough twists to keep you turning the pages. An inspiring Christian romance collection that will warm your heart and your soul at Christmas and all year long. If you enjoy heartwarming Christian romance with a focus on love, faith and family, be sure to check out other books by Morris Fenris. Scroll up to the top of this page and hit the orange ‘Buy now with 1-Click’ button to grab the box set and get 6 novels you won’t want to put down! The stories in this set:Second Time AroundWill the problems of the past keep Jessame and Bryan from finding the promise of a future? Love could be the key that unlocks their happiness!Waiting For Love’s ReturnA wonderful, poignant, heart breaking, heart-warming story of families and secrets, of hidden strength and unexpected friendship. Join Jeff and Maddie as they navigate the waters of their relationship and learn to love each other again.Love’s Healing PowerAs Derek and Alaina deal with their past, they must learn to take a chance on their future. Come along with your favorite characters from Castle Peaks and see how love and acceptance can heal even the most broken heart.Jenna & TreyJoin Jenna and Trey as they begin their journey of having to deal with the past, as well as figure out how to proceed into the future. Will they be together or will they let past hurts keep them from finding a lasting love?Michelle & TylerWill Michelle find the answers she seeks? Will Tyler be able to help her? Take the journey towards conquering fears, rebuilding faith, and letting go of the past with Michelle & Tyler.Brooke & PeterAs Brooke and Peter struggle to deal with the mistakes of the past, will their faith and love for each other be enough to overcome those mistakes?

Heartwarming Holiday Wishes

Anna AdamsCari Lynn Webb - 2017
    This year, a stocking brings a special holiday wish to each story. Save on your next Heartwarming purchase. Details inside the book. This holiday season, warm your heart with 10 connected sweet, clean & wholesome holiday romances set in Christmas Town from 10 Harlequin Heartwarming authors who are USA Today bestselling authors. This collection of PG-rated holiday romances are all set in Christmas Town, Maine, a location introduced in the 2014 Harlequin Heartwarming release Christmas, Actually. A Heartwarming Holiday will bring you laughter, tears, and happily-ever-afters (no cliffhangers), for more than 1000 pages. Santa's Secret Heart by Anna Adams Merry Christmas Carol by Melinda Curtis Miracle on Joyful Street by Liz Flaherty Finding His Fiancee by Christmas by Cheryl Harper The Christmas Window by Tara Randel Mistletoe and Holly by Leigh Riker Gingerbread Girl by Carol Ross The Christmas List by Anna J Stewart A Case for Christmas Magic by Amy Vastine Jingle Bell Love by Cari Lynn Webb

The Griffin's Christmas Bride

Zoe Chant - 2017
    But now he’s back in town for the holiday season, and isn’t looking forward to facing up to the ghosts of his past – not to mention the family he hasn’t seen in years. That is, until the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen comes to town, with a little lost griffin cub bundled in her arms. Party decorator Mia Braddock isn’t relishing the thought of Christmas. With nothing but work to fill her time, the holiday season just doesn’t seem that festive. When she comes across a griffin cub lost in the snow, she doesn't know what kind of strange creature she's found – she only knows that it needs her help. It seems like a Christmas miracle when she’s able to find the only vet in town – who also happens to be the most ridiculously hot man she’s ever laid eyes on. Roman and Mia have an instant red-hot connection, but with a clan of secretive griffins to deal with and a snow storm closing in around them, will this Christmas turn out to be a dream – or a disaster? The Griffin’s Christmas Bride is a hot and heartwarming Christmas tale with a guaranteed HEA. No cliffhangers!

Santa, Baby!

Té Russ - 2017
    Logan is determined to change her outlook on the holidays and remind her what the season is truly about.

A Christmas Flower

Bryan Mooney - 2017
    From the author of Christmas in Vermont. Miracles are like snowflakes—no two are alike, but each one is precious and beautiful. This Christmas, Dr. Beth Harding could use a few miracles. The hospital she runs in River Dale, New Hampshire, is being shut down, unless she can convince the Scrooge-like board to save it. At least her closest friend, firefighter Logan Mitchell, is home for the holidays to offer a broad shoulder to lean on.In California, Logan is a smoke jumper, but jumping into a romance with his best friend scares him more than any forest fire. After losing his parents at sixteen, Logan was taken in by Beth’s family. As kids, they were like brother and sister. Now they’re grown up, and sparks keep flying between them. If only Beth wasn’t already engaged. Maybe with a Christmas miracle or two, Beth can keep those hospital doors open—and two dear friends can finally allow their one true love to blossom.

Pick a Pine Tree

Patricia Toht - 2017
    With style and warmth, debut author Patricia Toht and Jarvis, the author-illustrator of Alan's Big, Scary Teeth, evoke all the rituals of decorating the tree -- digging out boxes jam-packed with ornaments and tree trimmings, stringing tinsel, and, at long last, turning on those twinkling lights. Joyously drawn and rhythmically written, this celebration of family, friends, and the holiday season is as merry as the tradition it depicts.

Christmas Daddies

Jade West - 2017
    Gorgeous, stern, powerful.Totally off limits for a silly young office trainee like me.He’s asked me to house sit his empty home for the holidays, and it’s a sneak peek into his private life I can’t resist.I’m just begging you, please Santa. Please make sure Mr Hart is waiting under the tree this Christmas morning.Preferably naked, if you’re feeling particularly generous.Love from your very bad little good girl,JennyThe set contains 3 full-length novels: Call Me Daddy, Sugar Daddies and Dirty Daddies, including bonus content for all three, and an exclusive Daddy novella perfect for Christmas!

The Rescue: A Valentine's Novella

Twyla Turner - 2017
     Bo Montgomery had found great love once, but let the opinion's of his family stop him from getting what he truly wanted. A Valentine's Day curse (or miracle) finds Val off the beaten path and directly into harm's way and into Bo's strong arms. The arms of a big man who sees in Val his second chance. If only he can convince her to stay after only three days of unbridled passion... The Rescue is a novella that celebrates all things...LOVE.

Christmas With The Biker

Cassie Alexandra - 2017
     Meet Dodger, the newest prospect of the Gold Vipers... and long, lost half-brother to Raptor and Jordan Steele (The Judge). Cocky and arrogant, just like his siblings, he doesn't much like doing the grunt work expected out of him, but willing to do what it takes to prove his worthiness to the club. Even during Christmas, which isn't exactly his favorite time of the year. Amused by his Scrooginess, Raptor puts him in charge of collecting holiday donations and dressing up as Santa Claus for several biker events, which doesn't exactly thrill Dodger. Chloe Wilson loves the holidays and happily volunteers to help the Gold Vipers collect toys and raise money for the homeless. Until, that is, she is thrown together with Dodger, the grumpy biker who has about as much Christmas spirit as a deflated football. The two clash, at first, but then holiday magic catches up with them when they get trapped in a horrible blizzard together. No CHEATING and HEA **This book is intended for readers 18 years old or older due to the explicit language, sexual situations, and violence that may be upsetting to some readers. This is a work of fiction and is not meant to be a true depiction of a motorcycle club. It was written for entertainment only.

Billionaires, Boarders, and Bastards

Tate James - 2017
     That's right: this is romance, reverse harem style. This set includes 3 winter/Christmas themed contemporary romance reverse harem books written by C.M. Stunich, Tate James, and Amanda Rose PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED in the "Snow and Seduction" anthology. This collection will only be available for three months! FAIR WARNING: We are publishing these as a set so that folks can participate in our "Let's Read Some Foxing Books" book club, HOWEVER, we will each be re-releasing our stories as full-length novels (compared to the novella length they are now) in November of this year. A Limited-Time Collection of Reverse Harem Romance Novellas. Titles included: Blizzards & Bastards by CM Stunich Slopes of Sin by Tate James Frosted by My Billionaires by Amanda Rose

Christmas on the Coast

Rebecca Boxall - 2017
    Her police work and duties as vicar’s wife weigh heavily on her, she’s anxious about her troubled children, and now her best friend, Stella, has suddenly turned against her, citing a mysterious family grudge.Libby is devastated by Stella’s unexpected coldness. But then her father shows her a diary written by her great-aunt Queenie, which sheds light on a long-hidden secret—one rooted in love, loyalty and betrayal. Writing during the Nazi occupation of Jersey in the winter of 1941, Queenie reveals a community torn apart by illicit romance, heartbreak and revenge—and by dark acts of fear and desperation.The more Libby immerses herself in Queenie’s journal, the more she understands why its secrets still haunt her family and Stella’s. Christmas is a time of forgiveness, but is the treachery of their shared past too shameful to be forgotten?

More Trouble in Loveland (Timeless Romance Single #6)

Jennifer Peel - 2017
     Charlee Jensen-Carter has been looking forward to her first Christmas with her new husband, Ryan, and her adorable stepson for weeks. Not only is her dad tying the knot, but she’s looking forward to two weeks of no exes, no drama, and especially no trouble. At least that’s what she thinks. First, she gets talked into wearing red hooker heels again. Next, she finds herself trying to save her dad’s wedding. And if that isn’t bad enough, more than one ex shows up, and she's suddenly in the middle of more trouble than she ever bargained for. On top of it all, everyone is counting on her to save the day. Will she ever find the right moment to give Ryan the best Christmas present ever? Or will her Christmas hopes and dreams die a fiery death in this comical holiday tale? Other Timeless Romance Singles: From Cairo, With Love by Nancy Campbell Allen Sophia's Leap-Year Courtship by Kristin Holt Starting Over at Steeple Ridge by Liz Isaacson The Matchmaking Game by Donna Hatch The Heart Only Grows by Michele Paige Holmes

Not For Sale (A Cowboy Christmas Romance)

Virginia Sexton - 2017
    And she doesn’t understand the first thing about life in Montana.I know her type, city girls looking for a hook-up that’s different and wild, as long as they can go back to their pedicures and fancy cocktails the next day.I sure don’t mind giving her a good ride and letting her play cowgirl for a night. Everything about her makes me sweat. Her voice, her curves, and especially her tongue.But is she working for me? Or for the corporation trying to buy my ranch?This ranch has been in my family for three generations. Some sexy little slip of a girl from downtown coming in here and telling me how to run my business? Not happening, lil lady.Although I’m big enough to admit that maybe spanking that bare butt of hers wasn’t the right way to deal with this.Even though I know she liked it.Truth is, she’s all I can think about. I crave her, but I don’t know if I can trust her.I’m burning to be with her, but if she thinks I’ll give up the ranch without a fight, she’ll find out just how cold a Montana winter can be.

The Remaking of Corbin Wale

Roan Parrish - 2017
    But sometimes when everything falls apart, better things appear almost like magic. Now, he’s back in his Michigan hometown, finally opening the bakery he’s always dreamed of. But the pleasure of opening day is nothing compared to the lonely and beautiful man who bewitches Alex before he even orders.Corbin Wale is a weirdo. At least, that’s what he’s heard his whole life. He knows he’s often in a fantasy world, but the things he feels are very real. And so is the reason why he can never, ever be with Alex Barrow. Even if Alex is everything he’s always fantasized about. Even if maybe, just maybe, Corbin is Alex’s fantasy too.When Corbin begins working at the bakery, he and Alex can’t deny their connection any longer. As the holiday season works its magic, Alex yearns for the man who seems out of reach. But to be with Alex, Corbin will have to challenge every truth he’s ever known. If his holiday risk pays off, two men from different worlds will get the love they’ve always longed for.* * * Ten percent of all proceeds from this title will be donated to the Russian LGBT Network.

The Santa Trial

Tess Thompson - 2017
    He's a widower with a small daughter who needs him. She's a struggling single woman who can't afford to miss a day's pay. But when they spot each other across the courtroom, suddenly jury duty doesn't seem like such a burden after all. Together with their fellow jurors, they must decide the fate of a defendant who believes he's Santa. It's a seemingly unromantic task for two infatuated strangers, but love could find a way with a little help from the magic of Christmas. Like a stocking stuffed with all the special treats of the season, this Tess Thompson novella is as sweet as sugar plums and as satisfying as a batch of fresh, warm cookies.

Bad Bear Santa

Liv Brywood - 2017
    Tristan Hunter is every woman’s fantasy. Mesmerizing chiseled abs, piercing blue eyes, and a naughty smirk are enough to drive any woman wild. But not Crystal. Tristan’s cocky, unpredictable, and alpha to the core. She can’t stand him, but her bear’s been lusting after him for years. Snowed in together with only a log burning stove to keep them warm, she’ll do everything in her power to resist his seductive glances and sinfully tempting lips. He can alpha her all he wants, but she’s not going to give in... Not even a little. This is the first book in the paranormal bear shifter Christmas Romance Series – Bad Boy Bear Shifters. This is a stand-alone book with NO CLIFFHANGERS. Love scenes are fully realized and at times include explicit language.

Love, Santa

Martha Brockenbrough - 2017
    Claus, and of course, Christmas goodies. Year after year, Santa writes back, and a heartwarming relationship develops, until one year, the girl writes to her mother instead: Mom, are you Santa? Her mother responds to say that no, she is not Santa. Because Santa is bigger than any one person -- we bring him out through kindness to one another and the power of imagination. This transformative tale spins a universal childhood experience into a story about love, giving, and the spirit of Christmas.

A Powers Play (The Powers That Be, Book 1.5)

Harper Bentley - 2017
    Even his proposal had taken me by surprise when he got down on one knee in the shower. But now it was my turn to shock him at midnight on New Year’s Eve in Vegas, and it was going to be awesome!

Hope at Christmas

Nancy Naigle - 2017
    In an attempt to shake free from his hold, she and her daughter, Ray Anne, head for tiny Hopewell, NC to the only asset her ex has no control over – a decaying farmhouse that once belonged to her grandparents. She finds solace at The Book Bea, the bookstore she’d loved as a child during her summer stays. Kevin MacAlea, Mac to his friends, is the local high school history teacher and baseball coach. Father of a twelve-year-old son, he’s Hopewell, North Carolina’s most sought after bachelor. His young bride abandoned him and his son just before Christmas and has never come back. It has left his son bitter about Christmas which is hard for Mac who loves the magic of the season. He’s been the Santa here in Hopewell since the year Seth was born. But when a catastrophe forces The Book Bea to close before the end of the year, everyone in the small town is feeling the loss. While Sydney is already off-balance by the bad news, her ex-husband breaks a promise to their daughter that sends Ray Anne running away. As Sydney tries to figure out what her next steps are she discovers all of the answers are right here in Hopewell.

Around the World With My Ex

Maxine Morrey - 2017
    So when she’s offered the chance to write a romantic travel piece, taking in turquoise oceans, tropical beaches, and a fairy-tale Scottish wedding, she knows it’s the opportunity she’s been waiting for.It’s the trip of a lifetime… but it comes with a catch. The photographer who’ll be travelling with her is Hunter Scott, who Mia last saw five years ago – when she ended their engagement!Mia knows she’d be mad to say no – even if it does mean traveling the world with the one man she never wanted to see again! But, whether it’s the stunning locations or the wedding on the horizon, Mia soon finds herself wishing she hadn’t cancelled her own engagement after all…If you’re dreaming of sipping cocktails from a pineapple surrounded by palm trees and flamingos don’t miss Maxine Morrey’s gorgeously uplifting summer romance, perfect for fans of Holly Martin and Jo Watson.

Once Upon A Valentine

Emma RomanHeather Long - 2017
    Help us educate and make a difference one dollar at a time.BRAND NEW BOOKS from some of your favorite paranormal and contemporary romance authors!Accidentally In Love (Bad Boys, Billionaires & Bachelors)(Somewhere, TX) - Emma Roman--A client who won't listen and a matchmaker who won't give up.Love, Honor, and Ink (A Montgomery Ink Novella)- Carrie Ann Ryan--A wedding planner and her neighbor. Falling in love with your best friend is never easy. Secrets of a Silver Moon - Jodi Vaughn --Some Valentine secrets are too hot to handle.Loving Hallie (Vegas Mates #6) - Krystal Shannan--One kiss will change her life.Highland Valentine - C.A. Szarek--Her forever is put in jeopardy when her husband pushes her away; He must face his worst fears to win back his wife before she flees to the future.Wrong Valentine Date - Geri Foster--Cupid comes knocking on the wrong door.Kiss of Her Dragon - Julia Mills--Dragon kisses, bear hugs and evil wizards...Valentine's Day should come with hazard pay.Cupid Stupid - Sylvia McDaniel--When three women dance naked around Cupid's fountain, there will be consequences.His Moonstruck Wolf - Heather Long--When a matchmaker gets toasted at the after party, she finds the perfect wolf for her in the most unlikely of places. Of course, the last thing he wants is a mate, much less a matchmaking one.Death by Chocolate - Gwen Knight--Love is death...but so is being single on Valentine's Day.Valentine Kisses (A Fada Shapeshifters Novella) - Rebecca Rivard--Jenny's just looking to spice up her life when she says yes to a date with a sexy Latino shifter. But there's magic in a Valentine's kiss...Heart of A Hero - Camryn Rhys--A Valentine's Accident, an ancient spell, and Paul Banfield will never be the same.

Snowed In & Set Up

Whitley Cox - 2017
    Will Colson, an ornery, overworked ER doctor, longs to get away and ignore the holiday, and Amber Roth, a feisty contractor with a chip on her shoulder, has a secret she’s kept for much too long. Then there’s Rowan Briggs, a talented chef who doesn’t know when to shut his trap, and brilliant author Juniper Davis, who's almost given up on love. Entrepreneur Hunter Kingsley simply wants to fill her empty heart and go on an adventure, and finally, there’s Austin Masters, the nerdy scientist with a penchant for fire and a bumbling awkwardness that always lands him in a tight spot.Sparks fly and secrets are revealed during their five days together, but it's more than holiday whimsy and the spirit of the season that have their hearts aflutter. This year, Christmas magic - and sizzling attraction - might lead them to their true love, who could be right in front of them, standing beneath the mistletoe.

Out For the Holidays

Cara Dee - 2017
    Of course, we had to deal with the man who didn’t want us to be together, and then we ended up back in LA, and we had to figure out what was going on with my brother, and, and… Okay, deep breaths. FYI, Philadelphia is nowhere near our home in northern Washington. Additionally, I wonder how Viagra really works, and what’s it gonna take to get a proposal around here? Honestly. I’m not saying Henry jinxed us, but I’m writing the damn card next year. Warning: This story contains more sugar than the cookies you leave for Santa, and it's chock-full of greetings and updates from other characters written by Cara, titles including Noah, Home, Path of Destruction, Uncomplicated Choices, and more. (A 40k words long Christmas-themed sequel to Out. Not a standalone.)

Dax the Halls

Shannyn Leah - 2017
    Their Christmas memories have been shoved into boxes and put away forever. Or, at least, Dax thought. When his dad starts reminiscing and wanting to relive Christmas traditions, Dax realizes there can only be one reason: Ava Anderson.Ava came into their lives pregnant and alone. Dax is unsure about how she fits into their family, but, soon, both will learn a new meaning of the word “family” while creating new Christmas traditions and memories.“Dax the Halls” is an uplifting Christmas-time read for every Shannyn Leah fan. Pick up your copy today to find out more about Dax and Ava’s story both before and after their relationship began.

'Twas the Evening of Christmas

Glenys Nellist - 2017
    Clement C. Moore’s 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. This year, families can gather together to share the real Christmas story—the story of Jesus’ birth.

Love Notes in Christmas Falls

Beth Labonte - 2017
     Eight years later, Caitlin returns to Reindeer Falls, and is shocked to find her childhood home in disarray, and her little brother in desperate need of his sister. Determined to make things right, Caitlin begins to rediscover her love for music, antiques, and possibly even Shane—who’s become a pillar of the community, rather than the carefree teenager Caitlin once knew. When faced with the choice of rebuilding her life in Boston, or giving love a second chance in Reindeer Falls, will Caitlin be able to decide on the true meaning of home? This novel was previously published as Love Notes in Christmas Falls. It is now a standalone novel with added content and an updated ending!

A Perfect Christmas

Kiki Burrelli - 2017
     He has vowed to give his mate, Pippen, one perfect Christmas. His first perfect Christmas. Conner has the entire pack behind him to help so it should be easy…right? Farley is excited to help, it will give him a chance to ignore how his second pregnancy isn’t going quite as well as his first. He should be happy with sugar plums and fairies dancing in his head, instead, he’s stuck thinking he isn’t good enough and isn’t working hard enough to be a good enough mate for his alpha, Oscar. As if things in The Den weren’t hectic enough while they prepare for Christmas an angry neighboring pack returns with more than mistletoe on their minds. A Perfect Christmas is an mpreg romance novella stuffed with steamy moments, snowball fights and absolutely no fruitcake.

Noble Holidays: Four Sweet Victorian Christmas Novellas

Anthea Lawson - 2017
    Includes the new novella A Nobleman’s Noel. A Countess for Christmas – Miss Cecilia Fairfax dreads the upcoming holidays, especially when her brother brings home an unexpected guest. But of all the blessings of the season, sometimes the most unexpected is love. A Duke for Midwinter* – After a gentleman rescues her from a winter storm, Miss Selene Banning finds herself snowbound with Sir Jared Kendrick, who is not precisely who he claims to be… A Prince for Yuletide** – Miss Eliana Banning attends the Midwinter Masque and meets a gentleman in wolf’s clothing who might prove to be her heart’s desire… or her worst enemy. A Nobleman’s Noel – Lady Peony Talbot never meant to be tangled in a false betrothal to her best friend’s brother. After the holidays, she promises to break their engagement, but William Banning will never know that it will break her heart into the bargain. * Winner of the 2016 National Excellence in Romantic Fiction, Best Novella ** Winner of the 2017 International Digital Awards for Best Short Romance, and the 2017 Colorado Romance Contest for Best Short Historical

Can't Miss Christmas

Miranda Liasson - 2017
    Fans of both Mirror Lake series will recognize familiar elements and people along the way. It’s two days before Christmas and bestselling children’s author Grace Alberts needs to fulfill a promise—to make it to a book signing for the kids at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the place that did so much for her during a very rough time. But the weather’s getting awful and all flights are cancelled out of Boston, where she’s wrapping up her book tour. Then in walks her annoying but extremely sexy ex-husband, who (as usual) thinks he’s got all the answers. Graham Walker just stopped by to get a book signed for Grace’s biggest fan, his niece, and wish Grace a Merry Christmas—why not? But he soon finds himself troubleshooting her dilemma. He’s got a Range Rover that can plow through a hundred-year Nor’easter. He’s even headed home to Philly. Trouble is, Grace's and his past is a disaster, something he has no intention of reliving while driving through a winter storm, no matter how much he once loved her. And maybe still does. Bad weather has a way of bringing out the best and the worst in people, and when a run in with some deer antlers leads them to a forced stop in Mirror Lake, Connecticut, anything can happen, naughty or nice. Maybe a bit of enforced alone time and some Christmas magic can be just what it takes for them to face their past—and each other—once and for all.

Last Stop on the Reindeer Express

Maudie Powell-Tuck - 2017
    Without him, Christmas has lost its magic. But when Mia discovers a world within a mysterious post box, she is whisked away on a truly wonderful adventure over sparkling seas and streets of paper stars. But what will Mia find at the end of her journey?A magical tale of love and adventure, brought to life by peep-through pages, lift-the-flaps and breath-taking illustrations from Karl James Mountford (The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth). Last Stop on the Reindeer Express is a wonderful way to help children articulate their feelings when spending Christmas away from a parent, grandparent or sibling.

Terry Treetop and the Christmas Star (The Terry Treetop Series #6)

Tali Carmi - 2017
    It features Terry Treetop, a red-headed, freckled young boy who loves to climb trees. Christmas is in the air, and Terry is busy getting his family’s Christmas tree ready with his Dad when he notices a small, helpless creature in danger. Terry runs out into the deep snow and puts his famous tree-climbing talents into play. Will he be able to save little Sammy and then enjoy Christmas with a furry new friend? Scroll up now and get your copy of Terry Treetop and the Christmas Star!

A Yuletide Kiss: A Warrior Maids of Rivenloch short story

Glynnis Campbell - 2017
     A YULETIDE KISS (short story) Half-Viking shieldmaiden Kimbery of Rivenloch has until Yuletide to choose a bridegroom…or one will be chosen for her. But when the barbarian Brude the Brutal travels to claim his betrothed, he finds himself bewitched instead by a runaway bride.

Cowboy's Christmas Carol

Flora Ferrari - 2017
     Not my Carol. She said she'd always be country down to her cowgirl boots. She used to help out a bit around my ranch in exchange for a little walkin' around money and time with my horses. She worked harder than any ranch hand I ever had. And she took to ridin' my horses like a natural. But she's gone and turned into one of them uptown girls. A city slicker that only cares about fancy things and livin' the good life. Well the good life's with me down here on the ranch... enjoying the simple things. Most important thing of all being a family to call your own. And that's exactly what I want. But she don't even notice me anymore. She should be lyin' down by the creek with me listenin' to bullfrogs, but instead she's in the big city listenin' to them hot shot downtown douchebags spout a different kind of bull. I'm gonna show her what she left behind, and when I do I'll ride her bareback and make her mine forever. And there's another thing we're gonna make together. Our own little bronc riding baby. I'm gonna make hay while the sun shines, and make something else at night. A family... together with her. Forever. *Cowboy's Christmas Carol is an insta-everything standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

All He Wants For Christmas

Kati Wilde - 2017
    But after taking a bullet in the line of duty almost destroys everything he’s worked for, he’s not in the mood to play nice or to look after some pampered rich girl at her daddy’s request. There’s only one woman he wants by his side…the sweet angel who saved his life. But this Christmas, heaven might be a little closer than one grumpy detective could ever believe… Don’t miss these other fantastic holiday stories! — The Barbarian Before Christmas by Ruby Dixon The Last Christmas Present by Ella Goode Home For Christmas by Alexa Riley All He Wants For Christmas by Kati Wilde

Of Smoke And Cinnamon: A Christmas Story

Ace Gray - 2017
    As much as she loves her family, their tiny hometown in the folds of the Colorado mountains holds too many memories. Memories of a life barely lived and a love barely realized. No matter how she thrives, AJ Jenkins is the man she compares all others too. He just so happens to be the one that broke her heart. Seeing him, seeing the life she might have had with him, has been a very convincing reason to celebrate the holidays in the Pacific Northwest, happy in the rain instead of the snow.AJ Jenkins isn't exactly bitter and frigid. It's the below freezing temperatures, the knee deep snow, and the death of his chronically ill father dragging him down. That is until Cam Collins finally comes home for Christmas. After thirteen years, he'd almost given up on seeing her. And was incredibly happy about it. But thirteen is unlucky for a reason, and apparently that reason is still a klutzy, gorgeous, living memory determined to poke holes in his barely hanging on heart with death defying stilettos.

Christmas at Cade Ranch

Karen Rock - 2017
    With Jesse's ex, Sofia Gallardo, and her young son, Javi, stranded at Cade Ranch over Christmas, this task just got a lot harder. The longer Sofia and Javi stay, the harder it is to imagine the ranch without them. James couldn't save his brother from his inner demons, but he can give his nephew a secure future. Maybe more—if he can figure out how to trust Sofia, and stop feeling like he's betraying Jesse. Because trying to stop thinking about beautiful, determined Sofia is impossible.

Delivered Through the Storm

Nicole Garcia - 2017
    She’s not interested in dating or partaking in meaningless sex. Her only goal in life is to be a good mother and make life as normal as possible for her oldest son who is diagnosed with a learning disability. When Ryder Storm literally comes crashing into her home and turns her life upside down she finds herself falling hard. Madison’s denial about her feelings and dismissal of his advancements only fuels Ryder’s determination to make her his. Madison may think she poses a challenge for Ryder, but victory will be his, and when all her defenses are down, he’ll be more than willing to deliver whatever she needs.

B Is for Boo: A Halloween Alphabet

Greg Paprocki - 2017
    Just as other books in this series make learning history fun and engaging for children, tthis volume will fuel the anticipation of your child's first halloween and help to expand their vocabulary in the process.B Is for Boo: A Halloween Alphabet features a collection of twenty-six illustrations featuring Halloween-themed concepts, including imaginative costumes, oodles of treats, pumpkins galore, masks and monsters, and haunted houses.Greg Paprocki works full-time as an illustrator and book designer. He has illustrated several Curious George books, as well as The Big Book of Superheroes for Gibbs Smith. He began his career as an advertising art director after studying fine art and graphic design at the University of Nebraska.

Purrfect Santa

Jessie Lane - 2017
    With her focus on her orphaned sister, she hasn’t given herself the chance to process her own grief over the loss of their parents. Life is chaos and the last complication she needs is a mate. A lion alone for too long … Joe Miller knows chaos. Being orphaned as a child, he’s never had a family to call his own. Crashing with a friend for the holidays, he’s hoodwinked into playing Santa Claus at a local mall. The last thing on his mind is finding a mate. A love worth the risk … With her baby sister on her hip, sadness in her eyes, and a longing in her heart, Nikki waits in line with her sister to see Santa. From the moment he scents her, Joe is in deep. It’s going to take everything he has to convince Nikki the love outweighs the risk to her heart. Luckily for Joe, he has fate and Nikki’s adorable baby sister on his side. After all, who can say no to the Purrfect Santa at Christmas?

A Season of Love: A Christmas Anthology

Carla Kelly - 2017
    Set in regency England, these Christmas tales will take you from dangerous adventures on snowy roads to cozy little cottages filled with holiday mischief.

Leashes, Ball Gags, and Daddies

M.A. Innes - 2017
    Sometimes the best presents are naughty…and sometimes they’re sweet… Tim & Cade In His Little Man, Tim’s secret fantasy became the start of a new relationship between himself and his neighbor, Cade. Now that their relationship is growing more serious, Christmas becomes not only about presents, but about growing together and sharing the day with friends who understand their special connection. Jeremy & Kevin Jeremy and Kevin opened up to one another and learned how deeply you can love someone in Too Close to Love and Too Close to Hide. With school on track and new friends at their side, they’re taking time away from everything and having a well-deserved vacation. Nathan & Gabriel In Flawed Perfection, Nathan discovered parts of himself he’d never understood before. With Gabriel’s help, he learned why he always felt different. For Christmas, Gabriel has more sexy and tender surprises in store for his sweet pup. Nick & Kyle In Beautiful Shame, Nick and Kyle learned that with bullying, things aren’t always as they seem. Now that they’re home for the holidays, Nick’s mother is bound and determined to make sure they don’t get too much time alone. Once they have the house to themselves, though, all bets are off. 32k Words Story Contains: M/m sexual content and mild BDSM elements. Author’s Note: This is a collection of four novelettes that take place after the previous books have ended. They are not designed to be standalone stories.

Countdown to Midnight

Katy Regnery - 2017
    . . what they get is a computer glitch that double-books their luxury slopeside condo to handsome Bostonians, Merit and Amity Atwell.With few other options, the two sets of sibs decide to share the deluxe digs.Surgical resident, Amity, is more than happy to renew his acquaintance with med school flame, Jane, whom he’s always considered “the one that got away.” But that leaves bar-owner, Merit, and litigator, Elizabeth, way too much time to get on each other’s nerves...Spend New Years with the Story sisters and Atwell brothers as they spend Christmas week counting down to midnight!

Christmas in Darling Bay

Juliet Blackwell - 2017
    The letters are acting as matchmakers in Earl's absence, and three couples get pushed together by his ribbons of ink. Merriment shimmers, hearts are gladdened, and kisses are stolen during the storm that moves into Darling Bay over the holiday weekend. The storm threatens to shut down the whole town, but as hearts waken, will love triumph over all as Earl pulls heartstrings from above? Don't miss this heartwarming holiday charmer: Scroll up and CLICK BUY!

Love for Christmas Boxset

Julia Kent - 2017
    Forget baking. Forget company coming over tonight. Wouldn’t you like to unwrap these 5 alpha males for the holidays? NYT and USA Today best-selling authors have banded together to bring you 5 romance novels and stories about love, romance, and the spirit of the season. Take a break and rip open this boxed set to cuddle up with these romantic comedy and contemporary romance books. These authors have pulled out all the stops, offering their best-selling books for one more bite at the Christmas cookie or penning ALL NEW stories about new characters and new love!For a limited time, you can pick up all 5 of these naughty men for a really great price! This heart-pounding collection is filled with confident, sexy, and romantic men you'll want to spend the holidays with.Click now to get this special box set of best-selling books before it’s gone forever! Christmas Shopping for a Billionaire by Julia Kent When Shannon is called to the mall to work as a sexy elf, her billionaire boyfriend, Declan, gets roped into playing Santa.The Navy SEAL's Christmas Bride by Cora Seton It's Christmas time at Crescent Hall, but don’t expect expect peace, harmony and goodwill among men. Sparks are going to fly in an epic battle of the sexes, military style!HOT Package by Lynn Raye Harris When the woman who once walked out on him drops back into his life three days before Christmas, HOT operator Billy "the Kid" Blake risks everything to help her thwart a conspiracy. All I Want For Christmas Is You by Blair Babylon — BRAND NEW! NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED! A Killer Valentine concert in Paris for Christmas. One chance to find true love. And then the lead singer holds out his hand and pulls Brodie up on stage to play the guitar. What if everything went impossibly, catastrophically right? The Billionaire's Christmas Vows by Gina Robinson JINGLE, JINGLE, JINGLE! HEAR THOSE WEDDING BELLS RING… No one is feeling the holiday stress more than Kayla Green. Six months pregnant, she's ""married"" to Seattle's youngest billionaire Justin Green. But they've never actually said their vows to each other. This Christmas, Kayla wants to give Justin something money can't buy—proof that her love is real and forever, Christmas Eve wedding vows complete with a legal marriage license.

Christmas at the Log Fire Cabin

Catherine Ferguson - 2017
     When Poppy’s boyfriend Martin proposes the week before Christmas, she doesn’t know what to do. It’s not that she doesn’t love him… it’s just that she has her doubts. But with the twelve days of Christmas to decide, time is running out.Meanwhile, her best friend Taylor is desperate for the pair of them to fulfil their dream of setting up a dinner party catering company – and when an opportunity arises at a luxury log-fire cabin, the girls take their chance to impress. But they hadn’t bargained on the owner of the lodge being quite so attractive – and having quite such a sexy voice. As the twelve days tick on, will Poppy realise that Martin is the one for her? Or will it be love in the lodge when the new year comes?

It Must've Been the Mistletoe

L.P. Dover - 2017
    After several failed relationships, she realizes she’s not capable of falling in love. The only passion she’s ever had is teaching U.S. History at the local high school. A week before Christmas, Adeline is all set for her best friend’s wedding, even though she dreads having to go to it alone. But when she’s given a Christmas wish that could change her future forever, she’s whisked away to the past, to a completely different place and time. It’s also when she meets him, William Blair, the man who steals her heart. As their relationship grows, Adeline realizes that true love does exist. What she doesn’t know is that her wish can’t last forever, that soon she’ll have to leave the past behind. Will Adeline and William find their way back to each other? Or will their love have to stay where it all began . . . in 1865? With mistletoe and Christmas magic, anything’s possible.

Mistletoe Mischief

J.M. Madden - 2017
    The blind date he’s hustled into for the Lost and Found Christmas Eve party ends up exceeding his expectations, though. Cassandra Jones is lush and lovely and more than any man could hope for. She seems totally unconcerned with his arm prosthetic and scars. Is it possible to fall in love within a night? Plus-sized graphic designer Cass is stunned when she realizes Roger really means the words he says. She’s never been on the receiving end of such devoted attention, and it makes her realize how barren her life has been for so long. Roger destroys all of the natural defenses around her heart with his love… and his mistletoe mischief! Plus, as a special treat, never before seen short-stories with some old favorites! See what happens to Gabe and Zeke and their families over Christmas!

Colors of Christmas: Two Contemporary Stories Celebrate the Hope of Christmas

Olivia Newport - 2017
    Instead, she finds herself in charge of the town’s celebration. After a mysterious young man arrives, townspeople suspect he is the reason that one set of plans after another disintegrate until little is left of their traditions. Yet Angela warms to Gabe because she suspects they share a secret—his real reason for coming to town. Even when all they have to work with is a garish supply of blue Christmas decorations, Gabe helps Angela discover the hidden beauty of hope.  Christmas in Gold After eighty years, change is nothing new for Astrid. By the time she was twenty, she survived the destructive Nazi regime, caring for her family under brutal circumstances, moving to America, and losing her husband. At forty she was widowed again and left to build a new life with her children. Now, when she faces a move into an assisted living community and meets a young woman on the brink of despair, she resolves to stir up hope through tragedy one more time.

A Home for the Holidays

Jessie G. - 2017
    It’s a project he’s happy to be part of until he learns that the organizers have bankrupted the fund before the job is done. With the prospect of leaving the chosen families homeless—and not just for the holidays—Owen will do the one thing that scares him the most. Ask his loved ones for help. Though he’s never had the nerve before, there’s no doubt they’ll agree, and together, they will build homes filled with hope and the foundation for the future. The culmination is every reason Owen began building houses in the first place and having his family's support only makes the job better. There’s only one thing missing, but Owen can’t think about that and still get the job done. Luckily, his family is working behind the scenes, and they coordinate with friends from afar to bring one final gift to the man who put it all on the line to deliver A Home for the Holidays.

Christmas Miracle

Ancelli - 2017
    In a blink of an eye everything he knew to be real was taken from him. He made the best choices with what life threw at him. A thrill seeker, Kayla Adams, enjoyed traveling, seeking new adventures until she gazed into Jack's mesmerizing eyes on a missionary trip in the Middle East. Her decision to help him will have a profound impact on others, but her heart couldn’t let him go. Friendship was the last thing on their minds when Kayla discovered Jack, but in finding him, they found true love. When Jack's past comes face to face with their future, will it take a Christmas miracle for their love to survive? Come along for the ride down memory lane as this couple fight for their Christmas Miracle. Contains Adult content!

Makin' the List

Cate Lawley - 2017
    That's right, Mallory is dreaming about Santa Claus, and it's giving her the willies. Everyone loves Santa! What can it possibly mean that the cheerful big guy makes her fangs chatter? Click to find out whether Mallory's strange new Santa-phobia takes all the happy out of her holiday.

Christmas in Echo Creek: A Sweet Small-Town Holiday Romance

Kacey Linden - 2017
    But the locals can’t seem to stop trying to help her, and their obsession with Christmas cheer makes her want things she never thought she’d have. Home. A family. Maybe even a chance at love with a certain handsome sheriff’s deputy…Deputy Cale Matthews was planning to skip Christmas, until a quiet newcomer makes him rethink everything. Willow is clearly hiding something, but she’s also beautiful, courageous, and in desperate need of hope. It doesn’t take long for Cale to decide he wants more than just friendship, but Willow’s been hurt too often to trust easily.With the help of a meddling matchmaker and a little mistletoe, will Cale be able to convince Willow to take a chance on love, or will the shadows of her past tear them apart forever?

Tinsel in a Tangle

Laurie Germaine - 2017
    Never have they endured a tall, blundering elf like Tinsel, though. Despite her setbacks, Tinsel’s determined to prove her worth by nabbing an internship at the Workshop. But when her latest mishap destroys gift reserves and puts Christmas in jeopardy, she lands a punishment mucking reindeer stalls for Santa’s hotshot grandson, Niklas. Now if she wants a second chance at that position, she must collaborate with the twinkle-eyed flirt to redeem herself in everyone’s eyes without messing up. For one more calamity will not only bring about the holiday’s demise, she’ll be immortalized as the elf who shattered children’s faith in Santa Claus. So not the way she wants to go down in history.

The Land Girls at Christmas

Jenny Holmes - 2017
    Renowned for their camaraderie and spirit, it is these brave women who step in to take on the gruelling farm work from the men conscripted into the armed forces.When Yorkshire mill girl Una joins the cause, she wonders how she’ll adapt to country life. Luckily she’s quickly befriended by more experienced Land Girls Brenda and Grace. But as Christmas draws ever near, the girls’ resolve is tested as scandals and secrets are revealed, lovers risk being torn apart, and even patriotic loyalties are called into question . . .With only a week to go until the festivities, can the strain of wartime still allow for the magic of Christmas? A wonderful, festive tale of friendship, romance and triumph over adversity that fans of Daisy Styles, Donna Douglas and Call the Midwife will adore.

Handmade Holidays

'Nathan Burgoine - 2017
    Refusing to give up completely, Nick buys a Christmas tree, and then realizes he has no ornaments. A bare tree and an empty apartment aren’t a great start, but a visit from his friend Haruto is just the ticket to get him through this first, worst, Christmas. A box of candy canes and a hastily folded paper crane might not be the best ornaments, but it’s a place to start.A year later, Nick has realized he’s not the only one with nowhere to go, and he hosts his first “Christmas for the Misfit Toys.” Haruto brings Nick an ornament for Nick’s tree, and a tradition—and a new family—is born.As years go by, Nick, Haruto, and their friends face love, betrayal, life, and death. Every ornament on Nick’s tree is another year, another story, and another chance at the one thing Nick has wanted since the start: someone who’d share more than the holidays with him.Of course, Nick might have already missed his shot at the one, and it might be too late.Still, after fifteen Christmases, Nick is ready to risk it all for the best present yet.

A Sheikh for Christmas

Leslie North - 2017
    Cut off by her family for running away with an actor—who turned out to be using her for publicity—Mel is penniless, homeless, and disgraced. There’s only one place to go, and that’s back to the fiancé she ditched. But instead of her ex, she finds his friend Daveed Rafik. The handsome military translator disarms Mel with his easy smile and surprising sympathy. But as she struggles to get her life on track, the last thing Mel needs is to fall into the strong arms of her ex-fiancé’s best friend. Counter-terrorism expert Sheikh Daveed Rafik has spent his career dealing with delicate and dangerous situations, but none of them compares to Melody Hascall-Ebons. He’s supposed to be helping his friend Murphy find his missing sister, not consoling the spoiled rich girl who dumped their buddy Heath. But the more he learns about Melody, the more he likes. With her unexpected intelligence and distinctive beauty, Melody calls to him in powerful ways. But when the woman he is arranged to marry shows up, Daveed’s highly organized life suddenly gets very complicated. The streets of New York are steeped in holiday cheer, but can Daveed and Melody thaw the ice around their hearts enough to make room for love?

A Crazy Christmas

B. Cranford - 2017
    Without losing their minds--or any other important body parts. And that gives this Christmas the potential to be their craziest one yet...

The Cold Happy Magic Boxset: A Christian Romance

Morris Fenris - 2017
    Will Sara make the right choice by running into the waiting arms of Trent? You’ll have to read it to find out!California Dreams – After Jane’s husband was killed in action, she let her dreams of becoming a famous chef, living by the ocean and having a family of her own, die with him. Now that she’s been given a second chance, will she realize all her dreams, or play it safe? When Grace’s husband was killed in action, she got the surprise of her life – a precious baby girl, Daniella. With her daughter’s life hanging in the balance, will she take a leap of faith and realize the resurrection of her dreams, or play it safe? There’s only one way to find out…New Beginnings – Jackson and Tori meet in sunny California, but the rugged country in Montana brings them truly together. Is it too late to dream again? Or will love give them a second chance they’ve been searching for?Second Time Around – Will the problems of the past keep Jessame and Bryan from finding the promise of a future? Can these two throw aside the problems that have been plaguing them to achieve the life they’ve been searching for? Love could be the key that unlocks their happiness!Waiting for Love’s Return – A wonderful, poignant, heart breaking, heart-warming story of families and secrets, of hidden strength and unexpected friendship. Join Jeff and Maddie as they navigate the waters of their relationship and learn to love each other again.Love’s Healing Power – As Derek and Alaina deal with their past, they must learn to take a chance on their future. Come along with your favorite characters from Castle Peaks and see how love and acceptance can heal even the most broken heart. Discover the healing power of love!You can also purchase each novel individually, but together you’ll experience everything author Morris Fenris has to offer at a massive discount! The Cold Happy Magic – The Complete Series Box Set is a truly inspiring series. Once you read one, you will crave them all! Scroll up to the top of this page and hit the orange ‘Buy now with 1-Click’ button to buy the box set and get six novels you won’t want to put down!

The Christmas Hims

Heather Henle - 2017
     Easier said than done, especially when everyone in town believes she’s the reason for the divorce between her and town Golden Boy, Lance. Two years after her divorce, and with a push from her best friend Marcus, she’s taken the plunge into the dating pool. Rachel gets more than she can handle when every date is almost too good to be true, or so it seems. Now she must choose her perfect match, between him, him, him, him and him. The Christmas Hims is a light-hearted, clean holiday romance that will make you believe that true love does exist, especially at Christmas.

9 Under the Mistletoe

Tia Siren - 2017
     It’s Christmas. So what if I just broke up with my boyfriend? A girl’s allowed to kiss 8 guys under the mistletoe. Even if it does get me a death threat from my ex. So now I need round-the-clock bodyguards. Big. Strong. Devoted. And the twins all agreed to help me out. The Wolf Twins, the billionaires. The Castle Twins, the firemen. The Jameson Twins, the doctors. The Oakley Twins, the quarterbacks. I can’t seem to decide which pair make me feel the safest. Or the sexiest. I’ll just have to move in with all 8 of them. 9 Under the Mistletoe is a stand-alone novel of 80000 words. It’s a whole lot of fun! I’ve also included some bonus novels for your enjoyment. xx Tia Tia Siren. Spoil the bad girl in you.

The Gift Of Christmas Past

Cindy Woodsmall - 2017
    They meet again . . . thrown together to help a four-year-old-girl rendered mute after a suspected arson.Years of secrets and anger beg to be set free as Hadley and Monroe try to push aside past hurts and find common ground in order to help the traumatized child and her family.Can the love of Christmas past drift into the present, bringing healing and hope for all?

A Prickly Christmas Kiss

Allyson R. Abbott - 2017
    Abbott Emma Louise Fallon, aka Elf, has two wishes for Christmas. Having spent the last few months bragging about her latest boyfriend, who's turned out to be a womanizing cheat, one, she needs to escape her well-meaning family, and, two, she needs to avoid all men while she's in a man-hating mode.But stranded in a cold isolated cabin, when her girlfriend is forced to bail out on their vacation plans, Elf makes one more desperate wish: Can she please learn how to build a fire before she freezes to death?The solo rustic life is becoming all too much for her. She's convinced that a stray cat, who has decided to keep her company, has magical powers, that the local shop owners are secretly Mr. and Mrs. Claus, and nothing can stop her from laughing when the hot local Martian -come cop - come veterinarian - introduces himself as Rudi. Will Elf need to break her rule about staying away from men, and rely on this hunk for helping her start a fire? Or, worse, yet, will she be able to control the fire that Rudi's ignited in her?This story remained #1 for 6 consecutive weeks December 2016/January 2017 and was a #1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER as part of the Mistletoe Kisses & Christmas Wishes set.

Mistletoe Mischief (Island County #9)

Karice Bolton - 2017
    But she doesn't have time for all that. Her goal is to wrangle her family together and make this holiday the best Christmas ever.Yet sometimes, fate has something else in store...The moment Colton sees Gina at the local market, his world stands still and he can barely speak. But she certainly does, and the message is loud and clear. She has never forgiven him or his family, and she never will for what they did.Colton never expected to see her again, but now that she's in town, he can't get her out of his mind. She's as beautiful, smart-mouthed, and feisty as ever, and all he can think about is holding her in his arms.He's determined not to let her slip away, but he's not sure if she'll ever be able to open her heart to him again.

A Real Christmas

Christie Logan - 2017
    Her lonely boss who hates Christmas. As they rediscover the magic of the holiday, will they also find love?  Christmas hasn't been the same for Allison Voss since losing her husband, but she's determined to make it merry for her daughters' sake. She's between jobs and simply managing day to day is a struggle until she meets Ward Haysgard. His act of kindness and offer of employment just might turn her luck around.Ward is not a fan of Christmas. As a district manager for a large department store, he's seen plenty of greed and selfishness and not much good will toward men. But Allison's plight touches him. As he gets to know her and her girls, they work their way into his heart. A heart he thought had hardened long ago, when he lost the loving grandmother who raised him.As the holiday approaches, an old secret from Ward's past emerges and threatens his closeness to Allison. Will he leave her heartbroken? Or will she and Ward discover together what makes Christmas real? Read all the stories in the Holidays in Applewood series by Christie Logan: A Real Christmas (Holidays in Applewood 1)Dear Acquaintance (Holidays in Applewood 2)A Gentle Heart (Holidays in Applewood 3)

The Holiday Cruise

Victoria Cooke - 2017
    Luckily, her big sister is there to pick up the pieces, but Hannah is determined to find some independence. Impulsively, Hannah applies for a spa job...on a cruise ship! Christmas in the Caribbean, springtime in the Mediterranean, what's not to like? But, despite being in her thirties, Hannah has never done anything in her own before, and she's terrified. As the ship sets sail, Hannah has never been further from home...or closer to discovering who she is and who she wants to be.

Santa's Secret

Heidi McLaughlin - 2017
    It's time to deck the halls and ring those bells because Christmas is in the air. Delaney Du Luca had typical fabulous Hollywood holiday plans that included the sun, sand and the warm waters of Cancun until her B-list actor boyfriend publicly dumps her. Instead of staying home to sulk, she decides to head back to her quaint hometown in Vermont for some much-needed rest, relaxation and of course, her favorite holiday cookies. Aiden Fisher can't seem to catch a break. Still reeling from the loss of his wife, he's become the tail end of all the town's jokes when word spreads he's done the unthinkable; pulling over the town's sweetheart, never mind the fact she was speeding. With his one-time high school girlfriend, who's now a big time actress, back in town, everyone's focused on her. Meanwhile, he's just trying to keep his fan obsessed daughter in check and not get caught up in old memories. With Santa's sleigh packed and ready to go, the only thing missing is the mistletoe.

A Bride for Sam

Theresa Paolo - 2017
     Sam Bennett never thought he would settle down until Hadley confessed her secret crush on him. Now he’s ready to marry the love of his life in the wedding of her dreams. Hadley Hayes still pinches herself to make sure she isn’t dreaming. She’s marrying the man she has secretly loved for years and everything is going smoothly until one bump in the road leads to another and another, sending the visions of her perfect wedding down the drain. The only thing that can save the wedding is a Christmas miracle, but if there is any place where miracles are possible it’s their small town of Red Maple Falls.

Holly and Ivy

Fern Michaels - 2017
    . .The flames of memory always seem to glow a little brighter during the holidays. Perhaps that's why this time of year is so difficult for airline heiress Ivy Macintosh, as she faces thoughts of yet another festive season alone. Since the plane crash that claimed the lives of her husband and two children eight years ago, she's been submerged in grief.When eleven-year-old Holly Greenwood knocks on her door, lost and frightened after a forbidden visit to her singing teacher, Ivy's self-imposed exile is shattered. Holly has an extraordinary voice, and wants nothing more than to perform in an upcoming Christmas musical. Holly's father, Daniel, doesn't allow music in their home, refusing to give a good reason why--just as he refuses to talk about Holly's mother. Ivy has no idea how closely she and Daniel are linked by their tragic pasts, yet she's drawn to the warmth she senses beneath his gruff exterior. And as Christmas nears, their shared concern for Holly begins to draw Ivy back into the world again . . . and toward a family who may need her just as much as she needs them . . .

Beauty and the Witch

Sigal Adler - 2017

Christmas Possess

Josie Litton - 2017
    Family complications, the weather and unknowingly even Marisol herself conspire against him. But perseverance, red hot passion, a splash of humor--and true happily-ever-after love--will turn this holiday season into one that they--and we--can cherish forever.CHRISTMAS POSSESS is a stand-alone novella. It is part of my contemporary romantic suspense series, ARCADIA, set in the legendary New York apartments of the same name. You do not need to have read any other parts of the series to enjoy this story.

Making Spirits Bright: Christmas Lights Collection 2017

Chautona Havig - 2017
     Merri’s Christmas Mission by Chautona Havig Merri Zeiger is on a mission--create a fabulous Christmas for her three children on a dime. Well, that is if she can spare one. After six months of unemployment, her benefits have run out and so has her Christmas fund. But when she meets her rival in a giveaway for a pool table, things start to look a bit brighter. "Barney" Barnett isn't supposed to have to do fundraising for The Mission, but until they replace the last guy, he's stuck on a daily trek to enter a giveaway for a pool table. Meeting Merri and hearing her story gives him a solution to both of their problems. Merri's Christmas Mission--one woman's quest to conquer Christmas. Lead a Merry Dance by April Hayman FBI Agent Trip Devereaux' s time has run out: take his new wife, Libby, on a honeymoon (finally) or find out what it's like to live in the dog house. His solution? A Christmas Carribean cruise! But when a jewelry thief strikes and Libby is - literally - left holding the bag, Trip's vacation is put on hold so he can prove his wife's innocence. Can he find the real thief in time? Or will their first shore excursion be a one-way trip to jail for Libby? A Sidelined Christmas by Toni Shiloh Sidelined with a career-ending injury, wide receiver Jahleel Walker is forced to return to his hometown of Peachwood Bay, Georgia to heal. Nothing shocks him more than running into his high-school sweetheart, Lucille “Bebe” Gordon. Bebe Gordon returned to Peachwood Bay three years ago with a divorce certificate and her daughter, Hope. When Jahleel returns, all the memories of the past come rushing back. She can’t decide if he’s changed or if her heart is holding onto past hurts. Will Jahleel and Bebe take a chance on love or let life sideline them at Christmas? Hope for the Holidays by Cathe Swanson Newly arrived from her home in the Congo and armed with a brand-new degree in nonprofit management, Carrie Strough is eager to organize and improve the Unity Plenkiss Community Center. Unfortunately, no one wants to be organized, and only Micah Neresen, the charming and handsome pastor of the local church, is interested in her plans. Or is he just interested in Carrie? With a cast of lively and eccentric characters including a homeless vet with PTSD, a con man, an elderly couple with an over-the-top Christmas display, a feisty committeewoman with a past of her own, and a police investigation, Micah and Carrie wonder if there is any hope for the holidays this year!

The Holiday Package

Leigh Lennon - 2017
    Ever wonder what happened to Justine's other sexy neighbor?Ten days.The Cayman Islands.A holiday trip to forget the woman I lost.Suddenly, I’m face to face with the sassiest and hardest of women, who may be able to make me forget all I left behind.And I want her! This vacation is about moving on.The saucy little ginger flaunting her perfect curvy body in her next to nothing bikinis can be the distraction I need to forget it all.Her fire and brimstone attitude leaves me in constant arousal.And she proposes a holiday affair, one I gladly accept knowing this is a hell of a risk to my already floundering heart.But in the end, will I be able to say goodbye?

A Disconnected Christmas

Ryan Ringbloom - 2017
    Her prince had a secret that she never saw coming. Now an internet obsession is keeping her connected to a brokenhearted past.Her sister knows that if Lindsay doesn’t let go of her horrible new habit, she’ll have no future. Enter her brilliant idea—the gift of going offline. She hopes pushing Lindsay back into the real world will open the door for a second chance at love. When Seth O’Shea sets his sights on the beautiful third-grade teacher, there’s an instant connection. Insta-smitten quickly turns to insta-smut. And when insta-love starts settling in, it looks like Lindsay may just get the fairy tale she’s always dreamed of in time for Christmas.But what happens when she reconnects? Will she finally get her happily ever after? Or will old habits resurface and make her new man bounce before it even begins?