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Shelter Dogs

Traer Scott - 2006
    The fifty portraits featured are a poignant and loving tribute to all dogs.

Once I Ate a Pie

Patricia MacLachlan - 2006
    Beefy ate a pie.It's a dog's life. Filled with squeaky toys, mischief, and plenty of naps. Every dog has a tail to wag and a tale to tell. Patricia MacLachlan and Emily MacLachlan Charest asked this collection of canines to speak up with their own words, barks, and yips.


Ellen Miles - 2006
    They want a puppy of their own more than just about anything. They know dogs are a lot of work. But their mom still doesn't think their family is ready for a puppy.Then, Goldie arrives. She is a sweet golden retriever who needs a home. Goldie is very young. She doesn't know how to be a good puppy yet. Will Charles and Lizzie be able to help her?

From Baghdad, With Love: A Marine, the War, and a Dog Named Lava

Jay Kopelman - 2006
    What they find during the U.S -led attack on the "most dangerous city on Earth," however, is not an insurgent bent on revenge, but a tiny puppy left behind when most of the city’s population fled before the bombing. Despite military law that forbids the keeping of pets, the Marines de-flea the pup with kerosene, de-worm him with chewing tobacco, and fill him up on Meals Ready to Eat.Thus begins the dramatic rescue attempt of a dog named Lava and Lava’s rescue of at least one Marine, Lieutenant Colonel Jay Kopelman, from the emotional ravages of war.From hardened Marines to war-time journalists to endangered Iraqi citizens, From Baghdad, With Love tells an unforgettable true story of an unlikely band of heroes who learn unexpected lessons about life, death, and war from a mangy little flea-ridden refugee.

The James Herriot Collection

James Herriot - 2006
    He introduces a cast of truly unforgettable characters: humans, dogs, horses, lambs—even parakeets—all of them revealed with the same infinite fascination, affection and insight that made James Herriot one of the most beloved authors of our time. The stories are made all the more special by the world-renowned "voice" of Dr. Herriot— Christopher Timothy, whose performance warmly and evocatively brings the stories to life. Now his first three classic works, digitally remastered on CD, are brought together in a beautiful gift set sharing with even more listeners the joy of James Herriot.

Mostly Bob

Tom Corwin - 2006
    The letter told Bob’s many human friends what they might not have known — the surprising story of how he was once a ferocious, untrusting dog named Red, and how through sheer determination he changed completely to become Tom’s best friend. Tom began receiving an outpouring of heartfelt responses to what he came to realize was actually a universal tale about the possibility of change and the transformational power of love. Friends and strangers urged him to bring the story to more people, and with a vision of how it might look, Tom designed this special book version of the letter. With a total of just more than one thousand words, this poignant story reads like a poem, underscored by flipbook illustrations of Tom's beloved Bob. Laid out with only one sentence per page, the book’s spare quality and unique design have a powerful impact and readers will return to its pages again and again.

Family Friendly Dog Training: A Six-Week Program for You and Your Dog

Patricia B. McConnell - 2006
    Covers basic skills including: Sit, Down, Heel, Come, etc. and troubleshoots common training and behavior challenges.

Not Left Behind: Rescuing the Pets of New Orleans

Best Friends Animal Society - 2006
    The story is told through the images of Best Friends photographer Troy Snow and the words of five Best Friends rescuers?frontline troops representing thousands of volunteers across the country who helped save lives and reunite families.

Just Gus: A Rescued Dog and the Woman He Loved

Laurie Williams - 2006
    Injured and abandoned, he could have become another of the 7 million animals euthanized every year. Then Stephanie Williams entered the picture. A successful journalist, she had been diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer at the age of 30. On medical leave and living alone, she wanted a warm four-legged companion. When she saw Gus's soulful eyes and goofy grin, it was love at first sight: she would rescue him, and he would return the favor.Just Gus is about how much one dog did to make a dying woman happy — giving tireless love, comfort, and support. This extraordinary story shows how one dog brought joy and hope to a woman's last days.

Fluffy and Baron

Laura Rankin - 2006
    Her name was Fluffy." So begins the adorable tale of a dog, a duck, and a perfect companionship. Perfect, that is, until Fluffy joins up with the wild ducks from the pond. Baron is suddenly alone—no one to play with, eat with, or cuddle up with at night. But when those wild ducks fly away, Baron’s in for a surprise—and more friends than he ever expected!

Wine Dogs USA Edition

Craig McGill - 2006
    Wherever wine is made, you're likely to find a good dog stalking the cellar or the vineyard. The USA edition of Wine Dogs features over 300 wineries across the United States and over 450 stunning photos of their loyal hounds. Along the way, the mutts and purebreds are interspersed with short essays by Robert Parker, Jr., Dan Berger, Bruce Cass, Ralph Steadman, Cole Danehower and many more.Find out which dog ate a couch and who chewed Bill Clinton's leg, and discover the identity of the dog who stole Robert Mondavi's heart.Wine Dogs USA Edition is a photographic journal of stunning pictures and great stories – created all for the love of dogs and wine.

Buddy Unchained

Daisy Bix - 2006
    The story is simple yet of vast importance, and at the end we want nothing more than to make sure that all the Buddys of the world are loved and cared for like this patient, easy-to-please pup.”— Janet Leimeister, Events Manager, The Capitola Book Store “Buddy Unchained is a valuable tool in teaching the message of compassion and empathy toward animals.” —Lisa Desjardins, Vice-President, Aroostook Animal Welfare Awareness Group “I wanted to say how much my nephew and I have been enjoying Buddy Unchained. He asks me to read it twice in a row each time and the wonderful and moving images make such an impression on him. I can see it in his eyes, facial expressions and comments. I would like to commend firstly, the artist’s sensitive and expressive drawings which truly came from the heart. And I would like to commend Gryphon Press for their dedication to the voiceless. I am only now learning more about Gryphon Press and will certainly consider further purchases. More importantly, it has inspired me even more so to become involved in saving animals in need.”--Catherine Ciarrocchi, book buyer "The Gryphon Press's inspiring books bring education about empathy and the human-animal bond to children in the form of beautiful fictional picture books. These books have become an integral part of our humane education library program, since they provoke thoughtful dialogue about responsible pet care among our young participants. " --Lauren Briskin, Interim Humane Education Coordinator, Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society

The Everything Chihuahua Book: A Complete Guide to Raising, Training, And Caring for Your Chihuahua (Everything®)

Joan Hustace Walker - 2006
    Authored by renowned pet writer Joan Hustace Walker, this all-inclusive book takes you through the puppy stage up to the older Chihuahua--and everything in between! Highlights include the best places to find healthy puppies; teaching effective discipline and housetraining; maintaining proper nutrition and care; essentials tips on traveling safely with your Chihuahua; caring for your older Chihuahua; and more. With these tips and more, The Everything Chihuahua Book is you and your "Chi's" key to a happy and healthy life together!

Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet

Gary Kowalski - 2006
    In this caring book, Gary Kowalski offers warmth, guidance and wisdom for anyone facing this loss. It is a compilation of heart-warming stories, verse and photographs to provide comfort.

Shep: Our Most Loyal Dog

Sneed B. Collard III - 2006
    Shep is the true story of a dog that became an inspiration to people around the world. Following the death of his owner in 1936, Shep watched as his body was placed on a train and shipped east. For more than five years, through rain and snow, Shep met every incoming train with hopes that he would see the man who had cared for him. Even today, people visit Fort Benton, Montana, to stand at the grave of a dog whose actions remind us of the true meaning of loyalty and heart.Sneed B. Collard III is the author of more than 45 books for young people including The Prairie Builders, The Forest in the Clouds, Butterfly Count and B is for Big Sky Country: A Montana Alphabet. Sneed lives in Missoula, Montana. Joanna Yardley has illustrated a number of award-winning children's books. This is her third book with Sleeping Bear Press. She is the illustrator of B is for Big Sky Country: A Montana Alphabet and P is for Peace Garden: A North Dakota Alphabet. Jo lives in Missoula, Montana along with her husband and son.


Peter Brown - 2006
    Chowder is a hilarious and heartwarming story that introduces an endearing new character: a weird but completely loveable bulldog who learns to make friends by being true to his quirks.

Running with Champions: A Midlife Journey on the Iditarod Trail

Lisa Frederic - 2006
    Lisa Frederic didn't set out to run the Iditarod. She just fell in love with the event and wanted to help. She ended up working as a volunteer for the Trail Committee at various checkpoints. Then she helped Iditarod champion Jeff King train his puppies. She had never mushed before. She was a rookie, but a rookie with heart and drive. She started out with short races and eventually raced the 1,049 miles from Anchorage to Nome in the Iditarod. Her story speaks to everyone who has ever followed a dream and found that the dream realized is even bigger than the imagined one.

German Shepherd Dogs

Susan M. Ewing - 2006
    Find out how to take the best care of this sturdy dog, and learn about breed-specific health problems every owner should understand. This family-friendly, comprehensive guide to superior pet care features newly written text from an expert on a variety of topics, including feeding, housing, grooming, training, health care, and fun activities. Useful tip boxes in each chapter show every member of the household how to make the most out of owning a pet.

The Dogs Who Found Me: What I've Learned From Pets Who Were Left Behind

Ken Foster - 2006
    Their circumstances offer a grounding counterpoint to his own misfortunes: the shock of New York City after 9/11, the evacuation of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, and the day his heart nearly stopped for good.


Stephanie S. Tolan - 2006
    Solitude means time to think, time to hear for the first time the awful silence left in her world two years ago by her mother's death.But the summer holds a surprise for Charley, in the form of a mysterious dog who appears in the woods across the lake from her home. In order to connect with this wild spirit she names Coyote, Charley will have to do more than just walk. She will have to follow Coyote into the heart of her memories: the woods her mother loved so much. And she will have to learn to listen past the silence.This unsentimental, unforgettable story comes straight from the heart of Newbery Honor author Stephanie S. Tolan. As she describes Charley's difficult emotional and physical journey, she weaves together themes of nature, family, and love into a complex and powerful portrait of recovery.

Living with Pugs

Katharina Von Der Leyen - 2006
    However, behind those mournful eyes lurks a mischievous fireball of a dog that has regal self-confidence. This lavishly illustrated yet amusing book is a loving exposé of all things pug—from selecting the perfect puppy to making a proper entrance at the dog show. Along the way, the book is replete with charming photos pug-lovers will take to heart as well as the history and lore behind the breed (they are aristocratic dogs with a somewhat murky past, having arrived in Europe with Genghis Khan's cavalry). No other breed of dog has been so often immortalized in paintings and photographs and in verse and prose. The notables who have been bewitched by pugs include Queen Victoria, Jackie Onassis, and Andy Warhol. Beautiful, worshipful, and useful, this coffee-table book celebrates pugs in all their cuteness.

Planet of the Dogs

Robert McCarty - 2006
    Dogs have always lived there in peace and happiness. One day many years ago, the council of the elder dogs learned that there were problems on Earth, the Planet of the People. Many people had forgotten how to love and had become mean and greedy. The good people of Green Valley were threatened by the warrior tribes of Stone City. The council realized that they needed help. This is the story of the first time dogs came to planet earth to teach people about love and to bring peace to Green Valley.

Whole Health for Happy Dogs

Jill Elliot - 2006
    It touts all natural health, but provides plenty of options and research so that dog owners can make the very best decisions for their dog's lifelong health and well being. Above all, this information is presented with plenty of illustrations in a manner that is a quick-read.You are your dog's medical mentor, in charge of their health. The decisions you make from puppyhood on affect the rest of a dog's life. To do this you need to clearly understand the traditional as well as non-traditional approach to dog care. Whole Health for Happy Dogs encourages dog owners to explore these issues and helps them make better-informed decisions for their pet's health, and very possibly save themselves thousands of dollars in vet bills. Advice comes from both traditional veterinarians and those practicing alternative health.

Pug Mugs: Good Pugs Gone Bad

Donnie Rubo - 2006
    Hidden beneath the big eyes and innocent-looking faces often lurks a pug who has waddled to the wrong side of the tracks. Petty theft, bribery, fraud, vandalism, even lewd and lascivious behavior are well documented in the mug shots of these pugs caught in the act of their pernicious crimes. Humorous? Yes. Funny? Not if you believe that pugs should be a little more decorous than this unruly bunch.

Never Bite When a Growl Will Do

Michael Nastasi - 2006
    After years of meeting challenges (flying Frisbees) and enjoying the moment (midday naps), these pups offer tips for navigating a world riddled with bigger dogs and elusive sticks. This book is the perfect gift for everyone who might enjoy an encouraging word from their neighborhood hound.

Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats

National Research Council - 2006
    It looks at how nutrients are metabolized in the bodies of dogs and cats, indications of nutrient deficiency, and diseases related to poor nutrition. The report provides a valuable resource for industry professionals formulating diets, scientists setting research agendas, government officials developing regulations for pet food labeling, and as a university textbook for dog and cat nutrition. It can also guide pet owners feeding decisions for their pets with information on specific nutrient needs, characteristics of different types of pet foods, and factors to consider when feeding cats and dogs.


Cynthia P. Gallagher - 2006
    This family-friendly, comprehensive guide to superior pet care features newly written text from an expert on a variety of topics, including feeding, housing, grooming, training, health care, and fun activities. Useful tip boxes in each chapter show every member of the household how to make the most out of owning a pet.

Dog Trainers Resourse

Mychelle Blake - 2006
    Learn what you need to know from experts like Bob Bailey, Jean Donaldson, Ian Dunbar, Nicole Wilde, Sue Sternberg, and Karen Overall.

Angel Dog Austin: A Love Story about a Heavenly Dog

Teri Bennett - 2006
    It is a lasting memorial for the lost pet. What happens to our pets when they leave this world? The answer's revealed in Angel Dog Austin, a heartwarming story told by one family's beloved sheepdog. Through the course of the story, Austin story lovingly shows how she deeply enriched the lives of her adopted family, had puppies of her own, grew old and eventually left her earthly bonds for ?doggy heaven.? Austin discovers that her life is not over; but merely just beginning as an ?Angel Dog? watching over her earthly family from her heavenly perch. If you've lost a pet, you will find comfort in this sweet, heartwarming story. At the end of the book is a place to write your memories of your ?Angel Pet? and three additional pages to add photos.

Finding Chance

Linda Benson - 2006
    Alice was perfectly happy living in Oregon, hanging out at the mall with her friend Emily. Why did her mother have to choose the podunk town of Fox Creek, California, of all places? But Alice soon discovers unexpected charms in her new town, including a free-spirited friend, a hidden talent, and a special reason to stay put.

Pawfiles: Portraits of Dogs: A Bark and Smile Book

Kim Levin - 2006
    Nearly a decade ago, Levin began shooting photos of dogs (and occasionally cats) in and around Central Park. What began as a dog-loving photographer's hobby has blossomed into a successful career as a pet portrait artist nonpareil. With nine books of dog photos to her credit and a booming portrait business, Levin has become a virtual Avedon for the pet set.Pawfiles is filled with portraits by turns charming, touching, and goofy. Each dog's mini-portfolio is accompanied by its stats (age, breed, and home) and a short but revealing "about the model" statement. About Oliver, a 2-year-old English bulldog, we learn of a Beanie Baby obsession. Simone, a 7-year-old poodle, is described as "airhead by day and tramp by night," and Max, a 12-year-old border collie, "enjoys butt rubs"--but, then, who doesn't?This hard-to-resist book is sure to elicit the same two-part response from all dog lovers: 1) I need this on my coffee table, and 2) My dog should be in the sequel.

Stress In Dogs - Learn how dogs show stress and what you can do to help

Martina Scholz - 2006
    If he has an unpleasant body odor, excessive dandruff or heavy shedding, he may be stressed-out. If he is hyperactive, suddenly aggressive, hides under the bed or displays more than two dozen other symptoms, he may be stressed-out and need your help. The study of stress in human medicine and psychology has taught us that stress can lead to the development of health problems, affect our relationships with others, and can make us unhappy, irritable, and even aggressive. Dogs are no different. The conditions under which dogs are kept today demand a lot of them. They live in a very unnatural world—traffic, noise, crowding, isolation from others of their species, and long separations from their human family. Stress in Dogs is the first book to analyze, explain, and help you resolve stress in the lives of our canine companions. Written for both the canine professional as well as concerned dog owners, the information in Stress in Dogs can improve the lives of dogs as well as humans with a sound approach to resolving stress-related problems.Learn how you can help your dog.• There are more than 30 signs of stress in dogs—learn how to spot them.• Male and female dogs have different stressors, learn what they are and how to avoid them.• You may be over-doing it—too many outings, too many dog sports, too much stimulation.• Develop your own “anti-stress” program is logical and simple to implement. • Follow real-life cases where behavioral problems are solved by reducing stress levels.

Max, the Shelter Dog

Nicole Rivera - 2006
    It is the story of a misunderstood, playful, and energetic pit bull placed in a shelter by his owners.Will he find a loving home in time? Find out as you read about his journey through the shelter system. (updated 2012)Other titles in the Max the Shelter Dog series include: "Max: Out of the Shelter!," "Max: In His Forever Home!" and "Max Appreciates."

Finding Fizz (White Wolves: Issues)

Jenny Alexander - 2006
    Carly hasn't been herself lately, it seems that she's 'lost her fizz'. She is being teased and excluded by the girls who were once her best friends, and feels there is no one she can talk to. Then Carly finds a stray dog and suddenly her so-called friends don't matter so much.

Documenting Domestication: New Genetic and Archaeological Paradigms

Melinda A. Zeder - 2006
    In the last decade, significant technological and methodological advances in both molecular biology and archaeology have revolutionized the study of plant and animal domestication and are reshaping our understanding of the transition from foraging to farming, one of the major turning points in human history. This groundbreaking volume for the first time brings together leading archaeologists and biologists working on the domestication of both plants and animals to consider a wide variety of archaeological and genetic approaches to tracing the origin and dispersal of domesticates. It provides a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in this quickly changing field as well as reviews of recent findings on specific crop and livestock species in the Americas, Eurasia, and Africa. Offering a unique global perspective, it explores common challenges and potential avenues for future progress in documenting domestication.

Fat Daisy: Inner Beauty Secrets from a Real Dog

Beverly West - 2006
    But what this girl lacks in the lean and mean department, she more than makes up for with attitude, self-acceptance, and a bottomless appetite for life.Move over, canine fitness gurus. Fat Daisy has waddled onto the scene!No matter how many post-holiday workouts you blew off in January, or whether or not you actually made it into that yellow polka dot bikini this summer, Fat Daisy: Inner Beauty Secrets from a Real Dog is here to help you feel doggone great! This bigger-than-life Chihuahua has experienced the belt-over blues, the heartache of upper thigh spread, and the retirement of even her largest doggie sweaters. When treatless fad diets and radical running regimens failed, Fat Daisy discovered her own inner beauty secrets: a confidence-building, positive-self-image-bolstering, humor-honing fitness program with a double helping of unconditional love.No matter what your collar size or the width of your doggie door, Fat Daisy delivers a full-figured and fabulous philosophy that picks you up, cheers you on, and reminds you to count your blessings instead of your calories, one Fat Daisy at a time.

The American Pit Bull Terrier

Cynthia P. Gallagher - 2006
    The American Pit Bull Terrier is a working breed. This includes an extensive chapter on activities and sports that are especially appropriate for this breed's energetic nature.

Tales from the Dog Listener: 28 Secrets to Being Your Dog's Best Friend

Jan Fennell - 2006
    In Tales from the "Dog Listener" she goes beyond technique to tell the illuminating real-world stories of dogs and people learning to live together with mutual love and respect.Presenting the inspirational stories and experiences that have informed and guided this world-famous trainer, Tales from the Dog Listener reveals the inner language that guides dogs and illustrates the importance of such qualities as patience, trust, loyalty and leadership. Along the way, readers discover the path to becoming the great companion their dog deserves.

Dogs Are Smarter Than Jack: 91 Amazing True Dog Stories

Jenny Campbell - 2006
    This enchanting anthology showcases dozens of canny canines, including the dog who loved to skateboard; the miniature poodle who alerted his owners to another dog in distress; the Labrador who made sure her smaller friends got their share; and the sheep dog who liked to "sing" -- but only to Mozart. These true stories, shared by canine lovers from all over the world, highlight the many ways dogs enrich our lives. The "Smarter Than Jack series was created by Jenny Campbell as a way to entertain with reader-written books that actively contribute to animal welfare.