The Gifts and Calling of God

Kenneth E. Hagin - 1986
    Something about the calling or anointed of the teacher, because one of my callings is to be a teacher; the other is to stand in the office of prophet.

Faith Takes Back What The Devil's Stolen

Kenneth W. Hagin - 2005
    Believer's can reach out in faith, take back what belongs to them and begin to live in success, happiness, and liberty.

Winning Prayer

David Oyedepo - 1998
    Dr. David Oyedepo in this book has outlined the principles for effectual prayer.

All Summer Long

Bob Greene - 1993
    And so Ben, a divorced TV journalist, Ronnie, a high-powered CEO, and Michael, a high school English teacher, take leave of their families and jobs for a cross-country road trip to remember. Along the way, they see baseball games, state fairs, Elvis's Las Vegas hotel suite, and a convention of dental hygienists, and not only experience all of America in full bloom, but discover new truths about themselves. All Summer Long is a wise, funny, touching story you'll slurp down like a cold milkshake from the drive-in.

The A.T. Guide Northbound 2015

David Miller - 2009
    The A.T. Guide is the guidebook of choice for hikes of any length on the Appalachian Trail. The book contains thousands of landmarks such as campsites, water sources, summits and gaps. The trail's elevation profile is included and every landmark is aligned to the profile. Hikers using this guide know where they are on the trail, what views, streams and campsites are ahead, and whether they'll be hiking uphill or downhill to get there.The A.T. Guide answers all of your questions about how to get rides, where to stay, and where to get supplies. There are 80 maps of towns on or near the trail showing where to find these services and detailed listings for businesses.The A.T. Guide is the most innovative trail guidebook ever developed.

Body for Life Success Journal

Bill Phillips - 2000
    With over three million copies sold and after more than three years on bestseller lists, Body–for–Life is still going strong. People everywhere are discovering that they too have the power to change their body, their mindset, their life. They are discovering that when they make a change, they make a difference –– they become an inspiration to others, a positive example of living a healthy style of life. And now, with this new Success Journal, becoming a Body–for–Life success story is within reach for everyone.More than just a typical log book, this complete Success Journal guides you, day by day, step by step, through the entire 12–week Program. Bill Phillips designed this book to help you stay focused and inspired. Through its pages, he will be with you every step of the way and so will other people who have successfully completed the Program. Each and every day they will support you, encourage you, and help you complete the Program in championship style. When you finish this Success Journal, it will document your success story. However, the real reward will be your new, transformed body and your clear, empowered mindset.

Lost Pueblo

Zane Grey - 1927
    The heroine is Jane Endicott -- a spirited young woman who travels to Arizona with her father. She falls in love with this rough and rugged frontier -- not to mention the eligible young cowboys.Her father, rushing in where angels fear to tread, tries to match her with the son of an old friend. Complications arise."Zane Grey is unrivalled in his mastery of the western scene...this is a charming and vintage story." (B-O-T Editorial Review Board)

The Biggest Loser Calorie Counter

Cheryl Forberg - 2006
    For fans of the hit NBC show, this calorie counter profiles thousands of foods found in grocery stores and in popular restaurants.

The Alchemist

Ken Goddard - 1985
    A beautiful undercover agent and her partner are brutally murdered in Southern California. A special task force of highly trained police officers go underground to find out why. What they discover is a billion-dollar criminal conspiracy--and an elusive mastermind known as the Alchemist.The Alchemist is a respected chemist who has conjured up a substance worth its weight in gold: a synthetic "designer" drug as potent as cocaine or heroin and twice as dangerous--because its unique chemical formula is perfectly legal!Caught in the crossfire between a desperate Mafia chief and two ruthless drug lords, the task force must step outside the law to crush the impending crime war, risking being lured so far out from behind the protection of their badges that there is no turning back.

Song of the Wind

Madge Swindells - 1985
     When her mother is shot at the close of World War II, Marika Magos is orphaned into a new life in the diamond canyons of South Africa. As a worn-torn Europe is on the mend, Marika climbs to the glittering heights of the London fashion industry. From Paris to New York, her name is known and her admirers many. Not even Tony Palma, the international tycoon who thought he possessed her entirely knows of the secret passion she harbours for Swiss immigrant Gunter Grieff. Yet the sweet promise of their affair turns to ashes when Marika learns that his name and papers are false, changed in the final days of the war to protect his German identity. Song of the Wind tells a powerful tale of romance, adventure and intrigue. Praise for Song of the Wind ‘Irresistible . . . keeps your emotions trembling over hundreds of pages’ - MAIL ON SUNDAY Praise for Madge Swindells Praise for Madge Swindells 'Superlative' - Publishers Weekly 'I was gripped from start to finish’ - Kate Alexander, author ‘Terrific. A book that’s big in every sense. . . rich in detail and written with passion it lives on in the memory. I loved it’ - Sarah Harrison, author Madge Swindells was born and educated in England. As a teenager, she emigrated to South Africa where she studied archaeology at Cape Town University. Later, in England, she was a Fleet Street journalist and the manager of her own publishing company. Her earlier novels, Summer Harvest, Shadows on the Snow, The Corsican Woman, Edelweiss, The Sentinel and Harvesting the Past were international bestsellers and have been translated into eight languages. She lives in South Africa.

Four Guys and Trouble

Marcus Major - 2001
     "Style, insight, fun and a twist...entertaining, hip, and charming." (Publishers Weekly)

God's Armor Bearer

Terry Nance - 1990
    Terry desires to teach people how to identify with a lost, a dying world and then show them how they are the key to changing it.

The Story of the Christian Church

Jesse Lyman Hurlbut - 1933
    Its dramatic story is one of bloodshed and peace, corruption and purity. Here Dr. Hurlbut retells this story in an objective, concise, and clear style, emphasizing the spirit of the church, its growth and maturation, and the causes leading to historic events and their resulting influence. Accurate, up-to-date, and vividly presented, Hurlbut's Story of the Christian Church traces the six general periods of church history from A.D. 30 to the present day. A concluding section, covering the period since Dr. Hurlbut's death, has been added in this revised edition, thus giving the reader a complete, easily understood overview of the Christian church. Designed for two audiences, this book contains outlines and references in the margins to aid the student or teacher along with a continuous narrative and numerous illustrations for the general reader. It is ideal for Sunday school use, since it includes suggested outlines and review questions for each chapter at the end of the book.

Yellow Rose Trilogy: Every Little Thing About You / A Texas Sky / City Girl

Lori Wick - 2002

Random Acts of Badness: My Story

Danny Bonaduce - 2001
    Now, the co-star of the 1970s hit television series The Partridge Family, one of the most popular sitcoms in syndication, reveals how he not only survived the hazards of success at an early age, but lived to joke about it. The real Danny is as cheeky and irreverent as the pre-adolescent Danny Partridge he portrayed on television, and he tells his story with outrageous wit and refreshing candor. He talks about stepping into the spotlight at a painfully young age; about life on the set of a hit TV show; and about the relationships he formed off camera with the shows stars and executives. He recounts his life after cancellation and the quick slide from star to tabloid fodder; the numerous ways he medicated himself against the hurt and disappointment; and bottoming out financially and emotionally and even, briefly, criminally. But Danny Bonaduce bounced back, and here he tells the incredible story of his journey to personal redemption, including a one-night stand that led to a lifelong commitment, a new family, a successful career, and a new lease on life. As hilarious as it is touching, and told in Bonaduces own irrepressible voice, Random Acts of Badness is a story about a Hollywood prodigy that concludes not in tragedy, but in triumph, and about a career and a life that are not ending, but just beginning.