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Love Signs: Farm Help Wanted by Alicia Sheehy


Second Wind

Alison Henderson - 2019
    She lands a job in an art gallery in picturesque Carmel-by-the-Sea and begins a new life.After her ex’s body washes up on the beach, Laurel finds herself dragged into a scheme involving money-laundering Russians, a pair of amiable biker gang members, and a good-looking government number-cruncher who’s more comfortable in a T-shirt and shorts than a suit.As a forensic accountant for the FBI, Jake Carlson is used to nailing bad guys by following the money trail. His current investigation is floundering until he meets Laurel McDowell, a young woman with connections to an alarming number of his suspects. Is she a witness, an accomplice, or a victim? All he has to do is to keep her alive long enough to find out.

Taking the High Road Box Set 2-10

Morris Fenris - 2018
     Do you love books that touch your heart? Then you will love this intriguing love story collection with enough twists to keep you turning the pages. These stories of hope, fear, romance, suspense and true love will warm your heart and your soul. If you enjoy heartwarming Western romance with a focus on action, suspense and plot twists, be sure to check out other books by Morris Fenris. Scroll up to the top of this page and hit the orange ‘Buy now with 1-Click’ button to grab this Box Set!

A Real Christmas

Christie Logan - 2017
    Her lonely boss who hates Christmas. As they rediscover the magic of the holiday, will they also find love?  Christmas hasn't been the same for Allison Voss since losing her husband, but she's determined to make it merry for her daughters' sake. She's between jobs and simply managing day to day is a struggle until she meets Ward Haysgard. His act of kindness and offer of employment just might turn her luck around.Ward is not a fan of Christmas. As a district manager for a large department store, he's seen plenty of greed and selfishness and not much good will toward men. But Allison's plight touches him. As he gets to know her and her girls, they work their way into his heart. A heart he thought had hardened long ago, when he lost the loving grandmother who raised him.As the holiday approaches, an old secret from Ward's past emerges and threatens his closeness to Allison. Will he leave her heartbroken? Or will she and Ward discover together what makes Christmas real? Read all the stories in the Holidays in Applewood series by Christie Logan: A Real Christmas (Holidays in Applewood 1)Dear Acquaintance (Holidays in Applewood 2)A Gentle Heart (Holidays in Applewood 3)

Sea Foam

Natalie C. Penna - 2014
    Now mute, and afraid of the water, Lana is sent away to spend the summer with her aunt and uncle by the sea. There she meets Ezekiel, a young surfer with a bad reputation. Can Lana learn to love the water again? And will she find her voice?

Broken: Macy's Story

Janice Broyles - 2020
     Macy Elmsworth has found herself in a mess. The 18 year old pastor’s daughter got in trouble with the law, nearly died, and in the process, damaged her relationship with her family. She now needs to fulfill community service hours. As a last resort, she moves in with her grandparents, where they need a housekeeper at the small motel they own. Feeling broken and defeated, Macy counts down the days her community service hours are over. Until she meets others at the motel. People a lot like her. People with questionable pasts and bleak futures. As friendships are forged, Macy begins to come out of her shell and help her new friends. It is through these new relationships that she begins to repair the broken relationship with her family. But her past isn’t about to go away, and Macy is going to have to turn to God for the complete restoration she needs.

American Princess

Alexandria Hunt - 2017
    The problem is that I'm the only daughter of the president of the United States. And of course I'm assigned a Secret Service detail for my first year away at college. And of course he happens to be drop dead sexy, unbelievably kissable, and committed to his duty...which doesn't include sleeping with the body he's supposed to be guarding. And worst of all, he doesn't remember our night together. But I do, and it's driving me crazy! I just hope our passion doesn't get in the way of my safety, and when bad things happen, I hope I make it through. **Recommended for 18+ due to some graphic sex and some violence.

A New Beginning (Small Town Romance Book 1)

Faith Blakely - 2021

The Letter

Emma Sharp - 2020
    That is, until one morning, when, out of the blue she receives a mysterious letter. With life changing decisions to be made, will Laura take up the challenge of starting a new life in the French sunshine? Join her on the rollercoaster adventure, as she experiences highs and lows, opens new doors, makes new friends; and enemies along the way. Who can she trust in this unfamiliar country with the secrets that she uncovers? And, how is she going to deal with her belligerent, new neighbour? So much more than a rags to riches story.

Looking Past

Katharine E. Smith - 2014
    Completely unprepared and suffering an acute sense of loss, she and her father continue quietly, trying to live by the well-intentioned advice of friends, hoping that time really is a great healer and that they will, eventually, move on. Life changes very little until Sarah leaves for university and begins her first serious relationship. Along with her new boyfriend comes his mother, the indomitable Hazel Poole. Despite some misgivings, Sarah finds herself drawn into the matriarchal Poole family and discovers that gaining a mother figure in her life brings mixed blessings. A mother-in-law who just can't let her sons grow up, a midwife who treats her charges like girls in a private school dormitory. These are some of the people who Sarah must deal with as her own pregnancy turns to motherhood and she realises that she must find her own two feet. Looking Past is a tale of family, friendship, love, life and death – not necessarily in that order. This is the second novel from Katharine E. Smith, author of Writing the Town Read. The narrator’s voice is clear and strong, with vivid descriptions and intelligent observations. Readers will quickly empathise with Sarah, whose grief and confusion at the loss of her mother at key moments in her life is contrasted with a dry and sometimes subtle humour derived from situations and characters which help colour the book. The father-daughter relationship which develops between the bereaved husband and daughter feels very real, as both come to terms with their grief and learn how best to live together. Sarah's father is unassuming and appealing, as he struggles to find a way to deal with his broken heart and support his daughter throughout school, puberty and on into adulthood. Smith's readers have praised her honesty, realism, warmth and humour. Both Looking Past and Writing the Town Read - Katharine's first novel - are written from a strong female first person perspective. However, don't be fooled into thinking this is chick lit - or indeed exclusively women's fiction. Looking Past has received praise from a number of male readers, including an ex-US Marine. You don't get much more macho than that! Nevertheless, this is a story guaranteed to strike a chord with mothers, daughters - and daughters-in-law - everywhere. The dual settings of Yorkshire and Cornwall will interest people with strong links to those places but the characters and events hold universal appeal. This is a book for people who like people. Looking Past was selected for the People's Book Prize Winter 2015 Collection.

A Chance Encounter: A Sweet Contemporary Romance (Standalone Romance Novels)

Paul Haedo - 2022
    Her life was uneventful; she hated the monotone existence that she had to deal with, where each day blurred into the one before. She dreamed of the day where this would change, the day when she could finally begin to live her life.But when a mysterious young man from out-of-town visits Boutiques with Coffee, Meghan is overwhelmed with emotion. Young, attractive, and more mysterious than a Top-Secret military document, this man by the name of William quickly changes Meghan’s life. Whether the changes were good or bad, she did not yet know.Would this man be good for Meghan? Is he the answer to the boring and uneventful life that she was currently living? Or will the mysterious man break her heart, and make her wish that she had never met him?

Truth or Dare

Amanda Martinez - 2016
    With a name like hers, of course she does. But with the long hours she's working, she has no time for anything else. That is until she comes up with a game to keep her coworkers on task and their blood pumping.

Dandelion Summer

Mary Ellen Bramwell - 2019
    But missing him is soon replaced with the challenges and surprises right in front of her. What is her mother hiding? Why has her grandfather disappeared from their lives? Unraveling the mysteries brings about unexpected discoveries and connections, ultimately leading her to know herself and understand what matters most.

Passionate Tales of Forbidden Highlanders

Lydia Kendall - 2020
    But she never expected to fall in love with him, or that the real enemy is common to both, and is getting even closer...The Highlander’s Secret MaidenAvoiding her fearful fate with a despised British Army Officer, Georgina Andrews escapes with two fearsome Highlanders. Torn between them, Marcas McGowan makes the decision for her, when he puts her needs above all...even his own brother.Highlander’s Love in CaptivityWhen Jane Keppel and her father get abducted by the powerful Laird Bhaltair McColl, her fate hangs from a thin thread. Realizing she has to pay for the mistakes of her family, one secret is enough to either fix or destroy everything...and it revolves around Bhaltair’s most profound pain: the death of his wife.Welcome to Scotland, a land of powerful romance stories, that contain adventure, drama, twists, and most of all, love. Enjoy!

Starting Over In Key West: Darkest Day: A Florida Keys Romance Series. Prequel

Amy Rafferty - 2021

The Billionaire Champion: Escape to Sun Valley (Grant Brothers Billionaire Boss Romance Book 4)

Sarah Gay - 2021