Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty, Vol. 1

Megumi Morino - 2015
    As he toils away, he notices a building separate from the estate, and the mysterious girl who lives within it: Shizu Karasawa. Tetsu slowly becomes enchanted by Shizu’s lonely smile, but by their second encounter, he quickly finds himself in over his head. There’s an unsettling feeling he can’t quite shake, but there’s love there, too.

Prince Freya, Vol. 1

Keiko Ishihara - 2018
    She bears a striking resemblance to her country’s Prince Edvard, who lies dying from poison. Without its prince, Tyr will quickly be engulfed by violence. Now Freya must take Prince Edvard’s place and lead his valiant knights in defending the realm!

Fushigi Yûgi, Vol. 1

Yuu Watase - 2009
    Following the legend in the story, Miaka becomes the Priestess of Suzaku and must find her seven Celestial Warrios before she can save the kingdom and return home.Read the shojo manga that started it all!Fushigi Yûgi, the best-selling series from beloved creator Yuu Watase, is now available in a VIZBIG Edition—three of the original graphic novel releases collected into one volume, including color artwork and bonus content!

Man of Many Faces, Vol. 1

CLAMP - 1990
    By day he's a top student at the elite CLAMP School, but by night he's the infamous thief 20 Faces. A Master of disguise and stealth, the masked thief steals the most unusual objects at the whim of a pair of devious crime-lords... his two mothers! One starlit night, his routine is changed forever when he meets the lovely young Utako while hiding from the police. This time, Akira finds something was stolen from him - his heart.

Fruits Basket Fan Book -Cat-

Natsuki Takaya - 2005
    Don't miss out on all the Furuba fun!

Tail of the Moon Prequel: The Other Hanzo[u]

Rinko Ueda - 2002
    Set in feudal Japan, a young woman is found with a huge scar on her back and no memory of who she is. She’s given the name "Kaguya" and taken in by a local brothel where she's put in charge of babysitting and housekeeping duties. Hanzou, the head guard of the nearby castle, starts to pursue her and realizes later that they’ve actually met before...and are enemies! (It turns out this young woman is one of Oda Nobunaga's daughters--Princess Sara.) In the second story, Oda Nobunaga sends Sara to infiltrate the ninja town of Iga to steal a secret gunpowder formula. She is to go under the guise of being the prospective bride of Hanzo Hattori, one of the high-ranking ninja leaders of Iga. Sara willingly goes along with the plan because she doesn't realize that she's got her Hanzo(u)s mixed up!


Matsuri Hino - 2005
    to date.• To be previewed and promoted in the August 2008 issue of Shojo Beat magazine.• Japanese fans have been asking for a sequel.In the Mediterranean at end of the 17th century, former songstress Armeria disguises herself as a boy and boards the ship of the pirate Skulls--the man who kidnapped Luce, her first love. Captain Skulls is arrogant, violent, and a skirt chaser! And unfortunately for Armeria, he discovers she's a woman...

Hero Tales, Vol. 1

Hiromu Arakawa - 2007
    Two of these stars are constantly in conflict, destined to battle and throw the world into chaos... Not that Taitou has ever paid much attention to old stories. Headstrong and defiant, he is the last in his village to complete his coming-of-age ceremony - a fact his sister Laila incessantly teases him about. When he is finally deemed worthy, he is presented with the Kenkaranbu, an ancient sword that can only be drawn by a true hero. As the frustrated Taitou struggles to unsheathe the sword, a mysterious thief appears, making off with the blade and citing the legend of the Big Dipper. The stars have been set in motion, as Taitou sets off after the Kenkaranbu and the truth of his own destiny... Hiromu Arakawa, creator of Fullmetal Alchemist, brings the legend to life!

Dawn of the Arcana, Vol. 1

Rei Toma - 2009
    While Caesar is pleasing to the eye, he is also selfish and possessive, telling Nakaba outright: “You are my property.” With only her attendant Loki at her side, Nakaba must find a way to cope with her hostile surroundings, her fake marriage...and a mysterious power!

Karakuri Odette Volume 1

Julietta Suzuki - 2006
    Curious to find out what it's like to be human, she convinces the Professor to enroll her in high school. And thus, with a new group of friends in tow, Odette sets out to discover the true meaning of life as a human, where even the simple stuff is an adventure! A touching slice-of-life comedy, Karakuri Odette does nothing If not uncover the incredible possibilities of the "human" spirit!

Cipher, Volume 1

Minako Narita - 1985
    Although the cool and handsome Siva seems unapproachable, Anise manages to become his friend. But her happiness turns to surprise when she discovers Siva's secret: for years, he's been switching identities with his twin brother, Cipher!

Alice in the Country of Clover: Ace of Hearts

QuinRose - 2009
    Can the charming Alice Lidell mellow Ace and his violent ways? Perhaps Ace will even fall in love with Alice...if he doesn’t kill her first. Also includes a special bonus feature: a 44-page Crimson Empire short story!

Dear My Girls Volume 1

Hee-Eun Kim - 2010
    The only reason she stands out from her sisters' extraordinary beauty and talent is because she's talentless. After her acceptance into the same academy all her sisters are at, Elizabeth encountered a chain of interesting things including getting off at the wrong start with a rich boy named Adrian.

Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration, Vol. 1

Nobuhiro Watsuki - 2012
    But now that the Meiji Restoration has begun to heal the wounds of civil war, Battosai has taken up a new name…and a new calling! He is now Himura Kenshin, a rurouni wanderer who has vowed to only draw his sword to protect those in need.But not everyone is pleased with Kenshin’s new direction, and enemies from his dark past have vowed to bring him down!

身代わり伯爵の冒険 1 [Migawari Hakushaku no Bouken 1]

Mimori Seike - 2009
    One day a letter from her brother said he was in love with another man's woman. She replied, provoking him to be a man and claim the woman as his. Two months later, a beautiful young man named Richard, claiming to be a messenger from her twin brother Fred, visits and tells her "I've come for you." When the bewildered Mireille resists, he proceeds to kidnap her! She learns that Fred has run and eloped with the crown prince's fiance and now, it is now her responsibility to impersonate Fred who was the former Count of Bernhardt!