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Batman: Hush

Jeph Loeb - 2005
    The complete critically acclaimed and best-selling tale is now available in one sensational volume.BATMAN: HUSH is a thrilling mystery of action, intrigue, and deception penned by Jeph Loeb (BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN) and illustrated by comics superstar Jim Lee (ALL STAR BATMAN & ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER) in which Batman sets out to discover the identity of a mysterious mastermind using the Joker, Riddler, Ra's al Ghul and the Dark Knight's other enemies - and allies - as pawns in a plan to wreak havoc.This volume collects Batman #609-619 as well as the 6-page segment from Wizard #0 and a 2-page origin story that originally appeared at

Frank Miller's Complete Sin City Library

Frank Miller - 2005
    bloody by choice or by circumstance. Frank Miller's Sin City is a triumph for its fiercely independent creator, and has been honored with Eisner awards, Harvey awards, and the prestigious National Cartoonists' Award.

Digger, Volume One

Ursula Vernon - 2005
    More specifically, it is a story about a particularly no-nonsense wombat who finds herself stuck on the wrong end of a one-way tunnel in a strange land where nonsense seems to be the specialty. Now with the help of a talking statue of a god, an outcast hyena, a shadow-being of undeterminate origin, and an oracular slug she seeks to find out where she is and how to go about getting back to her Warren"--Publisher's web site.

The Acme Novelty Library

Chris Ware - 2005
    C. Ware returns to the book trade with "The ACME Novelty Library," a hardcover distillation of all his surviving one-page cartoon jokes with which he tuckpointed the holes of his regular comic book periodical over the past decade.Sometimes claimed to be his "best work" by those who really don't know any better, this definitive congestion of stories of the future, the old west, and even of modern life nonetheless tries to stay interesting by including a luminescent map of the heavens, a chart of the general structure of the universe, assorted cut-out activitites, and a complete history of The ACME Novelty Company itself, decorated by rare photographs, early business ventures, not to mention the smallest example of a Comic Strip ever before offered to the general public. All in all, it will likely prove a rather mild disappointment, but at least it catches the light in a nice way and may force a smile here and there before being shelved for the next generation's ultimate disregard and/or disposal.

The Walking Dead, Omnibus 1

Robert Kirkman - 2005
    Perfect for long time fans, new readers and anyone needing a heavy object with which to fend off The Walking Dead.

The Mythology Class: A Graphic Novel

Arnold Arre - 2005
    It was originally published by the author under his own Tala Comics Publishing in four issues in 1999, and was collected into a special edition by Adarna House in September of 2005.The story centers on University of the Philippines Anthropology student Nicole Lacson, a girl who holds a passionate love for Filipino myths passed down from her grandfather. Together with a motley assortment of companions, she meets the mysterious Mrs. Enkanta and races to recapture enkantos (supernatural creatures) who have escaped and are causing havoc in the human world. The story also references historical and mythological Filipino heroes like Kubin, Sulayman and Lam-ang.(from

Batman: Under the Hood, Volume 1

Judd WinickRodney Ramos - 2005
    With Black Mask controlling the Gotham underworld, what role will Red Hood have when all is said and done?

Anne Frank: The Anne Frank House Authorized Graphic Biography

Sid Jacobson - 2005
    Their account is complete, covering the lives of Anne's parents, Edith and Otto; Anne's first years in Frankfurt; the rise of Nazism; the Franks' immigration to Amsterdam; war and occupation; Anne's years in the Secret Annex; betrayal and arrest; her deportation and tragic death in Bergen-Belsen; the survival of Anne's father; and his recovery and publication of her astounding diary.

Frank Miller's Sin City: The Library Edition, Set I

Frank Miller - 2005
    This slipcase holds volumes one through four, with the stories that started it all. It transports you to Sin City and shows you the bloody lives they lead, bloody by choice or by circumstance. It has been honored with Eisner awards, Harvey awards, and the prestigious National Cartoonists' Award.

The Punisher MAX, Vol. 1: In the Beginning

Garth Ennis - 2005
    But first, he's got an offer for Frank that he'd better not refuse. Get ready for blazing bullets, bloodbaths, and bold beginnings! Collects Punisher MAX #1-6.


Warren Ellis - 2005
    Dumped in this collapsing urban trashzone, Richard Fell is starting all over again. In a place where nothing seems to make any sense, Fell clings to the one thing he knows to be true: everybody's hiding something.

Hellblazer: All His Engines

Mike Carey - 2005
    Suggested For Mature Readers.

Your Whole Family is Made Out of Meat: The Best of Dinosaur Comics, 2003-2005 A.D.

Ryan North - 2005
    The daily comic first appeared on-line at and now boasts over 300,000 unique readers each month. Fans "click in" to see the philosophical thoughts, rants and misgivings of T-rex, the neurotic main character played by, well, a house-stopming-0apparently-college-educated Tyrannasaurus Rex. He carries on regular dialog with Utahraptor and Dromiceiomimus while God and the Devil make regular off-screen cameos.

Wonder Woman: Eyes of the Gorgon

Greg Rucka - 2005
    After a terrible sacrifice, the Amazing Amazon must prove herself once again to her comrades in the JLA and to the world.Collecting WONDER WOMAN Vol. 2 #206–213

The Power of Friendship

Parke Godwin - 2005
    In the GRAPHIC NOVEL #1 the five friends discover their destinies and the power of their friendship in 128 pages of original 4-color comics.

Cinema Panopticum

Thomas Ott - 2005
    Ott plunges into the darkness with five new graphic horror novelettes: "The Prophet," "The Wonder Pill," "La Lucha," "The Hotel," and the title story, each executed in his hallucinatory and hyper-detailed scratchboard style and running between 16 to 20 pages. The first story in the book introduces the other four: A little girl visits an amusement park. She looks fascinated, but finds everything too expensive. Finally, behind the rollercoaster she eyeballs a small booth with "CINEMA PANOPTICUM" written on it. Inside there are boxes with screens. Every box contains a movie; the title of each appears on each screen. Each costs only a dime, so the price is right for the little girl. She puts her money in the first box: "The Prophet" begins. In the film, a vagrant foresees the end of the world and tries to warn people, but nobody believes him. They will soon enough. In the second film, "The Wonderpill," a short-sighted man initially goes blind from some pills his doctor gave him, but soon the blindness wears off and he finds they accord quite a view. "La Lucha," the third story, introduces a Mexican wrestler who fights against death himself. In a typical Ott twist, he wins and loses at the same time. The final story, "The Hotel," depicts a traveler who goes to sleep in what seems to be an otherwise empty hotel. His awakening is the stuff of nightmares... Ott's O. Henry-esque plot twists will delight fans of classic horror like The Twilight Zone and Tales From the Crypt, or modern efforts like M. Night Shamalayan's films; his artwork will haunt you long after you've put the book down.

Stray Bullets, Vol. 2: Somewhere Out West

David Lapham - 2005
    Here, two young lovers on the run from the Mob will learn that love is more than just another four-letter word. A once-beautiful, now-broken woman will let the demons of her past pull her down into a thick soup of depravity and death. A betrayed little girl running from everything will decide to help someone and be scarred forever. And a big lug with big dreams will achieve fame and glory and then throw it all away. These are just some of the people whose tales will stick in your gut for the rest of your days.

Batman: The Man Who Laughs

Ed Brubaker - 2005
    Written by Ed Brubaker Art by Doug Mahnke, Patrick Zircher, Aaron Sowd and Steve Bird Cover by Mahnke Witness Batman's first encounter with The Joker in this hardcover volume collecting the graphic novel BATMAN: THE MAN WHO LAUGHS, by Ed Brubaker and Doug Mahnke! This collection also includes DETECTIVE COMICS #784-786, a murder-mystery tale guest-starring Green Lantern Alan Scott!

Why Do They Kill Me?

Tim Kreider - 2005
    Kliban, about the squalor and ridiculousness of the human condition. But after the takeover by the Bush-Cheney regime and the War on Terror, he focused his bitter humor on more timely issues. His political cartoons have been, in the words of Ted Rall (not known as a sentimental softie), "among the most viscerally anti-Bush work around." As reality has become ever more nightmarish, Kreider's been driven to push the outer limits of humor to parody it. In this collection you will find:The Girls of Hamas calendarThe artist's conception of "Negropolis" (Strom Thurmond's proposal for a lunar colony for the repatriation of African-Americans)John Ashcroft imagining eating Donald Rumsfeld as their bunker crumbles around themU.S. jets bombing the Great Pyramids in the War on HorrorAn analysis of the all-important Shithead VoteAn expose of the link between homosexuality and terrorismAnd an ashen stake driven, just as a precaution, through Ronald Reagan's heartCynical, astute, blackly hilarious, and deeply biased, these cartoons are neither the superficial, obvious jibes that appear in your daily paper's editorial section nor the didactic left-wing rants syndicated in your local alternative weekly; they are the artistic equivalent of hollow-point bullets fired from a high-powered rifle with a laser sight directly into the brain of the Bush administration.

To the Cafeteria... for Justice!

Aaron Williams - 2005

Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne, Vol. 3

John Byrne - 2005
    Writer/artist John Byrne launched the Fantastic Four into realms where few creators before had dared to go. Now, the collection of his classic run continues! Featuring a four-part epic deep within the Negative Zone -- and the death of...Reed Richards?! Plus: Galactus devours the Skrull homeworld, and the Fantastic Four say goodbye to the Baxter Building! Guest-starring the Avengers!

Madrox: Multiple Choice

Peter David - 2005
    Jamie Madrox, setting up a detective agency in the heart of Mutant Town. Jamie Madrox, a peaceful Shaolin priest. Which is the real Jamie Madrox? In this noir-esque thriller of a limited series, it's possible that even Madrox doesn't know anymore. Peter David, acclaimed for his run on X-Factor, reunites several of that title's most popular and whimsical characters - Jamie Madrox, Wolfsbane, and the aptly named Strong Guy - and sends them on an adventure of light and darkness. Featuring the incredibly moody pencils of Pablo Raimondi.

The Best of Poe

Saddleback Educational Publishing - 2005
    This series features classic tales retold with color illustrations to introduce literature to struggling readers. Each 64-page eBook retains key phrases and quotations from the original classics. You'll be kept in suspense with these four Edgar Allan Poe short stories! The Pit and the Pendulum, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Cask of Amontillado, The Murders in the Rue Morgue.

Peter Pan

Régis Loisel - 2005
    This 372-page, full colour hardback will tell the entire story of how Peter, a young boy on the streets of Dickensian London, became Peter Pan.This omnibus edition collects the complete 6 volume bande dessinee series lovingly created by Loisel from 1990 to 2004. This series has never before been seen in the UK, and has never been collected in English.

The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 1

Bill Finger - 2005
    Presenting an exciting new way to experience the rich history of the Dark Knight in an affordable trade paperback collection of every Batman adventure, in color, in chronological order!Batman Chronicles, Volume 1 reprints Batman stories from DETECTIVE COMICS #27-37 and BATMAN #1, featuring the earliest adventures of the Dark Knight by Batman creator Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Gardner Fox, Jerry Robinson and Sheldon Moldoff.

Little Lulu, Volume 4: Sunday Afternoon

John Stanley - 2005
    Critically acclaimed and widely regarded as one of the most classic comics ever published, Little Lulu is an all-ages treasure, with stories funny and fresh enough to stand the test of time.

The Incal: The Epic Journey

Alejandro Jodorowsky - 2005
    John Difool, a low class detective in a degenerate world, finds his life turned upside down when he discovers an ancient artifact called "The Incal."--Difool's adventures will bring him into conflict with the galaxy's greatest warrior, The Metabaron, and will pit him against the awesome powers of the Technopriests. Can an ordinary man survive such an epic battle? Suggested For Mature Readers.

Seeing Things

Jim Woodring - 2005
    These crisply rendered images reflect his life-long obsession with hidden worlds, alternate realities and the inexplicable resonance of the unprecedented and irrational in lucid art.Seeing Things collects the most toothsome of these drawings and arranges them in four sections. "Lazy Robinson" is a series of portraits of forms taken by a cognizant object during the course of a specific and identifiable stream of thought. "Frogs" celebrates the tender proclivities of the most noble of all animals, by placing them in situations that would dismay a horde of saints. "The Visible World" is a roundup of appalling scenes of sub-rational political activity involving catalytic entities with a high ratio of motivation to altruism. And "The Portfolio in Color" appears like a rainbow at the end of all this exalted storminess to send readers out into the world whistling with delight. Many of these images were created for "Mysterio Sympatico," Woodring's multimedia stage collaboration with guitarist Bill Frisell. There is plenty of echoless, glowing furniture to add to that already crowded storeroom which is briefly, but brilliantly, illuminated in the pages of this stately book.

My Dinner With Lulu

John Stanley - 2005
    Critically acclaimed and widely regarded as one of the most classic comics ever published, Little Lulu is an all-ages treasure, with stories funny and fresh enough to stand the test of time.

Judge Dredd: Origins

John Wagner - 2005
    The severed hand of Chief Judge Fargo, the very first chief judge, is delivered to the Grand Hall of Justice with a ransom note. Dredd and his team must travel into the Cursed Earth to try and recover the body of the Judge Father. But this is more than just a journey across America, this is a journey into the past and into the history of the Judges and Mega-City One itself!

Tales Designed to Thrizzle #1

Michael Kupperman - 2005
    Tales designed to thrizzle are about Jesus's half-brother Pagus, Private Eye Johnny Silhouette, Murder she didn't Write, Hercules the Public Domain Superhero, Mark Twain, the Thirties, and more. The Thrizzle tales will make their debut in 2009 on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim as Snake 'N' Bacon, which is sure to catapult Thrizzle to new heights of popularity. The show, a mix of live action, pupperty and animation, stars David Rakoff (This American Life), Bill Hader(Saturday Night Live), Kristen Schaal ( Flight of the Conchords), James Urbaniak (The Venture Brothers), and Dan Bakkedahl ( The Daily Show), and is produced by Kupperman, Robert Smigel ( Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog), Scott Jacobson(The Daily Show), and Rich Bloomquist (The Daily Show).

Little Lulu, Volume 6: Letters To Santa

John Stanley - 2005
    Need to quell the fury of a rambunctious two-year-old? Lulu's got a hilarious fairy tale brewing in her brain that'll do just the trick. Father needs his best suit taken to the tailor? Lulu can handle it - so long as Pop doesn't mind if she makes a few unplanned - and wholly unpredictable - stops along the way. Have a wayward ghost in your house who needs a new home? Lulu's your girl

Best Of American Splendor

Harvey Pekar - 2005
    But how did a former file clerk from Cleveland and up with an Oscar nomination? The story begins in 1976, when Harvey began publishing his autobiographical, slice-of-downtrodden-life comic book, illustrated by a who's who of underground comic artists, including R. Crumb, Frank Stack, Gary Dumm and Joe Sacco. Titan is proud to present our third book from Harvey, an all-new compilation of his best work, featuring 100 per cent previously uncollected material.

Little Lulu, Volume 3: Lulu in the Doghouse

John Stanley - 2005
    As tough as she is tender-hearted, as smart as she is sassy, and as fair and generous as she is cantankerous, Lulu Moppet is a real one-of-a-kind. Now, for the first time ever, comics fans can read and relish every Little Lulu comic book story from the original, long-running Dell Comics series in Dark Horse Books' handy paperback library series Handy, affordable, and hilarious, these thick, fun-filled volumes are bursting with stories from every angle of Lulu's world - from the far-flung fairy tales she dreams up to calm the quarrelsome tot, Alvin, to the silly slice-of-life adventures that end with impossible complexities and belly laughs for readers.

Serenity: Those Left Behind #2

Joss Whedon - 2005

Poor Sailor

Sammy Harkham - 2005
    Poor Sailor is his own pen and ink on bristol contribution to Kramers Ergot 4, reproduced in mini format. It is based on Guy de Maupassant's short story, At Sea, the message of which is the tragedy that occurs when property protection prevails over human suffering and loss. Poor Sailor uses few words to tell the similar tale of a woodsman who trades a simple but contented life for adventure at sea, and the high price he must pay for it. Harkham's quiet tone is eerie, emotional, honest and moving - all of the things this gifted cartoonist believes a comic should be. Poor Sailor is a must have for comics enthusiasts of all dispositions.

Marvel Visionaries: Chris Claremont

Chris Claremont - 2005
    In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Chris Claremont's first X-Men story, the House of Ideas presents a timeless testament to another true Marvel visionary! Best known for ushering the X-Men from reprints to blockbuster franchise, Claremont has steered Marvel's mutants for three decades while working alongside some of comicdom's top artists.Collects Daredevil #102, Marvel Premiere #11, Iron Fist #14, Uncanny X-Men #137, 153, 205, 268, Uncanny X-Men Annual #12, Wolverine #3, New Mutants #21, Classic X-Men #12, Excalibur #16, X-Men Unlimited #36, and Avengers Annual #10.

Wish You Were Here No. 1: The Innocents (Ignatz Series)

Gipi - 2005
    "The Innocents," which includes two narrative tracks in different drawing styles, is a contemplative, beautifully drawn graphic novelette about these three characters' meeting. Future issues will focus on other members of this group of friends, a bit like Jaime Hernandez's "Locas" stories, with supporting characters stepping into the spotlight as former "lead" characters become part of the background...

Looks, Brains & Everything

John Allison - 2005
    It also features all the extras from previous print editions - bonus pages, several out-take comics, character bios, new drawings and a couple of short essays from 2006.

The Illustrated Pride and Prejudice Companion

Hugh Thomson - 2005
    This deluxe hardcover volume features an original selection of Thomson's illustrations for the classic 1894 edition of Pride and Prejudice. Each of the 58 images has been individually colored to complement the style and sensibility of the artist’s pen-and-ink drawings. Austen fans, lovers of Victoriana, and all who appreciate the art of book illustration will prize this handsome volume.


Dave Cooper - 2005
    Subtitled "Additional Observations on the Beauty/Ugliness of Mostly Pillowy Girls," Underbelly is a hardcover art book featuring over 50 of Cooper's luminescent oil paintings and lush drawings, each focusing on the female form. Underbelly is the follow-up to Cooper's acclaimed first book of paintings, Overbite. Since then, Cooper has been producing new work at a fevered pitch for gallery shows and patrons alike. Although much of the work in Underbelly appears to have slithered out of a similar same place as Overbite, this latest batch has a decidedly darker and more urban flavor.

Lenore #12

Roman Dirge - 2005
    Meanwhile, Ragamuffin, now back to his old vampire self, defeats a large part of the Heck Army. After Ragamuffin repairs himself with his magic vampire powers he, Lenore and Muffin Monster, head back to Lenore's mansion to fortify it against the Heck Army. There they learn that Mr. Gosh is possessed and take great enjoyment beating him with a chair. Then Pooty shows up and calls on The Spam Witch to give them the answer to defeating the Heck Army. After some brief miscommunication, they close the portal to Heck and Taxidermy and his friends arrive and slaughter the rest of the army. Finally as Lenore is getting bored Ragamuffin turns back into his doll form once again. Hickory Dickory Dock- Retelling of Hickory Dickory Dock with a Lenore twist. Things Involving Me-Roman tells the story of his trip to Norway and the true story about how he lost his underwear tag to a naked Norwegian.

Jackie Robinson: Baseball's Great Pioneer

Jason Glaser - 2005
    Written in graphic-novel format.

Kane Volume 5: Untouchable Rico Costas and Other Stories

Paul Grist - 2005
    His fellow police officers give Kane a welcome-back gift: a couple of bullets with his name on them. Rico Costas is only a two-bit villain, but he's managed to make himself the target of The Blind Man, a legendary hitman who tracks down his victims by listening to their heartbeats. The only safe place for Rico now is inside the cells of the 39th Precinct of New Eden. Only problem is, Rico's got a court order preventing the police from coming within six feet of him!

Fantastic Four Visionaries: George Pérez, Vol. 1

George Pérez - 2005
    Fantastic in...the Frightful Four? Also featuring the Incredible Hulk, Luke Cage, the High Evolutionary, and costumed characters never seen before or since! Collects Fantastic Four #164-167, #170, #176-178, #184-186.

Outside the Ark: An Artist's Journey in Occupied Palestine

Ellen O'Grady - 2005
    The paintings and stories reflect a complex world of love and injustice, violence and compassion, hope and despair. You will meet Ali and Mahmoud, two best friends from Bethlehem who get caught in a clash with Israeli soldiers; Salwa, a 69-year old woman suffering from untreated diabetes who breaks the military closure to get to the hospital; Aseel, a girl who dreams of taking flight from her refugee camp on the string of a kite. Outside the Ark is a provocative collection of paintings and stories, a window into the realities of life under occupation and a witness to the enduring human spirit." (description taken from the back cover)

Rogue Trooper: The Future of War

Gerry Finley-Day - 2005

GrimJack: Killer Instinct

John Ostrander - 2005
    His friends at Cadre have hired a beautiful vampire assassin to take him out. How does GrimJack save his neck -- and who winds up in possession of Munden's Bar, the nexus of all realities?

The Best of Laxman: The Common Man Casts His Vote

R.K. Laxman - 2005
    Hilarious and thought provoking at the same time, this is a treasure house of humor from one of the most striking voice commenting on Indian socio-political life today.

Runners, Vol. 1: Bad Goods (Runners, #1)

Sean Wang - 2005
    Their adventure takes them from shootouts with pirates to ship-to-ship dogfights with ruthless bounty hunters, culminating in an all-out, three-way ship, cycle, and foot chase through the streets of an alien space station. All the while, they also have to contend with a vengeful mercenary, a ghost from the past, and a mysterious alien girl lying unconscious on their cargo bay floor. Collected in its entirety with new enhancements to the artwork, the Runners: Bad Goods graphic novel begins the epic Runners saga. Special features include a pronunciation guide, 10-page character and vehicle sketchbook, and the original short story that introduced the universe and cast of characters.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Classics Illustrated)

Saddleback Educational Publishing - 2005
    The adventures of a mischievous young boy and his friends growing up in a Mississippi River town in the nineteenth century retold in comic book format.

Adventures From Mauretania

Chris Reynolds - 2005
    "Adventures From Mauretania" contains all the best Chris Reynolds stories from the famous Mauretania Comics series. Includes "Monitor's Human Reward", "The Small Mines" and "Whisper in the Shadows". Read a review here. Voted one of the Best Comics of 2006 in Comics Journal 281.

Serenity: Those Left Behind #3

Joss Whedon - 2005

Marvel 1602 #2: New World (Marvel 1602: The New World)

Greg Pak - 2005
    Follow the continuing adventures of the 1602 versions of Hulk and Spider-Man! Can the Hulk restrain the dread beast he carries within? Will Peter Parquagh be able to learn that with great power comes great responsibility?

Marvel 1602 #1: New World (Marvel 1602: The New World)

Greg Pak - 2005
    Witness the manifestation of this change with the startling 1602 origins of The Hulk and Spider-Man!

Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles: Vol. 2

Neil Swaab - 2005
    Astoundingly depraved and outrageously hilarious, his comic strip, Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles, turns family values on its head. Journey to a wonderful world of addiction, intoxication, psychosis, and misanthropy all at the hands of a sexually deviant teddy bear and his human companion. Nothing this wrong should make you laugh this hard!

Bumperboy Loses His Marbles

Debbie Huey - 2005
    Bumperboy Loses His Marbles is an all-ages story following Bumperboy -- with his best pal, Bumperpup -- on his frantic trek to find his missing marbles before the big Marble Tournament. Does Bumperboy have what it takes to win all the marbles?

The Bold Explorers

Jim Munroe - 2005
    So what would you do if the Rapture, the biblical end of the world as foretold in Revelations, came to pass? Raven and Mummy go on a roadtrip!

Lucky Cow

Mark Pett - 2005
    Cartoonist Mark Pett's Lucky Cow strip embodies the spirit of America's love-hate affair with fast-food joints and the traits they have in common:* High turnover: Two Lucky Cow employees argue over who has seniority; the one who was hired at 9:30 that morning eventually wins.* Uniformity: A Lucky Cow employee boasts that a customer can visit any of the restaurant's franchises and they are all the same--right down to the lackluster customer service.* Cleanliness (or lack of it): People's shoes adhere to the sticky floors, and an employee's skin absorbs so much of the restaurant's grease that water rolls right off it.* Food quality: The response to a customer's query about the Lucky Cluck Chicken Nuggets being organic is met with, "Well, they're made from organs."To help ensure that Lucky Cow would feel authentic, cartoonist Mark Pett worked at McDonald's for a month, experiencing fast-food "culture" for himself and interviewing his coworkers about their lives in the business. So it really is "funny because it's true.

Black Leopard, Volume 1

Wing Shing Ma - 2005
    The book follows the adventures of an elite task force dealing in intense covert special ops missions. Governmental espionage looms large, guns blaze, gangland violence is rampant. Yet, in and around a bustling metropolis, two brothers and their kung fu fighting compatriots show defiance with an iron fist!

Will Eisner: A Retrospective

Will Eisner - 2005

Ebin and May Volume 1: Ebin's Exile

Christina "Smudge" Hanson - 2005
    He feels at peace in his adopted kingdom of Sirius, but Houmann has finally turned his eyes on Ebin's new homeland.

The Phantom: The Graham Nolan Sundays Volume 1

Graham Nolan - 2005
    Contains four complete stories from 2002-2004: The War Mongers, The Briefcase, Terror in Mawitaan, and The Sinbad Stone.

The Brave and the Bold Team-Up Archives, Vol. 1

Bob HaneyBernard Baily - 2005
    It gave birth to characters such as the Viking Prince and Silent Knight, and later to the Justice League of America and Silver Age Hawkman. In this first volume of eight stories from 1963- 1965, the bravest of heroes meet, often for the first time, with the boldest of compatriots.

Marvel 1602 #3: New World (Marvel 1602: The New World)

Greg Pak - 2005
    Can Peter keep his new powers a secret in a place that needs a Spider-Man so badly? Can Bruce Banner escape the hulking beast who hides in his fear and anger?

Seven Soldiers Zatanna Issue 2 of 4

Grant Morrison - 2005
    But they're sidetracked when they meet the old magician Ali Ka-Zoom, the Merlin of the Ghetto, who warns them about the threat of the Sheeda and reveals a prophecy of doom!Description taken from DC Comics' website:

The Call of the Wild (Illustrated Classics)

Saddleback Educational Publishing - 2005
    These literary masterpieces are made easy and interesting. This series features classic tales retold with color illustrations to introduce literature to struggling readers. Each 64-page softcover book retains key phrases and quotations from the original classics. Follow the adventures of Buck, a loving family pet, who is stolen from his comfortable home to become a sled dog in the Yukon gold rush territory. As Buck faces freezing temperatures, starvation, and cruelty, he learns that he must be brutal to survive.

A Disease Of Language

Alan Moore - 2005
    This book also contains the acclaimed interview with Alan Moore by Eddie Campbell from Egomania, and features a never-before-seen sketchbook of the working drawings for Snakes and Ladders

Simpsons Comics Barn Burner

Matt Groening - 2005
    Next, Homer squares off against Diamond Joe Quimby when he runs for mayor. And when the kids from Springfield form their own boy band, nobody's eardrums are safe. Then watch the oven mitts come off when Smithers moves in and starts catering to Homer's every need ... leaving Marge out in the cold. And read all about it when Bart makes headlines and learns the true meaning of yellow journalism. Cap it all off with a story of biblical proportions, and you've got one bronco–bustin', banjo–pluckin', cattle–rustlin', moonshinin', hog–tossin', tobacky–spittin', mule kickin', cousin–kissin' collection that'll have you promenadin' across the floor at the next ice–cream social. This big, burstin' barrel o' fun will have you plum–tuckered out from laughter.

DC's Greatest Imaginary Stories: 11 Tales You Never Expected to See!

Otto BinderDick Sprang - 2005
    DC Comics collects some of the best imaginary stories featuring Superman, Supergirl, Batman, and the Flash from 1946-1967! Featuring an introduction by Comics Buyer's Guide's Craig Shutt, and a new Brian Bolland cover!

The Golden Age Sandman Archives, Vol. 1

Gardner F. Fox - 2005
    The first batch of the Golden Age Sandman's adventures are chronicled in this volume reprinting stories from ADVENTURE COMICS #40-57, NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR 1939, and NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR 1940 (circa 1940-41).

Fragile Prophet

Jeffrey Davidson - 2005
    With the world's spotlight shining brightly on Jake as he makes a chilling prophecy, his older brother, Esau, is left to wonder if he'll be strong enough to save his special little brother from a hideous fate.


Kaworu Watashiya - 2005
    One of his precocious students, Nokonoe Rin, has the hots for him! Yes, mischievous Rin has proclaimed herself to be Daisuke's girlfriend and is now on a warpath to win him over or cause him to lose his job... whichever comes first!

Patrick Henry: Liberty or Death

Jason Glaser - 2005
    A biography telling the life story of Patrick Henry, who is known as the "Voice of the American Revolution." Written in graphic novel format.

Rogue Trooper: Eye of the Traitor

Gerry Finley-Day - 2005
    Collects:- Major Magnum (Progs 312-315)- Bigfoot (Prog 316)- Bio-Wire (Prog 317)- Mill-Com Memories (Progs 318-322)- Vid-Vultures (Progs 323 to 326)- Eye of the Traitor (Progs 327-332)- Frisco Phog (Progs 333-334)- From Hell to Eternity (Progs 335-340)- Mega-Minefield (Progs 341-342)- Gasbah (Progs 343-347)- Timeslip (Progs 348-349)

Spider-Man: Here Comes Spider-Man

Kitty Fross - 2005
    Marvel Age Spider-Man introduces readers of all ages to some of the greatest stories of the legendary Marvel Universe with dynamic, brand-new art and modern flair

King of Crooks

Jerry Siegel - 2005
    To achieve this goal, he organises a gang of criminals including such specialists as ‘Professor’ Pelham, a brilliant crooked scientist, and Roy Ordini, ace safecracker, and embarks on his felonious spree!Reprinted in hardback for the first time in forty years this collection brings together the earliest adventures of devious arch-criminal and twisted mastermind, the “King of Crooks”. Originally created by writer/artists Ted Cowan and Reg Bunn for British comic Lion, he was the ultimate anti-hero. In a time saturated by square-jawed and multi-colour superheroes, the British Spider character was in it for himself. These are extremely rare, long out of print stories not seen since the 1960s, and the collection also contains an introduction by IPC's Andrew Sumner, a story checklist, an article chronicling the history of the character, and a new cover by acclaimed artist Garry Leach. An amazing trip through the Silver Age of British comics, a piece of history every person interested in comics should own!

Edu-Manga: Helen Adams Keller

Sozo Yanagawa - 2005
    Nevertheless, she overcame her disabilities with the love and tenacious teachings of her tutor Anne Sullivan and the encouragement of other individuals such as Alexander Graham Bell. This is the courageous story of one woman's amazing triumph of will over her impairments and the inspiring legacy she left behind. Join Astro Boy and his friends as they learn what it is like to live without something we take for granted everyday.

100 Girls: The First Girl V.1

Sean Patrick O’Reilly - 2005

Matthew Henson: Arctic Adventurer

Blake Hoena - 2005
    Written in graphic-novel format.

Hellblazer: London Streets

Jamie Delano - 2005
    The London streets aren't safe, but Constantine is on the case! Includes Hellblazer chapters writtn by Delano, Azzarello, Gaiman, Ennis and Ellis.

Free Radicals

Leif Goldberg - 2005
    The group, which has published 18 issues so far, was founded in 2000 by Mat Brinkman and Leif Goldberg of the art, music, and performance collectives Forcefield and Fort Thunder, among others. The work in Paper Rodeo is exuberant, freeform, and psychedelic. In the summer of 2004 the group placed a call for submissions to Free Radicals in an issue of Paper Rodeo, and in addition to normal distribution, the issue was sent to artists in prison through two "Books Through Bars" programs. The resulting compendium collects the drawings of about 45 contemporary artists, including members of Forcefield and Paper Rad, prisoners, other readers, and regular contributors to the magazine.

The Annotated Wondermark

David Malki - 2005
    The Annotated Wondermark makes a great gift for friends and enemies alike!

The Boston Massacre

Michael Burgan - 2005
    Eye-popping artwork and easy-to-read text offer an appealing, accessible alternative for struggling and reluctant readers. An additional information section provides key facts and further understanding. The perfect book for budding historians, comic book fans, and everyone in between!

Baobab No. 1

Igort - 2005
    This ambitious project, which will expand to cover 40 years and three continents (including South America, where the first Creole cartoonist dreams of meeting Winsor McCay), is elegantly told and drawn by Igort, who rose to prominence with Drawn and Quarterly's 5 Is the Perfect Number as well as appearing in the last Comics Journal Special. Part of the Ignatz Series.

Silencers: Black Kiss

Fred Van Lente - 2005
    This volume reprints the sold out mini series, plus extra stuff galore, like an original never before seen Silencers short comic story!

Buffalo Soldiers and the American West

Jason Glaser - 2005
    Written in graphic-novel format.

Squarecat Comics: Volume One

Jennifer Omand - 2005
    These are a few of the geometric animals that inhabit the world of Squarecat Comics. Since 2003, Jennifer Omand has kept a journal of her life, using these expressive comic creatures as stand-ins for the real life counterparts. This first year of strips captures the ups and downs of life, from putting in a day in the office to putting in a day at the beach. With clean, expressive linework that evolves before your eyes, watch as Jennifer records moments sometimes tender, sometimes funny, sometimes sad--but always uniquely Squarecat. This collection is as much a chronicle of daily moments as it is the evolution of an emerging voice in cartooning.

Carver Hale: Twisting the knife

Mike Carey - 2005
    That should have been the end of him; little did he realise that it was only the beginning! Now Carver must enter a world he had never imagined - where 'the underworld' means exactly that, and hellish creatures struggle for power and money in the back-streets of London - in search of the men who tried to kill him, and left him bonded for life to a powerful demon with its own agenda for his body. Carver Hale's out for vengeance...and there's going to be hell to pay!

George Washington: Leading a New Nation

Matt Doeden - 2005
    Written in graphic-novel format.

Silver 1

Yuki Suetsugu - 2005
    Aoba, who was terribly injured who only lived life as an athlete went into despair. In the midst of that, a classmate, Gin, who is a little strange, nominated Aoba as a volleyball member for the ball tournament. “I want to play with you”… is how the two of them met and now, they are discovering the reason why them met and the real love. A sweet and painful, miraculous pure love story

Bad Planet #1

Thomas Jane - 2005
    In our darkest hour, a lone alien warrior may be our only salvation - if mankind doesn't KILL him first!

Marvel 1602 #5: New World (Marvel 1602: The New World)

Greg Pak - 2005
    the Native Americans and Iron Man vs. the Hulk! Peter Parquagh may have super powers, but will they be enough to stop this devastating conflict?

The Cyanide & Happiness Depressing Comic Book

Kris Wilson - 2005
    Some of the online comics of Cyanide & Happiness have been collected into this truly depressing collection.

QuickBooks 2006: The Official Guide

Kathy Ivens - 2005
    All the new and updated features are covered in detail. You'll learn to customize QuickBooks for your specific business needs, enter transactions quickly and accurately, track funds, manage payroll, process invoices, monitor inventory, create budgets, develop fiscal reports, streamline bookkeeping tasks, and much more. Designed for easy reference, the book's chapter topics are organized the same way as the software. With coverage of QuickBooks Basic and QuickBooks Pro, this is the ideal guide for learning about this powerful software."Intuit-approved and loaded with secrets, Quicken Press books provide you with recipes for financial success." -Scott Cook, cofounder, Intuit, Inc.

Rubber Ponygirls Rubber Harness

Mike Vickers - 2005
    Innocent Amy falls in love with the experienced dominatrix at fist sight and exceeds her own limits to be close to her. Games of submissiveness, extreme bondage, full rubber occlusion, and role playing determine her everyday life now.

X-Men Reload, Volume 2: Heroes and Villains

Chuck Austen - 2005
    -The Brotherhood of Mutants is back with Nocturne from the Exiles, and a surprise shocker of a member! With the Xavier Institute under attack by the Brotherhood and the X-Men down for the count, the only ally the students have to help keep these villains at bay is a blind Gambit! Only available in North America.

Sheep of Fools: A Blab! Storybook

Sue Coe - 2005
    - Coe has been one of America's most engaged political artists of the last 30 years- Coe is an award-winning illustrator with work published in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Nation and more.

Shadow of the Vampuss

Karen Mahony - 2005
    Interpretation of Bram Stoker's Dracula featuring a cast of cats.

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Kay Melchisedech Olson - 2005
    Written in graphic-novel format.