I Love You Through and Through

Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak - 2005
    A perfect first book for toddlers with sturdy cardstock pages and a padded cover with rounded corners for safe handling by little ones.

Steam Train, Dream Train

Sherri Duskey Rinker - 2013
    In this book with rhyming text, the dream train pulls into the station and all the different cars are loaded by the animal workers, each with the appropriate cargo.

Little Blue Truck Leads the Way

Alice Schertle - 2009
    . . ! "Make Way!" The big city sure is a speedy, noisy place for a country truck like Blue. Everywhere Blue looks, he sees buses, police cars, taxis, vans, a street sweeper, and even the mayor’s limousine. With everyone pushing to be first, soon there’s a giant traffic jam! But even a wrangle-tangle is no match for Little Blue Truck, who comes to the rescue in true Blue style.   Brimming with bright colors, sounds, and city energy, this new adventure makes working together and taking turns more fun than ever.

Disney Tangled

Ben Smiley - 2010
    . . lots of hair, when Disney Tangled comes to theaters Holiday 2010! This Little Golden Book retelling will thrill young children with its beautiful full-color illustrations.Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 9/14/2010 Pages: 24 Reading Level: Age 3 and Up

Shake My Sillies Out

Raffi Cavoukian - 1987
    in full color. "Rollicking pictures of a moonlit night in the woods of Camp Mariposa, where both animals and campers are struck by the urge to shake, clap, jump, waggle, and eventually yawn. Melody line and chords are provided at the end."--Language Arts.

A Treasury of Curious George

Margret Rey - 2004
    Rey more than sixty years ago. Here you will find eight timeless stories about George, the man with the yellow hat, and their friends.In this hefty 192-page hardcover treasury, the eight stories are illustrated in the charcoal style of H.A. Rey by Martha Weston and Vipah Interactive*:'Curious George Takes a Train' (2002); 'Curious George Visits a Toy Store' (2002);'Curious George and the Dump Truck' (1999);'Curious George and the Birthday Surprise' (2003);'Curious George Goes Camping' (1999;'Curious George Goes to a Costume Party' (2001);'Curious George Visits the Library' (2003);'Curious George in the Big City' (2001). A wonderful collection for your own mischievous monkey. For more monkey fun, investigate www.curiousgeorge.com and discover all the latest on Curious George books, promotions, games, activities, and more!* Vipah Interactive comprises of: C Becker, D Fakkel, M Jensen, S SanGiacomo, C Witte and C Yu.

Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus

James Dean - 2013
    Fans of Pete the Cat will love singing along with Pete in this groovy rendition of this favorite children's song.

The Fire Engine Book

Tibor Gergely - 1977
    Children will feel as though they are riding the big red fire engines and hearing the clang, clang of the bell! Large-scale, active pictures will transport young readers to the scene where they'll see brave firemen connect hoses and save the day.

Are You a Cow?

Sandra Boynton - 2012
    As readers answer the chicken’s questions, they’ll gain animal recognition skills as well as an important understanding: No matter who we are, it’s great to just be ourselves.     From the author and illustrator of such bestselling classics as Moo, Baa, La La La! and A to Z, this cheerful, witty board book is sure to delight children and parents alike with Sandra Boynton’s trademark sense of humor.

That's Not My Dinosaur...

Fiona Watt - 2002
    book. Babies and toddlers will love touching the textured patches as they meet dinosaurs with fuzzy tails, bumpy teeth and soft spines.

The Foolish Tortoise

Richard Buckley - 1985
    But, after a few scary encounters, he rediscovers the value of going slow and safe. Full-color illustrations.

Twenty Big Trucks in the Middle of the Street

Mark Lee - 2013
    But what if it the truck breaks down and blocks the mail truck behind it (now there are two), not to mention a third truck carrying hay? One by one, trucks of all types and sizes and functions are sure to pile up behind, offering ample opportunity for ogling — and counting. And maybe the boy’s idea for putting one of the trucks to good use might even save the day!

Penguin on Vacation

Salina Yoon - 2013
    Penguin's tired of the snow and cold--so he decides to go on vacation! But where should he go? And what new friends will he meet along the way?Seasoned illustrator Salina Yoon's spare text and bright, energetic illustrations bring this favorite character to life, ensuring that readers will be clamoring for more Penguin stories--whether they find their home in the cold or the warm.

It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse!

Laura Joffe Numeroff - 2012
    Where could it have gone?This is the perfect Halloween book for the very youngest reader, and is just the right book to get kids and budding artists inspired to work on their own Halloween crafts.

Little Owl's Night

Divya Srinivasan - 2011
    Hedgehog sniffs for mushrooms, Skunk nibbles at berries, Frog croaks, and Cricket sings. A full moon rises and Little Owl can't understand why anyone would want to miss it. Could the daytime be nearly as wonderful? Mama Owl begins to describe it to him, but as the sun comes up, Little Owl falls fast asleep.Putting a twist on the bedtime book, Little Owl's Night is sure to comfort any child with a curiosity about the night.