No Nonsense Real Estate: What Everyone Should Know Before Buying or Selling a Home

Alex Goldstein - 2016
    straight from an experienced pro that has seen millions of dollars exchange hands at the closing table.” - Peter Voogd, #1 International Bestselling Author of 6 Months to 6 Figures There are countless real estate books on the market today, so why read this one? What sets it apart from all the others out there?Bestselling Author, Alex Goldstein, brings a unique perspective that many others do not. As a successful realtor and investor, Alex has been on both sides of a real estate transaction, so he knows what strategies and techniques will lead to a successful deal, and which ones should be avoided at all costs. That’s why he chose the name, "No Nonsense Real Estate," for his third book.Goldstein offers practical, proven home buying techniques, free of fluff or confusing jargon.This book is for anyone who is getting ready to buy or sell a home and wants to be as informed as possible as they get ready to begin the process so there are no surprises – whether they will be working with a realtor or doing it on their own. 9 REASONS TO READ THIS BOOK NOW: 1. AGENT - Go through the pros and cons of working with a real estate agent, and the two ways that they can add the most value,2. ECONOMICS - You'll understand the fundamental economics of the housing market in the simplest terms possible3. INVESTING - Avoid the top five mistakes (almost) all new real estate investors make4. NEGOTIATIONS - Five critical elements of a successful negotiation5. FINANCING - Possible financing options, from traditional loans to seller financing6. SELLING - Seven secrets that make selling a home as painless as possible7. BUYING - Demystifying contracts and closing costs takes the fear out of the process8. CLOSING - Walk through eight steps involved in a real estate transaction closing9. PRACTICAL - Learn how all the different parts come together in a real life case studyYou also receive three free gifts. Goldstein has put together a special document answering the most popular questions every buyer, seller or investor has during a real estate transaction. You also get special access to an easy-to-understand glossary of the most popular real estate jargon. Last but not least, every reader is access to a free video training that will teach you how to choose the best home for your family.

How To Be A Landlord: The Definitive Guide to Letting and Managing Your Rental Property

Rob Dix - 2017
     By the author of the UK’s most popular property book, The Complete Guide To Property Investment. Please note that this book only covers letting and management of a property you already own. For a guide to buying the right property in the first place, you should buy ‘The Complete Guide To Property Investment’. Take a property, throw in a tenant and watch the money roll in. This seemingly simple formula has attracted nearly two million people in the UK to become landlords, but the reality is a whole lot more complicated. Did you know, for example, that if you forget to provide a certain piece of paper you might be unable to evict a tenant – even if they don’t pay the rent? Or that you could be fined for not checking your tenant’s immigration status? And don’t forget the inevitable broken boilers, mysterious leaks and various tenant complaints that always seem to happen at the most inconvenient time. How To Be A Landlord is a straightforward guide to everything involved in letting and managing a property – whether you’re an accidental landlord or an enthusiastic investor. In simple and entertaining language, it covers important steps like preparing the property to let, advertising for tenants, conducting viewings, doing all the paperwork, managing the tenancy, and dealing with any tricky situations that crop up (including the dreaded emergency repairs and evictions…). You’ll learn: • How to set yourself up for success when preparing a property to let • Where to find the perfect tenants for your property • The essential checks you must make to avoid a nightmare tenant • Everything you need to do when setting up a tenancy to avoid problems later • How to deal with the most common maintenance issues and repairs • The proper legal processes to follow when you have troublesome tenants • Top tips from experienced landlords for how to look after your tenants – keeping them happy, your property safe, and the rent rolling in Frequently updated and with contributions from over 50 experienced landlords, this is the most current and comprehensive book on the subject – and essential reading for anyone who wants a simple, profitable life as a landlord.

Buy Low Rent High: How anyone can be financially free in the next 12 months by investing in property

Samuel Leeds - 2017
    Being able to make complicated strategies become simple philosophies, Samuel has earned a reputation for being one of the most inspiring investors in the U.K.

Ask More, Get More: How to Earn More, Save More, and Live More... Just by Asking

Michael Alden - 2014
    I’m an average guy who learned how to “ask more” to “get more” out of life. The strategies and techniques I outline in this book can help you get just about anything—a better job, a new house, or a great vacation—faster and more consistently if you’re willing to follow my advice.

Balance: How to Invest and Spend for Happiness, Health, and Wealth

Andrew Hallam - 2022

Your Money Life: Your 20s

Peter Dunn - 2015
    Many of us begin our twenties burdened with college loan payments, and it's not unusual to end them with even more debt, often in the form of a costly home mortgage. In this debt-bracketed decade, it's crucial to develop solid money-management skills that will see you into your thirties in sound financial shape. The more you learn about saving, budgeting, and other money matters during your twenties, the more solid a foundation you can create--a foundation that will support your financial life for the next seventy years! In this lively and fun book, personal finance expert Peter Dunn offers practical tips and strategies created specifically to address the financial concerns and goals of readers in their twenties. Learn to master the challenges of this crucial decade with YOUR MONEY LIFE: YOUR 20s.

Holly Smith's Money Saving Book: Simple savings hacks for a happy life

Holly Smith - 2020
    She founded the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK (the second largest Facebook group in the world) and is on TikTok, Youtube and Instagram helping as many people as possible to save money too.This book contains all her best hacks and tips to save money and make money - simple, life-changing ideas for everyone.Holly has included her favourite hacks from the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK community too, who inspired her to write this book. And has asked all her money-saving expert friends to contribute tips too.All the costly moments of everyday life are included, from supermarket shops to kids parties - even special occasions like weddings and Christmas.Discover lots of fun ways to get saving, find the bargains and make your money go further.

Machiavelli Mindset: How To Conquer Your Enemies, Achieve Audacious Goals & Live Without Limits From The Prince (Psychological Warfare, The Prince, Mindset)

R. Shaw - 2016
     Here's A Preview Of What Machiavelli Mindset Contains... An Introduction to Machiavelli Seeing the World through Machiavelli’s Eyes Getting Over The Guilt Moving Above And Beyond Conventional Thinking Machiavelli's Thoughts On Generosity Compassion Vs. Cruelty (Is It Better To Be Loved Or Feared?) What Machiavelli Says About Honesty How To Achieve Success The Machiavellian Way The Qualities Of A Great Leader How to Avoid Attracting Hatred and Other Lessons from the Prince And Much, Much More! Download Your Copy Now And Get Ahead Today!

Obedience in Finances

Kenneth E. Hagin - 1983
    Learn the importance of obedience to God's Word in planting seed for finances.

How To Read A Book A Day: The Ultimate Guide To Quickly Retain And Absorb Information

Thomas Dev Brown - 2015
    Instead you'll be able to absorb the most important content and begin applying it immediately after just one day!

The Real Estate Retirement Plan: An Investment and Lifestyle Solution for Canadians

Calum Ross - 2017
    Many Canadians who own their home have never considered buying a second property. And nearly one-third of retirees are worried about running out of money. The Real Estate Retirement Plan shows how homeowners can use the tools already available to them — their mortgages — to access the initial capital to invest and prepare for their retirement. This is a proven, validated antidote to today’s historically low savings rates, poor current rates of return, and pressure on CPP and health care.With examples and a detailed discussion of the principles and mechanics, Calum Ross and Simon Giannini demystify real-estate investing and make an irrefutable case for borrowing to invest.

The Banker's Code

George Antone - 2012
    It's a story that chronicles the most powerful wealth-building strategies known to man, lessons that are the basis of banking. You'll be introduced to a whole new way of building wealth that some of the wealthiest families in the world have used, and are still using. Be the banker! Praise: "George Antone is the one financial author that has the unique ability to sift through massive technical information and present the reader with lapidary nuggets of wealth-building wisdom." Mark Peters Stone Water Wealth Management "The Banker's Code provides unparalleled insights in regards to money and finances which creates an amazing formula for building wealth." Willie Hooks Million Dollar Coaching "Great Book! Easily read and understood. In this book you’ll discover the world’s most powerful time tested investment model neatly wrapped inside a touching story. I’ve used these proven strategies to create great returns for more than 20 years." Mike Sanderson Private Lender "Wow! What a great book! Mr. Antone has explained the very complex financial concepts in use every day in the banking world in a way that we can all put to use in our own quest for wealth." Henry Dvorken An expert and one of the giants of the real estate note business

SUMMARY The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson

OneHour Reads - 2018
    His ultimate proposition is that people need to start caring less about everything. Instead, the key to living a good life is in individuals knowing what matters to them and not wasting energy stressing over every little thing. He then proceeds to educate us on how to move forward by going backwards. Manson strongly believes that the endless pursuit of a flawless life, fueled by today's picture-perfect social media standards, is responsible for many of the psychological illnesses that have become rampant. The book culminates in a conclusion that we need to look beyond ourselves, drop the entitled airs, and embrace the ugliness and uncertainties before we can live better lives. This book contains a comprehensive, well detailed summary and key takeaways of the original book by Mark Manson. It summarizes the book in detail, to help people effectively understand, articulate and imbibe the original work by Mark. This book is not meant to replace the original book but to serve as a companion to it Contained is anExecutive Summary of the original book Key Points of each chapter and Brief chapter-by-chapter summaries To get this book, Scroll Up Now and Click on the "Buy now with 1-Click" Button to Download your Copy Right Away! Enjoy this edition instantly on your Kindle device! Now available in paperback and digital editions. Audio book coming soon!! Disclaimer: This is a summary, review of the book "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" and not the original book.

10 Super Foods to Quickly Lower your Blood Sugar

Jeffrey David - 2014
    As a result of this, more and more people every day are searching for Information relating to this condition.It can be very confusing when a person is first diagnosed.I know that is true, because I am type 2 myself.If you DO find that your glucometer readings are a bit high, don't panic - stress causes the body to release hormones which further aggravate the situation.Just keep calm and snack on these super foods to lower your blood sugar levels quickly!

A Second Wind: Time to Own Your Future

T.D. Jakes - 2016
    Jakes challenges the faithful to be more effective in earning their livelihoods by providing a diverse range of strategies that will turn their work life into an abundant life. While focusing on his core mission to preach the gospel worldwide, T.D. Jakes has seen many good people not spend enough quality time with family, friends, and God. They have gotten so swept up in the daily grind that they have failed to live the rich life that God desires for each of His people. In his new book, Jakes provides readers with strategies that will help them rejuvenate their life and turn their "busyness" into a "business." All readers-not just entrepreneurs-will benefit from Jakes' insightful advice so that they can use the days God has blessed them with wisely and finish each day strong!