Helliconia Trilogy

Brian W. Aldiss - 1983
    Whole civilisations grow in the Spring, flourish in the Summer and then die in the brutal winters. The human-like inhabitants have been profoundly changed by their experience of this harsh cycle.In orbit above the planet a terran mission struggles to observe and understand the effects on society of such a massive climatic impact.Massive, thoroughly researched, minutely organised, full of action, pulp references and deep drama this is a classic trilogy.


Andrei Cherascu - 2014
    Sheldon and his team must help her cross the most dangerous territory in the man-inhabited universe - the Djago Desert. Hunted by the Enforcement Unit - the all-powerful Military arm of the Interstellar Federation of Common Origin - Sheldon’s team must fight to keep the carrier alive and guard the integrity of her mind. But nobody suspects that Sheldon also has a dark secret, and it could end up changing the fate of the mission.

The Other

Matthew Hughes - 2011
    . . He likes good wine, good food, and good stolen goods, and he always maintains the upper hand. When a business rival gets the drop on him, he finds himself abandoned on Fulda—a far-off, isolated world with a history of its own. Unable to blend in and furious for revenge, Imbry has to rely on his infamous criminal wit to survive Fulda’s crusade to extinguish The Other.Hailed as the heir apparent to Jack Vance, Matthew Hughes brings us this speculative, richly imagined exploration of society on the far edges of extreme. A central character in Black Brillion, Luff Imbry is at last front and center in Hughes’s latest rollercoaster adventure through a far-future universe.

The Wall Around Eden

Joan Slonczewski - 1989
    Slonczewski uses her expertise as a biologist to create a novel of postnuclear ecology, which is at the same time a political science fiction novel and a tale of alien invasion.

Discworld Two-Book Set: Witches Abroad and Reaper Man

Terry Pratchett

Star Wars 2015 Sampler

John Jackson Miller - 2015
    A new dawn in Star Wars storytelling has arrived . . . and, with this eBook sampler, it's just a click away.   BATTLEFRONT: TWILIGHT COMPANY by Alexander Freed A companion novel inspired by the hotly anticipated videogame Star Wars: Battlefront, this action-packed adventure follows a squad of soldiers caught in the trenches of the ultimate galactic war between good and evil.   DARK DISCIPLE by Christie Golden Based on unproduced episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, this new novel features one of the great antiheroes in the Star Wars galaxy: bounty hunter Asajj Ventress, the former apprentice of Count Dooku.   LORDS OF THE SITH by Paul S. Kemp When the Emperor and his notorious apprentice, Darth Vader, find themselves stranded in the middle of insurgent action on an inhospitable planet, they must rely on each other, the Force, and their fearsome fighting skills to prevail.   HEIR TO THE JEDI by Kevin Hearne The author of The Iron Druid Chronicles pens a thrilling new adventure set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, and-for the first time ever-written entirely from Luke Skywalker's first-person point of view.   TARKIN by James Luceno Bestselling Star Wars veteran James Luceno gives Grand Moff Tarkin the Star Wars: Darth Plagueis treatment, bringing the legendary character from A New Hope to full, fascinating life.   A NEW DAWN by John Jackson Miller Set during the mysterious "Dark Times" between Episodes III and IV, A New Dawn tells the story of how two of the lead characters from the animated series Star Wars Rebels first came to cross paths.


William C. Dietz - 1998
    A battle against an alien race who hold all technology to be the ultimate evil. Human, alien, and android alike struggle against them. But to win, they must unite. And to unite, they need a leader...

Earth Force

Shemer Kuznits - 2019
    On the second day, a cryptic message, ‘Infusion commencing’, appeared in the corner of everyone’s eyes. On the third day, the sick were healed and the crippled walked again. On the fourth day, celebration and joy spread across the globe. And on the fifth day, the warping began… There was no warning. A mist descended from the sky, disabling all technology and causing a weird message to appear at the corner of everyone’s eye. The situation grew even worse as animals and people started to warp, transforming into terrible monsters that prey on the livings. Within months, human civilization had crumbled. Unable to fight the seemingly-indestructible beasts, the survivors are reduced to cowering in reinforced shelters. Waiting for the end to come. Helpless. All seemed lost until a few brave souls discovered the secret of their new reality: the Tec and how to use it to level up. Together they represent humanity’s last best hope for salvation. But they first must find the answers to the mystery of their new existence. Their journey will require them to quickly adapt to alien technology, operate strange spaceships, and even befriend an extra-terrestrial merchant with an Inferiority Complex.

The Fighter King

John Bowers - 2009
    The Fighter Queen saga starts here. A military science fiction action adventure. Rated "R" 139,000 words. Roughly equivalent to 521 pages in a mass market paperback. This book is the first of the Fighter Queen saga. The books in the series may be read in any order (each is complete within itself), but if you wish to read them in chronological order for the best experience, we suggest: 1. The Fighter King 2. The Sword of Sophia 3. A Vow to Sophia 4. Star Marine 5. The Fighter Queen

The Soul Eater

Mike Resnick - 1981
    Yet there is one being Lane won't pursue for any fee - the Soul Eater. The Soul Eater, Dreamwish Beast, Starduster - it is known by many different names throughout the galaxy. But who has actually met this living legend? No - as far as Lane is concerned, the Soul Eater is a myth chased after by fools and madmen. Then Lane himself encounters the Soul Eater in the depths of space, and suddenly there is no turning back. For how can the greatest hunter in the galaxy ignore the challenge of overcoming the one creature than no one has ever been able to trap? And so the hunt is on - but before long even Lane can't tell who is the pursued and who the pursuer...

The Swordsman of Mars

Otis Adelbert Kline - 1933
    He exchanges bodies with his look-alike, Martian Sheb Takkor, and is transported millions of years into the past to a Mars peopled with mighty warriors, beautiful women, and fearsome beasts. Sheb Takkor, a great swordsman in his own right, must fight his way across the deserts and jungles of ancient Mars to save the lovely Princess Thane and to defeat his arch-enemy Sel Han -- or die trying! Edgar Rice Burroughs was the first great writer of planetary adventures. His one true rival and equal at writing planet stories was Otis Adelbert Kline. Kline was on the original editorial staff of Weird Tales, and was literary agent to Robert E. Howard of Conan fame.

Becoming Human

Valerie J. Freireich - 1995
    Can the clone of a traitor overcome his legacy, or will he be doomed to repeat it? "Freireich creates a compellingly original situation (and) finds just the right character to react against it".--Locus.

The Memory of Whiteness: A Scientific Romance

Kim Stanley Robinson - 1985
    Billions of lives depend on the technology derived from the breakthroughs of the greatest physicist of the age, Arthur Holywelkin. But in the last years of his life, Holywelkin devoted himself to building a strange, beautiful, and complex musical instrument that he called The Orchestra.Johannes Wright has earned the honor of becoming the Ninth Master of Holywelkin's Orchestra. Follow him on his Grand Tour of the Solar System, as he journeys down the gravity well toward the sun, impelled by a destiny he can scarcely understand, and is pursued by mysterious foes who will tell him anything except the reason for their enmity.

Points of Departure

Pat Murphy - 1990
    Pat Murphy's stories range from "Rachel in Love," which portrays a chimpanzee whose brain is implanted with the personality of a young girl who has died, to "His Vegetable Wife," the story of a farmer who grows a spouse from a packet of seed only to find that she is more quiet than docile. All but one of the 19 stories in this collection have been published previously in magazines and anthologies.Contents:Dead Men on TV (1988)Women in the Trees (1990)Don't Look Back (1980)Orange Blossom Time (1981)In the Islands (1983)Touch of the Bear (1980)On a Hot Summer Night in a Place Far Away (1985)Sweetly the Waves Call to Me (1981)His Vegetable Wife (1986)Good-bye, Cynthia (1988)Prescience (1989)Clay Devils (1987)A Falling Star Is a Rock from Outer Space (1986)With Four Lean Hounds (1984)On the Dark Side of the Station Where the Train Never Stops (1984)In the Abode of the Snows (1986)Rachel in Love (1987)Recycling Strategies for the Inner City (1990)Bones (1990)

Ganked In Space

NM Tatum - 2018
     When lifelong friends Reggie, Joel and Cody, fail to win the Virtual Reality Elite championship, they’re forced to find real work. The guys sign a pest control contract, ridding space stations of infestations. ShimVens have been spreading rapidly across the galaxy. The bugs eat through wiring, destroying space stations and ships.Reggie took the job because the pay was good and the work sounded easy. Cody and Joel are skeptical, but Reggie convinces them it’s easy work. Just spray the bugs and done, right? Not exactly. They soon learn these pests are deadly. They’ll have to rely on their gaming skills if they are to survive. And they’re going to need better weapons. Oh, and a mercenary who knows how to kick ass. These three immature guys go off to save the universe…all by accident. Men in Black meets Ghost Busters. Intergalactic Pest Control will have readers hooked from the beginning. --- Caution for strong language and graphic scenes involving lots of bug guts.