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Lucky Charm by Amelia Kingston


Author Seeking Mountain Man

Marley Michaels - 2020
    And fast.Lucky for Aster, a mountain-man-in-warm-plaid comes to her rescue and inspires her more than any time writing alone ever could.Lucky for Gray Cooper, this gorgeous wordsmith who blurts out whatever she’s thinking, and intrigues him to no end, might be exactly the kind of woman he’s always wanted.Sometimes reality can be so much better than fiction, all you’ve got to do is open your eyes and believe.***Author seeking Mountain Man is book 1 of a new 4 book sweet, flirty, instalove series about four big, gruff and tough brothers living their lives on Moose Mountain. The mountain has always provided for these men, and now it’s sending them feisty women to warm up their cold mountain hearts and complete their mountain lives forever. Can we all say, awww.


Lucy Wild - 2017
    It sounds like the start of a fairy tale. But this is no fairy tale and Ash Carson is no knight in shining armour.He brought me to his tumbledown cabin deep in the forest and now he won't let me leave. refusing point blank to open the door until the blizzard dies down.He might be the most handsome man I've ever met and my only hope of survival but he's also infuriatingly stubborn and what's worse, he won't stop staring at me with hunger in his eyes. I know what that look means and I'm so scared, I can hardly move.I don't know what to do. He's just given me two options, leave or stay. If I leave, I'll freeze to death. If I stay? Well, he's warned me what will happen if I stay. He won't listen to reason, he won't argue. He wants my innocence and he's going to take it. The most shocking thing about all of this? I want to let him.

Her Secret Baby (Forbidden Fantasies #4)

S.E. Law - 2020
    The recently-divorced CEO has five kids and needed household help fast. But Mr. Blythe gets under my skin. He’s such a gorgeous a$$hole with those fierce blue eyes and knowing smirk. So why do I want to kiss that hard, demanding mouth?Ryan: When the agency sent a nanny over, I expected someone homely and plain. I never expected to open the door to the sassy, curvy, and utterly beautiful Regina Frank. But one thing leads to another and soon, she’s not just my nanny … she’s getting a surprise and her belly will be big by the time we’re done.This is a secret baby second chance romance where our hero already has five kids, so he’s not exactly looking for more. But after he knocks up the gorgeous nanny on his doorstep, will he reconsider? Get your fire extinguisher out because you’ll need it to cool off after reading this taboo romance. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a HEA for my readers.

Not Just Another Billionaire (When a Billionaire Loves a Woman Book 1)

Emma Kingsley - 2018
    Now she's focused on her career and her efforts have finally paid off. A trip to Aspen with her best friend seems like a perfect way to celebrate her big promotion at Marshall Resorts. But meeting the most gorgeous man she has ever seen under awkward circumstances is definitely not a part of her plan. If that’s unexpected, discovering two weeks later that the breathtaking stranger is her new CEO is outright unimaginable. Logan Marshall distanced himself from the drama of his dysfunctional family years ago. But when he’s called back to save the Marshall Resorts after a traitor sold their secrets to a competitor, he can’t let his great-grandfather’s legacy go down in flames. As if taking charge of the family firm in the middle of a scandal wasn’t enough to process, he’s faced with the fact that one of his new employees is the woman he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about since their embarrassing first encounter in Aspen. The atmosphere is tense, the environment is hostile, but when two people are so perfect for each other as Emily and Logan are, can anything stop them? Clean, inspirational romance novella.

One Taste

K.A. Berg - 2018
    Berg and T.E. Black comes a story of the forbidden desire—a story so delicious you'll need more than One Taste. I live the good life. I'm wealthy, the CEO of the advertising firm my father built from the ground up. I've been deemed a god in the sheets by the female population of New York City and have the equipment to match. Life is great. Until my social life messes with my professional life. I've become a frequent flyer on the gossip pages. A detriment to business. Just as my perfect life is starting to crash down around me, I meet her. All I wanted was one taste. Now, I’m addicted. One taste doesn't seem to be enough. I need more of her. Too bad, too, because things are about to get real complicated. ***This is part 1 in a 6 book novella serial***

Dealing with Annie

Jill Shalvis - 2003
    But when DEA agent Ian McCall warned Annie that her company was the target of sabotage—and that she was in danger— she wouldn't listen. Then Annie disappeared. And only Ian could rescue her.Originally published in 2003.

At First Sight (A Modern Fairytale, #7)

Katy Regnery - 2020
    Yeah. Okay. I know.The thing is?I don't really care what you lot think.I know what I know.Love at first sight is possible.I'm positive because I've lived it.I am Ian Ladd,(a street rat from the back alleys of Limerick.)She is Valentina Yasmina De'Medici,(Her Serene Highness.)This is our story.🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️PRE-ORDER NOW:💜Amazon: Available on June 1💜Apple:💜Barnes & Noble:💜Kobo:💜Goodreads: FIRST SIGHT is a novella of 35,000 words.

The Wedding Guest

C.M. Steele
    That is until he meets the wedding guest that changed everything. She couldn't believe her cousin was marrying a stranger. That was nuts of course. Well that was crazy until she met his arrogant jerk of a brother. This is a short, sexy story. Just perfect for an afternoon delight.

For One Night

Leaona Luxx - 2019
     That’s all this was supposed to be. I came to Sin City with my best friend to celebrate my much-needed divorce. For once, I want to be the one with no care about tomorrow. That’s when he catches my eye. I watch as he works the room, and the women in it. He’s everything I hate in a man, but the epitome of what we all want. Sexy. Confident to a fault, and a smirk that will melt your panties. He’s everything my ex-husband is. As our eyes meet, I decide to give him a dose of his own medicine, show him how it feels to be used. Tonight, I’ll be the woman everyone stares at when she enters the room. The one I am in the boardroom, who takes no prisoners. I’ll be the one to bring him to his knees and leave him just as fast. I’ll be that woman. For One Night

Saving Jenna

Christina Butrum - 2018
    He had left once before, and nothing would stop him from leaving again. Coming back to West Grove was the last thing Ian wanted to do. If it hadn't been for the rental property, the small town would've never seen him again. Two weeks and he'd be gone. Until he sees Jenna Avery and realizes there's more than a house needing repaired. The only problem - Two weeks may not be enough time to save her.

Breaking Rules

Mia Ford - 2017
    I knew who it would be He has mesmerized me with his looks, Intoxicated me with his taste. I know it is forbidden, And can’t do a thing about it. It’s so hard to fight my feelings, And then… He makes me pregnant! What do I do now? Should I tell the world and my dad, in spite of the age-difference…. In spite of the fact that he is Daddy’s Best Friend and that I am BREAKING ALL RULES to get him!


Flora Ferrari - 2017
    My fingers don’t provide the ultimate thumbs up experience. And no man can, that’s for sure. I’m unorgasamable. It’s in the dictionary, right next to my picture. I’ve lost hope even trying. And to make matters worse, now everybody knows thanks to my not so little slip up. And everyone includes him…our new CFO, Carson Cash. I thought CFO meant Can’t F’in Orgasm. He tells me it means Cupcake’s Forever Orgasmic, as in he's going to eat me for desert while he has me seeing stars over and over and over again as he shoots me into the stratosphere. He’s 100% confident he’s going to turn my broken down sex life into a multi-orgasmic machine. My mom always said, “Don’t fish off the company pier,” but he’s no red herring, and I’m not the one fishing. He’s a shark and and he's circling, but when he gives me a naked call should I exercise my option and let him straddle my butterfly spread? He’s got me wanting to pivot tables left and right in his office, so we can merge each and every cell, but will he be just another crash or have I finally met the only man who truly knows how to excel? *CFO is an insta-everything standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

Chasing Butterflies

Jennifer Labelle - 2016
     Eight years ago my sister and I decided to leave our home and drug addict parents behind to build a new life somewhere else. Now that I’ve found my passion in art and tattooing I’m convinced that we’re finally happy…until tragedy changes everything. Deciding that going back to my roots is the best option for me, I return to the Hill Country of Texas, opening my own tattoo shop as a way to start over once again. One thing I didn’t count on…running into a blast from my past. Jagger is more attractive than I remember. He’s all grown up, filling those jeans and cowboy boots with raw muscle and a whole lot of sexy. The problem is, I’ve been forced to guard my heart for so long I don’t know how to let someone in. But Jagger makes it perfectly clear that he always gets what he wants. And what he wants…is me.

Save Me

Lucy Leroux - 2017
    Gilbert writing as Lucy Leroux _______________________________________________He left to save himself, but ended up losing her...Two years ago Eric Tam left Las Vegas, his career in shambles. Now he's rebuilt his life, but it's conditional on one thing--he can't go back. Until he gets the one phone call that changes everything. The girl he left behind is in trouble with their mutual boss.It's been years since Andie saw her first love, Eric. And she definitely doesn't want to see him now, not when her life is a complete mess. But unlike Eric once did, her problems aren't going away. She's trusted the wrong people. Soon it becomes clear it's not just her job on the line. It's her life.The Complete SeriesBook 1: Making Her His Available nowBook 1.5: Confiscating Charlie Available nowBook 2: Calen's Captive Available nowBook 2.5: Take Me Available now Book 3: Stolen Angel Available nowBook 4: The Roman's Woman Available nowBook 4.5: Save Me Available nowBook 5: Trick's Trap Coming Soon

The Billionaire's Secret Obsession

J.M. Madden - 2015
     When Clayton offers her a new commission to paint a portrait of his young niece, Sarah senses that the fascination she’s had with the handsome Mr. Gallagher might not be just one sided. She’d thought he was avoiding her, all those missed meetings and opportunities to meet that never quite happened… Clayton Gallagher knows that he shouldn’t spend any more time feeding his fascination with the charming, outgoing and delightfully beautiful artist - eighteen months of pining is enough! But he can’t resist her company any more than he can deny his desire for the kind of life and affection he sees portrayed in her art. Emotionally isolated in a cold and unloving family, and trapped in a dreary world of duty and responsibility, what will happen to Clayton when Sarah begins to color his world with life, kindness, warmth … love?