Neighbour From Heaven

Jade Winters - 2014
     Lucy is new to the area. Adventurous and up for fun, she is just the girl to take ‘loving thy neighbour’ to a steamy new level. Enter the object of her desire – her deliciously attractive neighbour, Melody. Fit, friendly and oozing sex appeal, Melody is every girl’s fantasy, but is she ‘one of the girls?’ or just a flirty tease? This is a tale to get your heart racing and change the way you view that sexy neighbour down the hallway forever. Who knows, it may inspire you to borrow more than a cup of sugar yourself. After all, sharing is caring… This is a 3500 word erotic short story. Warning: Contains graphic language and f/f sex.

A Second Chance

Bryan Mooney - 2012
    She was smart, attractive and well educated. After losing the love of her life she decided she had to get away from it all. Ravenna did what everyone would love to do…, she left and never looked back. She made a comfortable life on a small Greek island paradise nestled in the southern blue Aegean sea. It was filled with friendly people, beautiful beaches and warm sunny days. The strong willed woman thought she had left her life behind her… but she was wrong. Now, torn between memories and guilt, she must decide- but will she get…a second chance?

Cowboy Above the Law

Delores Fossen - 2018
    Her mysterious past raises questions, even if his attraction to her is impossible to contain. Before long, though, he discovers Rayna is an innocent pawn in a very dangerous game. Now, to catch a killer, this cowboy will go wherever the case takes him. Even if that includes ignoring the truth in his hardened Texas heart.The Lawmen of McCall Canyon

Sins of Innocence

Jean Stone - 1994
      Jess has led a charmed life, but now that her beautiful teenage daughter is pregnant, all she can think of is the baby she gave away. Susan lost one child years ago, and now, as a divorced college professor, she’s terrified of losing another. P.J. overcame an unwanted pregnancy to become a high-powered art director, but her whirlwind life is halted by an unsettling discovery. Ginny makes an unlikely Hollywood wife, but men, money, and four marriages can’t erase the horrors of her past—or satisfy her need for love.   Twenty-five years ago, they met in a home for unwed mothers. At the time, all they had to hold on to was one another. Now Jess, Susan, P.J., and Ginny must find the courage to face the past: The date is set for a reunion with the children they have never known. And no matter what happens, their lives will never be the same.Jess’s story continues in Jean Stone’s Tides of the Heart!  Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: Trying to Score, Long Simmering Spring, and Scarlet Lady.

Husband for Hire

Carla Neggers - 1995
    Why not? The rugged man who just shoveled off her cabin roof is sure to deter whoever is harassing her. But she’s surprised when Cole accepts her proposition. Cole is surprised, too, but he’s convinced Cady isn’t telling him everything. Then again, he isn’t telling her everything about himself, either.  When Cole and Cady head to New York as husband-and-wife-to-be, their attraction to each other becomes impossible to ignore. But is it the right time for romance? All they know is they are ringing in a new year…and anything can happen.  Available for the first time for your e-reader! Refreshed and updated from the original, published in a multi-author paperback anthology.

A Very Special Midwife

Gill Sanderson - 2005
     Dr Mike Donovan doesn’t believe in love at first sight – until he meets midwife Jenny Carson for the first time and is instantly hooked. He knows she’s the woman he’s been searching for, and won’t stop until he gets what he wants. Jenny isn’t so convinced; nicknamed “The Ice Woman”, she won’t let any man close to her after being burned by love in the past. Mike is determined to win over Jenny, and eventually they grow closer. But a devastating accident could threaten everything they’ve built together – can Mike thaw Jenny’s heart and keep the woman of his dreams?

Temporary Wife

Rossi St. James - 2015
     It should’ve been me. Instead, I'll be standing next to his bride, whom I can’t stand, as an honorary bridesmaid as a favor to him. I’m a bundle of nerves on the plane, and the hot stranger sitting next to me is about to regret asking me what my problem is. I’m about to give him an earful; beginning with the first time I knew I loved Derek Saunders. I didn’t mean to start crying. I didn’t mean to make the guy feel bad for me. But for some strange reason, he takes pity on me. So he offers a solution. A proposal, if you will. He’ll be my fake husband. I’ll be his temporary wife. It’s the only way I’m going to get through this weekend, and so I say hell yes. But I wasn’t prepared for what came next. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is episode one of a new mini series! Approx. 40 pages with a cliffhanger. EXCERPT: “So what’s your answer, Odessa?” The way he said my name sent instant heat between my thighs. My name oozed like melted butter off his tongue before rounding itself out with a hint of distant thunder. “You want to have fun this weekend or what?” “I don’t know.” I hemmed and hawed. As enticing as the idea was, I wasn’t sure I could go through with it. Then again, it might be the only way to get through my best friend's wedding. A distraction in the shape of a handsome stranger calling himself my husband for a few days would definitely help keep the tears at bay. “I’m only in town until Sunday,” Lincoln said. “Look, Blue Eyes, I’ll give you my number. You call me if you want to do this. I’ll be there. As your temporary husband. No one will be able to tell the difference. Maybe not even you.”

Seeking Amish Shelter (Love Inspired Suspense)

Alison Stone - 2021
    Coming soon! Seeking Amish Shelter by Alison Stone will be available Jan 01, 2021.

Slater's Bride

Patricia Thayer - 2016
    Loretta Drennan learns about her stepfather’s plot to sicken her mother and take over the family business in Chicago. Letty flees to Montana in search of her brother, Johnny, to seek his help. Traveling alone, she meets Paul Slater who claims to own a ranch with Johnny as his partner. He offers to escort her on the two-day journey to their ranch in Morgan’s Crossing. Hoping to out-run a looming snowstorm, they instead get stranded in a cabin. Days later they finally reach their destination. Reunited with her brother she pleads her case for him to return home. Johnny wants to help but his share of stocks will not give him the needed votes to gain control of the family company. Letty can only get her shares when she turns twenty-five or by marrying. Paul steps in to help by offering to wed his friend’s sister. They plan a wedding, in name-only, but there are real underlying feelings. When left alone at the ranch house the truth begins to come out. But the honeymoon is interrupted when a stranger shows up and kidnaps the bride. Can Paul save the woman he’s fallen in love with before it’s too late?


Holly Hepburn - 2013
    Modern day matchmaking is tough – people are busy, their hearts are harder to hit and he’s had enough of wall-to-wall romance. And St Valentine has noticed…Annelise is a Lost Cause. She runs a dating agency but her heart is colder than a penguin’s feet. She thinks love is about compatibility and has no time for passion.Can Cupid prove to St Valentine that he hasn’t lost his touch by melting Annelise’s heart? Or is it curtains for Cupid?A romantic comedy novella - 23,000 words long'Gorgeously romantic, unputdownable and utterly delicious!' Miranda Dickinson, Sunday Times Bestseller (Fairytale of New York, It Started With A Kiss, When I Fall In Love)'A completely charming, fantastically funny, romantic romp, perfect reading for a sunny afternoon.' Scarlett Bailey (Married by Christmas, The Night Before Christmas, Santa Maybe)

Forever Daddies: A Contemporary Romance Series Box Set

Victoria Snow - 2019
    Make sure you bring your favorite cold beverage, you are gonna need it. Book One: Baby Daddy That one night changed everything!I let my gorgeous, ripped, and filthy rich boss take my innocence.This was supposed to be just fun – a no strings attached, one night stand.And this was definitely not supposed to get me pregnant! Book Two: The Ex’s Daddy Professor Hot Stuff is going to be mine! Yes!Drew Richards is everything you would want in a man – enigmatic, alpha, hard, powerful, compassionate…The perfect man to lose my V-card to.The problem?He’s twice my age, and my teacher. Book Three: Best Friend’s Daddy I know it’s so wrong, but my best friend needs to know.So, how do we say it? Hey, I’m pregnant with your father’s child! You’re gonna be a big sister! Yay!!! No, this can’t happen.She can’t know. No one can know. Book Four: Sugar Daddy Shhh….Should I tell you a secret?My boss wants to be my sugar daddy!And I am totally excited.Another secret?I’m still holding on to my V-card. Book Five: Next Door Daddy My new boss, the single dad next door, is handsome as sin.A ten year age gap doesn’t matter either,Neither the fact that he’s the first guy to ever touch me!The only thing that matters is that he makes me feel good – really good.And now, I can’t stop dreaming about a family with him.  Download your copy now to get lost into this delicious blend of daddy hotness.

Waking Up in His Royal Bed

Kim Lawrence - 2021
    Despite their ever-present chemistry, she’s done with a life of royal scrutiny. Until a positive pregnancy test makes walking away impossible…For the sake of their baby, former playboy Dante demands Beatrice give palace life another chance. But she demands that this time, their marriage must be different. It’s up to Dante to balance his duty with desire, if he’s to keep his princess by his side!From Harlequin Presents: Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds.

Amish Renegade: Amish Romance (An Amish Vows Romance, Book 1)

Rose Doss - 2018
    Furious, Kate married another Mann. Now she is a widow, her parents are dead, and she has an orphaned child to raise. Out of options, she turns to Gott for help. One night while praying she realizes she must marry and quickly. Unfortunately, the only single Mann in her Amish community is Enoch Miller, who hasn’t spoken to her in years. Trusting in His guidance, she summons her courage and asks Enoch to marry her. Will Enoch agree to marry her? Will he get over his anger or will he deviously devise ways to make Kate pay for the pain that she has caused him? Can Kate and Enoch come together to raise the orphaned child and find the love they once lost? Or will bitterness and revenge drive them apart for good?

Alaskan Christmas Target (Love Inspired Suspense Inspirational Romance)

Sharon Dunn - 2020

My Mamma Mia Christmas

Annie Robertson - 2018
    But as the festive season draws closer, Laurel begins to wonder if Christmas on Skopelos can ever live up to the cosy Yorkshire Christmases she spent with her beloved grandmother, Marnie. And with a travel writer arriving to review the Villa, Laurel needs a touch of festive sparkle - and a little help from some old friends... With critics to impress, Greek feasts to cook, and an ABBA-themed winter wedding on the horizon, can Laurel throw the perfect Christmas for everyone? And will she find her own romance underneath the mistletoe...? Escape to Greece this Christmas for this joyous sequel to My Mamma Mia Summer.