The Sixpenny Winner

Alexandra Connor - 2002
    Ada falls in love with Clem Hargreaves, a young man also from the slums whom her mother strongly disapproves of, and fate plays a cruel hand when a tragic accident occurs. But worse is yet to follow and when Ada’s mother is found dead, she is left with guilt and remorse. Ada’s strength and determination pulls her through and together with her husband, they work hard to achieve their ambition of owning their own pub. The Sixpenny Winner soon becomes successful despite the depression and Ada and Clem Hargreaves find love and fulfilment with their two daughters. However when two brothers join them to help with the heavy work, Ada goes against her instinct and soon realises that her family is being torn apart and discovers evil and revenge of a kind she has not encountered before where all their lives are never the same again. Dramatic, heartbreaking and heart-warming, betrayals and full of passion, The Sixpenny Winner is the best yet from Alexandra Connor.

Shattered: 67 days to a family's self-destruction

Travis Winks - 2020
    Told through the eyes of a hurting brother and son, this tragic story follows three family members through a series of decisions that bring the family together and then tear them apart. Almost every family has a tumultuous chapter and this story is about the real impact mental illness and domestic violence can have.  The consequences are not only catastrophic for sufferers, but also for those who love them. Travis tells his story with rawness and honesty, but also with hope and humour.

The Best Prank Book - Prank Your Friends and Family!

Anthony Sievers - 2013

Jade Goody: How It All Began - My First Book

Jade Goody - 2009
    TV glamour was a far cry from her life growing up in Bermondsey, where Jade had taken on the role of ?carerOCO for her disabled mum from an early age. With her father in prison, she didnOCOt have an easy childhood, and one of her first memories was waking up, aged six, and dragging her mum out of their burning house when it caught fire. She discusses what really happened under the Big Brother sheets with PJ on live TV, meeting Jeff Brazier and falling pregnant (twice), as well as struggling to conquer a dangerous eating disorder. Always with her children, Bobby and Freddy, in mind, Jade went back to college in 2003, qualified as a beauty therapist, and established her own salon. There have been many trials and tribulations along the way, but thatOCOs how things often were for Jade, and she took it all in her stride. Heart-rending, hilarious and shockingly revealing. This book gives a fascinating insight into JadeOCOs extraordinary life."

Sub Zero

John T. Campbell - 1996
    A heavily armed assault team from a North Korean Kilo class submarine is about to shift the balance of power in the Far East and leave the United States also vulnerable to a missile attack. The death ship known as "Master Three" must be prevented from returning to North Korea with its load of top secret documents and a kidnapped Amercan engineer whose head is filled with missile secrets. On an isolated Pacific atoll, an undermanned, outgunned band of civilians, servicemen, engineers and civilians is America's last line of defense . . and her final hope. They must fight the ultimate battle - against an enemy few could have imagined.

Our Poison Horse

Derrick Brown - 2014
    Brown. Brown is the winner of the Texas Book of The Year Prize, 2013. The New York Times calls his work a rekindling of the faith in the shocking, weird and beautiful power of words. Brown finally sold the ship, The Sea Section, upon which he lived for years in the Long Beach harbor, after which he took to hunting for a city that was affordable and had a bustling writer s community. He landed in Austin, Texas and when the progress of that town got to be intense, he moved to the nearby countryside in Elgin, Texas, and from that pastoral setting came unfurling this new collection of his most personal work to date. Brown has been known as one of the most touring, well travelled living poets in America. He has based his whole writing career on changing peoples minds about poetry and he feels a quality, unforgettable live experience can achieve that. Brown told himself he needed a 10-year hiatus from writing poetry when he felt the well of creativity had dried up. 2 years ago, he wrote a one-hour long poetic play called Strange Light, commissioned by The Noord Nederlands Dans Group in Holland. The piece was performed by 14 dancers and accompanied by a live orchestra using music composed by fellow Americans, Emily Wells and Timmy Straw. While he was working on a new libretto for Wayne State University in Detroit, he was set up in a seemingly pastoral country setting, where, as Brown says, an incredible war broke out inside and out, such bright, massive storms, snakes, guns, howling wind, hard sun: all kinds of poems gushed forth. I gave in to the process and my best work to date was born, this will be my 5th book. Our Poison Horse touches on more autobiography than the romantic and fantastical that was so present in his past work. In Derrick Brown s words: I found a poetry in the real events that shaped or broke me. Every morning, I would quiet down, stare out into the field where we were watching our neighbors horse, a horse that was poisoned with pesticide by some local boys, a horse with massive scars all down its body from it s skin peeling from the poison sprayed upon it maliciously by some bastard kids. I watched the horse heal and finally come to me, and trust me and eat carrots. Something about that horse, Lacey, about it not trusting me and then warming up pulled something out of me that I didn t know I was ready for. There is a theme that in beautiful places, you will"

The Enlightened Spaniel - A Dog's Quest to be a Buddhist

Gary Heads - 2018
    Ably assisted by a bookshelf, who holds a fountain of knowledge, they embark upon a quest to discover the secrets of meditation and uncover the path to ancient wisdom. As they progress along the road to enlightenment, they not only transform their own perception of life, but also the lives of those around them. The journey is a challenging one, but is held together by Half-Sister’s wicked sense of humour and a desire to enter into spaniel folklore. The Enlightened Spaniel is a wise tale, filled with insights and humour, that celebrates the connection between all beings that reside on Planet Earth.

The Everything Labrador Retriever Book: A Complete Guide to Raising, Training, and Caring for Your Lab

Kim Campbell Thornton - 2004
    In fact, nearly three times as many Labs were registered in 2002 than any other breed. The Everything Labrador Retriever Book is the perfect introduction to America’s most popular pet. Written by dog expert Kim Campbell Thornton, The Everything Labrador Retriever Book is packed with professional, breed-specific advice that helps readers raise, care for, and train their Lab safely and successfully. Packed full of photos showing Labs in action, The Everything Labrador Retriever Book is perfect for new and seasoned dog owners!

Canon EOS Rebel T3i/600D for Dummies

Julie Adair King - 2011
    This book covers all the dials, menus, and controls, showing you how to use each one. It explains how to change and use various lenses and offers advice on exposure, focus, printing, using flash, sharing photos online, and much more, all with plenty of full-color examples to show what you can achieve.Canon's popular T3i/600D offers a vast array of options for the new dSLR photographer; this book guides you through all the settings, dials, and menusExplains how to use Live View mode and record, edit, and play back videoProvides tips and advice on working with exposure, manipulating focus and color, switching from auto to manual controls, and using lighting creativelyShows how to get photos from the camera to the computer, then edit and manage them using different software packagesIllustrated with full-color photos from the author, showing what you can achieveThis fun and friendly book helps you to quickly and confidently take advantage of the many creative possibilities offered by your new Canon camera.

On the Road

John Escott - 2009
    [Penguin Readers Level 5]

The Paper Mill Girl

Glenda Young - 2020

A Pound of Cure, Change Your Eating and Your Life, One Step at a Time

Matthew Weiner - 2012
    Matthew Weiner, a bariatric surgeon, who has identified a style of eating that can bring about the same metabolic changes seen after gastric bypass surgery. The shifts in your metabolism that block hunger and prevent weight loss plateaus after surgery can be obtained by focusing your diet on nutrient rich foods like fruits and vegetables. The style of eating outlined shows you how to use food to control hunger, eliminate cravings and prevent a slow down in your metabolism that plagues typical starvation diets.A Pound of Cure is a step by step guide that shows you how to change your style of eating sensibly, over time. Each of the 12 changes, or “stations” outlined in the program brings you closer to gaining control over the hunger and food cravings that have sabotaged your previous efforts. It is designed to be a lifelong change and nothing less and does not buy into the madness of starvation or fad diets. If you are tired of the fad diets and the commercial diet industry that peddles artificial, synthetic diet foods as healthy choices, the Pound of Cure plan will show you how to eat sensibly, control your hunger and lose the weight for the rest of your life.

Judge Dredd: America

John Wagner - 2015
    But how do the citizens really feel about a system where they are powerless? America Jara and Bennett Beeny grow up as best friends, living a fairly trouble-free life in a dangerous city… bar the odd encounter with a Judge. Time draws them apart, and when they are brought back together, Beeny is a successful singer and America has become involved with a terrorist organisation – with the Judges in its sights! Written by John Wagner (A History of Violence) with art by Colin MacNeil (Judge Dredd: The Chief Judge’s Man) this dark and complex tale is a true 2000 AD classic!

The Korean Intercept

Stephen Mertz - 2006
    Liberty is to deploy a space defense system satellite created with the latest American technology. The shuttle crash-lands in the uncharted, mountainous frontier between North Korea and China. As the ranking able-bodied officer, Kate takes charge, evacuating the crew from the crash site. A mountain warlord captures the Liberty’s crew, intending to sell the shuttle and its cargo to the highest bidder. On the world stage, this crisis rapidly escalates. The North Koreans forbid an American search and rescue operation, sending their own troops into the region instead. The technology on board Liberty is invaluable to both the North Koreans and the Chinese. The U.S. President orders American armed forces to full alert, preparing for a military incursion to locate the shuttle. This could be the flashpoint for the long-feared nuclear showdown between North Korea and the U.S. Monitoring these spiraling events with a personal interest is Major Trev Galt, Kate Daniels’ estranged husband. Since his breakup with Kate, Galt has become romantically involved with Meiko Kurita, White House correspondent for a Japanese news agency. Galt had thought he was over his wife, but Kate and the shuttle disappearing without a trace re-ignites his unresolved feelings for her. While Kate and her crew struggle to survive, Galt and Meiko risk their lives to untangle the Korean Intercept; a race against time that pitches them into a labyrinth of treachery reaching from the corridors of Japanese corporate power to the blood-splattered back alleys of Tokyo, from the White House to the barren, hostile mountains of North Korea.

Unconscious Putting: Dave Stockton's Guide to Unlocking Your Signature Stroke

Dave Stockton - 2011
    When a resurgent Phil Mickelson won the Tour Championship in September 2009, he was quick to credit a series of simple putting lessons from veteran golf champion and instructor Dave Stockton. As a top coach, Stockton has taught a long list of pro players-including Annika Sorenstam, Yani Tseng (winner of four LPGA tournaments), Adam Scott (Texas Open champion), Hunter Mahan (Phoenix Open champion), and Morgan Pressel (World Ladies Championship of Japan winner)-the putting strategies that finessed their game.Stockton's breakthrough concept is that every player has their own Signature Stroke, which is unconscious. Good putting comes from the mind, Stockton says, not from a series of stiff mechanical positions. With visualization, the right frame of mind, an efficient pre-putt routine, and connection to the individual internal stroke signature, any player can make far more putts. Putting has always been taught as an offshoot to the full swing, when in reality it is far different- almost a different game. Unconscious Putting will help players get out of the rigid, mechanical, overthinking trap.In Unconscious Putting, Stockton shows how players at every handicap level-from pros to weekend golfers-can putt effortlessly and with confidence by integrating a new mental approach with a few simple physical routines that will keep them locked on target. Readers will also gain invaluable advice on reading greens and equipment. Illustrated throughout and filled with anecdotes about how Stockton's lessons have helped today's leading players, Unconscious Putting is a must-have golf book and a category classic-in-the-making.