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Lambs of Men by Charles Dodd White



Roy Kesey - 2011
    Then his life and the city were destroyed. John's wife was murdered, and his search for the killer takes place amidst the storms of El Niño.

Cheat and Charmer

Elizabeth Frank - 2000
    But thanks to her marriage to Stefan Ventura, a Bulgarian filmmaker and high-profile Communist, Veevi's home was also a hotbed of political activity. At the end of the 1930s, when things went badly for him in Hollywood, Ventura and Veevi fled to Paris and into the lengthening shadows of Hitler and fascism." Cut to 1951, when Dinah is subpoenaed by the House Un-American Activities Committee, which threatens to ruin her husband, Jake, and derail his successful career as a Hollywood writer, producer, and director unless she cooperates. Can Dinah live with herself if she names Veevi - whom she both loves and loathes - in order to save her husband and preserve her idyllic married life? The choices Dinah makes set in motion an unforgettable chain of events. Like Anna Karenina, Dinah must face the consequences of her choices and her needs.


Gore Vidal - 1946
    Battling the sea and struggling against each other as the dreaded williwaw approaches, strikes, and subsides, the men reveal the storms within their souls, stark, fierce, and compelling. And pervading all is the grim atmosphere, set down with a mastery of description, of the desolate Arctic and the harsh destructive storm.

Almost Innocent

Sheila Bosworth - 1984
    Like the old master Henry James, Sheila Bosworth uses the chilling device of using the mirror of innocence to reflect evil. It is a lovely achievement, a superior one."-Walker Percy Clay-Lee Calvert is the love child of two people who are as beautiful as models in a magazine but whose similarity ends there. Her father, Rand, is an artist-easygoing, dreamy, principled, and chronically jobless. Her mother, Constance, is the blue-blooded, pampered, delicate but determined daughter of a state supreme court justice. How their intense passion for each other plays out against the sumptuousness and decay of 1950s New Orleans is something to which no innocent should be privy. In Sheila Bosworth's mesmerizing first novel, the era, the place, the people, of Clay-Lee's childhood all form an air as real as our own pasts, alternately dim and indelible, where everyone bears some guilt, and all are almost innocent.

The Farther Shore

Matthew Eck - 2007
    "What brought you here?" is the question asked of Eck's young narrator, Joshua Stantz, from the army's 10th Mountain Division. "Accidents and intentions," is his response, the answer of a man disillusioned long before his time. Having escaped the chaos and brutality of a hostile desert city ruled by rogue warlords, a handful of soldiers from Stantz's division realize that their only hope is to keep moving. Their odyssey is a surreal nightmare of swirling sand and flying shrapnel as they stay steps ahead of marauding gangs, warring clansmen, and pitiless mercenaries. Bewildered, plagued by the memory of home and family, not all of them will survive. Those who do will wonder why, as they try to make sense of the inexplicable. But their struggle is futile -- the rules of engagement they dutifully carry in their packs provide little information about the circumstances they face or the reason they're conscripted to this hellish place. Haunting, evocative, stripped of sentiment and convention, The Farther Shore is a war novel second and a powerful work of literature first. (Holiday 2007 Selection)

Consider This, Señora

Harriet Doerr - 1993
    The American characters here find themselves waiting, hoping, and living in rural Mexico-a land with the power to enchant, repulse, captivate, and change all who pass through it. Named a Best Book of the Year by Publishers Weekly and a Notable Book of the Year by the New York Times.

As Time Goes By

Michael Walsh - 1998
    You may simply love stories of wartime intrigue, romance, and courage. Or you may yearn to hear the voices of Rick, Ilsa, Victor, Louis, and Sam, even Sacha and Carl, once more...find out what happened after Ilsa and Victor left on the plane for Lisbon...learn about the lives of Rick, Ilsa, Louis, and Sam before they came to Casablanca...and, most of all, be there when Rick and Ilsa meet again. Either way, you won't want to miss...

Lightning Bug

Donald Harington - 1970
    Now everyone in the village is surprised that Every had the nerve to reappear in this tale of loss and of finding.

In This Our Life

Ellen Glasgow - 1941
    The story of how two marriages are wrecked and a great wrong done to an innocent Negro boy, is told largely as it is viewed by Asa Timberlake, sixty years of age, husband of a hypochondriac wife, father of two daughters, one utterly selfish and feminine, the other courageous and gailant but confused and unhappy." Book Rev. DigestPulitzer Prize, 1942

A Place to Come To

Robert Penn Warren - 1977
    Jed is born just at the end of the First World War on a run-down farm near the little town of Dugton, Alabama. When he is nine his drunken father dies in a low-comedy accident that becomes part of the obscene folklore of the region. His semi-literate mother has a caustic wit, an iron character, and the determination that Jed will escape the South. As she puts it: "Git what's to git, then git. Git on."A dedicated Latin teacher and Jed's football prowess combine to get him a scholarship at a jerkwater college, whence he enters the graduate school of the University of Chicago and excels in the field of classical and medieval literature. After fighting with the Italian Partisans behind the Nazi lines, Jed returns to the university and marries a woman who dies soon thereafter. He moves to a new job in Nashville and becomes involved in a torrid and ill-fated love affair, the central event of the novel, coloring all the subsequent action. He flees to Paris and then to Chicago; he marries again, fathers a son, and is soon divorced.Middle-aged, and now a figure of world renown, Jed goes back to Dugton for a long-deferred visit to his mother's grave, and - in what must be one of the most moving passages ever written - is able to make some kind of peace with himself and with his past. (Book jacket)

A World Away

Stewart O'Nan - 1998
    Set at a remote beachfront cottage in the Hamptons one summer during the Second World War, A World Away follows the fortunes of the Langer family, whose oldest son, Rennie, is missing in action in the Pacific theater. As we are soon aware, there is another battle raging at the same time, this one on the domestic front, as Anne and James Langer's marriage begins to unravel. In part to repay her husband for his affair with a student, Anne begins a clandestine romance with a soldier stationed at a nearby base. Yet all the passion and tenderness she finds with her lover is unable to ease Anne's empty ache from having her family torn apart.Thousands of miles away, Rennie is wounded in the effort to drive the Japanese from the island of Attu in the Aleutians, as Dorothy, his young wife, gives birth alone in San Diego. When Rennie comes home, his spirit as wounded as his body, it's clear that James and Anne must repair their own broken lives if they're going to help their son heal and bring their family back together. A World Away is a rich, romantic story that has all the depth and generosity of spirit Stewart O'Nan's work is known for.

Forest Green

Kate Pullinger - 2020
    Forest Green is the story of how he ended up there.Arthur Lunn is a golden boy who spends long summer days roaming the hills and swimming in the lakes of the Okanagan Valley. But the Great Depression is destroying lives, even in Art's remote and bucolic hometown. Soon, Art finds himself caught up in a battle between the town and the vagrants flowing through it, and before long the tension reaches a boiling point.A catastrophe follows--and changes everything. The trauma from this event shapes and haunts Art's life moving forward, from his experiences as a soldier in World War II to his reckless, nomadic working days in logging camps across British Columbia to his turbulent relationship with his one great love--a woman he cannot believe he deserves.Painful, poignant, yet full of hope, Forest Green explores how trauma can warp our lives while love can help us to mend.

The Nuclear Age

Tim O'Brien - 1985
    The year is 1995, and William Cowling has finally found the courage to meet his fears head-on. Cowling's courage takes the form of a hole that he begins digging in his backyard in an effort to "bury" all thoughts of the apocalypse. Cowling's wife, however, is ready to leave him; his daughter has taken to calling him "nutto"; and Cowling's own checkered past seems to be rising out of the crater taking shape on his lawn, besieging him with flashbacks and memories of a life that's had more than its share of turmoil. Brilliantly interweaving his masterful storytelling powers with dark, surreal humor and empathy for characters caught in circumstances beyond their control, Tim O'Brien brings us his most entertaining novel to date. At once wildly comic and sneakily profound, The Nuclear Age is also utterly unforgettable.

Her Own Place

Dori Sanders - 1993
    "Somewhere in the first five pages of HER OWN PLACE the glow begins....And you begin to glow becuase it just feels so good."THE BOSTON GLOBEThis is Mae Lee Barnes, story--from girlhood to womanhood to motherhood--and all stops in between, living the troubled, joyous, and indomitable life of a black matriarch during a time of change that will alter her life and her family's forever....

Old Dogs and Children

Robert Inman - 1991
    A masterpiece of old-fashioned storytelling that vividly evokes one woman's remarkable life and her struggle to make peace with the past. Reading tour.