When love is not enough

Cherry Willoughby - 2012
    How devastatingly and terrifyingly wrong she was.Her entire world was about to be broken apart in more ways than she could ever have imagined.Who could she turn to, and more importantly, who would listen?

Don't Call Me Mum: A mother's story of being pushed to the brink

Maria Frankland - 2019
    In infancy, he screams all night. As a toddler he is destructive and fearless. At school, he is disruptive and lacking in concentration. As he grows, so does the havoc, reaching a crescendo in his teenage years. In her quest for support, Sarah consults every specialist available to her, to be met with blame and indifference. This memoir, which tells the story of a mother and son ostracised, challenges the ‘I blame the parents’ view. It is a ‘must-read’ for any parent who struggles and feels alone.

Baby to Toddler Month by Month. Simone Cave and Caroline Fertleman

Simone Cave - 2011

Taboo Secrets of Pregnancy

Michelle Smith - 2010
    Join this pregnant mom of two as she journeys yet again through the rough and tumble life of a pregger. Boldly proclaiming taboo truths on those touchy subjects that books gloss over and doctors 'forget' to mention.

Raising Confident Kids: 10 Ways to Foster Self-esteem and Avoid Typical Parenting Mistakes (Kids Don't Come With a Manual series)

Nadim Saad - 2016
    Unfortunately, in trying to help develop these traits, parents can increase their children’s anxiety and make them afraid of making mistakes without realising it. Raising Confident Kids will equip you to avoid common pitfalls and create positive parenting habits. Bestselling parenting coach Nadim Saad draws on the latest research in child psychology, neuroscience and the Growth Mindset to offer parents 10 practical ways to nurture their children's self-esteem and ensure that they grow to become happy and confident adults. Discover the 5 typical mistakes that can affect children's self-esteem and how to avoid them Quickly learn and apply step-by-step solutions to grow your children's confidence and self-esteem Help your children develop a Growth Mindset so that they embrace new challenges and are unafraid of making mistakes Gain practical understanding of how to apply these tips and techniques to family life thanks to real-life examples

PREGNANCY: What You Need To Know When You're Expecting - The Complete Pregnancy Guide For Moms And Dads (Pregnancy Books) (Pregnancy Books for First Time Moms Book 1)

Jyothi Shenoy - 2016
    Jyothi Shenoy explains EXACTLY what you need to do, why you need to do it, and when you need to do it...all in an easy to understand, step-by-step fashion. Inside this complete pregnancy guide, you will learn: - The 11 most important facts about pregnancy that all mom's and dad's need to know - The top 10 pregnancy myths - The most recent developments in obstetrics that will save you time and energy - The physical symptoms you will experience and the solutions - Dangerous pregnancy symptoms that should not be ignored - Diet and nutrition tips for a pregnant woman - Guidelines for safe exercises during pregnancy - How to handle the emotional roller coaster during pregnancy - The most current lifestyle trends in the pregnancy world - What’s hot and what's not for sex during pregnancy - How to juggle a busy career with your pregnancy - Travel tips for pregnant women - What a man needs to know about pregnancy - Safe skin-care products during pregnancy - What clothes you should and shouldn't wear during pregnancy - The packing list for the hospital or birth center

Power Brain Kids: 12 Easy Lessons to Ignite Your Child's Potential

Ilchi Lee - 2007
    Yoga-like exercises and brain development exercises are fully illustrated and explained in detail. This is a must-have book for any parent of children ages 6-12.

Dad's Guide to Twins: How to Survive the Twin Pregnancy and Prepare for Your Twins

Joe Rawlinson - 2013
    Your mind races with a million questions and you start to stress out about what to do to get ready.This guide will help you be prepared and ready to tackle life the next several months without having to wade through a lengthy book you don’t have time to read. It is perfect for the expectant twin dad whether your twins are your first and second children or ninth and tenth.Read this guide and you’ll uncover money-saving tips, understand your preparation options, and eliminate common surprises that accompany every twin pregnancy and the early days of newborn twins.Money and finances are some of the most common concerns of parents expecting twins. This book covers:* answers to “How am I going to pay for all of this?”* recommended twin supplies and gear: what you should get and what you don’t need* how to get cheap (and free) baby formula and supplies for your twinsHaving twins isn’t easy. When you know what to expect, things go a lot smoother. Get this book for:* real-life twin dad experiences that you can learn from* valuable mindsets to help conquer the overwhelm of twins* brutal challenges twin dads must face* happy things to look forward to* nagging frustrations that you can minimize or avoid* the reality of surviving the twin pregnancyPreparing your family is an essential part of preparing for twins. You’ll see:* how to prepare your kids for their twin siblings’ arrival* tips for keeping your marriage relationship solid* preparations you must make for your newborn twinsBeing pregnant with twins is full of health risks and specialized medical care. Get a peak into what you could experience with your twins:* navigating the logistics of prenatal twin visits and ultrasounds* twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), preeclampsia, and other complications* types of twins and what it means to your twin pregnancy* how to survive bed rest during the twin pregnancy* what to expect with a twin delivery* delivering twins via c-section* NICU time for your newborn twinsAfter reading this guide, you’ll be informed, cool, calm, and collected and ready for the challenge ahead. Implement my tips and you, your family, and home will be prepared for your twins’ arrival.Scroll up, click the buy button & start getting ready for your twins today!

A Week With Enya: We live blind...

Amar B. Singh - 2019
    Where we don't, we read, we ask, we learn and then, we solve! What happens when there are no answers though? When nobody in the world knows! When we see the need to invent Gods even if we can't discover Him. Through a string of poems, the author narrates such an experience with his non-verbal and autistic daughter, Enya. What started as a week of babysitting for him soon became a seeking to change her into 'normal'. But, that seeking ended up transforming the seeker!The narrative in the form of poetry touches upon the revelation that comes out of desperation of not finding an answer at all and therefore, the thoughts getting tired of themselves and the mind taking a back seat. In that silence, the author says, things become clear and all aspects of life show their inter-relation! The intellect gives way to the intelligence, the body and mind as 'me' gives way to the world as 'me'! The mind map once seen, one starts to see the true nature of the 'me' and that perspective and clarity make everything clear and possible in life...

Getting the Little Blighters to Eat

Claire Potter - 2013
    Does your child decide they don't like a food before they've even tried it? Do they say 'Yuk' to foods they used to eat happily? Would they live off chips and ice-cream and never touch a vegetable again if given the chance? This little book provides easy-to-follow, easy-to-remember rules to help re-programme your child into a happy, healthy, adventurous eater.

The Mindful Parent: Strategies from Peaceful Cultures to Raise Compassionate, Competent Kids

Charlotte Peterson - 2015
    To figure out why this is happening and how to put an end to it, child psychologist Dr. Charlotte Peterson has been spending six months every five years living in indigenous villages and observing their parenting practices. What she's found is that the people of peaceful cultures, particularly the Tibetan, Bhutanese, and Balinese people, know something we Westerners, despite our modernity, don't, and their children are happier, healthier, and more balanced because of it.What Dr. Peterson has found is that the children in these cultures are raised with a high degree of cherishing and empathy. Attachments are promoted by intensive nurturing of infants and gentle, clear limit-setting with toddlers that teaches self-control and builds self-esteem. The result, as Dr. Peterson has found after visiting these places again and again, is children who are trusting, enjoyable, and kind, —not “spoiled,” as we might imagine.The Mindful Parent brings together Dr. Peterson's village interviews, observations, research, and over thirty-five years of work as a psychologist to teach modern parents how to raise healthier, more well-balanced, and kinder children. It includes creative ideas from parents who are currently adopting these practices and balancing other aspects of their personal, career, and financial responsibilities to assure their children get the support they need to thrive.

Get Your Sleep On: A no-nonsense guide for busy moms who want to preserve attachment AND sleep through the night

Christine Lawler - 2017
    People talk about it like it’s so easy. But how do you do it in a way that fits your style, protects your relationship with baby and actually works? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you. In this quick and easy guide, I’ll distill all the basics from the best resources out there on baby sleep. I skip the parent shaming and a ton of fluff that the other books are filled with, and I’ll give you the best cliff’s notes version out there so that in an hour or so you can be a sleep-expert, too. I'll explain why sleep is so important, and tell you the biggest secret out there about smooth sleep training (hint: it has nothing to do with how much crying you can tolerate). Parenting isn’t one size fits all, so I give you three solid options that can fit anyone’s paradigm and I'll walk you through a 14-day plan to revolutionize sleep for everyone. What are you waiting for? Let's get your sleep on!

Bedtiming: The Parent’s Guide to Getting Your Child to Sleep at Just the Right Age

Marc Lewis - 2009
    Developmental psychologists Marc D. Lewis and Isabela Granic reveal that the key to your child’s sleep habits is not which method you choose to help your child sleep, but when you use it. Timing is everything, and Bedtiming walks you through the stages of child development, offering helpful advice on such topics as: • time windows when sleep-training will be most effective and when it will stand the least chance of success • the pros and cons of several popular sleep-training techniques—including the “cry-it-out,” “no-cry,” and Ferber methods • common sleep setbacks and how to handle them • how to successfully transition your child from your bed to his or her own crib or bed.Bedtiming is a simple, sensible, and reassuring guide that will help children—and parents—get a good night’s sleep.

Ending the Homework Hassle

John Rosemond - 1990
    Ending the Homework Hassle

A Second Helping

Robin O'Bryant - 2012
    From realizing she should have paid more attention when the hula hoops were passed out in gym class, to near death by spray tanning, to realizing her daughters have given her more gifts than she could ever give them in return, A Second Helping is sure to make you laugh out loud and realize that being a parent is hilarious-- when it's happening to someone else.