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Finding Light by Charissa Stastny


Specter's Wake

Quinn Ryder - 2020
    . .SpecterThe man they once knew is dead, buried in a shallow grave outside of town with a bullet hole through his back. Their assassination failed, underestimating me, my thirst for life, and my love for Faith.I never meant for my absence to destroy her, yet staying gone was the only way I could keep her protected. For the last seven years, I’ve laid low, traveling through life and riding the streets like a ghost, never being more than a shadow of what I used to be. I've kept my distance, but now that I know her life’s in danger, I think it’s time for Specter to claw his way out of the grave they buried him in and seek out his revenge.I know infiltrating the Devil’s Armada again won’t be easy, especially since everyone thinks I’m dead, but I’ll do anything I can to protect Faith—even if it means putting myself in danger and confronting my murderer once and for all.

King of Sin (Las Vegas Syndicate Book 1)

Michelle St. James - 2018
    James ***Maxwell Cartwright just wants to have fun.At least that’s what he tells himself as he works his way through every showgirl and high roller room in Vegas, burning through his trust fund and trying to forget the betrayal of his old friend Jason Draper. Then Nico Vitale, head of the Syndicate, mentions the one thing that might prompt Max to action.Max's best friend, Abby, may be in grave danger.Abby Sterling is finally in control.Breaking free of an abusive father wasn’t easy, but hard work, a college degree, and a job in the executive offices of her childhood friend Jason Draper’s casino has her feeling like she’s free of the past.But maintaining her friendship with both Max and Jason isn’t easy when the two men won’t even speak to each other, and things get even more complicated when Abby’s relationship with Max heats up in surprising ways.As Max’s ties to the Syndicate deepen, he crosses his long held line with Abby, taking her to bed in spite of his promise never to risk their friendship. Now Max is in over his head, with the Syndicate, Jason Draper, and the woman he’s loved his entire life. The only way out is to infiltrate Jason Draper’s DarkNet poker game — and save Abby from becoming collateral damage.

Devil in a Suit

Nicole Fox - 2020
    It is Book One of the De Maggio Mafia Duet, but can definitely be read as a standalone!

Whatever It Takes

S. Jones
    I’ve moved on, married his enemy, and started my own family. Everything was perfect…until it wasn’t. My new life was a lie, and my husband turned out to be a fraud. The man that I married was now a wanted fugitive, and my ex-fiancé was the cop who was intent on making him pay. He’s convinced that a simple apology and a dimpled smile is enough to fix that broken heart that he tore apart years ago. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him at a distance. Yet, all it takes is one kiss, one touch for me to remember how great our love was before he threw it away. Little does he know that I’m not the young, foolish girl who he left behind. If he thinks he can waltz back into my life like the past never happened, he has another thing coming. I can accept that fate sent him back to me. Now, I need to assure my foolish heart that this means nothing.

Rebel Wayfarers MC Vol 7-9: Boxed Set

MariaLisa deMora - 2017
    BOOK 7: HOSS - Hoss has been looking for something he couldn’t define. An unnamed need, deep inside him. Meeting Hope Collins for the first time gave him clarity, but he, and the Rebel Wayfarers MC are in the middle of club business. Dangerous business. Business a single mother had no place in. So he set about attempting to keep her safe, until he could claim her. BOOK 8: DUCK - Reuben Nelms worked his entire life to pull away from a family legacy of horror and pain. Returning to his West Texas hometown for the first time in more than a decade, he still finds himself confronted by and fighting ghosts from his past. Treading alongside the remembered fear and regret surrounding him walks a temptation, Brenda Calloway, the woman he left behind. BOOK 9: WATCHER - Watcher is known in the MC community as a man with strong beliefs. His sense of honor has been built in him from childhood, forged in the mountains of Kentucky, rooted there by family and circumstance. In the ever-changing world of outlaws, he’s made a place for himself, winning a seat at the table for negotiations and decisions that impact not only his club, but those around him. Powerful men ask for his counsel, revealing a trust and respect that can only be earned. His family loves and supports him, too, and he protects his wife and children with a fierceness that consumes. Enemies loom on the horizon, because for every man he calls brother, there are those who would take everything from him. Also included: SHORT STORY 7.5 HARDDRIVE HOLIDAYS - The holidays can be a joyous time, but when you have experienced a profound loss, they can also be filled with bittersweet memories. Take a trip down memory lane with a colorful, old-school biker, Landon Shoemaker, known throughout an active network of motorcycle shops and clubs as Harddrive. NOVELLA 8.5: BIKER CHICK CAMPOUT - The segregated circles in which motorcycle club princesses and prospective members travel seldom collide. When they do, if romance is involved, it can be an improbable match at best.


Kathy Coopmans - 2019
     Women? They bow at my feet. Do what I ask and come back for more. But Ellie Wynn, I don’t want her bowing, I want her to kneel. She thought our time together was one night, a twist of fate. How wrong she was. Ellie has been mine since the day I saw her. Little does she know, it wasn’t that night. It was years ago. Well before I even understood she was mine. One taste, one touch, one kiss, and it wasn’t enough. Not for me. I’m prepared to fight dirty, and I plan to succeed. Lies, deceit, and betrayal. Intrigued? You should be.

Jungle Fever: A Billionaire Military Romance

Leslie Johnson - 2016
    Not when someone wants what you have. As an heiress to the family fortune, Camille Duffy lives the perfect life. She does work that she loves and travels anywhere she pleases. Beautiful and independent, she makes her own choices – in love and life. At least that’s what the tabloids say. Tate Rodgers is an ex-Green Beret turned owner of one of the most sought after security firms in the world. He’s hyper diligent and honest to a fault. If you don’t want the truth, don’t ask him. And don’t get on the wrong side of him. He will rip your tonsils from your throat. They’ve been hooking up for a couple years now. Hot sex. Good friends. But busy schedules keep the hook ups far and few between. Then a perfect day leads to disaster which leads to a fight for their lives. Can one man stop an army? Or will the jungles of Columbia claim another victim? You may want to read Badass: The Complete Series as well to better understand the history of Tate and Camille.

Melting Point

Nicolette Pierce - 2016
    A secret that only Morgan Brenner knew. She was diligent to make sure it remained that way. She alone had followed in her father’s footsteps, knowing that if she was ever found out the repercussion would be terrible. But if she didn’t continue, the outcome would be deadly. To protect her grandfather, her sisters, and the family business, she continued, knowing that every day she stepped closer to ruin.Liam Hayes had one mission: Infiltrate Brenner Metal Works and search for incriminating evidence. Because of his background in metal, he was the perfect choice. He thought it would be easy. Getting the grandfather to hire him was a snap. Then he met Morgan Brenner. She blocked him at every corner, making it clear he was not welcome. Quickly pegging her as the prime suspect, he made it his mission to discover her secrets.Liam is determined to find out why Morgan is frequently called to Las Vegas and follows her, putting them both at risk. As events quickly unravel, Morgan finds her only chance of survival is to allow Liam in. But can she trust him? The only way to free themselves from the danger they face is by working together, something neither of them ever wanted.

Billion Dollar Secret

L.A. Pepper - 2020
    “Your mom was right about you, you’re a troublemaker.”I’ll never forget those teasing words.He was forbidden fruit, a completely off limits temptation I knew could destroy me.Not only was he my dad's best friend,He’s the father to my very secret baby.It wasn't supposed to feel right when he touched me.It was supposed to be one night of passion.A secret…a scandal that we’d never tell.So the moment I found out I was pregnant,I ran.Left without a word.I thought I'd escaped my past when fate brings us back to New York,And face to face with the man I left behind.He's still single, and every bit the center of every one of my fantasies.The moment our eyes meet,I fall all over again.There are going to be questions...lot's of them.How do I tell him that our one scandalous night a year ago,Resulted in one hell of a secret?

Hell's Flower, (Hell's Storm MC #1)

S.L. Schiefer - 2015
    That's how it usually starts right? I grew up believing one thing, only for one day to completely mess up everything I've ever been taught. Was I a good girl? No, not by any means. But, the world I'm about to be thrown into is unlike anything I've ever known. Mace Multiple people. I live for club life. As the President of the Hell's Storm MC I protect my brothers at all costs, and they do the same for me. After a rival club killed what was mine, I vowed to live in as many chicks as possible. Never tasting the same one twice. But, all it takes is that one look to completely bring a man, even me, to my knees. Two people. Brought up on different sides of the tracks. Two different paths in life. Both will be tested, taken to the very edge of darkness that threatens to consume them both. Will they be able to withstand the heat of hell? Or will they fight to death and lose themselves?

Road Tripped (Satan's Devils MC Utah #1)

Manda Mellett - 2020
    I was angry; I admit it. I love my MC brothers, but they couldn’t understand. I could still ride a bike, allowing me to stay in the club, but I could no longer compete. Drummer decided to give me something else to think about, and temporarily gave me some distance from Tucson. It was a simple enough task—make my way, of necessity slowly, to Utah, and check that chapter out. Sure, the Utah club was friendly enough and never hesitated to support other chapters, but they were secretive. Drummer’s instruction was to discover what went on behind closed doors, and for me to return with the assurance they were following the Satan’s Devils rules and regulations. The time on the road would give me a chance to clear my head, my welcome assured at my destination as they wore the same patch on their backs. Then I’d return home, hopefully with my mood improved.Neither Drummer nor I had anticipated the mishaps along the route, nor that there was a possibility I might not make it back alive.


Naomi West - 2020
    An enemies-to-lovers, unexpected baby motorcycle club romance. I’ve got a smart mouth and a dark past.It’d be best for everyone if I kept my hands to myself.Get ‘em dirty for my club only—the Sons of Sinners MC.And stay far away from innocent civilian women.But Lexie refuses to let sleeping dogs lie.She swings those perfect hips every time she walks past me at the garage.She can keep repeating that she doesn’t want me, but we both know the truth:She wants me as bad as I want her.Fate keeps throwing her into my tattooed arms.That ain’t so bad.But am I ready for fate to throw me a final curveball…When Lexie winds up pregnant?

Racetrack Romance Box Set

Bev Pettersen - 2012
     COLOR MY HORSE A desperate heiress swaps her credit cards for a pitchfork and shovel and discovers much more than her job is at stake. FILLIES AND FEMALES A meek nurse tries to save her employer's Texas race stable but her only ally is a horse trainer she doesn't trust.

Ryder’s Edge

Christopher Harlan - 2019
    Ryder had no choice but to approach her. Their eyes locked. Words were exchanged. Feeling arose that he didn’t know he was capable of. They left together in what was expected to be a night of passion, but the secret she was keeping would change his life forever.Since he was a kid, Ryder’s only known the world of motorcycle clubs. After losing his father to a tragic accident, he vowed to fulfill his father’s dreams of having his own MC—the baddest that Texas has ever known. But fate might have other plans.When Ryder’s mystery woman vanishes without a trace, he’ll encounter some of the most dangerous men he’s ever crossed paths with to get her back. But he has some dangerous men of his own to meet the challenge. No matter what, Ryder knows one thing for sure—he’s never seen a woman as beautiful as the woman with the green eyes, and no matter the cost to himself, he’ll move heave and earth to be with her again.


Kiki Leach - 2016
    Eight years ago, Mia Sullivan was known in and around her small town just outside of Crescent Beach, Florida as the 'good girl'. The 'preacher's kid'. The one who never stayed out late, always turned in her homework on time and never, ever said a word in front of anyone else that she couldn't say in front of her parent's first. She didn't drink. She didn't smoke. And sex before marriage was completely off the table. Her world was perfect. Her life plans were laid out in front of her. Everything was set in place. Until one night with the wrong man sent a girl well on her way to the top of the hill, sinking straight down to the bottom of the river like a stone.Eight years ago, Jacob 'River' Hawkins was just a man looking to finally catch a break in his life. Born into a world of drugs, booze, sex and bikes, he had long ago given up on his dream of winning the UFC World Championship title after snapping his opponent's neck during a staged cage fight. As a result, his mother encouraged him to finally become an official member of the only family he ever knew growing up, the Shadow Riders MC. A few years in was all it took before he was made VP and forced to help make decisions about a club that while saving him from the streets, was also draining away parts of his soul day by day. Parts he never thought he'd get back until the morning he found a girl almost half his age beaten, broken and laying half dead right outside his club. Eight years ago changed the course of two lives forever, connecting two souls that never believed in needing someone else until they had a need for each other. Neither of them knew just how much that need would eventually turn to lust, followed by love. Neither of them knew just how much that kind of love would almost destroy them both.