Paul Carberry - 2020
    But even they could not have been prepared for the horrors that arose from beneath the decks of The Swift Current one dark evening. That night, the sea birthed a perfect predator: hundreds of years old and gargantuan in size, with hungry jaws that have never needed to evolve, and glassy eyes that disguise a fierce intelligence. Can Newfoundland and her people survive this horror from an age gone by?International Best-Selling horror icon Paul Carberry takes the terror offshore in this stunning, suspenseful new thriller!

Apex Predator: Hunter's Moon

D.A. Roberts - 2020

The Damnation Game

David Brian - 2015
    Kate Stringer is a woman in mourning, her murdered husband the latest victim of the notorious Catholic Jack slayer. A nationwide manhunt remains underway, but the serial killer continues to remain elusive. Now, unknown to her, Kate too has been targeted by the maniac. However, other forces are in play. Things moving in the shadows, with an agenda of their own...From those broken places, where trauma and distress cloister, they watch with accusing eyes. And if they judge us, they may look to share their pain.

Beneath the Deep

J.T. Cross - 2014
    Cross, acclaimed author of the LOST VALLEY, returns with BENEATH THE DEEP, an epic underwater science thriller. When Megan O’Brien, an archaeologist on a quest for a lost underwater civilization, and her treasure hunting partner, Matt Turner, rescue a disgraced physics professor, they stumble upon a man with a stunning scientific discovery—a location under the ocean where quantum physics fails. Joining forces with Sam DeCourcy, a wealthy undersea salvage expert, they form a crack exploration team to dive and drill beneath the ocean floor in the Bermuda Triangle. Danger arises when a rival team aims to get there first and they’re armed with explosives and a plan that could kill them all. Now, racing against their competition, the explorers discover remnants of a mysterious lost civilization, and then, the game changer unfurls: evidence of an ancient intelligent species—and they are not happy to have company. J.T. Cross weaves science fact with science fiction to create a believable, riveting epic adventure that will appeal to readers of Michael Crichton and fans of James Cameron's THE ABYSS. **Acclaim for J.T. Cross** “Pulse-pounding action, brilliant speculation, and the introduction of a lost world filled with horrors and wonders. J.T. Cross is a lot of writer.” ―J.R. Rain, #1 bestselling author of MOON DANCE and THE LOST ARK.

The Original's Return

David Watkins - 2013
    Returning to Britain, he jumps at the chance to lead a small team in Devon. The task sounds more like a holiday; exactly what Knowles and his men need.The mission: watch Jack Stadler. Jack has always led a quiet life, but now he is suffering blackouts and has violent fantasies. When the first dismembered body is found, Knowles begins to realise he has made a terrible mistake…

Turn Her Face to the Wall

William Hussey - 2013
    In this creepy tale, the twist comes with the very last word…

The Family Man

Amy Cross - 2014
    Happily married, with a loving wife and a teen daughter, he seems to have everything. But this particular family man has a dark secret that he's managed to hide from his family. From all his families.But that's about to change.When a dying girl crawls to the door of a remote farmhouse, the police are led to a horrific warehouse where scores of other girls are chained in horrifying conditions. Somebody has been farming human beings, using them to create new identities that can be sold on the black market.And now the perfect family man is about to learn that he can never truly escape his past. Originally published as The House of Broken Backs, The Family Man is a dark tale of one man's determination to hide his true nature.

The Cryptid Files: Bigfoot

P.K. Hawkins - 2020

Ghost Town

Mark Lukens - 2014
    They don't know each other and they don't know how they got there. Their only refuge from the heat and sun is the ghost town shimmering on the horizon.Once inside the ghost town they become pawns in a twisted game. They must figure out the clues, the connection they all have to each other, and the rules of this game if they have any hope of surviving.

Evil In Disguise

Deborah McClatchey - 2010
    Little do they know that the unsuspecting, yet odd-looking turtle, is a fiend in disguise. The town bully, Victor Lockett, kidnaps the reptile and finds out he’s made a terrible, terrible mistake! The turtle is now on the loose and the killings begin. Elmer Jacks, the pet shop proprietor, finally reveals the true identity of the turtle to the two boys. He says there is an old scroll that was lost which holds the answer to the cursed tortoise and can revert it back to human form. Charlie’s pretty neighbor, Sunni Russell, joins them on their hunt for the beast. With her help, they search the Internet for the answer to the reversal of the curse. But will they find it? And most importantly, if they find the turtle, will the special words on the scroll even work?

They Came with the Storm

Christopher Coleman - 2021
    Then they came. And everything changed.Through an innocent act of mischief, a trio of an ancient witches is unleashed in the small town of Clayton, New Mexico.Years later, a dust storm suddenly appears across a stretch of Interstate 412, creating a massive crash that includes Chris Boylin and his daughter, Jaycee. They are uninjured, but while Chris goes to assist others who were not so lucky, his daughter disappears.In the thick air of the storm, just before the clouds clear, Chris sees a pair of haunting shapes outlined in a glow of light.The search for Jaycee dead ends, but a website article about an abduction in 1939--one eerily similar to Jaycee's--leads Chris to an elderly man named Arthur Richland, whose terrifying childhood story of his sister Ruby just might be the answer to saving a missing girl's life.What came with the storm? And are they responsible for the mysterious disappearances?Do not miss this creepy new tale from the author readers are comparing to Dean Koontz and Stephen King. Grab your copy today and prepare to be swept into a story you won't soon forget.They Came with the Storm is a standalone novel, not part of a series.

Life of the Dead - The Complete Collection

Tony Urban - 2019
    Over 1,200 pages of reading! As a plague ravages America and leaves chaos in its wake there's no time to prepare, no chance for last words, messages home, or tearful goodbyes. For the men and women immune to the virus, they have 2 options. Survive or die trying.

Shadow Vista

Mark Steensland - 2020
    Now surrounded by rusting fence and patrolled by guards from Tin Star Security Service, the under-construction homes do little more than gather dust and spiderwebs.But they are not alone. A killer in gray coveralls and a red ski mask has made it their own private cemetery, turning backyard benches into tombs and patios into slabs covering the bodies of their victims.For part-time student Zachary Frenkel, working swing shift as a Tin Star guard at Shadow Vista was the perfect gig. Until he crosses paths with the killer and plunges into a battle to save himself from being the next victim!

Three Incidents at Foster Manor

P.T. Phronk - 2019
    An apocalyptic storm. Whispering voices in the air. She was right to fear the worst-case scenario. Amy Burnett has been buried in her work as a security expert. She likes it that way—her dark past can’t invade her thoughts as long as she stays holed up in her office. So why the heck has she ended up at a gothic mansion’s doorstep in the middle of the night? It’s because Craig Foster summoned her there. Amy’s company built the sealed chamber in his basement, for any worrisome worst-case scenario, but now the safe room has presented a scenario of its own: Craig’s daughter is trapped inside. It should be a quick fix. After all, what’s the worst thing that can happen when a stranger arrives at a remote mansion on a stormy night? An impossible mystery? A haunting? A visit from the lurking strangers in the woods? Surely not all three—that would require extraordinarily bad luck. Unfortunately, Amy’s been short on luck lately. Three Incidents at Foster Manor will keep you guessing until the end with a twist-filled, fast-paced, genre-blending mix of mystery, ghost story, thriller, and cosmic horror that will chill you to the core. This is a standalone story, but also acts as a sequel to P.T. Phronk's previous mystery, The Arborist. "Full of interesting characters, twists and scares, it will keep you off-balance all the way to the end!" —Franny "I'm always down some ghostly fun but then the fun dial twisted and wow." —Amazon Reviewer "If you like reading stories somewhat reminiscent of The Twilight Zone this is for you." —Alanna Patterson

Slasher: the Escape of Richard Heinz

Iain Rob Wright - 2014
    Entering a dark wood on a rainy night, they must try to understand and anticipate the mind of the sick killer before it's too late.Richard Heinz is out for a reason, and he’s just taken a hostage.IF YOU GO INTO THE WOODS TONIGHT, YOU’RE SURE OF A BIG SURPRISE… Iain Rob Wright tackles the sick killer with Slasher, writing a tale that will appeal to fans of Hannibal Lector, The Following, and True Detectives.