Thug Holiday 5: The Finale: An African American Romance Novel

Twyla T. - 2019
    The drama is still on point, not missing a beat. A for sure must read.” –Bestselling author Lakia Bestselling authors Twyla T, Patrice Balark, J. Dominique, and Dani Littlepage team up once again to bring you this total engrossing drama-filled story, right in time for the holidays. Thug Holiday 5 fast forwards to two years later, unveiling the Holiday sisters along with their Rock Boyz husbands’ lives and how they are adjusting with marriage, family, and careers. In this story, trust is a major issue, relationships are thoroughly tested, and strong bonds could be obliterated. Through it all, Andrea, Alyssa, Anastasia, and Alexis find out that real life is nothing like the fairytales. Andrea is settling into motherhood and into being the wife of a street king with D’Mari. Being her own boss and having her own law firm are hard sometimes but well worth it. But when a case comes across her desk that sends her mind boggling, she has to decide if the case is worth taking or just leave it be. Will Drea say yes or no to a case that could really put her firm on the map? Alyssa loves Corey and Alana beyond words, but the many lonely nights at home, the endless amounts of broken promises, and raising their child alone while he’s running the street begin to take a toll on her. Voicing her concerns to her husband seems to only go in one ear and out of the other, forcing Alyssa to consider other avenues to venture down. Will those avenues that she travel cause more harm than good? With everything that they had gone through, you would think that there was nothing left for Anastasia and D’Mani to overcome, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Smooth sailing is not in the cards for them, so naturally, chaos shows up all dramatically, even on one of the most important days of their lives. With the latest hit to their love and relationship, will the highly intense couple overcome once again or will this be the final nail in their coffin? With J.R. heavy in the streets, Alexis takes a more hands on role in her club, including hiring new dancers. When a new recruit piques her interest, Alexis is tempted to dive back into her old ways and get the best of both world. However, everything is not what it seems and could backfire on her in the worst ways if she goes down the forbidden rabbit hole. Will sexy Lexi stay on the straight and narrow or will she give into temptation, causing a wedge in her marriage?

A Street Legend Worth Loving 2

Jenica Johnson - 2019
    With businesses booming and love blooming, they thought life was going to be great until the death of his mother. Lucky gets so busy with trying to get revenge that he forgets that he has enemies coming at him from every angle. Blessyn struggles with the thought of being pregnant after losing her son. Now that the biggest secret between them is out, the fight for their marriage has just started. Lucky tries his best to keep his life together, but everything around him is crumbling. The domino effect knocks the life out of Lucky. Perc and Merci are on two different pages when it comes to their relationship. He thinks that he’s about to build a family with Merci, but she still wants to be a hot girl. Merci is still up to her sneaky ways. Perc thought a baby would slow her down, but Merci had a point to prove, nobody was going to just make her a baby mama. Perc fought as long as he could to make things work with Merci, but the main problem in their relationship is still on a rampage, his baby mama. If she’s not stopped, Perc will never have another chance at Merci’s heart.

The Haunting of Galsbury Inn: Haunted House

Caroline Clark - 2019
    He was a man who believed what he could see, but even he knew that something was very wrong. FREE with Kindle Unlimited. The Galsbury Inn is a magnificent structure, nestled in the idyllic English countryside. The place is rundown and spooky from being abandoned over the years. Then there were the rumors about deaths and disappearances. Some say the first owner tortured and killed people, including his own wife, but that happened a hundred years ago, or more, and besides, there’s no such things as ghosts. Only Charles may have to change his mind. Based on the Inn’s history, Harriet has a hunch that something more sinister—and paranormal—is at play. She’s a paranormal investigator, an amateur sure, and eagerly jumps on the chance to investigate the Galsbury. But soon, she quickly realizes what she’s playing with is far out of her league, and she’s a bit in over her head. But she’s persistent and won’t let a poltergeist intimidate her into heading back home with her tail between her legs. With the help of an unwitting policeman, Harriet takes on the Galsbury and its secrets. Is she strong enough to face the Inn’s horrible past and find the truth? Or will the spirit that resides within scare her away, or kill her in the process? Also by Caroline Clark: Don’t Close Your Eyes The Spirit Guide Series: The Haunting of Seafield House The Haunting on the Hillside The Haunting of Oldfield Drive The Ghosts of RedRise House 4 book box set Single Books: The Haunting of Brynlee House Daddy Won’t Kill You The Spirit Behind You The Haunting of Shadow Hill House

The Visitors: A True Haunting (True Hauntings Book 5)

Rebecca Patrick-Howard - 2016
    They didn’t believe in ghosts…but they would.Named for the row of weeping willows that lined the driveway,Willow Terrace was the most well-known house in the county. With its sweeping views, wraparound porches, and fourteen rooms it was the kind of place that was coveted. Built in the mid-nineteenth century, it was also one of the old houses in town. Stained windows, intricate wood carvings, and a winding staircase straight out of the movies– So why had it been empty for so long? The Sanders family had been watching the house for most of their lives. As a teenager, Piper had sworn she would own the house one day. When their small business began taking off, they finally had the chance to buy Willow Terrace and begin fixing up the sad, neglected place.They’d brushed off those rumors and stories they’d heard, tales of ghostly figures that appeared in windows, cries in the middle of the night, objects that flew across rooms... Ghosts weren’t real, right?Piper and Larry were about to take a journey into the world of the supernatural–a journey they’d never forget. They’d soon learn they weren’t the only ones living in their new house.And that their unearthly visitors might not be happy for the intrusion. Secret passageways, underground tunnels, an invisible child, demonic rituals, and a town’s haunting mystery…had they bitten off more than they could chew? Now the Sanders' family faced a difficult choice: make a run for it or stay and fight for the house they'd invested everything in. Based on a true story.

The Buzzing (A Narrowdale Novella)

Michael Omer - 2015
    But this is Narrowdale, and nothing’s ever quite normal. When two of the kids she is looking after disappear, things quickly spiral out of control. Now Roxanne's crawling around in old maintenance tunnels, catching glimpses of creepy happenings in the building's many apartments. In one of them lives a man with a dark, terrible secret, and Roxanne's path is on a collision course with his. And all around the man, there is a strange sound of buzzing…

Beneath the Deep

J.T. Cross - 2014
    Cross, acclaimed author of the LOST VALLEY, returns with BENEATH THE DEEP, an epic underwater science thriller. When Megan O’Brien, an archaeologist on a quest for a lost underwater civilization, and her treasure hunting partner, Matt Turner, rescue a disgraced physics professor, they stumble upon a man with a stunning scientific discovery—a location under the ocean where quantum physics fails. Joining forces with Sam DeCourcy, a wealthy undersea salvage expert, they form a crack exploration team to dive and drill beneath the ocean floor in the Bermuda Triangle. Danger arises when a rival team aims to get there first and they’re armed with explosives and a plan that could kill them all. Now, racing against their competition, the explorers discover remnants of a mysterious lost civilization, and then, the game changer unfurls: evidence of an ancient intelligent species—and they are not happy to have company. J.T. Cross weaves science fact with science fiction to create a believable, riveting epic adventure that will appeal to readers of Michael Crichton and fans of James Cameron's THE ABYSS. **Acclaim for J.T. Cross** “Pulse-pounding action, brilliant speculation, and the introduction of a lost world filled with horrors and wonders. J.T. Cross is a lot of writer.” ―J.R. Rain, #1 bestselling author of MOON DANCE and THE LOST ARK.

Caught Up Loving a Legendary Maddox Gangsta

Khadijah J. - 2020
    Benji was tall, extremely handsome, charismatic, and single, the perfect qualities for a single woman. The only thing was, Benji was all about his Benjamins, and there was no one getting in the way of his money. He differed from the average man in many ways, being groomed at an early age to become who he was, and he accepted his destiny with open arms.Kelcie Lagos was the epitome of brains and beauty. Girl next door, Kelcie grew up living next door to the infamous Maddox family. They had a horrible reputation, yet Kelcie had the inside scoop. From the sandbox to high school, Kelcie held the key to Benji’s heart until tragedy struck and separated them.Does absence make the heart grow fonder, or does it make you grow apart and learn to adapt and live without that person? One can only wonder. Years go by, and they run into the adult version of each other, only to realize the spark is still there, yet stronger. However, they’re both at different phases of life facing different obstacles. Is that undeniable chemistry worth fighting for, or will the obstacles be too much forcing one of them to walk away?

Never Had A Love So Dope

Ro Monique - 2019
    She could never say she had a good day, just good moments if you could even call them that. With no love from her father that raised her, to an absent mother who loved her dearly but only when she was around which wasn’t a lot. Her big sister Maiya was the family favorite and didn’t have much time for her little sister because she was doing her own thing living her life. She was just simply here. But when tragedy strikes everyone’s world is rocked and things go from bad to worse if that could even be possible, and then comes a ray of sunshine into Maliyah’s life. Zaire didn’t even have a heart let him and his brother Khari tell it. They were just here for a good time when it came to these females. Zaire and his brother were thrown away when they were babies but rescued by well to do family who thought could buy everything. Zaire was attracted to Maliyah from the moment he laid eyes on her. The more he resisted the more he was drawn to her, but he was a fighter so he was going to fight it as much as he could and that meant to the very end. Maliyah had never been loved in life and not to mention this dope so she was beginning to feel like this had to be too good to be true, and maybe it was…..

Corporate Thugs Need Love Too

Heiress - 2019
    Love should be natural and not forced. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for Raquel aka Rocky Bridges. Born into the gang life, she had no choice but to follow certain rules. Being brought up around so much violence and illegal activity, she was the product of her environment. All she wanted was to be free of her father’s vicious ways, her boyfriend’s abusive behavior and the violence that surrounded her. She thought she would never get to escape until she met him. Cornell aka Nelly Crenshaw is what they call a corporate thug. Yes, he wears expensive suits and works in an office but deep down, he was not to be fucked with. Depending on the day, he could speak proper and give presentations like a corporate man or he could run the streets and still have his name be feared. Though Nelly was a good man, he had a past. He could hide under all the expensive suits he could but the residue of his former self still lingered on him. He never anticipated on finding love and settling down but when he met Rocky, all that changed. Though this might seem like a simple love story, it has its twist and turns. From long time beef, to betrayal and dishonesty. Will Rocky be willing to love Nelly after knowing of his past life? Will Nelly be willing to still pursue Rocky after finding out who her family is? When all hell breaks loose and decisions need to be made, what will be the outcome? Will love win or will loyalty come in between the two?

The Luxury Orphanage

Grant Finnegan - 2020
    Ravenstone House, built in the early 1800s, was once a majestic home. Then it was used as an orphanage for decades. When it closed its doors in 1956, the building lay derelict for more than thirty years.In its neighbourhood, the house is well known for being haunted. But only when it is converted into luxury flats do the dark secrets from its past come to light. The unexpected events that follow will upend the lives of the residents as the tortured souls trapped beneath Ravenstone reveal themselves to demand justice.Get us to where we belong.It's not our fault.We did nothing wrong.

Apex Predator: Hunter's Moon

D.A. Roberts - 2020

The Haunting of Crowford Station (The Ghosts of Crowford Book 11)

Amy Cross - 2022

Rockin’ His Chain, Wearing His Ring: Jumma & Trouble

Dymond Taylor - 2019
    After going through the ups and downs to win over his now fiancé, Jumma, Trouble find himself wondering, is his bad boy days really behind him. Has he locked Jumma down for all the wrong reasons? It’s no doubt about it that he loves her but is that enough for him to do right; considering the fact she took bullets behind him and bear his child; all while being paralyzed from the waist down. Jumma loves Trouble with everything in her. There’s no other person she rather be with. Unless that’s how she felt until Trouble starts displaying odd behavior. She wants to believe she is losing her mind but she’s so in tuned with Trouble, she knows something is up. His time at home has slacked drastically and he takes more trips out of town then a retiree. Jumma wastes no time going into investigation mode with her best friend Zoni, by her side. They say when you go searching you find, and it’s not something you’ll like. Will that be the case for Jumma when she follows Trouble to a residence that is unknown to her, but seems very familiar to him? This is the spin-off to That Bona Fide Hood Love Fire & Pure: Season 5. Jumma and Trouble have a story to tell along with the rest of the crew. This is mainly Jumma and Trouble’s story but Fire and Pure, Yurey and Zoni, have some unfinished business as well. Indulge in this wild tale to see if the love between these couples is still bona fide.

The Haunting On Park Road: A Memoir Based On Terrifying True Paranormal Events (The Park Road Haunting Book 1)

Andrew Hopkins - 2021

The Haunting of Forsaken Manor (Ghost Hunters Book 1)

Cat Knight - 2020