Forgotten God DVD Study Resource

NOT A BOOK - 2010
       Francis’ thought-provoking teaching makes this a valuable resource for small groups, churches, youth groups, and college campus ministries.   Features include: Seven sessions for individual or group study.Discussion questions and prompts led by Francis Chan.Behind the scenes out-takes and additional bonus components.

Introducing Kyla May Miss. Behaves

Kyla May - 2005
    Behaves! Her imagination always manages to run away at the worst possible times-like when she's in class, or when she's doing her homework, or when she's practicing the piano...which gets her into all sorts of trouble! But trouble for Kyla May means amazing adventures for readers... If you had weird parents, boring teachers, and were stuck in detention, wouldn't you daydream too? Join Kyla May and her fabulous sidekick, Fifibelle the poodle, as she imagines what it would be like to be a world-famous fashion model, a superglam rock-diva, a prima ballerina-and more!

Untamable God: Encountering the One Who Is Bigger, Better, and More Dangerous Than You Could Possibly Imagine

Stephen Altrogge - 2013
    In his personal, intimate, engaging, humorous style, Altrogge takes us on a journey through God's word, bringing us into close contact with the God of sharp edges and brilliant light. Altrogge introduces afresh to the untamable God of the Bible.

Dinner With a Perfect Stranger / Day With a Perfect Stranger: An Invitation Worth Considering

David Gregory - 2005
    Although his seventy-hour workweek has already eaten into his limited family time, Nick can’t pass up the opportunity to see what kind of plot his colleagues have hatched.The normally confident, cynical Nick soon finds himself thrown off-balance, drawn into an intriguing conversation with a baffling man who appears to be more than comfortable discussing everything from world religions to the existence of heaven and hell. And this man who calls himself Jesus also seems to know a disturbing amount about Nick’s personal life.………….."You’re bored, Nick. You were made for more than this. You’re worried about God stealing your fun, but you’ve got it backwards.… There’s no adventure like being joined to the Creator of the universe." He leaned back off the table. "And your first mission would be to let him guide you out of the mess you’re in at work."…………. As the evening progresses, their conversation touches on life, God, meaning, pain, faith, and doubt–and it seems that having Dinner with a Perfect Stranger may change Nick’s life forever. From the Hardcover edition.

Dr. Perricone's 7 Secrets to Beauty, Health, and Longevity: The Miracle of Cellular Rejuvenation

Nicholas Perricone - 2004
    Now #1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Nicholas Perricone gives us an anti-aging program that unveils the miracle of cellular rejuvenation. These seven powerful strategies are not only easy to follow but present a plan for total health designed to help us look and feel great by age-proofing us from the inside out. Taking a holistic approach that taps into cutting-edge science, Dr. Nicholas Perricone reveals how to rev up our cellular metabolism so that we can stay healthy, strong, and energetic, while keeping our skin soft, smooth, and supple. These strategies will help us reverse osteoporosis, restore bone structure and muscle mass, revitalize brain cells, reduce the chances of heart disease and cancer, elevate mood, manage blood sugar, and slim down and stay trim. Inside Dr. Perricone’s 7 Secrets to Beauty, Health, and Longevity you will discover• the six kinds of food you need to eat every day, as well as healthy and delicious snacks–including a vegetable that both suppresses appetite and builds muscle• new findings about the best nutritional supplements to win the fight against aging• revolutionary skin rejuvenating secrets for radiant, toned, and youthful-looking skin • the role of pheromones in curbing depression, boosting self-confidence, triggering weight loss, and improving libido• the essential oil that is more powerful than antibiotics• an exercise plan that will shape your silhouette and strengthen your bones in as little as ten minutes a day• delicious recipes, easy shopping lists, and a guide to safe cookware so that you can create your own anti-aging kitchen• Dr. Perricone’s trademark tips about new products that really work–and where to find themWhether your aim is to look younger, improve your health, or just feel great, you’ll see fast results by following Dr. Perricone’s simple program. These seven indispensable secrets will keep you beautiful, healthy, and young all through life.From the Hardcover edition.

Cheat Sheet: Master Getting Things Done...In 2 Minutes - The Practical Summary of David Allen's Best Selling Book

2 Minute Insight - 2014
     To get the book's methods to work for you in real life, research shows it takes an average of 66 days of consistent practice for a new skill to become a habit. Cheat Sheet: Master Getting Things Done ...In 2 Minutes... is a fast reference tool that captures this organizational system in a concise, step-by-step format that help you embed the concepts while providing rapid refresher when you need it most. It is designed for: 1.) The busy individual familiar with the system and serious about habit change 2.) The newcomer who values time spent on EXECUTION, not reading. Key Benefits: • Excellent compact summary of the basic principles of the Get Things Done system in a fast, convenient format. • Saves you precious time from re-reading the book to re-absorb, remember and categorize concepts. We did all the work for you. • Contains illustrated work flow map to follow during THE critical 2 hour weekly review.
 • Keep the topic relevant and in front of you for times you fall off the program. More than just a book summary, pull up this organization tool to coach you through the entire process. Life just got easier as you cross off tasks after task; achieve multiple goals and milestones, all the while functioning with a clear mind and a sense of relaxed control. 

 This reference summary is designed to be purchased along side the reviewed title Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity.

The Backyard Birdsong Guide: Eastern and Central North America, A Guide to Listening

Donald E. Kroodsma - 2008
    Discover seventy-five unique species from Eastern and Central North America as you enjoy their sounds at the touch of a button-reproduced in high quality on the attached digital audio module-while reading vivid descriptions of their songs, calls, and rela

Wayfinding - Food and Fitness

Hugh Howey - 2015
    This work is the result of those requests. It is full of controversial claims, so be warned. I truly believe that if people follow the handful of principles in this short read, they will improve their health and change their lives.

Reference Guide For Essential Oils

Connie Higley - 1998
    Science has only recently begun to unravel how these precious liquids, and the chemical compounds they contain, can work to affect the body and mind.This new full-color edition of the Reference Guide for Essential Oils brings the beauty of one of nature's most exquisite gifts, along with what recent scientific research has discovered about them, together in an exciting new format! This book's unique new color-coded system makes it simple for anyone to quickly find-and confidently use-recommended essential oils, oil blends, and essential oil-inspired supplements for hundreds of different health and wellness conditions.Additionally, hundreds of footnotes throughout this book lead to summaries and references for more than 300 published research studies on essential oils and essential oil constituents. These unique features-along with detailed information on over 100 essential oils and 150 commercially-available oil blends, supplements, and personal care products-made this the perfect book for both seasoned oilers and those just beginning their journey into the fascinating world of nature's essential oils!Size: 592 pages; 11" x 9" x 1" (with spiral binding).Published in 2013.

Embodiment. the Manual You Should Have Been Given When You Were Born

Dain Heer - 2006
    It's about functioning with your body from the perspective of beingness. It explores how you, as an infinite being, can experience greatness with your body. What if your body were an ongoing source of joy? This book may go against everything you've ever thought, everything you've been taught and everything you've read; and everything you have brought that everyone else believes. It doesn't claim to give you all the answers. Instead it will encourage you to ask the questions that will allow you to enjoy the body you currently have and to create your body so that you can truly enjoy it.

The Chocolate Soldier

C.T. Studd - 1997

Life Without Strife: How God Can Heal and Restore Troubled Relationships

Joyce Meyer - 1901
    The Bible contains wonderful promises of God for peace and harmony. You'll discover: -- Why strife destroys churches-- How to disagree agreeably-- The answer to strife between parents and children-- How strife affects the anointing-- How to forgive in difficult situations-- How spiritual power is released through unity and harmonyGet ready to embrace new peace in your life -- God's peace that is there for you, with each page you turn.

Back Sense: A Revolutionary Approach to Halting the Cycle of Chronic Back Pain

Ronald D. Siegel - 2001
    Until recently both doctors and patients have misunderstood its true causes and have unwittingly fostered the pain cycle. Back Sense is the groundbreaking book that promises to change the way we approach the problem by proving that almost all chronic back pain is caused by stress and muscle tension, rather than by damage to the spine.On occasion nearly everyone experiences short term back pain--from sore or strained muscles. But for many who come to treat their back gingerly because they fear further "injury," a cycle of worry and inactivity results, which actually increases muscle tightness and leads them to think of themselves as having a "bad back." In reality, most backs are strong and resilient--built to support our bodies for a lifetime. Contrary to popular belief, truly "bad backs" are extremely rare. While seemingly abnormal disks and other parts of the back are, in fact, often present in those who suffer chronic back pain, they are also frequently found in those who have absolutely no pain whatsoever. Back Sense uses the latest scientific research to discredit the perfectly understandable, but counterproductive assumption that back pain is caused by these "abnormalities." Drawing on their work with patients and studies from major scientific journals and corporations such as Boeing, the authors have amassed conclusive evidence proving that stress and inactivity are actually to blame. Since conventional treatments of back problems encourage excessive caution, most sufferers get trapped in a vicious cycle in which concern about pain and physical limitations leads to heightened tension, more pain, and further distress. The authors of Back Sense--all three are former chronic back pain sufferers themselves--have developed a revolutionary self-treatment approach that works. It allows patients to avoid the restrictions and expense of most other treatments. After showing readers how to rule out the possibility that a rare medical condition is the source of their problem, Back Sense clearly and convincingly explains how chronic back pain results from other factors. Building on this idea, the book systematically leads readers toward recapturing a life free of back pain.From the Hardcover edition.

The Prideful Soul's Guide to Humility

Michael Fontenot - 1998
    This book is contemporary and tackles an issue that is at the heart of true Christianity. A book on this topic is refreshing and challenging, and deserves a twenty-first century treatment.

Forever Changes: Arthur Lee and the Book Of Love - The Authorized Biography of Arthur Lee

John Einarson - 2010
    In 1966, he was Prince of the Sunset Strip, busy with his pioneering racially-mixed band Love, and accelerating the evolution of California folk-rock by infusing it with jazz and orchestral influences, a process that would climax in a timeless masterpiece, the Love album Forever Changes. Shaped by a Memphis childhood and a South Los Angeles youth, Lee always craved fame. Drug use and a reticence to tour were his Achilles heels, and he succumbed to a dissolute lifestyle just as superstardom was beckoning. Despite endorsements from the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, Leess subsequent career was erratic and haunted by the shadow of Forever Changes, reaching a nadir with his 1996 imprisonment for a firearms offence. Redemption followed, culminating in an astonishing post-millennial comeback that found him playing Forever Changes to adoring multi-generational fans around the world. This upswing was only interrupted by his untimely death, from leukemia, in 2006. Writing with the full consent and cooperation of Arthur's widow, Diane Lee, author John Einarson has meticulously researched a biography that includes lengthy extracts from the singer's vivid, comic, and poignant memoirs, published here for the first time.