CCNP ROUTE 642-902 Official Certification Guide (Official Cert Guide)

Wendell Odom - 2009
    Book annotation not available for this title.Title: CCNP ROUTE 642-902Author: Odom, WendellPublisher: Pearson P T RPublication Date: 2010/02/09Number of Pages: 730Binding Type: HARDCOVERLibrary of Congress: 2009049908

CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide

Todd Lammle - 2000
    This book/CD-ROM package has now been updated to cover the latest version of the CCNA exam.

How to Follow Up With Your Network Marketing Prospects: Turn Not Now Into Right Now!

Keith Schreiter - 2015
    This is frustrating if we are afraid to follow up with prospects. What can we do to make our follow-up efforts effective and rejection-free? How do we maintain posture with skeptical prospects? What can we say to turn simple objections into easy decisions for our prospects?Procrastination stops and fear evaporates when we have the correct follow-up skills. No more dreading the telephone. Prospects will return our telephone calls. And now, we can look forward to easy, bonded conversations with prospects who love us. Prospects want a better life. They are desperately searching for: 1. Someone to follow. 2. Someone who knows where they are going. 3. Someone who has the skills to get there. We have the opportunity to be that guiding light for our prospects.When we give our prospects instant confidence, contacting our prospects again becomes fun, both for the prospects and for us. Don’t we both want a pleasant experience?Don’t lose all those prospects that didn’t join on your first contact. Help reassure them that you and your opportunity can make a difference in their lives.Use the techniques in this book to move your prospects forward from "Not Now" to "Right Now!" Scroll up and order your copy now!

Manifesto: A Revolutionary Approach to General Aviation Maintenance

Mike Busch - 2014
    Written in typical no-nonsense style, it lays out the basis of Mike's “minimalist” maintenance philosophy for owner-flown general aviation aircraft. An owner who follows the book's guidance can save a small fortune on maintenance costs and end up with a safer, more reliable aircraft.Owners are advised to perform the absolute least amount of maintenance required to make their aircraft safe, reliable and legal… and nothing more. The book explains in detail why engine and propeller TBOs and most other manufacturer-prescribed maintenance intervals should be disregarded. And “Manifesto” explains exactly how to do it.About the Author:Mike Busch is arguably the best-known A&P/IA in general aviation. In 2008, he was honored by the FAA as “National Aviation Maintenance Technician of the Year.” Mike has been a prolific aviation writer for more than four decades. His “Savvy Aviator” columns have appeared in numerous publications including EAA Sport Aviation, AOPA’s Opinion Leader’s Blog, AVweb, and magazines for the three largest GA type clubs (ABS, CPA, and COPA). He is renowned for his free monthly maintenance webinars and his standing-room-only forums at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Mike has been a pilot and aircraft owner for 45 years with 7,500+ hours logged, and he is a CFIA/I/ME. He’s founder and CEO of Savvy Aircraft Maintenance Management, Inc., the world’s largest firm providing maintenance-management services for owner-flown aircraft.

MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit (Exams 70-290, 70-291, 70-293, 70-294): Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Core Requirements

Dan HolmeMelissa Craft - 2003
    Maybe you re going for MCSA first, then MCSE. Maybe you need to upgrade your current credentials. Now, direct from Microsoft, this set brings together all the study resources you ll need. You get the brand-new Second Edition of all four books: for Exam 70-290 (Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server Environment), 70-291 and 70-293 (Network Infrastructure), and 70-294 (Active Directory). What s new here? Deeper coverage, more case studies, more troubleshooting, plus significant new coverage: Emergency Management Services, DNS, WSUS, Post-Setup Security Updates, traffic monitoring, Network Access Quarantine Control, and much more. There are more than 1,200 highly customizable CD-based practice questions. And, for those who don t have easy acess to Windows Server 2003, there s a 180-day eval version. This package isn t cheap, but there s help there, too: 15% discount coupons good toward all four exams. Bill Camarda, from the August 2006 href=" Only

MCSA/MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-270): Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Walter Glenn - 2005
    Work at your own pace through a system of lessons, hands-on exercises, troubleshooting labs, and review questions.The Readiness Review Suite on CD, featuring advanced technology from MeasureUp, provides 425 challenging questions for in-depth self-assessment and practice. You can choose timed or untimed testing mode, generate random tests, or focus on specific objectives. You get detailed explanations for right and wrong answers--including a customized learning path that describes how and where to focus your studies.Maximize your performance on the exam by learning how to: Perform an installation or upgrade, including remote deploymentConfigure and customize the desktop environmentAdminister disks, device drivers, printers, file systems, and other resourcesManage TCP/IP networking and support remote and mobile usersMonitor, troubleshoot, and tune system performanceNEW!--Administer security settings and services, including the advances in Windows XP Service Pack 2Readiness Review Suite on CD Powered by MeasureUpYour kit includes: NEW--Fully reengineered self-paced study guide with expert exam tips. NEW--Readiness Review Suite featuring 425 questions and multiple testing options. NEW--Case scenarios and troubleshooting labs for real-world expertise. NEW--120-day evaluation version of Windows XP Professional software with Windows XP Service Pack 2.NEW--eBook in PDF format. NEW--Microsoft Encyclopedia of Security eBook. NEW--Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking, Second Edition eBook.For customers who purchase an ebook version of this title, instructions for downloading the CD files can be found in the ebook.

The Little Black Book of Human Resources Management

Barry Wolfe - 2015
    Instead, it is the product of over 20 years of scraped knuckles and attaboys earned while leading HR in public and private organizations. The book shares hard-won advice on what works in a wide range of HR topics,from reductions in force to paying for performance to managing workers compensation to leadership training. But readers will also benefit from experience in the often surprising aspects of HR work that are rarely discussed but are invaluable to success in the role, such as - What all organizations expect from the HR leader, like it or not - The one thing above all else that the company President really wants from the HR leader - How an HR leader can spot the A players and the problem children in the first month on a new job - How to answer the employee who asks if layoffs are coming – and they are Written in a conversational, often humorous style, The Little Black Book of Human Resources Management will shave a few points off the learning curve of anyone looking to advance in the field of human resources management.

MCSA/MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-290): Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment

Dan Holme - 2003
    As you d expect, there s accurate, clearly written coverage of every exam objective (now including Service Pack 1): installation and configuration; user, group, and computer accounts; filesystems and backup/recovery; hardware, disk storage, and printers; Update Services and licensing; monitoring, and more. The content s been extensively revamped and more effectively focused on the exam s objectives. There s also a large Prepare for the Test section packed with questions, answers, testing skills, and suggested practices. You ll find more case studies, more troubleshooting scenarios, electronic practice testing in practically any form your heart desires, and (if you don t have Windows Server handy) a 120-day evaluation version. There s even a 15% discount coupon for your exam -- making this package an even more compelling proposition. Bill Camarda, from the June 2006 href=" Only

Routing Tcp/Ip, Volume II (CCIE Professional Development)

Jeff Doyle - 2001
    Routing TCP/IP, Volume II, provides you with the expertise necessary to understand and implement Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 (BGP-4), multicast routing, Network Address Translation (NAT), IPv6, and effective router management techniques. Jeff Doyle's practical approach, easy-to-read format, and comprehensive topic coverage make this book an instant classic and a must-have addition to any network professional's library. Routing TCP/IP, Volume II, expands upon the central theme of Volume I: scalability and management of network growth. Volume II moves beyond the interior gateway protocols covered in Volume I to examine both inter-autonomous system routing and more exotic routing issues such as multicasting and IPv6. This second volume follows the same informational structure used effectively in Volume I: discussing the topic fundamentals, following up with a series of configuration examples designed to show the concept in a real-world environment, and relying on tested troubleshooting measures to resolve any problems that might arise. This book helps you accomplish more than earning the highly valued CCIE number after your name; it also helps you develop the knowledge and skills that are essential to perform your job at an expert level. Whether you are pursuing CCIE certification, need to review for your CCIE recertification exam, or are just looking for expert-level advice on advanced routing issues, Routing TCP/IP, Volume II, helps you understand foundation concepts and apply best practice techniques for effective network growth and management.

Cisco CCNA in 60 Days

Paul W. Browning - 2012
    Every year, tens of thousands of people embark towards taking the exam via private study, Cisco Academy courses, or online training. The sad truth is most students quit along the way, and for those few who actually do attempt it, only 50% pass. All that time, effort, and money wasted! If there are so many manuals, CBT courses, lab simulators, exam engines, and study resources out there, then what goes wrong? This is the question Cisco trainer Paul Browning wanted to get to the bottom of. After interviewing thousands of students, he discovered that most people quit because they are simply overwhelmed with the sheer volume of material they need to digest and, of course, the large number of hands-on skills they need to be able to demonstrate in the exam. Add to that the day-to-day stresses of commuting to work, bringing up a family, and the distraction of everyday problems and challenges; it's no wonder people quit. This is where Cisco CCNA in 60 Days can help. Devised by two industry experts and countless Cisco students just like you, the 60-day programme breaks down every exam requirement into a daily study task. All you need to do is open the book at the relevant day (from 1 to 60), read the theory, and complete the lab. Every lesson is reviewed several times in the form of exam questions, review sessions, a handy exam cram guide, and, of course, hands-on labs for you to follow. You can choose to take the CCENT after the first 30 days and the ICND2 after the next 30 days, or you can take the CCNA after 60 days of study. Here is what is included in your study guide: 60 daily study tasks Full explanations of theory Real-world tips and advice Over 47 hands-on labs, plus 15 bonus CCENT and ICND2 labs CCENT and ICND2 cram guides Bonus VLSM guide Motivational goal-setting guide Downloadable videos Author Paul Browning is a former police officer who used his CCNA qualification to help him make a career change to IT. He worked for Cisco in the UK for a while, and then went on to start his own Cisco training company, which he ran for 8 years before moving into online Cisco training. He is the author of several Cisco study guides. He has also created the online Cisco certification training sites, including and Technical author Farai Tafa used to work in a shoe shop but decided he wanted more out of life, so he began to study for his Cisco exams. He is now a dual CCIE and one of the leading Cisco consultants in the US. He currently designs, installs, and troubleshoots networks for large companies.

Wordpress for Beginners - A Visual Step-by-Step Guide to Creating your Own Wordpress Site in Record Time, Starting from Zero! (Webmaster Series)

Andy Williams - 2012
    Not any more. Wordpress makes it possible for anyone to create and run a professional looking website.While Wordpress is an amazing tool, the truth is it does have a steep learning curve, even if you have built websites before. Therefore, the goal of this book is to take anyone, even a complete beginner and get them building a professional looking website. I'll hold your hand, step-by-step, all the way. As I was planning this book, I made one decision early on. I wanted to use screenshots of everything, so the reader wasn't left looking for something on their screen that I was describing in text. This book has screenshots. I haven't counted them all, but it must be close to 300. These screenshots will help you find the things I am talking about. They'll help you check your settings and options against the screenshot of mine. No more doubt, no more wondering if you have it correct. Look, compare and move on to the next section.With so many screenshots, you may be worried that the text might be a little on the skimpy side. No need to worry there. I have described in the minutest detail, every step on your journey to a great looking website. In all, this book has over 35,000 words. This book will cut your learning curve associated with WordpressEvery chapter of the book ends with a "Tasks to Complete" section. By completing these tasks, you'll not only become proficient at using Wordpress, you'll become confident & enjoy using Wordpress.

HTML Fixes for Kindle: Advanced Self Publishing for Kindle Books, or Tips on Tweaking Your App's HTML So Your Ebooks Look Their Best

Aaron Shepard - 2013
    Have you ever opened a Kindle book to find that the font started out way too small or way too large? Have you tried to change to a different font while reading and discovered you couldn't? Have you jumped to a new chapter in a Kindle book and seen that the chapter heading lost its formatting? Has a Kindle completely ignored formatting you knew was in the book? According to Amazon, the simplest way to publish your Kindle book is to upload an HTML file you've saved from Microsoft Word or another app. By itself, that method can bring you maybe 80% of the way to a well-formatted, trouble-free ebook. But what about the other 20%? In this follow-up to his bestselling -From Word to Kindle, - Aaron Shepard takes your saved HTML as a starting point and tells how to quickly tweak and tune it to avoid common problems. Assuming no knowledge of HTML, he introduces the basics of the language, then reveals how to use find-and-replace and macros to touch up an entire book in seconds! If you're serious about Kindle publishing and you're technically inclined -- but not a full-fledged geek -- Aaron provides the tips you need to bring your Kindle book to the next level, making it something truly to be proud of. ///////////////////////////////////////////////// Aaron Shepard is a foremost proponent of the new business of profitable self publishing, which he has practiced and helped develop since 1998. He is the author of -Aiming at Amazon, - -POD for Profit, - -Perfect Pages, - and Amazon's #1 and #2 bestselling paid books on Kindle formatting, -From Word to Kindle- and -Pictures on Kindle.- ///////////////////////////////////////////////// CONTENTS Getting Started 1 WORKING WITH HTML HTML and Kindle HTML Export HTML Editing HTML Processing HTML Basics HTML Checking HTML Cleanup HTML Testing 2 HTML FIXES Fixes for Fonts Fixes for Paragraphs Fixes for Headings Fixes for Line Breaking Fixes for Pictures Fixes for Navigation ///////////////////////////////////////////////// SAMPLE Here are some of the things you can accomplish through changes in HTML. * Adjust bookmarks so headings retain proper formatting when jumped to. * Remove settings that stop the user from choosing their own. * Keep fonts from appearing much too small or much too large when the book is opened. * Make sure indents and other spacing stays relative to larger and smaller font sizes. * Avoid line breaks that leave short words dangling at the ends of lines or paragraphs. * Make up for features lost in translation from your word processor, like nonbreaking hyphens. * Stop -ghost hyphens- from appearing in the middle of words. * Keep pages of text from disappearing for some users. * Prevent the Kindle from applying its own defaults in place of your settings.

The Essential Guide to Telecommunications

Annabel Z. Dodd - 1998
    It aims to give readers a fundamental overview of the technologies that make up the telecommunications infrastructure.

A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning

R.S. Aggarwal - 2007
    Nowadays success in every single competitive examinations lime bank clerical,bank PO,LIC,GIC,MBA Assistant grade,excise & income tax,IAS,IFS,AAO,Railway hotel management and others depend much on the candiate's performance in the reasoning much comprehensive and intelligent approach to it is the need of the day.This book serves the purpose

Microsoft Project 2010 Step by Step

Carl Chatfield - 2010
    With Step By Step, you set the pace-building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them! Topics include building a project plan and fine-tuning the details; scheduling tasks, assigning resources, and managing dependencies; monitoring progress and costs; keeping projects on track; communicating project data through Gantt charts and other views.