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Mythical Creatures by James Harpur



Katrina Cope - 2019
    Determined to break the mold and help reap warriors for Valhalla, Kara breaks the rules and finds herself in the most dangerous position yet–facing the wrath of Mistress Sigrun and Odin. Or that is what she thinks until she realizes a dragon is stalking her.

The Book of Beasts

E. Nesbit - 1901
    Young Lionel is very surprised to be made King, but he's delighted to discover the world full of books in the Palace library. When Lionel opens one called THE BOOK OF BEASTS, he's in for an even greater surprise--out of the pages fly a butterfly and a blue Bird of Paradise! But when he opens the book again and releases a terrible Red Dragon, the trouble really begins. Can Lionel find another beast in this magical book to help him save his people? First published in 1900, this classic story by E. Nesbit, known throughout the world for her tales of fantasy and adventure, has been carefully abridged and beautifully illustrated by Inga Moore. Now published for the first time as a stand-alone picture book, The Book of Beasts is sure to delight a new generation of children.

The Mermaid Atlas: Merfolk of the World

Anna Claybourne - 2020
    Learn all about the beautiful selkies of the Scottish seas, the wily iara of Brazil who love to outwit travelers, and the fearful Ningyo of Japan who can give you eternal life. This captivating book features a mix of mermaid "facts" and short retellings of some of the most magical and enticing traditional merfolk tales.

J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World: Movie Magic Volume Three: Amazing Artifacts

Bonnie Burton - 2017
    This collectible volume comes filled with removable artifacts, such as wanted posters, stickers, and other extraordinary items.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Percy Jackson Coloring Book

Rick Riordan - 2017
    Now fans can literally color Percy's world with the amusing portraits, dramatic scenes, and intricate designs on every spread of this large format paperback. This book is a great way to introduce young children to the series, to allow older fans to reminisce, and to augment classroom units on Greek mythology.

The Story of Babushka

Catherine Flores - 2020
    But there is a hurdle to overcome before all of the bodies can reunite and return to the forest.WHAT IS A BABUSHKA?The Babushka doll, also known as a "Matryoshka" or "Russian Nesting Doll", is a traditional Russian toy first made over 100 years ago. The doll has come to symbolize Russian folk culture, as well as the complex and beautiful layers of women. This is the story of one very special doll, with five bodies that together make the Babushka: There was the outermost body, Antonia. She was pure beauty and everyone who saw her raved about her good looks. Beneath that body of beauty hid the second body, Loretta, who was richly adorned. She wore gold ornaments, and her robe was decorated with many different gems that glittered like the ocean on a sunny day. Hidden within the rich body was Paula the body that held all the talents. Whatever Paula did, she was sure to succeed. She knew how to work and always did so with joy and determination. Under the shell of the talented body was Viola, the body of wisdom. Viola knew a lot about the world and learned very quickly. She was always full of brilliant ideas and had clever solutions for every problem. The last body, the innermost and smallest of all, was Mary, the embodiment of love. Mary had a compassionate heart and was very helpful. She had the special ability to dry tears and mend broken hearts. All these bodies together formed the beautiful Babushka.Reading this book, your child will learn about:– The value of friendship and love.– That financial wealth alone cannot make someone happy.– Not to judge outer appearance.– To recognize their value and much more

The Moonshine Dragon (Little Gems)

Cornelia Funke - 1996
    A charming Little Gem from specialist publisher Barrington Stoke.

Mythomorphia: An Extreme Coloring and Search Challenge

Kerby Rosanes - 2017
     The fantastically detailed style fans have come to know and love through his previous New York Times bestselling coloring books Animorphia and Imagimorphia is back, and just as awesomely-complex as before. Dragons, unicorns, griffins and other mythical creatures morph and explode into astounding detail. Bring each imagination-bending image to life with color and find the objects hidden throughout the book."

The Pegasus Complete Olympian Collection: The Flame of Olympus; Olympus at War; The New Olympians; Origins of Olympus; Rise of the Titans; The End of Olympus

Kate O'Hearn - 2016
    Their first meeting was on the roof of a New York City apartment building during a war between immortal beings. They have traveled through time to Ancient Greece and modern-day Hawaii. Their next adventure takes them to London where old enemies will stage a final showdown. This hardcover boxed set includes all six titles: The Flame of Olympus Olympus at War The New Olympians Origins of Olympus Rise of the Titans The End of Olympus

Encyclopedia Mythologica: Dragons and Monsters Pop-Up

Matthew Reinhart - 2011
    Deeper inside, an ancient, decrepit vampire rises from his coffin; a lycanthrope is caught in the light of the full moon and transforms; and Bigfoot hides behind a tree, ducking his human pursuer. Master paper engineers Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda unfold the legends and lore of cultures around the world to reveal these stunning creatures and many more. Pop-up fans and fantasy lovers will be equally enthralled by the dynamic creatures depicted in this astonishing volume, the climax of the Encyclopedia Mythologica trilogy. In a breathtaking grand finale, the world’s mythical pop-up masters unleash monsters and dragons that have prowled countrysides and imaginations for centuries.

Treasury of Fairy Tales

Dorothea Goldenberg - 1994
    CONTENTS:* Beauty and the Beast 6* Rapunzel 26* Aladdin 48* The Sleeping Beauty 68* Cinderella 88* The Princess and the Pea 110* Snow White 132* The Steadfast Tin Soldier 154* Thumbelina 176* The Frog Prince 196* Pinocchio 218* The Emperor's New Clothes 238* The Little Mermaid 260* The Jungle Book 280* The Twelve Dancing Princesses 302* Peter Pan 324* Robin Hood 344* The Velveteen Rabbit 364

DragonArt Evolution: How to Draw Everything Dragon

Jessica Peffer - 2010
    Therein lies the trouble with drawing them from life. Make your dragon portraits more authentic (while avoiding loss of life and limbs) with the help of this guide. A follow-up to the fiercely popular DragonArt, this book features ALL NEW dragons and EVEN MORE detailed dragon anatomy instruction.- 60+ step-by-step demonstrations cover a variety of dragons, including medieval, fairy and sea-dwelling varieties - In-depth advice for drawing every part of the beast--eyes, ears, horns, wings, scale patterns, limbs and more - Extra tips and tricks provided by your dragon guide, DolosusaIt's everything you need to draw a variety of dragons--from enormous, ancient beasts with broken scales and fractured horns, to sleek, sinuous creatures with leathery skin and fancy frills. So steel your heart, prepare your trusty inking pen, and venture forth, brave artist--unleash the ferocious, extraordinary, original beasts that dwell within your fiery imaginings!

Dracopedia the Bestiary: An Artist's Guide to Creating Mythical Creatures

William O'Connor - 2013
    From Asia to America, Japan to the jungles of South Africa, the vast menagerie of exotic and legendary creatures has populated the imaginations of all cultures for centuries.Beautifully illustrated and fantastically detailed, Dracopedia: The Bestiary is a modern, but no less unsettling reimagining of the ancient version. It is an A-to-Z artist's guide to animals of the legendary world. Some, like the griffin and yeti, may be familiar to you. Others--like the enigmatic questing beast and ferocious manticore--may seem new and strange. Some may even haunt your dreams. Inside the bestiary, you will find:Secrets of each animal's evolution--origins, habitat, anatomy, diet and more.Fantastic illustrations created using pencil sketches and digital coloring.Four-stage demonstrations taking you from concept and design to under-painting and finishing details.By drawing on the forms and features of more pedestrian animals, you'll learn how to give shape to the bizarre creatures that roam the depths of your imagination, adding to the bestiary of the ages.

The Chronicles of Dragon: Special Edition

Craig Halloran - 2016
    Nath is a special warrior. He is a man destined to be a dragon. In order to become a dragon, he must save the dragons. For countless years Nath has been on a quest to become a dragon, but his meddling with the other races tends to get in the way. The way of men is not the way of Nath Dragon his father has warned him. Yet, Nath, unable to control his fascination of the world men, elves, dwarves and even the despised orcs, tends to get caught up in their affairs. To earn his scales, there is a high road he must follow. With his close friend and ally, Brenwar the Dwarf, Nath, armed with a magic sword he calls Fang, he travels to the Mountain of Doom, the Free City of Narnum and to Orcen Hold where nothing but trouble awaits. Will Nath Dragon, hero of the realm and protector of dragonkind choose the right path or wind up on a dark one? ***** This special edition includes the first 5 books in the 10 book series: The Hero, The Sword and the Dragons, Dragon Bones and Tombstones, Terror at the Temple, Clutch of the Cleric, and Hunt for the Hero. Don't miss out on this international Bestselling fantasy series that is loaded with dragons and magic.

Basher History: Mythology: Oh My! Gods and Goddesses

Simon Basher - 2014
    Basher History: Mythology is an information-packed introduction to Greek/Roman, Norse and ancient Egyptian mythologies. Meet Zeus, father of the Greek gods (and learn that the Romans knew him as Jupiter), Norse Freyja, goddess of love, beauty, war and death, and Egyptian Bastet, goddess of cats, along with many others. This unique and upbeat guide is a legend in the making.