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Alice McLerran - 1991
    There across the road, it looked like any rocky hill—nothing but sand and rocks, and some old wooden boxes. But it was a special place. And all children needed to go there was a long stick and a soaring imagination.“A celebration of the transforming magic of the imagination. An original.” —ALA Booklist

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch

Eileen Spinelli - 1991
    Hatch leads a lonely life until one Valentine's Day when the postman delivers a huge, heart-shaped box of candy with a card reading "Somebody loves you." Knowing he has a secret admirer gives Mr. Hatch a bright new perspective on life -- until it turns out there's been a terrible mistake. But Mr. Hatch's new friends rally to show him that a lot of somebodies love Mr. Hatch.

Amazing Grace

Mary Hoffman - 1991
    When her school decides to perform Peter Pan, Grace longs to play the lead, but her classmates point out that Peter was a boy. Besides, he wasn't black. With the support of her family, Grace learns that she can be anything she wants to be, and the results are amazing!Remarkable watercolor illustrations give full expression to Grace's high-flying imagination.


Kevin Henkes - 1991
    "You're named after a flower!" teases Victoria. "Let's smell her," says Jo. Chrysanthemum wilts. What will it take to make her blossom again?Supports the Common Core State Standards

Six-Dinner Sid

Inga Moore - 1991
    By doing so, he's able to get six different dinners every night! He also answers to six names, sleeps in six beds, and maintains six different personalities.All is perfect for Sid - until the day he catches a dreadful cough. Then it is off to the vet not once, but six times! Inga Moore's humorous illustrations capture Sid's sly nature.

The Rag Coat

Lauren A. Mills - 1991
    With paintings that capture all the beauty of Appalachia in authentic detail, this tender story about a resourceful mountain girl's special coat will touchreaders with its affirming message of love and friendship.

Fly Away Home

Eve Bunting - 1991
    A homeless boy who lives in an airport with his father, moving from terminal to terminal trying not to be noticed, is given hope when a trapped bird finally finds its freedom.


Jeannie Baker - 1991
    "The effect human beings have on the landscape around them is the theme of Baker's most recent tour de force....The artist's multimedia collage constructions are, as ever, fascinating in their realistic detail and powerfully convey the dramatic message.."--Horn Book.

Mama, Do You Love Me?

Barbara M. Joosse - 1991
    How much? In this universal story, a child tests the limits of independence and comfortingly learns that a parent's love is unconditional and everlasting. The lyrical text introduces young readers to a distinctively different culture, while at the same time showing that the special love that exists between parent and child transcends all boundaries of time and place. The story is beautifully complemented by graphically stunning illustrations that are filled with such exciting animals as whales, wolves, puffins, and sled dogs. This tender and reassuring book is one that both parents and children will turn to again and again.• Set in a captivating and unusual Arctic setting• Includes a carefully researched glossary provides additional information on Arctic lifeFans of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight Moon, and Guess How Much I Love You will love this book. This book is a great read for:• Toddlers and young children• Families interested in different cultures• Parents• Librarians

If You Give a Moose a Muffin

Laura Joffe Numeroff - 1991
    If you give him a muffin, he'll want some jam to go with it. When he's eaten all your muffins, he'll want to go to the store to get some more muffin mix. In this hilarious sequel to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, the young host is again run ragged by a surprise guest. Young readers will delight in the comic complications that follow when a little boy entertains a gregarious moose. Children's Choices for 1992 (IRA/CBC)

Cactus Hotel

Brenda Z. Guiberson - 1991
    Birds and other animals scurry about looking for food. When they get tired, they stop to rest at a giant cactus. It is their hotel in the desert!

The Frog Prince, Continued

Jon Scieszka - 1991
    or did they? The Princess can't stand the Prince's froggy habits—the way he hops around on the furniture, or sneaks off to the lily pond. The Prince is unhappy, too, and decides that it would be best if he were changed back to a frog. But finding a witch who will do the job is harder than he expects. They all seem to have other spells in mind...


David Wiesner - 1991
    In the years that followed, he went on to receive two more Caldecotts, and Tuesday went on to sell half a million copies in the United States and to be published in a dozen foreign countries. Now, with remarkable advances in the technology of color reproduction, the original artwork for Tuesday is being reproduced anew, for an edition even more faithful to the palette and texture of David Wiesner’s watercolor paintings. The whimsical account of a Tuesday when frogs were airborne on their lily pads will continue to enchant readers of all ages.

Just Me and My Little Brother

Mercer Mayer - 1991
    Whether the brothers go trick-or-treating, build a snowman, or ride bikes together, both parents and children alike will relate to this beloved story. A perfect way to celebrate the special bond between brothers!

The Salamander Room

Anne Mazer - 1991
    Together, Anne Mazer and Steve Johnson have created a woodland paradise that any salamander would love to share with a child.

Tar Beach

Faith Ringgold - 1991
    Part autobiographical, part fictional, this allegorical tale sparkles with symbolic and historical references central to African-American culture. The spectacular artwork resonates with color and texture. Children will delight in the universal dream of mastering one's world by flying over it.

Aunt Flossie's Hats (and Crab Cakes Later)

Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard - 1991
    Here was “a wonderful family story,” as The Horn Book Magazine said, “set matter-of-factly in an African-American environment.” Since then, the story of Sarah and Susan’s Sunday afternoon with their great-great-aunt Flossie—and her many hats and stories—has become a favorite book for sharing and for initiating conversations about family history. For this celebratory 10th anniversary edition, Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard has written a special eight-page afterword, illustrated with family photographs, in which she tells about her own family history and the real Aunt Flossie, a truly remarkable woman.


Mick Inkpen - 1991
    His rabbit, his bone and his ball are all chewed and soggy. And his smelly old blanket is disgusting. Kipper looks for somewhere more comfortable to sleep. The author also wrote "Threadbear", winner of the 1991 Children's Book Award and the 1991 Acorn Award.

Tree of Cranes

Allen Say - 1991
    As a young Japanese boy recovers from a bad chill, his mother busily folds origami paper into delicate silver cranes in preparation for the boy's very first Christmas.

The Fish Who Could Wish

John Bush - 1991
    He wished for a castle, He wished for a carBut one day he wishedjust a little too far...

Pish, Posh, Said Hieronymus Bosch

Nancy Willard - 1991
    Caldecott Medalists Leo and Diane Dillon and their son, Lee, depict a most unusual household filled with pickle-winged fish, flying furniture, and other bizarre delights. “From its sumptuous paintings to its gilt frames to its quixotic verse, everything about this exquisitely produced tour de force bespeaks wit and elegance.”--Publishers Weekly

Appalachia: The Voices of Sleeping Birds

Cynthia Rylant - 1991
    Two award-winning artists, forever touched by their experiences growing up in this unique landscape, have teamed to create a quietly powerful and beautifully crafted portrait of life in a timeless place.

The 46 Little Men

Jan Mogensen - 1991
    One day Professor P. and his friend Morrison open the brown suitcase and find two nails, a rope ladder, and a map of the Island of the Elves. It is the beginning of a strange and wonderful journey with an unexpected ending . . . and without a single word. Full-color illustrations.

Mistletoe and the Baobab Tree

Geneviève Huriet - 1991
    After spending the day searching for the fabled baobab tree, Mistletoe the rabbit learns to appreciate the warmth and comfort of his own home.

The House

Monique Félix - 1991
    Charming illustrations of a little mouse's adventures inside each book.

Garfield Mini Mysteries: The Case of the Mystery Mail and The Case of the Vanishing Elephant

Jim Kraft - 1991

The Turtle and the Moon

Charles Turner - 1991
    A lonely turtle makes friends with the moon.

The Golden Pear

Helen Ward - 1991
    A lonely wizard follows a stolen golden pear, until he finds the island of the golden pear trees and friendship with a group of fishermen.

Crabby's Water Wish: A Tale of Saving Sea Life

Suzanne Tate - 1991
    Sponsored by NC Assoc. of Soil & Water Conservaton Districts.

Let There Be Light

Pauline Baynes - 1991
    Brilliantly imagined paintings interpret the seven days of creation described in the Book of Genesis. This book is one that will be treasured by the entire family. Full-color illustrations.

Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore

Margaret Ann Hughes - 1991

My Mother's Hands

Paul Cline - 1991
    Illustrated by Sheila McGraw, best-known for her captivating work in the bestselling, Love You Forever. Full color.

Smudge's Day Out

James Herriot - 1991
    Escaping under the wire, he then has a series of encounters - with a dog, a bull, a coach and finally a spring blizzard. The author also wrote "All Creatures Great and Small".

A Pig Called Shrimp.

Lisa Taylor - 1991

Koala Christmas

Lisa Bassett - 1991
    When Wally and Carrie Koala break their Christmas tree bulbs and balls, Piper the lorikeet helps them make "magic" decorations.


Arthur Dorros - 1991
    While riding on a bus with her grandmother, a little girl imagines that they are carried up into the sky and fly over the sights of New York City.

The Toymaker

Martin Waddell - 1991
    In order to give Mary comfort and contentment, her father, the toy-maker, fashions three dolls that look like the children outdoors. Many years later, Mary and her granddaughter return to the toy shop and discover that her father's gifts live on!

Prince Ivan and the Firebird

László Gál - 1991

The Enchanted Wood

Ruth Sanderson - 1991
    It was originally published in 1991 by Little, Brown and Co. and won the Irma s. Black Award and the Young Hoosier award. This 1999 edition is published by the author's own imprint, Golden Wood Studio.

Garfield the Case of the Vanishing Elephant

Jim Kraft - 1991
    A mini mystery where Garfield finds a missing elephant at the circus

Rosebud & Red Flannel

Ethel Pochocki - 1991
    Red Flannel loves Rosebud, but she isn't interested in such a coarse fellow. One day a sudden snowstorm threatens to freeze them on the line, and they take off together on a harrowing adventure. Ethel Pochocki has created a hero and heroine of timeless appeal, and Mary Beth Owens's energetic watercolors infuse them with radiant life. What Rosebud and Red Flannel find within themselves--and in each other--will warm every heart.

Mr. Bohm and the Herring

Peter Cohen - 1991
    Bohm, a thoughtful man who continually ponders the mysteries of life, experiments on a herring that he teaches to walk and accompany him on his daily strolls.

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Keith Moseley - 1991
    When the lights go out during a storm, the diamond disappears. Pop-ups, pull-outs, and flaps animate each moment of this deliciously droll mystery spoof. Full color.

Who are You, Stripy Horse?

Jim Helmore - 1991
    He is befriended by Muriel (a hummingbird who flutters off the pattern on a lamp), Hermann (a daft draught excluder), and Wedgie and Woodie (penguin-shaped salt and pepper shakers), and embarks on an adventure to meet Ming, a wise and ancient Chinese vase cat.

The Angels' Christmas Story

Fleming H. Revell - 1991

I Heard It from a Little Bird

Arnold Shapiro - 1991
    When little bird sees a single gray cloud in the sky, he tells the beaver, It looks like rain. Beaver tells rabbit there's going to be a storm . . . and on it goes until bear tells the little bird that winter is coming! Every full-color page opens so that the animals and objects pop up and come to life.

In the Zoo

K.G. Subramanyan - 1991
    New Books & Good condistion

Climbing Jacob's Ladder: Heroes of the Bible in African-American Spirituals

John Langstaff - 1991
    Climbing Jacob's Ladder is John Langstaff's work celebrating heroes of the bible in African-American Spirituals.An illustrated collection of black spirituals about Old Testament heroes in which "naive, lively illustrations in brilliant hues depict the Biblical figures as African-Americans might have imagined them, in their own image and likeness, in shades ranging from cafe au lait to molasses." (Patricia Dooley, University of Washington, Seattle)

Chanticleer And The Fox: A Chaucerian Tale (From The Disney Archives)

Fulton Roberts - 1991

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Jennifer Greenway - 1991
    . . Those words conjure up the aura of timeless children's stories, the kind of tales told in our comprehensive line of Children's Classics. Accompanied with exquisite illustrations specially commissioned for this line, each book is a hardcover, elegant little treasure with a deluxe four-color bronzed jacket. At $6.95, they are an affordable answer for first-class gift giving and collecting. And to make them even more attractive to your customers, we offer a variety of assortment and display options.

Anno's Twice Told Tale

Mitsumasa Anno - 1991
    In this dazzling double treat, young readers will discover that there are more ways than one to interpret what they see in the world around them. Full color.

Jenny Giraffe Discovers the French Quarter

Cecilia Casrill Dartez - 1991
    She finds herself in the French Quarter, where she is befriended by Claude and Angelle, who agree to help Jenny.

A Gift for Grandpa

Angela Elwell Hunt - 1991
    Grandma trusts in the Lord to provide the perfect gift for Grandpa's birthday, even though in the beginning the things she receives are not at all what she had in mind.

Arnold The Prickly Teddy

Kym Lardner - 1991

Zoe's Tower

Paul Rogers - 1991
    Zoe explores one of her favorite places before a familiar voice calls her home.

Forest: Nature Board Book

Susan Deming - 1991
    Lush paintings filled with meticulous detail will draw young readers to the pictures again and again, and familiar animals and flowers are accurately labeled, making this a fascinating field guide. Full color throughout.

Empire Stylebook of Interior Design: All 72 Plates from the "Recueil De Décorations Intérieures" with New English Text

Charles Percier - 1991
    Now for the first time in an inexpensive paperback edition: the "bible" of First Empire style in interior decor, one of the most important and influential sourcebooks in the history of French design, reprinted from the rare 1812 edition, and essential reading for interior designers, architects, and architectural and social historians.

Buster and the Dandelions

Hisako Madokoro - 1991
    Puppy friends Buster and Snapper venture through the meadows, blowing at dandelions and exploring new worlds.

Stupid Emilien

S.T. Mendelson - 1991
    He preferred sitting on his stove and on his rooftop to finding his fortune. This earned him the nickname Stupid Emilien. Yet he was anything but stupid. In fact he possessed strange powers. This story is based on a Russian folk tale.

Timmy Ties Up

Jeremy Moray - 1991
    By now Timmy has been towing cargo up and down the coast for 70 years. He is not as young as he once was. As Timmy approaches Howe Sound a fuel line breaks in the engine room and causes a fire. The Coast Guard manages to separate Timmy from the barge load of dynamite and Olly the Octopus helps put the fire out.Captain Jones decides that Timmy is too old to work. The Ratty Renovations company is called in to fix the fire damage and convert Timmy into a comfy retirement home for Captain Jones. Although he is deeply exhausted, Timmy is sad to be leaving his working life.When Timmy is all fixed up Captain Jones takes him to a small bay on one of the islands and a huge party is planned. "By early afternoon the guests started arriving. There were the Otters, the Whales, the Octopi and, of course, squadrons of Seagulls. Rackety Raccoon brought along his local band, and deer from the island woods came to watch, along with seals, squirrels and an old owl who perched on Timmy's funnel; even some children from a boat anchored nearby came and joined in the dancing."The Timmy the Tug series (Timmy the West Coast Tug, Timmy and the Whales and Timmy and the Otters) continue to be bestsellers around the world.

Louis & the Night Sky

Nicola Morgan - 1991
    But this night, even though he had been cuddled and snuggled, Louis was thirsty and hot and fidgety. Then he had a wonderful idea. He would find a better planet to live on. Some place where the lights would be on all night long.

Babies, Babies, Babies

Tessa Dahl - 1991
    A brother and sister learn about human and animal babies as their expectant mother answers their questions about the new baby that is on the way.

Who Will Read to Me?

Donna Lugg Pape - 1991

Good Friday: Matthew 21:1-27:61, Mark 11:1-15:47, Luke 19:28-23:56, John 12:12-19:42

Louise Ulmer - 1991
    Parents trust these colorful books to teach their children Bible stories from Genesis through Acts in a fun, memorable way.The Arch Books series of 100 titles is conveniently divided into 8 sections that include related stories for an organized journey through the Bible.

The Dog Who Had Kittens

Polly Robertus - 1991
    Baxter the Basset Hound comes to the aid of some kittens when their mother disappears one afternoon. Winner Of: Colorado Children's Book Award Young Hoosier Picture Book Award Nevada Young Readers Award Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Award

Anansi the spider [by] Gerald McDermott: A tale from the Ashanti : Teacher Guide

Jean Jamieson - 1991
    (This is NOT the paperback novel.)

Noah and the Rabbits: A Lift-the-Flap Book

Sally Kilroy - 1991
    With hippopotami snoozing in a small hammock and animals in the shower, rowboat, and first-aid kit, Noah wonders if there's any room left. Kids can join the fun by lifting the flaps to find Noah's clever solution. Full color.

Nobody Has Time for Me

Vladimír Škutina - 1991
    Karin's meeting with Father Time teaches her that people can find time for each other if they make proper use of their time.

The After-School Monster

Marissa Moss - 1991
    Luisa comes home to an empty house and an after-school monster--but does she have the courage to like him on her own?

Lena and the Whale

Deirdre Kessler - 1991
    That's how she found Rawkster, a young crow with a broken wing, and Fizzy, an orphaned baby skunk. Maybe it's Lena's 6th sense that leads her to the right place at the right time when a baby humpback whale swims too close to shore. But maybe it has more to do with Lena's favourite dream of being a girl who is also a whale.

All Those Secrets of the World

Jane Yolen - 1991
    When four-year-old Janie's father goes off to war, the rest of the family moves to the grandparents' on Chesapeake Bay, where Janie learns a secret of the world which helps her understand her father's long absence.

The Night Ones

Patricia Grossman - 1991
    Clarence and Honey, Porter, Amelia and Cap are night ones, workers who come on the night bus to clean and bake, welcome the guests, guide the planes, and load the boats... til dawn, when they take the morning bus home.Patricia Grossman's lyrical text and Lydia Dabcovich's richly luminous scenes evoke the night city's quiet busyness, so different from its daytime hustle and bustle... and so intriguing to children.

Bizarre Birds and Beasts

James Marsh - 1991
    Such extraordinary images depict a highly idiosyncratic view of the animal kingdom while containing a number of literary and artistic references, to the surrealist Salvador Dali, to the nonsensical Edward Lear.

This Little Piggy (My First Golden Board Book)

Kate Gleeson - 1991
    For over 50 years, Golden Books products have enchanted children of all ages. Whether it's a magical moment shared between parent and child or a solo journey into the world of imagination, Golden Books products nurture in children a lifetime of memories. With every turn of a page, the tradition continues.


Audrey Chevance - 1991
    Illustrated in gauzy pastels and filled with ballet costumes, steps, and scenes, Tutu shows how these airy but sturdy marvels are constructed, fitted, and worn. For young ballet lovers, it may be almost as good as dancing in one. Full-color illustrations.

There's Lots That I Can Do

Kathleen M. Harte - 1991
    Describes, in first-person rhymes, some of the things a young child can do, such as getting dressed alone, drinking from a cup, sharing, and eating ice cream.

Phone Book

Jan Pieńkowski - 1991
    I'm reading a book!" This ringing romp stars a variety of wacky pop-up animals--a cat, dog, rabbit, bear, and octopus--who are all too busy to talk on the telephone. Full color.

D Is For Dolphin (Abc Books On Endangered Animals)

Cami Berg - 1991

Periwinkle at the Full Moon Ball

Geneviève Huriet - 1991

I Am Mickey Mouse (Walt Disney)

Cindy West - 1991

The Butterfly Birthday

Ann Bixby Herold - 1991
    Matt, a collector of caterpillars, expresses his fear of spiders and learns that everyone has fears, even his father.

Tiny Toon Adventures: Rock 'n Roar

Justine Korman Fontes - 1991