Peerless Battle Spirit: Book 3 - Martial Serendipity Pavilion

Supreme Villain - 2018
    The struggle for influence in the large sect can be seen clearly as Qin Nan strives to improve his strength while competing with his peers before the arrival of the mysterious Martial Serendipity Pavilion.

Reprisal (John Hayes #5)

Mark David Abbott - 2020
    Everyone knows revenge is a dish best served cold but no-one knows this better than John Hayes.After dealing with the mercenaries sent to kill him in Oman, John realizes he can never live in peace knowing that the man who sent them, the man ultimately responsible for endangering the woman he loves, is still roaming free.To hunt him down John must return to where it all began.India.

World History in an Asian Setting

Gregorio F. Zaide
    Most books on world history overly emphasize the role of Western nations in the vast saga of mankind - the author of this book rectifies the gaps in books by Western historians by beginning the narration of world history with East Asia, and progresses from there through the rest of Asia to the Middle East.

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation: Book 3 - The Ancient Remnant

Fiery Moon - 2018
    The Noble Clans give him no rest, especially after he happens upon a map to an Ancient Remnant. The Ancient Remnant holds a fatal attraction for cultivators as it promises to be a treasure trove of cultivation. However, the road there and the destination itself are fraught with danger, particularly from fellow cultivators eager to make their fortune. Powerful Noble Clan scions, beast kings, and multiple bounties on Xiao Chen’s head make survival a difficult proposition. With only a few new friends at his side—but even more new and relentless enemies—can Xiao Chen survive as he strives to improve his saber skills and cultivation? What kind of treasures and tribulations await him in the Ancient Remnant? Find out in this third installment of IMDC! Read more chapters at

Lian Tribal Clan

Canjian Li De Niu
    It ended with the Human Emperor destroying the Abyssal World and killing the Abyssal Demon King. By then, a godly artifact, the mysterious purple card that had previously sealed the Abyssal Demon King, had long disappeared into the space-time vortex and tunneled through infinite space-time, with a loved one of Lin Ming accompanying it.In the vast wilderness, where martial arts was still slowly growing in its infancy, several peerless masters tried to find their path in the world of martial arts.A young adult named Yi Yun from modern Earth had unwittingly stumbled into such a world and began that journey with a purple card of unknown origin.It’s a magnificent yet unknown true martial art world. This is the story of a normal young adult turning into a legendary peerless expert.

King System: Book 1 - Beyond The Heaven

     Wang Guo, a young adult from Earth, died in an unfortunate accident. However, his journey didn’t end there as a heaven-defying system fused with him and tunneled his soul through countless worlds before landing it on the perfect body. The body belonged to a youngster, who got unjustifiably killed, leaving his helpless sister behind to survive in a cruel world. From here Wang Guo continued his journey while controlling his destiny, achieving strength and ruling luck in order- To be the king of alchemy. To be the king of array masters. To be the king of the blacksmiths. To be the king of the country. TO BE THE KING OF ALL…

Leaving The Nest: A Dragon's Curiosity

Chunwa - 2016
    Through the cultivation of mana and aura heroes emerge and legends are born every day in the battle of civilization against the wilderness. Humans, elves and other humanoid races band together to face the threat of monsters and beasts hiding in dark places.In the forest the child of the strongest monster race is born. Abandoned by its clan and left only with its siblings as family. Taking the seat of a ruler among other monsters was not enough for the beast and it set out to explore the world.Follow the steps of this child as it leaves the forest and learns to fend for itself and discovers the many wonders this world still hides.

The Manaslu Adventure: Three hapless friends try to climb a big mountain

Mark Horrell - 2012
    When they returned the next year, they were met with sticks and stones, stripped naked and sent home with red cheeks.Mark Horrell and his two friends Mark and Ian shared a dream to climb an 8,000m peak, but it seemed the gods were against them too. They had made no fewer than eight attempts without success (though they had managed to return with their clothes on).With towering ice walls, monsoon rainstorms, arm-twisting crevasses and – most dangerous of all – welcoming teahouses ready to entrap them, would it be different this time?

The God of Sky & Earth

Yu Feng - 2018
    A young boy named “Su Yi” led ten thousand yao (monsters or demons) and overrode countless families who have over ten thousand years history, rising abruptly in the world like a most bright star. He married beauties and walked towards the peak of his life, and finally ascended the throne of ancient gods! Translator: This is a special, unique Chinese Xianxia novel that many Chinese people are reading! Discover its charming exoticism and you will love it!

Sacred Love

Surabhi Jain - 2017
    We all feel the power of love many times in our life. The Power of Love & Marriage, can never be underestimated. Aadya never wanted to remarry after the cold blooded betrayal by her ex-husband. She lost faith in relationships, love and life. Arjun's luck at love was no better, But Destiny had other plans for them. The book is their journey on the path of love, passion and happiness. The story illuminates many facets of love and explore their story of getting true love and trusting in each other.

The Curse

Lee Su Ann - 2007

The Warrior of Swallow Mountain: Book 1 of Desolate Era

Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi - 2021

A Shadowy Rise: Book 1 of Sovereign of the Three Realms

Li Tian - 2021

Scar Tissue

David Skivington - 2013
    Transported to a dingy basement in Kolkata to identify the body of her murdered husband she has no explanation for his presence in India. As she searches for answers about who the man she married really was she finds his death surrounded by allegations of drug smuggling, child trafficking and murder. Unsure of what is true and who she can trust, Rachel has no idea of the danger her husband's hidden life has put her in.

Volcanoes, Jungles and Leeches: A Glimpse of Indonesia

Gordon Alexander - 2018
     Join him for some laugh-out-loud moments as he island-hops across Indonesia. From Sumbawa’s Mount Tambora, the home of the largest eruption in human history, to Krakatoa, the creator of the loudest sound ever heard by modern man, Gordon works his way across the country, taking in some of the most remarkable, beautiful and downright scary places on Earth.