A University Grammar Of English

Randolph Quirk - 1973

Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare: A Guide to Best Practice

Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk - 2004
     Develop the skills and knowledge you need to make evidence-based practice (EBP) an integral part of your clinical decision-making and everyday nursing practice with this proven, approachable text. Written in a straightforward, conversational style, Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare delivers real-world examples and meaningful strategies in every chapter to help you confidently meet today’s clinical challenges and ensure positive patient outcomes.NEW! Making Connections: An EBP Exemplar opens each unit, immersing you in an unfolding case study of EBP in real-life practice.NEW! Chapters reflect the most current implications of EBP on health policy and the context, content, and outcomes of implementing EBP competencies in clinical and academic settings.NEW! Learning objectives and EBP Terms to Learn at both the unit and chapter levels help you study efficiently and stay focused on essential concepts and vocabulary.Making EBP Real features continue to end each unit with real-world examples that demonstrate the principles of EBP applied.EBP Fast Facts reinforce key points at a glance.Clinical Scenarios clarify the EBP process and enhance your rapid appraisal capabilities.

The Secrets of College Success

Lynn F. Jacobs - 2010
    Written by award-winning professors Lynn Jacobs and Jeremy Hyman, it’s loaded with insider information that only professors know--but few are willing to reveal. The over 600 tips in this book will show you: *How to pick good courses and avoid bad professors *How to develop “college-level” skills and habits that’ll put you ahead of the pack *How to get through the freshman comp, math, language, and lab science requirements--in one try *How to figure out what’s going to be on the tests, and what professors are looking for in papers and presentations *How to pick a major you’ll really like--and be good at *How to get the edge for graduate school--or the inside track to a really good job *And much more.The tips are quick and easy-to-use, and the advice is friendly and supportive. It’s as if you had your own personal professor guiding you on the path to college success.

International Business: The Challenges of Globalization

John J. Wild - 1999
    "International Business: The Challenges of Globalization" presents international business in a comprehensive yet concise framework with unrivaled clarity. Real-world examples and engaging features help bring the concepts to life and make international business accessible to all readers. The sixth edition captures and explains the influence of the global credit crisis and recent recession on international business, while also emphasizing its focus on the crucial role of emerging markets in today's global marketplace. Accompanied by myIBlab!myIBlab-myiblab.com-is a powerful online tool that combines assessment, reporting, and personalized study to help you succeed. It offers a personalized, interactive learning environment for international business with many customizable features, making it an ideal online learning platform that embodies convenience and simplicity.

The Practical Skeptic: Core Concepts in Sociology

Lisa J. McIntyre - 1998
    This title enables students to grasp key sociological concepts and learn the useful lesson that there is much that goes on in the social world that escapes the sociologically untrained eye.

Understanding Psychology

Robert S. Feldman - 1987
    The mission of this extensively revised new edition is to foster student empowerment by giving students the tools they need to master the content of psychology, to think critically about student phenomenon, and to build an appreciation for how psychology can increase their understanding of the world around them. A key aspect of the revision is the incorporation of Robert Feldman's P.O.W.E.R. Learning System into the book and ancillary package. Based on empirical research carried out by learning researchers, the P.O.W.E.R. framework is a systematic approach to learning and studying based on five key steps (Prepare, Organize, Work, Evaluate, and Rethink) that aids the acquisition and retention of new material.

Authentic Assessment for English Language Learners

J. Michael O'Malley - 1996
    It will prepare them to implement authentic assessment in the ESL/bilingual classroom and to incorporate it into instructional planning.

College Hacks

Keith Bradford - 2015
    Filled with hundreds of ways to simplify nearly every college situation, this guide tells you just what to do when your professor assigns you a twenty-page paper or you run out of clean dishes in your dorm room (chip bag bowl, anyone?).So stop making college harder than it should be! With these everyday hacks, you'll breeze through each semester as you finish assignments and tasks quicker than ever before!

Introduction to Emergency Management (Butterworth-Heinemann Homeland Security)

George D. Haddow - 2003
    The book details the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (U.S), the Federal Response Plan (FRP), and the roles, responsibilities, and interrelationship between FEMA and state and local emergency management systems. It also covers the changes in emergency management since the events of September 11, 2001, the latest information on the Office of Homeland Security, and includes several detailed appendices. This Second Edition is completely updated and continues this title's success as a practical reference for students and professionals covering disaster response planning and mitigation.

Thunder Rides a Black Horse: Mescalero Apaches & the Mythic Present

Claire R. Farrer - 1996
    Why people behave as they do is as much a focus as is their actual behavior. Through instructions given to Farrer by Bernard Second, her Apache teacher for fourteen years, readers gain insight into the importance of narrative, not just in ceremony but especially in everyday living on a contemporary Indian reservation in the American Southwest. Sights and smells are almost palpable as the author provides the best in reflexive ethnography by allowing readers to see her as a person rather than an all-knowing anthropologist. She neither romanticizes nor patronizes the Apachean people, who are presented as people with foibles as well as possessing much worthy of admiration.

BUSN 6 [with CourseMate Access Code]

Marcella Kelly - 2010
    Readers discover the energy and excitement found in business today within the engaging and accessible presentation found in BUSN6. Designed specifically for today's learner, BUSN's streamlined, riveting design presents the entire core Introduction to Business topics in only seventeen succinct chapters, including a unique chapter on Business Communication. BUSN6 directly connects readers with what's happening in business today and how it will affect them. The book focuses on business principles most important to the learner's success with less reading, more visuals, and manageable chunks of information. Memorable examples relate business topics to everyday life and career success, while tightly integrated resources, such as CourseMate, an interactive teaching and learning solution, and the latest news feeds, help sharpen business, study, and communication skills. CenageNOW is now offered with BUSN 6e.

Marketing: Real People, Real Choices

Michael R. Solomon - 1996
    It introduces marketing from the perspective of real people making real marketing decisions at leading companies "every day. "Learners will come to understand that marketing is about "creating value"-for customers, for companies, and for society as a whole-and they will see how that is accomplished in the real world. A five-part organization covers making marketing value decisions, identifying markets and understanding customers' needs for value, creating the value proposition, communicating the value proposition, and delivering the value proposition. For individuals interested in a career in marketing.

Thinking Toolbox

Nathaniel Bluedorn - 2005
    Just as you use the wrench in a regular tool box to fix the sink, so you can use the tools we give you inthis book to solve thinking problems.-When it is dumb to argue-Using the scientific method-Five rules of brainstorming-Who has a reason to lie?-How to analyze opposing viewpoints-How to analyze evidence and sources-How to list reasons why you believe something-And much moreWe wrote this book for children and adults who want to learn logic and critical thinking skills.The Thinking Toolbox follows the same style as The Fallacy Detective with lessons and exercises and an answer key in the back.Features:-Fun to use not dry like a math textbook-Can be used after The Fallacy Detective-Introductory teaches skills you can use right away-Self-teaching format-For ages twelve and older-Over 60 cartoon illustrations by Richard LaPierreBook Details: Format: Paperback Publication Date: 1/30/2005 Pages: 234

SAT Prep Black Book: The Most Effective SAT Strategies Ever Published

Mike Barrett - 2013
    The Black Book doesn't include any vocabulary lists, and doesn't advise its readers to rely on math formulas.Instead, The SAT Prep Black Book teaches readers to approach the test the same way that Barrett trains his students. Barrett sees the SAT as a standardized instrument with a specific objective, and reasons that the test must observe certain design guidelines that follow from that unique objective. So this book explains to students how different types of SAT questions are actually written, from the perspective of the College Board: for each question type, Barrett explains the "big secret" of that question type, the rules and patterns that all questions of that type will follow, and, most importantly for readers, exactly how to attack the question type based on the inherent weaknesses of its particular rules and patterns.The book includes over 250 example solutions that demonstrate Barrett's approach against real SAT questions written by the College Board. In order to follow along, students will want a copy of the College Board's book "The Official SAT Study Guide," the source of the questions whose solutions appear in the Black Book.The overall lesson of the SAT Prep Black Book is that the SAT tests very basic concepts in very strange ways, so students should learn the unique habits of the test rather than cramming definitions and formulas. At 330 pages, the book is thorough and detailed in its analysis of the SAT.

The Now Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter and More Social

Jay Baer - 2011
    Business today is about near-instantaneous response. About doing the best you can with extremely limited information. About every customer being a reporter, and every reporter being a customer. About winning and losing customers in real-time, every second of every day. About a monumental increase in the findable commentary about our companies.Having the time and information required to make a considered business decision is a luxury - a luxury that's quickly facing extinction. Yet business hasn't adapted to this evolution. And adapt you must.This book isn't about how to do social media. Instead, The Now Revolution outlines how you must retool your organization to make real-time business work for you rather than against you. Read about seven shifts that will help you make your company faster, smarter, and more social:Engineer a New Bedrock Find Talent You Can Trust Organize your Armies Answer the New Telephone Emphasize Response-Ability Build a Fire Extinguisher Make a Calculator The Now Revolution is pushing you to adapt the way you do business, from the inside out. It impacts your organization culturally, operationally, and functionally. This book is your guide to making the changes you need, and to harnessing the potential of this new communication era.