The Community of Self

Na'im Akbar - 1985
    The Community of Self has been adapted as stage play, used as a guide for education of African-American children.. applied in workshops for social services and mental health providers, and used as a personal development and self-help book by thousands of people worldwide.

Sexual Anorexia: Overcoming Sexual Self-Hatred

Patrick J. Carnes - 1997
    If this crisis has revealed or exacerbated fear of intimacy or aversion to sex for you or a loved one, this book offers hopeful help for healing.A first-time examination of sexual anorexia, an extreme fear of sexual intimacy and obsessive avoidance of sex, by the acknowledged leader in the treatment of compulsive sexual behavior and recovery. Author Dr. Patrick Carnes begins by defining sexual anorexia and demonstrating how it and its parallel disorder, sexual addiction and compulsivity, often arise from a background of childhood sexual trauma, neglect, and other forms of abuse. Carnes explores the numerous dimensions of sexual health, examining key issues which must be addressed and resolved for recovery to proceed. Utilizing extensive research and elucidating case studies, Carnes develops concrete tasks and plans for restoring nurturing and sensuality, building fulfilling relationships, exploring intimacy, and creating healthy sexuality. Woven throughout the book are stories of recovery which illustrate sexual healing principles, model new behavior, and support motivation for change. Sexual Anorexia enables those suffering from this disorder to recognize that sex need not be a furtive enemy to be fought and defeated but, instead, a deeply sensual, passionate, fulfilling, and spiritual experience that all human beings are innately entitled to.

The Red Pill Handbook

Anonymous - 2014
    It's meant as a free resource for everyone, and includes the sidebar posts, posts that were written by TRP Endorsed contributors, gilded posts and comments, and popular posts with over 500 upvotes. The second edition now stands at 117,000 words.

Magic Bullets

Nick Savoy - 2009
    It's a simple step-by-step system that teaches you how to engage sexy women in fun and natural conversations, get their phone numbers, right through to how you can increase intimacy, romance and more. It will show you how to develop a passionate and sexual relationship with the girl of your dreams (plus importantly you will learn exactly how, where, and when you can meet her). It's got the proven ways to get women to initiate “accidental” dates that are pressure-free… AND the 6 best places to consistently meet a huge range of desirable women (plus four specific ways to immediately improve your “game”).

Torn Asunder

Dave Carder - 1992
    With compassion and wisdom rooted in the Bible, Carder offers insight for the victims of adultery, the perpetrators, and those who seek to help hurting couples.Along the way Carder also answers questions like: Why did this happen' We didn't actually sleep together. Is it still an affair' Can I trust my spouse again' Should I reveal a secret affair' What if my spouse doesn't want me back' What do we tell the kids'

Light His Fire: How to Keep Your Man Passionately and Hopelessly in Love With You

Ellen Kreidman - 1989
    Discover:Why men fall in love -- and how to make him fall  in love all over again...with you.Fifty-one foolproof ways to keep his fire lit.How to make your man a sex object -- he'll love  it!How to put fun, growth, thrills, and  communication into your relationship.How  to make him feel so special you'll always be the  one-and-only woman in his life.Join the  thousands who have learned the secret of keeping  passion alive and the joy of love that lasts a  lifetime.

Mode One: Let The Women Know What You're Really Thinking

Alan Roger Currie - 2006
    Read it.

Counseling Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Diane Langberg - 1997
    From 20 years of experience, the author demonstrates how counselors can walk alongside people deeply wounded by sexual abuse as they face the truth about who they are, who their abuser was, and who God is as the Savior and Redeemer of all life. Counseling Survivors of Sexual Abuse issues a strong call to the church at large to walk with survivors through the long dark nights of their healing.

The Men on My Couch: True Stories of Sex, Love and Psychotherapy

Brandy Engler - 2012
    WHAT MEN FEEL. WHAT WOMEN NEED TO KNOW. When Dr. Brandy Engler opened her sex therapy practice for women in Manhattan, she got a big surprise. Most of the calls were from men. They wanted to talk about womanizing, porn addiction, impotence, prostitutes—and most of all, love. Her patients were everyday guys from all walks of life. Among them were David, the Wall Street hotshot and compulsive womanizer; Charles, an introvert who kept pushing away the fiancée he thought was too beautiful for him; Paul, the self-made man who visited massage parlors despite his sexy wife; and the men’s group whose stark revelations about male anger and their search for the right woman will open your eyes. In The Men on My Couch, Dr. Engler allows readers inside those private sessions to witness her exciting and evocative encounters with what men desire and fear. Dr. Engler tells her own story, too. At first her patients’ revelations are painful and disconcerting, especially against the backdrop of her own difficult love affair. Yet Dr. Engler lets readers experience how she evolves both professionally and personally, from chagrin to compassion, and reconciles her idealized notions of love and sex with the unexpected and raw truths she hears in the office. The Men on My Couch is unlike books you’ve read before. There are no tired facile conclusions or pejorative generalizations. Here are fresh insights into modern sexual maladies, gleaned from real people having real struggles and experiencing real epiphanies—in the real world. This book will change how both women and men think about love, sex, and desire.

Mind The Gap: The truth about desire and how to futureproof your sex life

Karen Gurney - 2020
    A must read!' Cherry Healey Did you know that there is an orgasm gap of around 30% between heterosexual couples when they have sex? In Mind The Gap, Dr Karen Gurney, a clinical psychologist and certified psychosexologist, explores not just this gap, but the gaps in our knowledge of so much of the most important new science around sex and desire. In this book, you will learn that nearly everything that you've been led to believe about female sexuality isn't actually true. And that, despite what you might think, it is possible to simultaneously feel little to no spontaneous desire and have a happy and mutually satisfying sex life long term.Exploring the mismatch between ideas about sex in our society and what the science tells us, Mind The Gap also explains how this disconnect lies at the root of many of our sexual problems. Combining science with case studies, practical exercises and tips, this is a book for anyone who wants to better understand the mechanics of desire and futureproof their sex life, for life.

Game: How To Meet, Attract, And Date Attractive Women

Roosh Valizadeh - 2018
    It will help you achieve casual or monogamous relationships while safeguarding you from sexual harassment and rape accusations that have increased due to the spread of social justice and hashtag activism. Game was written after the author's 17-year obsessive journey into the art of seducing women.The book begins with...-The 8 beliefs you must internalize to attract women without conscious effort -How to maximize your physical appearance so that most of a seduction is complete before you even begin talking -The hygiene and body flaws that turn women off without you realizing it -8 attraction triggers that cause a woman to be deeply drawn into a man -3 destroyers of attraction that turn off just about all women in their physical primeThe biggest chapter is on approaching. Even if you don't have a large social circle, or any friends at all, Game teaches you how to have pleasant face-to-face interactions with women. You'll learn...-How to walk out your front door and casually meet women during the day in a way that won't make you anxious -How to meet girls at night in bars, clubs, or on the street -Dozens of word-for-word examples of how to approach women and converse with them -The best way to know that a girl likes you and will show up on a first date -The number one sign that a girl is ready to be kissed so that you never have to worry about being physically "rejected" -How to move things to the bedroom on the same day or night you meet a girlIf you're not a fan of casual hook-ups, the book has you covered with a traditional dating program. You'll learn...-How to contact a girl using a text messaging script that gets right to the point of scheduling a date -6 fun date questions to ask that help reveal if she's worth a long-term relationship -6 conversational guidelines that prevent you from running out of things to say -How to "qualify" and tease a girl so that she always sees you as a high-value man -The smoothest way to move things to a private home when she's ready for intimacy -A safe progression to having consensual sex that won't get you in trouble with the lawOnce you start dating a girl you like, you'll enjoy the chapter on relationships. You'll learn...-How to lovingly mold a girl into your ideal partner while resisting her efforts to train you into a beta male slave -The most important standards you must uphold to maintain the integrity of the relationship -How to regain attraction after your girlfriend becomes distant -6 warning signs that tell you a girl is not worth marriage -How to know if your girlfriend is cheating on youYou'll also find two large appendices. They share...-The best way to enter social circles where women will see you as the apex male -How to get intimate with a girl in your social circle so that things don't get weird or awkward -An easy trick to identify which foreign cities contain women that will be most receptive to your look and personality -How to plan for trips that maximize the chance you'll get lucky with foreign womenThe above only scratches the surface of what Game contains. It is seminal work of a hyper-sexualized man who dedicated tens of thousands of hours into understanding women and attracting them while fending off defamatory attacks from mainstream feminists and fake news journalists who want to criminalize healthy masculinity. Whether your goal is to have fun in a big city with lots of women or fall in love with only one before getting married, Game will help you accomplish your goals in a way that keeps you safe from degrading cultural winds that continue to divide men and wom

Sex Code

Mario Luna - 2007
    A utile guide that gets to the point with a didactic and thorough outline and detailed information (step by step) for every phase of the seduction of a woman. What makes a man attractive for a woman? The clues for seduction are in this book. The game of seduction, the personality of the conqueror, a behaviour that generates attraction, the social strategy and the mind of a divine artist, proved methods and techniques "ready to use". For example, how to make somebody fall in love with you and how to drop her.

Signs of Emotional Abuse: How to Recognize the Patterns of Narcissism, Manipulation, and Control in Your Love Relationship

Barrie Davenport - 2016
    You haven't been pushed or slapped. You haven't had to call the police. But something feels very, very wrong in your intimate relationship. You just can't put your finger on it. Victims of emotional abuse are often confused about their partner's behaviors. "Is this really abuse?" "Could it be my fault?" "Maybe it will change."  Your partner has a way of reinforcing your self-doubt, turning the tables on you to make you feel crazy, selfish, and unlovable. DOWNLOAD::Signs of Emotional Abuse: How to Recognize the Patterns of Narcissism, Manipulation, and Control in Your Love Relationship Emotional abuse may be hard to identify and understand, but it's as devastating to a relationship as physical abuse is. It can damage your self-esteem, sense of identify, and even your mental health. Your partner might use mind games, control, verbal abuse, and other narcissistic traits to keep you off balance and afraid.  He or she wants to keep you in a state of confusion and anxiety so you won't speak up or take control of your life. The first step toward improving your situation is knowing what you're dealing with. Once you recognize the signs of emotional abuse, you can create new boundaries and responses to your partner's behavior and make informed decisions about your life moving forward. Bestselling author Barrie Davenport will clear up the confusion about whether or not your partner’s behavior is really abuse. In Signs of Emotional Abuse , you'll learn: 9 common patterns of emotional abuse 125 specific emotionally abusive behaviors 7 critical questions to ask yourself about your abusive partner The next steps after you identify emotional abuse by your partner The best support resources to help you move forward Signs of Emotional Abuse will help you identify the covert tactics used by emotional abusers to help you quickly recognize them in your daily life.
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Who Ate My Cheese?: The Road to Freedom

Rowland Rose - 2013
    No reader will remain indifferent, and certainly he will discover himself in one or another of the characters, or will find in them similarities to persons that he knows. There are four protagonists in this story: Two giants, George and Robert, and a pair of enormous pigs, Miles and Torie. They represent the mirror image of a confused and convulsive society that exists out of place among the changes that occur at breakneck speed. This extreme situation in which we now find ourselves is the result of wrongheaded political, social and economic policies, and of letting others control the destiny of our lives. We can behave like any one of them. We can decide to be pigs or giants, to live free or be trapped, to discover ourselves or hide behind the manipulation of the maze.

The Foundations Of Personality

Abraham Myerson - 1921
    It is not merely the absence of fear that constitutes courage, though we interchange "fearless" with "courageous." Frequently it is the conquest of fear by the man himself that leads him to the highest courage. There is a type of courage based on the lack of imagination, the inability to see ahead the disaster that lurks around every corner. There is another type of courage based on the philosophy that to lose control of oneself is the greatest disaster. There are the nobly proud, whose conception of "ought," of "noblesse oblige," makes them the real aristocrats of the race.