FINDING FRANKIE (A Tuper Mystery #2)

Teresa Burrell - 2019
    But why? And how did Squirrely, a homeless man, acquire a duffle bag stuffed with thousands in cash, a pistol, and a 25-year-old newspaper?As Squirrely lies in a coma, Tuper’s techie sidekick, Lana, uncovers fifty-year-old secrets about his connection to the death of a high school classmate. The cold case pops to the front burner when a second classmate dies in the same manner.A Senator, his barren wife, and a long-ago illegal adoption heat up the complications. As Tuper and Lana dig deeper, lies, fraud, and blackmail bubble to the surface. When they get too close, the killer panics and tries to take them out too.The case reaches a boiling point—just as Tuper unties a fifty-year-old twist and the cold truth finally puts the fire out.

So Much Bull: A Penny Post Myth Agent Novel

Alex A. King - 2021

Foxy Lady

Rags Daniels - 2012
    Late one evening she is brutally beaten, robbed and left to die.A few days later two bodies are found in the same house the assault took place. Others follow and a sewer of corruption contained beneath the razzamatazz of a General Election leads to shattering revelations and murderous passions; causing her well-organised world to turn into an arena of pursuit and terror, and where the only certainty is that nothing is certain.Bursting with penetrating insight into the seedy, sleazy world of political funding, Foxy Lady breathlessly leads the reader into the dark and sordid twilight world which lurks beneath the glamorous surface of the upper echelons of society. Revealing the true depths of the corruption which taints the lives of those who stride the corridors of power.

Dragon's Envoy

James Haddock - 2022
    But this is no bard’s song. All of this was because of the dragon stone necklace I scavenged from that dead mage. I knew it was magic when I saw it. Well, it was and it wasn’t. Dragon stone they call it, but what it actually is, is a dragon’s egg. When I touched it, I felt the need to put it around my neck for safekeeping. When I did, the necklace embedded itself inside my skin, making me the new dragon’s envoy. It has since been my duty to protect the egg until she’s ready to hatch. How do I know the egg is a she? Easy, she talks to me and is helping me to bring out my natural magic talents. Sometimes I’d rather it was a bard’s song, as it can be tiring. Although I must admit, having a dragon inside you comes in handy when people are trying to kill you.

Brahma Rakshas: The Monster Within

Sandiip N. Paatil - 2021
    At 11, he looks big and strong for his age. His kind mother, Geeta is a rural Indian archetype: the overworked, stressed-out, barely-keeping-it- together single mother. His father is in prison for multiple robbery cases. The villagers are cold and overbearing, and his schooldays are made hellish by bullies. If this wasn’t enough, he has nightmares and uncanny callings from the age-old monstrous Peepal tree that lays on his way to school. The legend is a monster called Brahma Rakshas, living under this tree, for years unknown to people, lures kids with the black devil fruits and then makes them wrestle until one dies.And, one stormy night, the legend comes true when Brahma Rakshas meets Sarja. Set in a fictional village of Deogiri; a small haven of human civilization, away from the din of city life, this story is an adventure ride filled with riddles and monster wrestling.

For Better or Curse

Misty Bane - 2020
    There’s no trick or treachery she hasn’t seen in her time as a wedding planner, and her Coco Cha-Spell bag of enchanted treats holds a solution for every one of them.Groom with cold feet? A little Heat of the Moment powder sprinkled in his shoes will take care of that.Overbearing mother of the bride? Nothing a few drops of Deception of Perfection potion in her champagne glass won't fix.Blabbering best man? Switch his bow tie out for a tongue tie—that’ll keep him quiet.But when an ancient family curse dooms a banshee bride’s beau to an early grave—on the day of the wedding, no less—Bailey might have finally stumbled into a situation even she can’t fix. She’s a witch, not a necromancer.Just when she’s about to hang up her hat and call it a night, she notices one devilish little detail that she can’t quite shake—the groom’s death doesn’t look like an accident. It looks like murder.


Estelle Ryan - 2022
    That is until she opens her front door to find the corrupt woman who publicly outed Bree as transgender—the same woman now begging for Bree’s help.Petra Keller is a despicable person, uncaring whose reputation she tramples on her way to the top of the corporate ladder. Or is she? Could she be telling the truth that she’s changed? The more Bree looks into Petra’s shocking claims, the more she uncovers facts leading her to a chilling connection between highly respected companies, their owners and an unthinkable crime.Her investigation becomes even more muddied by cryptic emails, her overprotective brother convincing his enigmatic friend to keep an eye on her and a bombing that lands her in hospital. Instead of being intimidated, Bree’s resolve is strengthened. These powerful men can’t continue to get away with profiting from actions that already resulted in the loss of countless innocent lives—actions that would cost more lives unless Bree gets to the truth. And exposes it.Samaritan is the first book in The Duchess Report trilogy, continuing with Sentinel and concluding with Maecenas.

The Secret of the Sands Trilogy

Rai Aren - 2015
    DESTINY. REVELATIONS.DISCOVERY. WAR. REDEMPTION.From the Great Sphinx to Petra to the Great Pyramid, journey on this epic archaeology adventure, weaving between the past and the present, to uncover hidden ancient secrets and fascinating mysteries about a long lost civilization…Secret of the SandsFor 12,000 years a dark and deadly secret has been hidden deep below the Great Sphinx. In present day Egypt, two archaeologists discover mysterious artifacts belonging to an unknown civilization. A frightening and awe-inspiring story unravels as the archaeologists race against time to decipher the dangerous knowledge they hold…Destiny of the SandsSome secrets cannot remain hidden…and some cannot be forgiven…The Great Sphinx of Giza has guarded a secret, both dangerous and incredible, for 12,000 years. Now deadly enemies emerge, and those involved must face startling truths and deep sorrow, in the fight against the forces of tyranny...Revelation of the SandsA stunning revelation of secrets and destiny that will change everything…Complete the epic journey begun in Secret of the Sands...The mystery deepens. The danger is ever-present. Incredible discoveries await.The Great Sphinx is not the only ancient wonder that has incredible secrets hidden deep within it. But uncovering these secrets will have life-changing consequences. There will be no turning back. It will take a great deal of courage and the testing of faith, on multiple fronts, to face them...The final chapter in this archaeology adventure trilogy now unfolds. The characters you’ve come to know are suddenly thrust down a new, completely different, and even more personal path, to a point of no return. Their journey is about take another perilous turn with mysterious and surprising outcomes that will alter the course of their lives forever.Journey through some of the most magnificent ancient places on earth as you join this final adventure in the Secret of the Sands trilogy…

'Twas the Night Before Murder: Cozy Mystery (Country Cottage Mysteries Book 21)

Addison Moore - 2021

The Eloquent Scribe

T. Lee Harris - 2016
    All that goes into the river the day he is adopted by Nefer-Djenou-Bastet, a highly opinionated sacred cat. From that point on, the young scribe's life is turned upside down. Everyone sees him as special; favored by the gods. Naturally, that makes him the perfect person to investigate a plot against the Great House of Ramesses II. Suddenly, Sitehuti is up to his neck in political intrigue, conspiracy and murder that takes him right into private heart of the royal palace. He's been bestowed a great honor. Now all he has to do is survive it.

Shades of Learning

T.S. Paul - 2016
    A new terror group calling themselves the Cabal is plaguing the galaxy. Former Imperial Navy Ensign Tisiphone thought returning home was going to be easy. Life on the farm was still incredibly boring. Her home planet is still recovering from the recent revolution. They have been attacked from space and thousands are dead. A new and effective Military is what they need. To be the best officer she can be she needs to go to the Academy first. Will the Cabal give her planet time to learn to combat them? Or will a new threat from Old Earth come into play?

Ye Olde Antique Shoppe: Complete Series

Margaret Brazear - 2019
    But when she and her friend, Peter, find a valuable coin and try to take it out of the shop, they find themselves in the fifteenth century. But that is only the beginning. The Edward V Coin The discovery of the coin from the short lived reign of Edward V, prompts Peter to want to find out what really happened to the princes in the Tower. The Anne Boleyn Necklace When Peter finds the famous B necklace worn by Anne Boleyn in many portraits, he is eager to use it to go back and see her in the flesh. But Rachel has sworn she'll never time travel again, until she finds a journal which reveals a cousin, stranded in the fifteenth century. She feels she must rescue her, but she doesn't stop to wonder if the cousin wants to be rescued. The Ripper Rings Jack the Ripper took souvenirs in the form of organs from his victims. But from one victim he took three rings and when they turn up in the antique shop, both Peter and Rachel are keen to find out how they got there.

Blue Moon Investigations: Boxed Set Part 2

Steve Higgs - 2019
     They say everyone has a skeleton in their closet, but why are so many of them coming to life? Tempest and Amanda work at the only paranormal detective agency in the book and business is booming. This second box set gives you over 1000 pages of pulse-pounding hilarious paranormal mayhem as they get themselves into yet more hot water solving cases no one else would be dumb enough to take. Dead Pirates of Cawsand – A ghost ship has been spotted off the coast of a quiet Cornish village where gold coins were recently found. Now skeletal pirates are wandering the streets, hiding in the mist to strike fear into the local community because they want their gold back. But they didn’t count on England’s best paranormal P.I. turning up. His well-earned break soon goes sideways as murder, kidnap, and ghost hunters ruin his vacation and threaten more than just his life. In the Doodoo with Voodoo – A client cursed by a voodoo priest is the start of a case that will push Amanda to her very limits. With Tempest away in Cornwall, Amanda has no back up, but she wants to do this for herself even though the priest is a scary character. However, when BFF Patience goes missing, it’s a race against time to solve the case before someone dies and she is about to find out just how badly she underestimated her suspect. The Witches of East Malling – There’s a storm brewing. It’s late Autumn in England, but the wet weather is hiding a dark crime – witches using lighting to kill! Hired to investigate, Tempest soon becomes a target himself when he comes face to face with a witch and she knows who and what he is. Is he closing in on the coven, or are they closing in on him? The deadly conclusion with leave you breathless. Crop Circles, Cows, and Crazy Aliens – Aliens? Really? There are lights in the sky, crop circles in the fields and the cows are producing glowing milk. It’s Amanda’s case, and seems a simple one until the first body shows up. Suddenly she has a mystery person leaving her clues, an internet star trying to help her investigation and conspiracy nuts raining from the sky. Is this the first wave of an alien invasion, or something far worse? Whispers in the Rigging – His dad reported stories of a ghost in the old Royal Dockyard, but that’s not why Tempest is going undercover. He’s there because his dad was found unconscious in a dumpster when he tried to poke around. Now Tempest must find out what is going on, but all too soon he realises there’s something beneath the dockyard that is much worse than ghosts. The paranormal? It’s all nonsense, but proving might just get them killed.

A Pasty In A Pear Tree (Pentrillick Cornish Mystery Series, #2)

Daphne Neville - 2017
    A week after its opening, Hetty and Lottie arrive in the village to take up residence in Primrose Cottage. The young-at-heart twin sisters have much to look forward to: carol singing, festive baking, and the knees-up in the Crown and Anchor on New Year’s Eve. With decorations up everywhere it seems that everything in the village is ready for the jollifications to begin. But then, just fifteen days before Christmas, someone is found dead in the grounds of Pentrillick House and the locals and Wonderland’s visiting tradespeople are faced with the possibility of there being a murderer in their midst. ‘A Pasty in a Pear Tree’ is the second in the light-hearted Pentrillick Mystery series located on the south coast of Cornwall.

Riding Hard For A Thug 3

Nikki Brown - 2017
    Char feels the severity of the situation and doesn’t know if she will be able to handle it and Rachel’s drama helps to solidify her doubts. Will Rondo be able to keep his promise to Char while being a good father to his son or will this be the end? Neala is patiently waiting for Zan to wake up, while she’s dealing with news that could either make or break them. She’s trying so hard to keep it together but when she finds out who was behind Zan’s shooting she’s pissed and ready for war, too bad she won’t be able to act on it. Ky is running around town like a maniac trying to find answers as to why his best friend is laying in a hospital bed and he is killing anyone in his path. While he’s out running the streets he forgets about the one person that means the most to him, Asta. Will he be able to balance his relationship and his need for revenge. In this last instalment relationships are tested and love is on the line. Will the ladies let the drama swallow them whole and walk away or will they RIDE HARD FOR A THUG?