The Secrets of Raven's Rest

L.C. Kincaide - 2018
    In fact,she had been looking forward to her new position as paid companion to the reclusive Mrs. Ravenshaw, and the Gothic manor’s country setting seemed like a welcome change from the messy London winter. The charming man she met on the train, who lived nearby, assured her that the old manor was intriguing.But, there were others at Raven’s Rest, who had their own motives for being there. Madness, murder and the Ravenshaw Will became the talk of the day, and as Lila pieced together fragments of conversations and her own discoveries, it became clear that a sinister plot was unfolding. As Lila searched for clues to how she fit in their schemes, the web around her tightened. Would she be able to escape in time, or was a tragedy about to repeat itself?

The Secret of Greystone Hall

Elizabeth Wilde - 2014
    Then suddenly the man vanished. All too soon she finds that the corridors of the gloomy mansion are filled with sinister secrets. To her sheer horror she begins to question whether the old man could be behind terrifying events that shrouded the ancient walls and stalked her into the very shadows of death and madness.


Elizabeth Bailey - 2021
    But to her horror, by the end of the night it becomes apparent that her guardian has abandoned her.Destitute and with no memories of any family besides her deceased father, Felicity is forced to turn to Raoul for aid.Concerned for her welfare, Raoul vows to help Felicity out of her predicament and discover what has become of her guardian.But it soon becomes clear that there is more to Felicity’s background than meets the eye. Their curiosity piqued, she and Raoul are drawn into an impromptu quest to uncover the truth about her mysterious origins…HIS AUCTION PRIZE is the eighth book in the Brides By Chance series, an enchanting set of Regency romances set in Georgian England.THE BRIDES BY CHANCE REGENCY ADVENTURE SERIES:BOOK ONE: In Honour BoundBOOK TWO: A Chance Gone ByBOOK THREE: Knight for a LadyBOOK FOUR: A Winter’s Madcap EscapadeBOOK FIVE: Marriage For MusicBOOK SIX: Damsel to the RescueBOOK SEVEN: Widow in MistletoeBOOK EIGHT: His Auction PrizeBOOK NINE: Disaster and the DukeBOOK TEN: Taming of the Vulture

The Storrington Papers

Dorothy Eden - 1978
    Sarah will help Major Storrington, confined to a wheelchair by the tank accident that finished a promising military career, to research and write the family history of the Storringtons, an armaments dynasty. She will also serve as governess to his small son.To her dismay, Sarah finds the ménage at Maidenshall, the great Victorian mansion built on the site of a nunnery, a decidedly uneasy one:* Bored, diversion-starved Cressida increasingly seeks escape in her London fashion career and, perhaps, in the arms of other men;* Adolphus Storrington is a lonely, distracted child who spends most of his waking hours in the company of a fantasy playmate;* The Major, handsome, powerful and restive in his wheelchair prison, alternates between bursts of creative energy and outbursts of frustrated rage at his family, servants, and Sarah, who is falling in love with him;* And Henrietta Galloway, the nonagenarian retainer who wanders about Maidenshall unsettling everyone she meets with ramblings about days long past.When Sarah discovers two Edwardian-era diaries, she slowly unravels the mystery of a passionate betrayal of a previous governess and the master of Maidenshall.

A Wing and a Prayer

Lyn Andrews - 2002
    For Mary Callaghan marriage has brought heartaches and disappointment. But with it have come joys, the greatest of which are her daughters, Daisy and Nell. Mary longs for them to have the one thing denied to her - a husband who will offer them kindness, security and love.But when Daisy confesses she's pregnant, the future looks grim, for the father's a rough, pleasure-loving man. As Nell watches her sister sink into bitter poverty, and as the world around her grows more uncertain, with war more likely by the day, risking all for love seems to Nell a foolish game...

Farewell Bergerac: A World War II Thriller (World War II Adventure Series)

Fredrik Nath - 2012
    Fredrik Nath is one of those few."- The Masked PersonaFrom the author of wartime adventure novel 'The Cyclist', the Historical Novels Society editor's choice February 2011.A reluctant hero in war-torn France...A teacher in St Cyprien, a small town in Aquitaine, France, descends into an alcoholic daze, after his son dies in the Spanish Civil War. His life seems meaningless and he moves to Bergerac where he survives by poaching and fishing. Isolating himself from the world, he ruminates over his hatred of the Fascists who killed his son. He is dragged back to reality when, after the occupation of France by the Nazis, he witnesses Security Police beating a young Jewish girl. He reacts by killing the Germans and hides Rachelle, the young teenager. She breathes life into the world in which he has hidden himself and gives him a reason to go on.Dufy begins a path of revenge on the occupying Germans. A sniper in the Great War, he uses his skills to devastating effect, always posing as the town drunk.Then the British drop supplies and a beautiful SOE agent whom Dufy falls in love with. But as the invaders hunt down the partisans in the deep, crisp woodland, nothing works out as Dufy had hoped.Farewell Bergerac is an unforgettable wartime tale of fragile love, loss and redemption.

Silver Nutmeg

Norah Lofts - 1947
    Evert Haan, grown wealthy on black-market trading, sent to Holland for Annabet. When she arrived racked by rheumatic fever, he ordered her killed. But Annabet lived to recover her health and beauty and to find a dangerous love with an Englishman.

Victoria's Walk

Christopher Nicole - 1986
    Having spent six years in Africa with her English missionary husband, she knows that the desert is not as empty of water as most suppose, if one knows where to look. Thus she leads her party on an epic two hundred mile walk to gain the fertile grassland to the south. To achieve this, she must drive them ever onwards, quell two mutinies and watch some of her party die. Their lives are saved when they reach an oasis, but to gain true safety they must now face Arab slaver traders, bloodthirsty Ashanti warriors, and the all-consuming forest. Victoria's walk has hardly begun. Set at the turn of the 20th Century, when the British Empire was approaching its zenith, with a handful of administrators and soldiers endeavoring to rule vast areas and dominate peoples they did not understand, VICTORIA'S WALK is a tale of the human spirit at its highest and lowest, its most courageous and its most bestial, of one woman's unceasing fortitude, of the men who loved her, and the women who hated her.

Shadows of the Past

Elaine Shelabarger - 2010
    The young widow of the disgraced Sir Hugh Delahaye, Adeline reverts to her maiden name and is determined to leave the past behind. When she encounters Guy Ashleigh, the handsome and charismatic young ward of the village squire, they fall passionately in love, but Guy is expected to marry his childhood sweetheart. When jealousy forces them apart and the secrets of the past catch up with them, Adeline sees no alternative but to run away. Somehow, they must find a way to overcome the obstacles that threaten to destroy their future together.

Summons to the Chateau D'Arc

Kay Cornelius - 2005
    She finds herself falling for the attractive estate manager, who carries secrets of his own. As the tension grows more unbearable, Ellen will have to risk everything she holds dear to discover the secrets that lurk in the shadows of the Chateau D'Arc.

Return to Quail Crossings

Jennifer McMurrain - 2014
    She had dreams of Hollywood stardom, not dirty diapers and pigs. But when Robert Smith, a country boy from head to toe, offers her and her daughter a chance at a normal life, reputation intact, Evalyn can’t help but accept. Little does Robert know, Evalyn is keeping a huge secret. While Evalyn’s family members deal with prejudice in 1940s Texas, fertility, changes of the heart, and even a ghost come back from the dead, Evalyn must fight for her family or lose everything she has grown to love.

The Wedding Bargain

Agnes Sligh Turnbull - 1966
    To Daniel Morgan, self-made millionaire and reluctant playboy, young Liza Hanford was that rarest of all creatures - an efficient, compassionate and discreet private secretary. So discreet in fact that he never knew that for eight heart-wringing years Liza had been in love with him.It was hardly the kind of proposal to set a girl cloud-walking, but to Liza it opened the door to a new life . . . and perhaps he just might learn to love her.To all appearances it was a true Cinderella story. But underneath the pleasant surface dark shadows of Daniel's past began to emerge. Suddenly this unspoken menace exploded and threatened not only Liza's marriage but her husband's life.

Academy of Littles Collection

Allison West - 2019
    You have no other choice. He takes what’s his. You. You hold on to your most prized possession. Your virtue.What happens when you give yourself over and learn to submit completely? Three women. Three Papas. Three scandalous stories of love, passion, and learning to obey. Not for the faint of heart.Publisher’s Note: This is a Dark Daddy Romance, a collection of three steamy, dark romance tales, which contain power exchange, and scenes which may trigger some readers.

Try a Little Tenderness

Joan Jonker - 1998
    Jenny's pretty face and lively sense of humour make her everyone's favourite girl, whereas Laura is mean and moody and she's never out of trouble. Their mother, Mary, loves them both and frets about Laura's behaviour, but soon that's the least of her worries... Her father's new young wife, Celia, is about to bring shame on the family by leading Laura astray. Jenny attracts the attention of two young lads in her street who both want to court her. Mick and John have been mates since they were kids but now war is declared, and it's every man for himself! Meanwhile Laura's resentment begins to build and it's only a matter of time before things come to a head. Who will learn that a little tenderness goes a long way?

Deceptions (Southern Secrets Saga Book 1)

Jeanne Hardt - 2015
    After years of listening to her mama’s caution regarding men, she’s determined to stay single. Until Dr. Andrew Fletcher arrives in her little town on the bay and she’s irresistibly smitten.Andrew tends to the elite at Mobile City Hospital, but also cares for the poor Negroes in a less desirable part of the city. Despite criticism from the hospital administrator, he’s determined to stand by his principles and help anyone in need. Regardless of the color of their skin.Their whirlwind romance is quickly followed by a wedding proposal. But Claire’s world crashes around her when she discovers a painful truth. With no choice but to run away, she leaves Mobile and soon realizes she’s carrying his child.Every decision Claire makes changes the lives of those she loves. The secrets and deceptions she creates blur the line between lies and truth, until she can’t discern one from the other.