You are my sunshine

Anna Gray - 2017
    The book details her interactions with the medical staff and the progression of her condition; tests and more tests, appointments with different consultants and doctors and ultimately time spent in hospital. However, alongside all the medical issues is the story of the love and support of her children, family and friends which makes this book so special. You are my sunshine will make you laugh and cry, it will move you and inspire you to be your best and to be there for others. 'My advice to each and everyone is not to leave it till it's too late, treasure your friends and family, don't leave it to tell people that you love them, make time for people who you care about; I guarantee that your life will be enriched and happier if you do. People can surprise you in all manner of fantastic ways!'

Amazon Prime and Lending Library: Getting the Most Value From Your Prime Subscription

Steve Weber - 2014
    Everything you need to know to get the most bang from your Prime bucks.

What I Wish I Knew about Nursing: Real Advice from Real Nurses on How To Deeply Care for Patients While Still Caring For Yourself

Allie Wilson - 2011

Into the Darkness: The Harrowing True Story of the Titanic Disaster: Riveting First-Hand Accounts of Agony, Sacrifice and Survival

Alan J. Rockwell - 2017
    No human being who stood on her decks that fateful night was alive to commemorate the event on its 100th anniversary. Their stories are with us, however, and the lessons remain. From the moment the world learned the Titanic had sunk, we wanted to know, who had survived? Those answers didn’t come until the evening of Thursday, April 18, 1912―when the Cunard liner Carpathia finally reached New York with the 706 survivors who had been recovered from Titanic’s lifeboats. Harold Bride, “Titanic’s surviving wireless operator,” relayed the story of the ship’s band. “The way the band kept playing was a noble thing. I heard it first while still we were working wireless when there was a ragtime tune for us. The last I saw of the band, when I was floating out in the sea with my lifebelt on, it was still on deck playing ‘Autumn.’ How they ever did it I cannot imagine.” There were stories of heroism―such as that of Edith Evans, who was waiting to board collapsible Lifeboat D, the last boat to leave Titanic, when she turned to Caroline Brown and said, “You go first. You have children waiting at home.” The sacrifice cost Evans her life, but as Mrs. Brown said later, “It was a heroic sacrifice, and as long as I live I shall hold her memory dear as my preserver, who preferred to die so that I might live.” There was mystery. There was bravery. There was suspense. There was cowardice. Most men who survived found themselves trying to explain how they survived when women and children had died. But mostly, there was loss. On her return to New York after picking up Titanic’s survivors, Carpathia had become known as a ship of widows. Rene Harris, who lost her husband, Broadway producer Henry Harris, in the disaster, later spoke of her loss when she said, “It was not a night to remember. It was a night to forget.” Drawing on a wealth of previously unpublished letters, memoirs, and diaries as well as interviews with survivors and family members, veteran author and writer Alan Rockwell brings to life the colorful voices and the harrowing experiences of many of those who lived to tell their story. More than 100 years after the RMS Titanic met its fatal end, the story of the tragic wreck continues to fascinate people worldwide. Though many survivors and their family members disappeared into obscurity or were hesitant to talk about what they went through, others were willing to share their experiences during the wreck and in its aftermath. This book recounts many of these first-hand accounts in graphic, compelling detail.

500 Random Facts about Harry Potter: The Ultimate Quiz Book of Fun Facts and Secret Trivia

Lena Shaw - 2018
    Yes, it’s almost unbelievable to understand how all of it had happened and why the world fell in love with the boy wizard. From the fantastic books written by the British author J.K. Rowling to the blockbuster movies that were welcomed by hundreds of fans outside the cinemas worldwide, Harry Potter’s legacy lives on and is still felt in the pop culture. That’s why we’ll look at the ultimate list of 500 (yeah, you read that right) Potter-related facts! Enjoy and prepare to read tons of exciting facts! You and your kids will love this book... Grab it now while it's still available at this discounted price. NOTE: This is a book intended for any Harry Potter fan of any age. This book is NOT affiliated in any way with any other official or unofficial Harry Potter book.

See You in September

Joanne Teague - 2013
    Three kids. One trip of a lifetime. Meet Jo Teague, a woman fighting against the odds. See You in September is a hilarious and uplifting true life adventure across Europe. With visions of a second honeymoon snatched away by circumstance, the Teague family find themselves faced by riots and strikes, robbers on the beach, tantrums and taxi drivers, snakes and spiders, and other strange happenings. This book will resonate with every parent who’s ever travelled on holiday with their kids. Unlike most family trips this one is tinged with sadness. Just a few months before setting off Jo was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos – a rare and still incurable, life-threatening condition. The fun and adventure was tinged with a sense of fragility of happiness and, indeed of life itself. A great holiday read and a fantastic travel book full of the ups and downs of parenthood. Will appeal to fans of Karen Wheeler, Bill Bryson and Alec le Sueur. Now with an updated epilogue.

The Battle of the Bismarck Sea

Lawrence Cortesi - 2017
    This is the story of the men on both sides who fought the Battle of the Bismarck Sea. Filled with blasting action, this is a novel of desperate men locked in a savage battle for mastery of the world’s greatest ocean. This was a war without rules or mercy, and one that ended in utter annihilation…

The Ultimate All-New Kindle Paperwhite Guide Book (Your Complete Manual for the All-New Kindle Paperwhite E-reader)

Bohner, Carl - 2013

The Diary of a Yorkshire Vet

Julian Norton - 2018

7 Steps to Stunning Images: A Guide to Mastering Your DSLR Camera

Heather Hummel Gallagher - 2017
    Step 1: Shedding Light on Light Sources Step 2: Conquer ISO Settings Step 3: Understanding Aperture/Depth of Field Step 4: Choosing a Shutter Speed Step 5: Composition Step 6: Tripods Step 7: Filters Heather Hummel Photography Spreads Pixel Dust on Land and Seascapes. Her photography has been on exhibit at Agora Gallery in the Chelsea District of New York City, C'ville Coffee in Charlottesville, VA and Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs, CO. Additionally, she licenses her photos through ImageBrief.

The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration

Frank J. Gaffney Jr. - 2012
    Representatives Michele Bachmann, Trent Franks, Louie Gohmertt, Tom Rooney and Lynn Westmoreland asked federal inspectors general if the fact that Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, has three close family members who were intimately connected to the Muslim Brotherhood might be affecting U.S. foreign policy, they were called “McCarthites” and “Islamophobes.” But as Frank Gaffney shows in this shocking pamphlet, it is actually worse than these members of Congress imagined. Abedin was herself deeply involved in Brotherhood organizations in the U.S. and she is, moreover, only one of many individuals with Islamist ties now working in sensitive government roles. Gaffney tells who they are, how they are making U.S. social and political institutions friendlier to Islamism, and how they may have tilted U.S. foreign policy in the Brotherhood’s direction.

Kindle Fire HDX User Guide: Newbie to Expert in 2 Hours!

Tom Edwards - 2013
    We still remember the first time we turned on our Kindle Fire! Although it may feel like everybody else already knows how to use their Kindle Fire the truth is they don't. And if this is the first time you've held one in your hands, then we would just like to say..... WE'RE HERE TO HELP!From the Number #1 Amazon Bestselling Authors in Computers and Technology.When we first published our Kindle Fire app review guide - 250+ Best Kindle Fire HD Apps for the New Kindle Fire Owner - we added in a small bonus section which included a few tips and tricks for the new Kindle Fire user. We soon started receiving emails from customers asking for more of the same.Well this easy-to-use guide is our way of welcoming all you new Kindle Fire owners who have just pulled your device from its box for the first time. This short user guide has been written to introduce you to some of the most basic, but essential, elements of using your new handheld computer. This is information that you need to know.This Amazon Kindle e-Book Includes:Navigating your way around the Kindle Fire HDGetting rid of adsDownloading and transferring contentConnecting to social mediaSetting up emailLearning to 'swype'Getting to grips with parental controls

Mastering Photographic Histograms: The key to fine-tuning exposure and better photo editing.

Al Judge - 2016
     Photographic Histograms are unique to Digital Photography. Most books on the subject of Photographic Histograms only discuss the Luminosity Histogram that is projected on the LCD screens of Digital cameras. There are three other types of Histograms that you should know about -- RGB, Colors, and Color Channel.Most books also only describe the basics of how to use the Luminosity Histogram to set exposure. In this relatively short but fact filled book you will learn how histograms are created and their significance to photography.Though they did not exist in the days of film photography, they are closely related to the Exposure Zones System created by Ansel Adams and Fred Archer around 1939. Can you identify with any of these experiences? Do your eyes glaze over when people talk about histograms? Do you feel that histograms are too technical for you? Are you enthused about photography but confused by all the technical jargon? Do you wonder how professional photographers get such great images? Are you tired of well-intentioned friends giving you bad advice about photography? If you answered yes to any of these questions, end the frustration. Just scroll up and grab a copy today.

Run: A Complete Beginners Guide (Learn How To Start Running)

Michael Thomas - 2012
    Anyone can become a runner with proper training and motivation, and I’m going to show you how.Learn the first steps to becoming a runnerTaking your first steps as a runner can be challenging and frustrating without a solid plan. Too many books push you too hard and too fast which can lead to failure. In this book, I show you proven techniques that changed me from being a complete non-runner into a slim, fit, efficient runner in 16 weeks. Training plans to take you to your first race!In this book, you will get a 6 week "Pre-Running" Plan that gets you off the couch and into basic running shape. This plan is adaptable to anyone no matter your age, physical fitness, or ability level. Once you complete this "Pre-Running" plan, you will start on a 10 week training plan to get you into shape for your first 5K race!The best running “gear” to be a more effective runnerRunning itself is not enough. There are proven ways to make your running easier, more enjoyable, and YES, even FUN! Learn what type of gear you need to succeed in running. Everything from shoes to technology is right here.Motivation and techniques to keep running<Do you know the #1 reason people fail at running? Motivation. This is not an abstract idea like simply telling yourself "I think I can!" In this book you'll learn actionable motivation techniques to get you out the door and running every single time. Everything you need to go from zero to 5K is included in this book.Personal Note From The AuthorThis book blends years of personal experience gained from my successes and failures. I show you my unique approach to running that took me from a complete couch potato to running 5K races with ease. I understand the challenges and frustrations of transitioning from being a complete non-runner because I went through it personally. I lost over 60 pounds, and I am in the best shape of my life due to the techniques used in this book.This is why I've put together this step-by-step guide to learning how to run. I'm confident that the techniques I used to turn myself from an out of shape non-runner into a healthy, fit, and efficient runner will work for you as well!In an effort to provide my readers exceptional value, I also promise a response to all reader emails. All running related questions will be answered with a quick personal reply!I thoroughly hope you enjoy this book.Happy running!Michael

The stranger in my life

Janet Holt - 2012
    With the help of an experienced psychologist she relives the events of 34 years ago and in doing so discovers what happened to her business partner, Fred Handford. Following EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) treatment the nightmares she has suffered since the day he disappeared - 19th March 1976 - stop competely and the truth is finally revealed.