Lethal Engagement

Teyla Branton - 2015
     Two months after the announcement that rocked the entire world, Mari Jorgenson is going undercover to protect the man who has become the face of the Unbounded. What’s not to like? Expensive clothes, a great disguise, a chance to play with knives—and all with a Renegade partner she might just be falling for. Mari can’t think of a better assignment for practicing her shifting ability. But when everything goes horribly wrong on the first day, it will take everything she has—and more—if she and her friends are to keep humanity’s best hope for peace alive long enough to unite the world. Along the way, Mari glimpses within herself a darkness that threatens to turn her into the very evil she is fighting. Join Mari, Keene, Jace, Cort, and other Renegades from the main Unbounded series as Mari shifts through an adventure that will ultimately set the stage for the greatest and final battle with the Emporium. Please note that Lethal Engagement is not as long as the books from Erin's point-of-view, but is still the same size as many short novels. The events take place in the Unbounded timeline after The Reckoning (Unbounded Book 4). As some of the events in book 4 are referenced, readers will better appreciate Lethal Engagement after reading The Reckoning.

Paranormal Public Omnibus Books 1-3

Maddy Edwards - 2014
    Her transition to this new and wonderful world is difficult. While Charlotte tries to learn magic, make new friends, and confront forbidden love, the demons - archenemies of the paranormals - are getting stronger. The demons are looking for something, and it turns out that Charlotte might just hold the key to finding it.  Book 2: Elemental Rising Demons are beating at the protections surrounding Public, and inside the safety of the grounds is a new threat, an old resentment that has nothing to do with demons but is born of a much more personal pain. Now Charlotte and her friends must stand together to protect each other, even if they don’t know from whom . . . until it’s too late.  Book 3: Elemental Shining Battles come from every direction, and as the demons swarm Public it becomes clear that they want more than just the last elemental dead: they want to wipe out every paranormal, and they are within reach of a way of doing it. Charlotte is the only thing that stands between the paranormals and destruction.

Rebel Vampires

Ginna Moran - 2019
     Rule one: Throw blood in their faces. Rule two: Kick them where it counts. Rule three: Bite back. Hard. In a world where vampires rule and Donor Life Corp forces all adult humans to donate blood, the only true way to survive is to comply. But I’m not about surviving. I’m fighting back. If only I hadn’t been caught rescuing humans from a quarantined city. Because now, I’m an unwilling applicant to the Blood Match Program. I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life as a personal blood source to an elite vampire. Unfortunately, a change in the rules of the program means I might be satiating an entire coven’s blood hunger. Screw that. These four dangerously hot vampires have no idea what’s coming...and neither do I. This is a new adult reverse harem romance that contains mature language, sexy steaminess, and sizzling attraction.


Joshua Marsella - 2020
    When the son moves his bedroom into the basement he starts to experience an unexplainable and terrifying phenomena. After he uncovers a secret concealed in the house, they quickly learn that some truths are better left a mystery. Can they overcome their differences in order to survive or will the darkness consume them both?

Rain Kimber: An Ariel Kimber Novella

Mary Martel - 2019
    He thought he’d find her, take care of the woman who’d stolen his child away from him (you don’t want to know), and then the two of them would immediately become the family they’d been before she’d been taken. Rain would soon learn that life didn’t always work out the way you wanted it to, and really? That was a lesson he should have learned a long time ago. But it wasn’t all about heartbreak for Rain. With his daughter he gained an entire Coven of family, even the ones he didn’t want. What father got along with all of his daughter’s boyfriends? Not Rain, that’s for sure. Just as life wasn’t all about heartache anymore for Rain didn’t mean it was all about happiness and rainbows either. The Alexander Coven, the one his daughter had joined, seemed to be a magnet for trouble and Ariel Kimber was right in the middle of it. Which meant Rain was right there with her. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Seer Renee

C.R. Daems - 2013
    But her life is about to be turned upside-down and inside-out when her grandmother commits suicide, leaving her alone and vulnerable, confused and overwhelmed, and surrounded by danger. And her grandmother's wonderful gift maybe be a curse and the ruination of her life. The one future see can't see—her own.

Watery Grave: A Jack Nightingale Short Story

Stephen Leather - 2018
    But does he want to help her or hurt her? Supernatural detective Jack Nightingale is called in to investigate. Stephen Leather is one of the UK's most successful thriller writers, an ebook and Sunday Times bestseller and author of the critically acclaimed Dan “Spider’ Shepherd series and the Jack Nightingale supernatural detective novels. Before becoming a novelist he was a journalist for more than ten years on newspapers such as The Times, the Daily Mirror, the Glasgow Herald, the Daily Mail and the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong. He is one of the country’s most successful ebook authors and his ebooks have topped the Amazon Kindle charts in the UK and the US. In 2011 alone he sold more than 500,000 eBooks and was voted by The Bookseller magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the UK publishing world. Born in Manchester, he began writing full time in 1992. His bestsellers have been translated into fifteen languages. He has also written for television shows such as London's Burning, The Knock and the BBC's Murder in Mind series and two of his books, The Stretch and The Bombmaker, were filmed for TV. His book The Chinaman was filmed as The Foreigner starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan.

Stalked Justice

Kate Allenton - 2019
    She sits in a psychiatric ward for the criminally insane, and her therapist believes she’s as dangerous as the predator she stopped. When an FBI agent shows up with tales of another elusive killer and in need of Lucy’s special expertise, she’s yanked back into a world where the need for justice rivals the lust for revenge coursing through her veins. Lucy helps hunt a deadly predator whose M.O., and bread crumb of clues, suggest that he’s waiting for her to join his twisted game. Tethered with a tracking device to watch her every move and without weapons at her disposal, she’s in for the chase of her life. The only question left is whether she can outsmart the killer and survive when her name is sitting at the top of his hit list.

Spirits, Hurricanes, and the Krewe of Ghoul

Deanna Chase - 2016
     It’s Halloween and Pyper Rayne’s all vamped up, ready to play the vampire bride. And so is Ida May, her resident ghost. But when the “vampires” they're partying with start to appear to be real, there’s more at stake that just a little bite. *Originally published in Spell of the Ball 2015*

Bite My Sass

V. Vaughn - 2016
    She’s been acclimating herself into the human world just to avoid the cocky-as-all-get-out type of men who break her heart. But when she meets Roman her life without a true mate is about to change. Roman is the alpha of his pack, and with pressure from all sides he’s in search of a mate who can handle the challenge of a strong leader. When he finds her in Juliet, he discovers the very woman who can steal his heart and help lead a pack is also the kind who will challenge him in ways that could cost one or both of them their lives.


Melissa Haag - 2016
    It isn't easy being a half-breed, but she is determined to slide through life unnoticed by either group. When the warlock leaders team up with humans to force paranormal registration, Ema believes she must choose between her two unwanted worlds. An unexpected companion shows her not all emotions are bad, and power has its benefits.


Steve McHugh - 2019
    But when he learned he had had undiscovered powers, he had no choice but to learn how to use them. After relocating to North Dakota in order to practise his new found abilities, he soon finds himself in the targets of Louis Bonne, a man who wants to understand how the curse placed on Remy worked, so that he can use the souls of innocent people to make himself immortal. Since Remy has no interest in helping, Louis Bonne sends a group of murderers intent on convincing him. But Remy isn’t some helpless bystander, and these people will soon discover that Remy isn’t the kind of fox who runs from a hunt. Hunted is a new novella set in the universe of the Hellequin and Avalon Chronicles series.

Little Feather

Dianne Harman - 2020
    She rushed home to Little Feather, Oklahoma, hoping to quickly find her mother so she could return to her life in the big city.But once Miranda begins to search for her, she finds there is much more to Little Feather and her mother than she originally thought. First, the city is an oasis for supernatural creatures, and secondly, her mother was the Paranormal Investigator who kept them all in line.As a P.I., it was her mother's job to make sure the paranormal creatures stayed out of view from humans and didn't commit any crimes. But now that she's gone that’s changing.Miranda finds herself caught up in a world she never knew existed. She needs to find her mother before paranormal things get out of hand in Little Feather, and two very attractive men are willing to help her.

The Lost Orphans #2

J.S. Donovan - 2017
    Detective Rachel Harroway pursues a killer planning another great attack. However, the only way to stop a monster is to know his weaknesses. With the help of one of villain’s freed captives, a gifted but traumatized orphan, Rachel digs deep into the Poisoner’s dark past while confronted by the most difficult choice of her life. The clock is ticking in this fast-paced, heartfelt mystery about tough choices, motherly love and the restless spirits of the dead.

Santa Demon

John P. Logsdon - 2018
    The gifts, the music, the yearly seafood buffet, the orgy...what's not to like?But, like all children, he eventually finds out Santa isn’t who he thought. The good news is, unlike everyone else, Santa Claus actually is his mom. Even better, she wants Bert to take over the job. The bad news is there’s more to the job than stuffing stockings and getting his bells jingled. So what's a demon to do? Drag his friend Mark Vedis along for the ride, of course. Join Bert, Mark, and the Santa team as they go through hell in their quest to bring a merry Christmas to all. Especially for Bert.