A Ruthless Kind of Love 3

Latoya Nicole - 2018
    Back from the dead, he’s raining havoc on everyone, including his own family. Not sure how to handle one of their own being their enemy, the crew starts to fall apart. Ruthless Mafia thought they could handle the Cuban Cartel with ease, but with blood fighting against them too, their battle became a little harder. With their family under attack at every angle and members being taken out, they now have no choice but to call in a favor from someone who was labeled a menace to society. They knew with their help the Ruthless Mafia would rise again. Having an ally put their minds at ease, but when their lives end up on the line, they hit a point of no return, and even they may not be able to save them from the war that is to come. Will this be the end of the Ruths or will some miracle allow them to come out on top? Find out in the finale of A Ruthless Kind of Love 3

Forbidden Love Unchained 2: The Finale

Carry Lowe - 2014
    It is 72,000 words long. The Thompson sisters are back and things seem to be going from bad to worse for them.Raven is still reeling from Mickey’s death, not knowing which direction to point her blade in order to exact her revenge. But luckily she has Jay at her side to comfort and support her and she is really going to need him right now, because she and her sister are being beset by enemies at every turn. And the worst part about the situation is that it’s someone they know who is trying to harm them but they don’t even know it. Will they figure out who is trying to kill them before it’s too late? Or will another one of the Thompson sisters become a tragic loss? Mel has opened her heart to love again. But someone has returned to the scene and wants to tear her and Nick apart. Add the fact that Ripper’s betrayals have created insecurities in her that are affecting her relationship, and can Mel and Nick’s love survive? Come take another ride with these characters as they go on one last journey and see what happens in the final showdown.

A Love Like This

Kay Shanee - 2021

The Real Dopeboyz of Miami 2

Jenica Johnson - 2018
    Miami and Simone’s situationship is crumbling because she can’t be truthful about what she’s been doing behind closed doors. Miami puts some space between them so he can get his head back in the game but Simone pulls at his heartstrings to draw him back in. Miami is still in the blind about Simone and Teagan. Who knows what will happen when and if he finds out? Missy is making some noise to let Maniac and anyone else know that she’s the boss and she runs the city of Miami. Her love for him will have her making some dumb mistakes that could cost the family their whole empire. Missy has to step her game up to go against the man she once loved and birthed a child with. In the streets, there is only room for one boss. You either get eliminated or you dominate.

Ride for Mine 2: Family Over Everything

Ro Monique - 2016
    Sharnard, born Josiah Jones, is the eldest brother of Jacobi, Jamari and Joriah. Not only that but he is the adopted brother of Zaii, Joriah’s girlfriend. After successfully gunning those two down but not killing them, he is now on the run trying to get out of Dodge. Not only do Jacobi and Jamari have to worry about Joriah recovering, Luna has now been contacted by her ex, Jose, who is threatening to murder her parents if she doesn’t come to Mexico to save them. Although she seems distraught, everything is not what it seems. Jamari and Piper seem to be going pretty strong, besides crazy Trina who keeps popping up and causing problems in the couple’s new relationship. Jamari has never felt this way before over any woman. This is new to him but he is beginning to like it. He just needs to get Trina out of their life for good, but when she drops a bomb that could make Piper leave him for good, he’s torn as to what to do.

Rescued by the Love of A Real One 2

Toy - 2019
    Once he and Michelle established the relationship that Ty never expected to want, his past comes back, causing chaos and strife. Michelle takes her role as the woman in Ty’s life, but unbeknownst to Michelle, the father of her child still has some unresolved feelings toward her. Ty and Michelle both are blindsided by the danger lurking around them and threatening their well-being, all in the name of love. Kylan was crushed to find out that his wife had been having an affair behind his back. His reputation as the calm brother quickly goes out the window as he attempts to move on from his unfaithful wife. Kylan is not only fighting for his sanity to remain intact; he is still looking for the people or persons who attempted to kill his brother. An unexpected meeting with someone makes Kylan think that moving on may be easier than he thought. Tonette knows she is wrong for being unfaithful; she acknowledges the error of her ways, but she refuses to let Kylan go. Even though Tonette did not adhere to her marriage vows, she wants Kylan to stand by his “until death us part.” Kylan is over the marriage and is taking steps to dissolve it, but Tonette has a bag of tricks to make sure she remains the wife of Kylan. Nichelle is happy for her sister’s happiness, but not happy with herself. Nichelle keeps her true feelings hidden, living with a façade to protect herself from hurt. Nichelle’s life is a smoke screen and mirrors, letting others believe that she is happy with her single status, and she is not afraid to show it in a loud and proud manner just as she always has. It isn’t until she meets the one person who can tame her attitude and set her body on fire that she starts to have problems with keeping her façade up. Nichelle begins to question everything she thought she knew about herself and how she lives her life.

Violet and the Connect 2

Tina J. - 2016
    She will do anything to keep Violet and Miguel away from one another; even if it means murder. If she can't have him then no one will. Violet is holding back a secret from Miguel so big their relationship may not be able to be repaired once he finds out what it is. Miguel still has an Empire to run; but his family remains the number one priority in his life. However, his deceit and betrayal will cause Violet to run into the arms of another; sending Miguel in a fit of rage so bad that he reveals a side to her she never thought she'd see.

Mind Reader - The Teenage Years: Book 2 - The Onslaught

Katrina Kahler - 2019
    Thankfully, she has the help of her boyfriend, Jack, and her best friend, Julia, to help her through the trauma. With the upcoming Homecoming dance to look forward to, her friends try to distract her. But what unfolds next is totally unexpected, and this unleashes a new stream of events that leave the trio reeling. Past bullies return to wreak havoc in the school hallways, and Emmie relies on her friends' support more than ever. This book ends with a suspenseful conclusion, one that will keep you hooked on the story and eager for more. It's another great book for fans of the series, Mind Reader and Julia Jones, and any tweens or teens who enjoy suspenseful stories. A fabulous book for girls.

Mafia Boss's Unknown Black Daughter

Brittney Brooke - 2018
    She was the light in my dark underworld… I’ve never tried to deny who I am.Where I come from.And who I’m expected to be.But I am not my don father.It’s on me to change things.Take the “family business” in a more lawful direction.But that’s not my only game plan.I have other unfinished business in this city. And her name is Evelyn Davis. It’s been almost sixteen years.And she’s haunted my dreams ever since I left.I knew it wouldn’t be easy winning her over again.Convincing her that I was on the straight and narrow.However, I wasn’t the only one keeping secrets… Evelyn has a teenage daughter. I’ve done the math.And the resemblance is uncanny.The kid’s mine.Now, no matter what it takes, I will close up shop.To hell with the consequences… Note: Mafia Boss's Unknown Black Daughter is a steamy second chance romance between a mafia boss and his long lost lover.

The Rock Boyz: Money, Power, & Respect

Twyla T. - 2019
    You don’t even gotta bring ya paper out… we the dope boys of the year, drinks is on the house…” The infamous Rock Boyz; D’Mari, D’Mani, J.R., and Corey set out to take over the streets of Atlanta, but just like life, things never go as planned. With the problems in the streets, and personal problems stacked on top, it appears that the guys are in over their heads. J.R. is excited about his life with Lexi and becoming a first-time father. However, an old associate has declared war on J.R. and his boyz, causing him to focus on his street ventures when he suffers a personal tragedy. Will J.R. be able to survive the streets long enough for him to enjoy fatherhood? Making the transition from NYC to the ATL, D’Mari finds himself adjusting quickly. Not only that, he is stepping into a new role of being a husband and a father to twins simultaneously. With his wife’s mood changing every second, will D’Mari be able to keep his head in the game while maintaining peace on the home front? D’Mani is making great strides in his new environment and loving his life with Anastasia and Kyler. However, a trip to Wal-Mart brings him face to face with his not so distant past, revealing a well kept secret. Will this secret have severe consequences and disrupt his life at home? After getting his dream job and moving to the ATL, Corey quits his job and joins his boyz in building their family empire. However, Corey’s new moves put not only his life but his family’s lives in danger and have him betraying those that he holds close, creating dissension in his circle. Will Corey be able to right his sins and restore respect and trust with those he holds dear? Enemies are on the inside and outside. Secrets are revealed. Trust is broken. With the entire deck stacked against them on their quest for money, power, and respect, will the Rock Boyz prevail? Check out this blazing new African American Urban Fiction read by best-selling and award-winning authors Twyla T., Patrice Balark, Dani Littlepage, and J. Dominique.

Part Of The Family

Pamela Evans - 1995
    But, as much as she loves Stan, Lizzie senses a darker side to him that his mother cannot see. It isn't long before his bitterness causes Lizzie to question her relationship, and ultimately leads to tragedy...

4 Ever Down With Him 2

Tay Mo'Nae - 2017
    Nike, is still in mad after finding out his sister is pregnant by his best friend and shuts them both out, while dealing with the aftermath of Noni’s shooting. Nike is on the hunt for Deshawn, who seemed to vanish after shoot both Nike and Noni. Duke and Trina are trying to make it work but can’t seem to get it right. Trina finally let’s go of her childish ways and is ready to be the woman Duke needs, but when things get rough Duke flees one too many times, creating space between him and Trina. Trina, fed up, decides she wants to co parent with Duke, but Duke isn’t willing to accept it. Will these two get it together? Evelynn and Deshawn are working together, trying to separate Noni and Nike from each other. But after the shooting things change, and sides are switch. Find out if these couples are strong enough to make it through the jealous ex’s, new love interest and if friendships and relationships can be restored. Or will they all throw the towel.

The Protector (Brotherhood Series Book 3)

Vivian Rose Lee - 2017
    She lived to create and enjoy her carefree bohemian lifestyle. Life was good, until her father died leaving her to continue his legacy of Thornton Industries. She was an engineer, not some corporate shark. Therefore, she didn’t know where to begin, especially managing the day-to-day operations of retaining TI's successful multi-million dollar status. Before she could regroup to handle the inherited responsibilities, she started receiving personal threats against her life. When they escalated into life-threatening attacks, she had to accept around-the-clock protection from a man whose nearness was dangerous to her self-imposed celibacy. Olen Davidson was assigned to protect Zulayka. From the beginning, he made it known he was not happy with what he called "a babysitting assignment," but he went along "taking one for the team." He was even more disappointed when he met the woman in person. She was a twenty-first century hippie, with a high IQ, a smart mouth, and an eccentric personality. The easy assignment soon turned into international espionage with Zulayka’s company as the targeted prize. Olen’s cavalier attitude in protecting Zulayka almost caused her serious injuries. Now Olen is determined to put his life on the line to protect her. What he hadn’t asked for were the feelings he was starting to have for the unconventional nerd who wasn't his type. Hadn't watching her prevented him from a reunion with the woman who held his heart?

Still The One For You

Bianca - 2018
Married fresh out of high school, Xander ‘Xan’ and Tomelia ‘Tomi’ Williams are ready to spend the rest of their lives together. With a bond thicker than most, Xan and Tomi are committed to the vows they took, or at least they thought they were until the aisle they walked down separates, taking them on opposite paths. 
 Stuck caring for his ailing parents, Xan foregoes college and enters the workforce to pay for their piling medical bills. The jobs that he works are dead end and pay very little, but Xan doesn’t mind as long as his parents are taken care of. Xan loves Tomi within the depths of his soul and couldn’t wish for a more loyal lady. 
 Now the breadwinner of the family, Tomi feels unloved and is tired of carrying the load on her back. She understands that being an only child, Xan wants to do everything he can for his parents, but it’s driving a wedge between the two of them and causing her to resent him. In search of peace from her home life, she finds some relief in monetary form from well-known Shea Reed. She learns quickly that everything that glitters isn’t gold, but will it be too late to work things out with Xander, the one man that loves her unconditionally?

Loved by A Street King

Candi B. - 2018
    Years after Hurricane Katrina took her parents she moved back to her city to find that nothing changed. With no job and money, her only option is to turn to the streets. When the streets take someone close to her Miracle takes heed and proceeds to turn her life around. Mystery Jones was respected throughout New Orleans and he was just as deadly as the guns he sold. Mystery is done with his womanizing ways and is ready to settle down. An unexpected shootout brings him in the presence of Miracle Anderson. He’s immediately captivated by her beauty and rude demeanor. After being in a physical and emotionless relationship Miracle had vowed that she would never get involved with someone like Mystery again. She couldn’t ignore the sexual tension that was brewing between the both of them. An unforeseen event takes place and Miracle finds herself riding shotgun with Mystery. Miracle finds out that Mystery is nothing like her ex and she let’s her guards down. Mystery is bursting the walls down to her heart but when bitter ex’s pop up and a chance of a lifetime is presented to Miracle will she pick the come up or a chance at love again?