Mythical Monsters: The Scariest Creatures from Legends, Books, and Movies

Chris McNab - 2006
    The book is illustrated throughout with stunning full-color artwork. Includes maps and information boxes describing the background to the myth that created the monster.

Folklore, Myths and Legends of Britain

Russell Ash - 1973
    It's a bit like a massive folklore magazine, rather than a book you'd sit down and read from cover to cover. The book is split into three parts - the first covers ancient superstitions, creatures, plants and festivals. The second (largest) section covers regional stories from across Great Britain and the Isle of Man, such as alleged hauntings, origins of place names and local festivals. The final section describes key figures in British folklore. It's a huge book but very easy to read and illustrated with drawings and black and white photos throughout. The book summarises stories and describes myths and folklore in a highly readable, matter-of-fact way. There are lots of interesting explanations about how current day festivals, phrases and superstitions may have developed.

Storyworld First: Creating a Unique Fantasy World for Your Novel

Jill Williamson - 2014
    These storyworlds that someone invented-someone who was once like you, learning to tell stories, learning to write, and dreaming about publishing a novel.Whether you're starting from scratch or are looking to add depth to a finished story, Storyworld First will get you thinking.Includes tips for worldbuilding:Astronomy * Magic * GovernmentMap making * History * ReligionTechnology * Languages * CultureAnd how it all works together.

DragonArt Evolution: How to Draw Everything Dragon

Jessica Peffer - 2010
    Therein lies the trouble with drawing them from life. Make your dragon portraits more authentic (while avoiding loss of life and limbs) with the help of this guide. A follow-up to the fiercely popular DragonArt, this book features ALL NEW dragons and EVEN MORE detailed dragon anatomy instruction.- 60+ step-by-step demonstrations cover a variety of dragons, including medieval, fairy and sea-dwelling varieties - In-depth advice for drawing every part of the beast--eyes, ears, horns, wings, scale patterns, limbs and more - Extra tips and tricks provided by your dragon guide, DolosusaIt's everything you need to draw a variety of dragons--from enormous, ancient beasts with broken scales and fractured horns, to sleek, sinuous creatures with leathery skin and fancy frills. So steel your heart, prepare your trusty inking pen, and venture forth, brave artist--unleash the ferocious, extraordinary, original beasts that dwell within your fiery imaginings!

Gods and Goddesses in Greek Mythology

Michelle M. Houle - 2001
    -- These books explore myths of different cultures and expand the reader's mind with fascinating stories and useful historic background.-- Every chapter is enhanced with a question and answer section and expert commentary by noted scholars.

Illustrated Norse Myths

Alex Frith - 2013
    A brand-new collection of Viking myths that tell the story of the Norse gods from creation to the story of how the world will end, including Odin's quest for wisdom, the battles of Thor the thunder god, and the tale of Sigurd the Dragonslayer and the cursBeautifully bound with head and tail bands and a ribbon marker, Illustrated Norse Myths features dynamic artwork by Matteo Pincelli brings to life the exciting, strange and sometimes dangerous world of the Norse gods.

The Universal Myths: Heroes, Gods, Tricksters and Others

Alexander Eliot - 1976
    Here is a rich and absorbing survey of the common myths that connect all cultures, Eastern and Western, from antiquity to the present day. With stunning power, the stuff of legend is explored in all its drama and magnificence. There are stories of gods and men--and legendary heroes from Zeus to King Arthur to the "Superman" of modern media; tales of heaven, earth, and the origins of man from Hindu, American Indian, and Western thought; and retellings of mythic quests and legendary lovers, from the epic wanderings of Odysseus to the tragedy of Tristram and Iseult and the Krishna marriage of Heaven and Earth. This extraordinary work, compiled and arranged by theme from stories of creation to tales of death and rebirth, examines and compares the world's myths that have shaped our common past and continue to influence us still.

Lost Humanity: The Mythology and Themes of LOST (Kindle Edition)

Pearson Moore - 2011
    Pearson Moore goes to the heart of LOST, uncovering and explaining the fascinating core concepts: Faith versus Science, the Numbers, the nature of good and evil, and the struggle between free will and destiny. He will lead you to ideas and conclusions you never imagined, opening the world of LOST in fresh and exciting ways.Whether you understood LOST or were completely baffled, whether you loved it or hated it, Moore will show you concepts and ways of thinking about LOST you will find nowhere else.Moore's innovative thoughts and vibrant prose will keep you engaged as he explores the Island and its characters. He approaches LOST from four "nonlinear" points of view: Disorientation, Metadrama, Literary Analysis, and Chaos Theory. This is in-depth analysis that never lets go, keeping you immersed in the LOST world from cover to cover.There's no filler here. No interviews with stars about the cars they drive or the planes they fly. No weird theories. Just solid, thoroughly-researched, rapid-fire analysis from one of the most cited LOST authorities on the Internet. You may feel exhausted after a chapter. You may be shocked. You may become upset. But you will never be bored.This in-depth exploration spans nineteen chapters across roughly 350 pages. The first chapter sets up the problem, focussing on the complexities of LOST and identifying the means Moore will use to make the concepts accessible. The second chapter defines the thesis of LOST, which acts as a guide to understanding the major themes. Chapters Three through Nine cover major "linear" topics.The heart of the book begins with Chapter Ten. It is here that Moore unleashes the four "nonlinear" tactical devices to reveal the hidden meanings of LOST. He discusses the need for disorientation, and how this is essential to understanding LOST. He proposes the idea that LOST is metadrama, and he explains how understanding LOST in this way is useful to unraveling its secrets. He makes fresh use of literary theory, in ways never before applied to LOST. Finally, Moore brings an astounding, completely new perspective on television analysis with his concept of the Strange Attractor, an idea borrowed from chaos theory. It is here that Moore's analysis shines, allowing a depth of understanding never before achieved.For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can explore the stimulating world of LOST with an animated, engaging, thought-provoking guide. The Island awaits. Prepare to get LOST.

Gods, Men & Monsters from the Greek Myths

Michael Gibson - 1977
    Twenty-six stories from Greek mythology, derived from Hesiod, Homer and Ovid recount heroic deeds, divine machinations and natural etiologies in a metamorphic narrative punctuated with sumptuous illustrations.

Basher History: Mythology: Oh My! Gods and Goddesses

Simon Basher - 2014
    Basher History: Mythology is an information-packed introduction to Greek/Roman, Norse and ancient Egyptian mythologies. Meet Zeus, father of the Greek gods (and learn that the Romans knew him as Jupiter), Norse Freyja, goddess of love, beauty, war and death, and Egyptian Bastet, goddess of cats, along with many others. This unique and upbeat guide is a legend in the making.

The O'clock Tales Collection

Enid Blyton - 2004

Mysterious Creatures

Time-Life Books - 1988
    Describes mythological monsters, depicts the search for evidence concerning Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster, and looks at movie creatures.

Old Greek Stories

James Baldwin - 1895
    Then one of them gave him a sharp sword, which was crooked like a sickle, and which she fastened to the belt at his waist; and another gave him a shield, which was brighter than any looking-glass you ever saw; and the third gave him a magic pouch, which she hung by a long strap over his shoulder.

Swords: An Artist's Devotion

Ben Boos - 2008
    Here is a celebration of swords and swordsmen that spans time and place -- from ancient warriors such as Beowulf to medieval knights; from stealthy ninja and samurai to legendary maidens of war. Illustrated with breathtaking intricacy, SWORDS reflects the passion of a true devotee, offering lavish background details on design and use as well as exquisite spreads showcasing specimens in all their shining glory.Back matter includes a bibliography.

The World of Tolkien

David Day - 2003
    Yet Tolkien himself saw his work as a body of myth with an inherent veracity at its core, not an invention, but a recovered truth. In the Middle-earth of The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien created not an imaginary world, but an imaginary history of our own world. THE WORLD OF TOLKIEN draws out the analogies within The Lord of the Rings that render this epic a timeless mythology for the modern age. Here is the most comprehensive guide to uncovering the "real-world" inspiration behind the gods and demigods, races of men, elves and dwarves, wizards and hobbits, creatures and monsters, cities, geography, battles, and major events in the history of Middle-earth. Essential reading for Tolkien enthusiasts of all generations.Stunningly illustrated with 65 color and 35 black and white illustrations.