Called to Adoption: A Christian's Guide to Answering the Call

Mardie Caldwell - 2011
    Called to Adoption offers tips, and up-to-date, relevant information every parent considering adoption should know. Readers will identify with author Mardie Caldwell s personal and professional experiences, making this resource a vital handbook as parents take steps to adopt. This book allows hopeful adoptive parents to discover: -The single most important decision to make before beginning any path to adoption. -How to select the right adoption professional. -Creative ideas to fund your adoption. -The proven formula for adoption success. -The shocking need for Christian Adoption. -Encouragement from God s word throughout the adoption process. -How to quickly get started toward adoption. Called to Adoption also outlines the differences between types of adoption and offers step-by-step guidance to adopt safely and successfully. Featuring stories from Caldwell s own adoption experience, as well as from other adoptive parents, this book will prepare adopting parents for the logistic and emotional sides of adoption. This book is recommended for Christians interested in becoming adoptive parents, or who may support those facing an adoption journey, as well as for those who want to understand the need for Christian adoption. As founder and CEO of Lifetime Adoption Center, Caldwell has assisted thousands of families find answers to questions regarding the decision to adopt. This book also includes a special section for families considering the decision about moving from fertility treatments to adoption."

Quiet Moments with Jesus -180 Days of Devotion

Adam Houge - 2015
    Quietly He shares His heart with you throughout the day. But are you listening? This box set is an invitation to a deeper intimacy with your loving Savior. As a devotional each day is written as if from Jesus to you. So listen to His voice and you will be challenged to increase your faith and change your life. In This Box Set: With Jesus in the Quietness From God with Love In the Secret -a 30 Day Devotional The Voice of Your Beloved At the Feet of Jesus With God in the Secret Place

The Glory Within: The Interior Life and the Power of Speaking in Tongues

Corey Russell - 2012
    Realizing this gift brings you closer to God and your spiritual destiny in a variety of ways including: •Engaging the revelatory realm of mysteries •Edification •Building a capacity for God •Successful spiritual warfare •Holiness •And many other spiritual realities The lack of revelation of what you now possess and how to intimately access God may result in a less-than-fulfilling Christian experience and lifestyle. The Glory Within awakens your spiritual senses and inner spirit so you can become the person God created you to be.

Believe That You Can: Moving with Faith and Tenacity to the Dream God Has Given You

Jentezen Franklin - 2008
    It takes persistence and tenacity, along with faith in yourself, in God, and in the vision He has given you. In Believe That You Can, Jentezen Franklin gives you a powerful message of hope: you can do it!   Using his own personal experiences and examples from biblical characters who pursued their dreams to the end, Franklin shows you how to find and walk out your God-given vision for your life. Here you will find what you need to turn your dreams into reality, including:   The five stages of a dream and how to recognize and get through each of them What you can do when your dream seems far away or impossible How to fight for your dream and never let go until it comes to pass Don’t let anybody steal what God has already shown you!

What Happens When Women Say Yes to God Devotional

Lysa TerKeurst - 2013
    Each of the 40 devotions includesa focus Scripture a thought for the day a devotional message a personal prayer a reflect and respond sectionThis spiritual journey ushers women to a deeper relationship with God, the faith and fulfillment they have been longing for, and the life God has been longing for them to lead.

Confident Moms, Confident Daughters: Helping Your Daughter Live Free from Insecurity and Love How She Looks

Maria Furlough - 2019
    But no matter how much we try to tell our daughters that they are beautiful and lovable as they are, words are not enough. And if we're honest, we don't always set the best example of being body confident. Until we truly see ourselves as good enough, our girls will struggle.With deep compassion, Maria Furlough delves into the root causes of our insecurity, offers biblical guidance for seeing ourselves as God sees us, and shows how to model our newfound confidence to our impressionable daughters. Speaking as a daughter, a youth leader, and a mother, Furlough shares her own struggles and triumphs, as well as expert advice from a pediatrician, a nutritionist, a Christian counselor, and more.What we say to our daughters might last a moment. What we show our daughters lasts a lifetime. With God's help, we can put aside our obsession with bodily perfection and refocus on becoming and raising godly women.

It's Just A Phase So Don't Miss It

Kristen Ivy - 2015
    The culmination of years of research, Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy submit a comprehensive plan in guiding a generation through life amidst present realities.

Opening the Gates of Heaven: Walk in the Favor of Answered Prayer and Blessing

Perry Stone - 2012
      In Opening the Gates of Heaven, Perry Stone shows you how to release the flow of heaven’s blessing through both God’s revelation and the intervention of angelic messengers. With powerful examples from the lives of biblical characters and current examples from his own life, he reveals: Twelve truths he learned from the greatest prayer warrior The keys to recognizing the gates of heaven What you should do when God says no or delays answers Seven spiritual laws you must follow for answered prayer How to pray through the battle of the firstborn You do not have to be bound by the frustration of empty prayers and miracle-less living. God’s desire to meet your needs and to pour out an overflow of blessing is a part of His covenant with you.

Murder, Motherhood, and Miraculous Grace: A True Story

Debra Moerke - 2019
    Debra became especially close to one little girl: four-year-old Hannah. She loved her and did everything she could to help Hannah learn to trust and teach her to feel safe. But when Hannah went back to her birth mother, Karen, it wasn’t long before one of Debra’s worst fears came true.Overwhelmed with horror and grief, Debra didn’t think she could take anymore, but then she received a phone call from prison. Karen, facing a life sentence, was pregnant, and she had a shocking question to ask . . .Murder, Motherhood, and Miraculous Grace is an incredible true story of faith, family, and a journey toward seemingly impossible forgiveness. A story that tests the limits of the human heart, it’s ultimately a life-affirming testament to how unconditional love and relentless obedience can transform even the darkest nights into mornings of hope.

What Every Child Should Know About Prayer

Nancy Guthrie - 2018
    Nancy explains in child-friendly language what prayer is, how and why we should pray, and the things we can pray about. There is a Bible verse for each topic, and a prayer for children to make their own. This book will introduce children to the gift of prayer and will encourage them to enjoy speaking to their father God.

To Live is Christ - Member Book

Beth Moore - 1997

God's Plan for Spiritual Battle: Victory over Sin, the World, and the Devil, Sampler

Russell M. Stendal - 2013
    There is a huge difference between a Peacemaker and a Pacifist! This Battle Plan for spiritual warfare, gleaned from the life and message of Jesus, especially the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes, was on my heart even before I was kidnapped by terrorists and held hostage under extreme conditions in 1983. Since then, thousands of missionaries, pastors, and other Christians have been kidnapped, murdered, or forced to flee from their places of ministry in rural Colombia. Had these Christians known and understood this Battle Plan for spiritual battle, they could have been victorious instead of prematurely suffering defeat. Many who did choose to remain in the path of ever present danger have rallied around this message. A thriving underground church is multiplying in a huge area (about the size of North Korea) in the south and east of Columbia where Bibles, church buildings, formal ministry, and even house meetings have been prohibited for more than 25 years. Severe persecution in rural Colombia has actually served to bring real Christians together in deepening Christian relationships, identify the true church, and cleanse believers from corruption. This has been possible because of the remnant that has been chosen to fight the good fight of faith. About the Author Russell Stendal, a former hostage of Colombian rebels, is a lifelong missionary to that same group in the jungles of Colombia. He is an influential friend to military and government leaders in Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, and the United States. Russell’s ministry shares the gospel via twelve radio stations, hundreds of thousands of Bibles, books, and movies distributed through airplane parachute drops, and numerous speaking engagements for groups of leaders, prisoners, and individuals. Russell goes wherever the Lord leads, whether it’s to speak with a president or to go deep into the jungle to help an individual in trouble. He has witnessed thousands commit their lives to Christ.

Unchurching: Christianity Without Churchianity

Richard Jacobson - 2016
    Sadly, many are only defining themselves by what they don't do, as Christians who simply “don’t go to church.” It’s time for these believers to catch a vision for genuine spiritual community, outside the walls of organized Christianity, a way of being the church without going to church. Unchurching: Christianity Without Churchianity will challenge everything you thought you knew about church. Unchurching boldly examines whether organized churches are even biblical. It thoroughly deconstructs the idea of special church buildings, paid pastors, weekly sermons, mandatory tithes and offerings, gender inequality in church leadership, and much more. Unchurching is intended to empower believers who are done with organized church but aren’t ready to abandon their faith. It will give non-churchgoing Christians a vision for genuine spiritual community that simply functions like an extended spiritual family. And it will equip them with the language to finally articulate that vision to others. Here's what others are saying about Unchurching: "I have written several books about church myself, but this one is better than any of the ones I have written." – Jeremy Myers, author of The Atonement of God "If you are searching for the truth about the way we 'do' church … this is the book for you! I guarantee that it will completely rock your world." – Milt Rodriguez, author of The Community Life of God "Richard Jacobson has been on both sides of this shift and is uniquely qualified to write about it—which he does well, with insight, humility, and scholarship … Highly recommended." – Felicity Dale, author of An Army of Ordinary People "As I read this book I felt my pulse quicken and my heart leap for joy because everything Richard writes about is centered on, around, and in relation to the One who would rather die than live without us." – Keith Giles, author of This Is My Body: Ekklesia As God Intended "Unchurching will help you capture a vision for a fresh start that is built upon the Lord Jesus Christ … " – Jon Zens, author of A Church Building Every 1/2 Mile

Talking with Your Kids about Jesus: 30 Conversations Every Christian Parent Must Have

Natasha Crain - 2020
    But do you know specifically what those faith challenges are, how to effectively talk with your child about them, and what that means for you as a Christian parent on a day-to-day basis?If your answer is "no," you're not alone. Many Christian parents feel the same.But here's the good news: Talking with Your Kids about Jesus will give you the confidence you need to have the conversations that matter most in today's skeptical world. In a friendly, parent-to-parent voice, Natasha Crain will walk you through essential topics on Jesus's identity, teachings, death, and resurrection. Each chapter clearly explains what skeptics are saying and provides a concise, easy-to-understand response you can discuss with your child (one that can be tailored for any age).Chapters are sequenced in a curriculum-oriented way to provide a cumulative learning experience, making this book a flexible resource for use in multiple settings: homes, church classes, youth groups, small groups, private Christian schools, and homeschools. Every chapter has a step-by-step conversation guide with discussion questions and tips, and content is readily adaptable for use with kids of any age.

Seek First: How the Kindgom of God Changes Everything

Jeremy R. Treat - 2019
    BUILD YOUR LIFE AROUND IT. In an age of distraction, everyone is looking for something that gives purpose and perspective on life. Jesus says it's the kingdom of God. But the kingdom is not just another religious idea. Rather, God's loving reign brings clarity and coherence to all of life - identity, work, play, relationships, justice, character - in a way that is profound and practical. Seek First brings theology to the streets, giving a vision for the kingdom that will truly change your life."Treat presents the message of the kingdom in a way that gives us a grander vision for life, whether in the workplace or on the basketball court." - CHRIS BROUSSARD, NBA analyst and sports broadcaster"Few books do as good a job as this one in showing us how giving up everything for Christ and his kingdom is the pathway to our greatest gain. Seek First is a gem!" - SCOTT SAULS, author and senior pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church"With insight and passion Treat reveals why we ought to reorient our lives and reprioritize our loves . . . practical and powerful." - MARIELLE WAKIM, editor, Los Angeles magazine"A prophetic and urgent note to the generations . . . a clearly written and much-needed book!" - KEVIN J. VANHOOZER, professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School