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A Simple Family Christmas (The Tanners, #7) by Jo Willow


Miss Sophisticated Bitch

Riiva Williams - 2014
    No one quite took an interest in her or her life story, until that faithful day when Jerome McKinney Jr. came waltzing back into her life. Jerome McKinney Jr. is a sexy knows it all lawyer following in his father's footsteps but when he reunites with his high school classmate the attraction was instant. When Jerome frigid wife shows up into the picture. Emma runs to the hills. On the first day of Emma's new job, a high profile murder of a Massachusetts senator falls in her lap and with every twist and turn she starts to wonder who Jerome McKinney Jr. really is It becomes an even more dangerous game to be played when everyone is a suspect and with murders piling up on her doorstep Emma needs to solve this case and fast.

Bridge Hollow Shifters: The Complete Collection

Samantha Leal - 2019
     Bridge Hollow is famous for its strange happenings and shifter legends, but skeptic Amanda just wants to chill out for the summer and catch her breath after a particularly rough breakup. But of course anything she gets involved in is bound to be “complicated”, and this town – and town alpha Dean - are no exception. From a wildlife die off to the volatile locals tempers flaring at the slightest provocation – there is definitely something strange going on in this paranormal tourist trap. As Dean pulls his pack together to avert a firestorm, will Amanda be his 'ace in the hole' or a weakness he can't afford? From here we are launched into the start of an adventure that will span 5 books…and five hungry alphas, and the 5 women they mate as they all fight to unravel the mystery of Bridge Hollow…and ultimately fight for all of their own very survival… A town of mysteries and the answers to some of these questions await you... This Collection includes: Alpha Daddy Bear Forbidden Alpha Bear Alpha Protector Wolf Fated Mate Daddy Bear Claimed by the Alpha Dragon Also included is a short preview of Her Keeper Bear... This story contains no cheating, no cliff hangers, and of course has a HEA! ; ) Warning: This ebook contains mature themes and language and is meant for 18+ readers only.

Street Solider

Shantel N. Williams - 2016
    With her mother on drugs, she has to work the block to keep food on the table for her sibling and herself. Now at 18 years old, she is ready to leave the street life behind and focus on college. It has always been her dream to get out of the slums of Mississippi and move on to a better life. All of that changes when the infamous Romario Jones sets his sights on her. Standing at 6'3, smooth light brown skin, mesmerizing light brown eyes, and a fly swag to match, Romario Jones has always been the ladies dream catch. Things only gets better when their former mentor, Hypno, steps down and hands Romario and his friend Jace, his drug empire. Thing quickly unravel as jealousy, love, and tragedy strikes. Jace won't stop at nothing until he gets back what Romario has stolen from him. Can Eniyah survive the grimy streets of the Sip while also steering clear of her growing feelings for Romario, or will she stay in the game that she is fighting to get out of?

The Gangsta That Stole My Heart

Nique Luarks - 2019
    Her quirky attitude and sunny disposition all come naturally on her quest to find inner peace. The only forcing drive that can seem to knock her off her square is True Jones. Violent, egocentric, and just plain inconsiderate, he’s the only man she’s ever been in love with, and he has been her BFF since grade school. One night of selfish passion changes things dramatically, causing a crack in the foundation they’ve built on trust and understanding. True continues with his womanizing ways, leaving Chance to question his loyalty. Unsure of where their spiraling friendship is headed, they find themselves lost in love. Holding onto the little hope she has left, Chance must decide if giving her all to a gangsta is worth the risk.

Christmas Virgin

Claire Adams - 2017
    As a millionaire real-estate developer, I’ve achieved spectacular success and now am about to open my third resort in Hawaii. Women, money, influence, fame. I have it all. There’s no reason I should feel dissatisfied. Except for one little reason: Molly. She’s the younger sister of my best friend. I’ve wanted her for a long time, but I set her in the “off-limits” pile, even after I let my feelings get the better of me and I kissed her. A man can’t just break the Bro Code, you know? But Molly’s in a tough spot. She just got laid off, and she’s not feeling great. I know I hurt her in the past, but a free trip to a Hawaii resort over Christmas should be just the pick-me-up she needs. Yeah, I still want her badly, but I can control myself. This is about paying her back, not going after a woman I know I can’t have. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Christmas in Rome

Holly Greene - 2015
    She also adores Christmas, so all her dreams are about to come true when she and her fiancé Ben plan to tie the knot in the Eternal City on Christmas Eve. Yet things start to go wrong from the moment of their arrival - her Italian wedding planner is more laid back about the arrangements than she’d hoped, and seems more interested in Molly's best friend than her wedding. Bridesmaid Caroline has never been to Italy but she’s heard all the rumours about swarthy Italian men and their charms. So when she happens across a handsome native who seems intent on showing her the best of everything the city has to offer, she wonders if romance is truly blossoming, or if it’s just a fleeting encounter. The wedding ceremony is set to take place on Christmas Eve in a small Italian church near the Trevi Fountain, after which the happy couple and their guests plan to celebrate by throwing coins in the fountain as per the famous legend. But with so many ups and downs during their short stay in Rome over Christmas, will any of Molly and Ben's wedding party want to return? Or will the picturesque magic of the Eternal City over the holiday season ensure they never want to leave.... ESCAPE TO ITALY All stories are standalone and can be read in any order. SPRING IN SICILY SUMMER IN SORRENTO AUTUMN IN VERONA WINTER IN VENICE CHRISTMAS IN ROME

Can't Help Falling in Love

Prachi Gupta - 2018
    Is it true? In the case of Radhika, maybe it did. She’s all ready for a fresh start in a new city. She starts living with her cousin, Meera and a series of unexpected events start to unfold which turns her life upside-down. She meets someone new, Rishi. He is very different from what she likes yet intriguing. When everything is going smooth, a lover from the past, Sameer, suddenly re-appears. Now she’s torn between the past and the present. Adding to this craziness, appear two funny characters Zain and Nancy. They are cousins and work in the same office with Radhika. Also, in the picture is Radhika’s aunt, a single lady in her fifties; who’s way too much interested in Radhika’s love life. While Nancy wants Radhika to date Sameer her aunt wants her to pair with Rishi. All entangled, no way out. Now with both the males trying hard to get her, her life becomes more troubled.

Torn Between Two Highlanders

Lydia Kendall - 2019
     When Ellen Holton’s father dies, she faces yet another adversity: for her father to forge the business alliance he always wanted, she must marry the son of a Scottish Laird. But arriving at the Highlands she discovers two brothers and, unfortunately, she falls for the wrong one… Alexander Golgow, the youngest of Laird Elairon’s sons, is a man of honor and a true Highland warrior. But the moment he first lays his eyes on his brother’s bride, he feels torn between his duty and his heart. However, trying to escape the luring erotic ropes slowly embracing them is more difficult than they think… When Ellen realizes her father’s death was not an accident, her life changes for the third time. Now she and Alexander must quickly uncover the one behind all misfortunes—the one person who has been pulling the strings right from the very start. *Torn Between Two Highlanders is a steamy Scottish historical romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, lots of steam and a happy ending. Get this book for free with Kindle Unlimited!

Home for Christmas

Stephanie Wilson - 2013
    She finds herself at a crossroads with Christmas just around the corner. Austin Douglass, a self-made technology mogul, is getting ready to offer an IPO for his company that is gaining worldwide attention. He needs to attract investors, and the old-monied Seattle families are interested. Growing up on a wheat farm in Eastern Washington has little prepared him for the rigors of entertaining the Seattle elite. Through his P.R. person, he meets someone who is. Savannah is a traditionalist, Austin is a minimalist. They are polar opposites. She is losing her family estate, he is gaining one. As the holidays brighten up the city and snow falls in the mountains around them; as the time-honored Christmas traditions are celebrated; can these two find a path that will lead them ... Home for Christmas?

Summer's Last Breath

Kimberly James - 2015
    Jamie was, and always would be, forbidden fruit. Besides being four years older than me, he was the newest recruit of my dad's experimental team. Jamie was also the experimental part of the team. Meaning he wasn't exactly human. He was amazingly more than human. What better person to recruit to be on a SEAL-type team than someone who was literally born to be in the water? Some people go their whole lives and never know love. I knew it at sixteen. While I didn't know Jamie forever, I knew him long enough that he changed me. He didn't mean to break my heart. He didn't mean to crush my dreams, but he did. And if I had it to do all over again, I would. I absolutely would. This is our story. Because I never want to forget. **Excerpt** “How old are you?” The hard edge in his voice prompted me to look up at his face. Water spiked his dark hair, dripping over his cheeks and jaw. I lifted my chin. It would be so easy to let him intimidate me, knowing what I did about him. “Seventeen.” The lie slipped out too easily. Eighteen wouldn’t have worked because I was still a sophomore, and the truth—that I was sixteen—sounded too young, especially with Jamie towering over me even though he wasn’t even standing up. He blotted out the sun, the whole entire world, and I was content to let him. He lifted his hand to my face, his fingers lightly tracing my cheek where Donovan had elbowed me the previous day. His expression softened, his full lips turning slightly down. “Does it hurt?” “A little,” I confessed, drowning in the pools of his green eyes, so pale they were almost no color at all. He stared at me for a long time, as if he were mulling something over in his mind, and all the while his eyes searched my face. My skin shivered. My lips parted as my mind churned for some reasonable excuse as to why in the world I would be hiding here. What could I say that wouldn’t make me sound like a Navy groupie or worse, a stalker? The half-formed words stalled in my throat as his head descended toward me, and before I knew his intention his lips lightly touched my cheek, stunning me into utter stillness. Then his lips found mine and the reasonable voice in my head told me I should push him away, that he’d stepped way out of bounds, and I was about to do it—I was—when his tongue darted out and teased my lips. They opened all by themselves, my body way ahead of my brain, eager in its response. I kept my eyes open, not wanting to miss a single second. The weird thing was he didn’t close his eyes either, which made his kiss all the more potent. I’d been kissed before, but never like this, sweet and gentle with an undercurrent of the not so gentle, a complete possession of my mouth and my heart along with it. He lifted his head a fraction and we shared a breath before he drew away completely. He pushed to his feet, then stood over me again as I met his forceful gaze. “You know what I am.” It wasn’t spoken as a question, but a declaration. “Yes,” I said. Like I would care after that kiss. The Emerald Series Waterborn Waterdreamer Watermark

Shifters of the Aegis: The Complete Collection

Leela Ash - 2019
    His wife, his best friends… all have died, leaving him to care for four grieving children. From the ruins of the past, he’s built a loving, tight-knit family – one he would die to protect. Paige Hall arrives in town, fleeing her own demons. With hardly a penny to her name, she struggles to build a future for herself and her son Jake. Babysitting the unruly Fairburn clan brings in her some much needed extra cash. Her new boss's rugged good looks don’t make it the worst job in the world either… But when he discovers a lost ruin deep in the desert, he uncovers a threat that may destroy every Shifter in the Southwest, setting the stage for a gathering of strong Alpha allies, the likes of which the Shifter world has rarely seen. Can this unlikely pair overcome their own fears to make a new start together, and to form the core of this new team? As they struggle to navigate their growing passion they are propelled down a dangerous path that will pull in not only the First Flight of Dragons, but also a strange mix of Alpha Shifter Wolves and Dragon and more, as well as their potential Mates. Will these Alphas and the ladies that are drawn to them be able to overcome their differences and each find a love that binds? Can they come together as a team and learn the secrets of the mysterious Aegis relic in time to save everything - and everyone - they hold dear, before it's too late...? This collection contains: Damaged Daddy Bear Alpha Protector Dragon Damaged Lost Wolf Captive to the Chimera Alpha Dragon Reborn There is also a short preview of the first story from the Burning Falls Shifters series... This shifter romance collection which contains no cheating, no cliffhangers and of course an HEA ; ). If you enjoy Terry Bolyryder, Harmony Raines, T.S. Joyce and Zoe Chant, well we think you will enjoy this ; )! Warning: This ebook contains mature themes and language and is meant for 18+ readers only.

Saved by Angels: To Share How God Talks to Everyday People

Bruce Van Natta - 2008
    You will see through spiritual eyes and a softened heart what your heavenly Father has done in your life to try to talk to you, touch you, and build a relationship with you.Using a testimonial-style approach filled with numerous personal stories and answers to prayer, this expanded edition addresses seven ways God communicates with His beloved children: Prayer Scripture Dreams and visions Other people The Holy Spirit Life circumstances AngelsThis knowledge inspires all people to deepen their relationship with the living God as theyarealize that God's grace andamercy are not reserved only for those who have made all the right choices, can recite 100 Bible verses, or stand behind a pulpit----God's love is for everyday people, everyday! (Includes Study Guide and DVD)a

Term Limits by Vince Flynn Summary & Study Guide

BookRags - 2011
    79 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more – everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Term Limits. This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion and a Free Quiz on Term Limits by Vince Flynn.

Christmas Babies on Main Street

Kristy TateLeigh Morgan - 2017
    From the small hamlet of Eastport in Canada, to the gorgeous landscapes of New Zealand, to Main Street, USA... you'll find the Christmas spirit and warm love stories on every page. And not all of our babies have pudgy little fingers and adorable toes... one of them has hooves and a mane! Inside this year's box set, you'll find Christmas novellas from Kristy Tate, Carol DeVaney, Jill James, E. Ayers, Lizzi Tremayne, Jude Knight, Stephanie Queen, Susan R. Hughes, and Leigh Morgan. Snuggle up with your favorite blanket, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and let the Authors of Main Street help you celebrate the holiday season.

The Forged by Magic Trilogy

S.L. Gavyn - 2014
    All four books for one low price. Brimstone: A manipulative boss. Demon attacking at every turn. A Fey Prince she’s tried desperately to avoid. A deception of massive proportion. It’s tough being a single woman these days. Genivieve Belaveau was a simple girl with simple needs. For example, all she wanted to do was sit in her favorite pub and have a drink with her friends. After centuries of being imprisoned she vowed she would never be forced to do anything again. Unfortunately, her boss has a different agenda. He manipulates Vieve into stealing from the one man on the planet she has tried to deny herself for centuries. Primarily because her own emotions for this man will lead to her destruction. Raynon Dubhshaine the Scottish prince of the Fey, a dying race of the strongest warriors on the planet. Their women are unable to bring a child to term without one or both dying. He has tried to give his people hope but how can he tell them it will all be alright when his own mate won’t even acknowledge him? Vieve isn’t interested in getting locked up (or knocked up) at castle Fey. She just wants to do her job, save her friend, and get her tail back to America. But when she’s deceived by one she trusts there will be only one place to go. After all, sometimes a girl has to say no. And sometimes there’s no taking no for an answer. Iron Made: After nearly dying at the hands of one she trusted, Genivieve Belaveau is stuck at Bevalon Castle. Trying to avoid the one Fey she has never been able to deny while helping the women who have suffered for centuries. Will she manage an escape and if she does, will she want to? This is book two of the Forged by Magic Trilogy in which Vieve will be forced to accept not only what she is but what she will become. Dragon's Flame: Being held prisoner by a man who claims to be her husband. Genivieve Belaveau doesn't remember who she is. With her magic bound she is unable to protect herself from this madman. Her only chance is escape and the opportunity presents itself in the most unlikely way. Now on the run, she is determined to live her life in secrecy and become a person she can be proud of since she has no personal memories to know who she once was. She makes her way to Atlanta and attempts to lead a normal life. But without proper documentation it's hard to find a legit job. Following the advice of local S and M club owner, Leo, she heads for a tattoo shop and the owner named Craven in an attempt to obtain identification. She was surprised when the owner practically attacks her for being someone she isn't. Little did she know that her trip to that tattoo shop would spark a whole chain of events that would bring about the next Fey-Elven war. Will Genivieve be able to step into the role she was meant to play in order to, not only, finally find the revenge she has wanted for centuries but to find the life she never knew she wanted? Ange Noir: After escaping the Elve King, Genivieve needs to find Vampire Dorian Black in an attempt to save her sister and only friend, Isabella. Only Dorian refuses to help her sister until she does a favor for him. Genivieve is forced to play victim to another King in an attempt to save her sister's life. Once Isabella is safe, Genivieve can finally take the vacation she has long been waiting for, only that doesn't go exactly as planned as she finds an injured Prince floating down the river and a passion ignites like she has never dreamed. Also by S. L. Gavyn.