21 Essential American Short Stories

Leslie M. Pockell - 2011
    Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi,” William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily,” Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper,” and James Thurber’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” have been long regarded as literary classics, while others, such as Frank Stockton’s “The Lady or the Tiger?” and Ellis Parker Butler’s “Pigs Is Pigs,” are lesser known but well worth discovering.The carefully selected stories, each preceded by an illuminating headnote, powerfully illustrate the varied richness of our national literature and history. This beautifully packaged volume, containing the unforgettable classic short stories that evoke our shared American tradition and national identity, makes the perfect gift for the short story aficionado and novice alike.

Taps at Reveille

F. Scott Fitzgerald - 1935
    Scott Fitzgerald. It was the fourth and final collection of short stories Fitzgerald published in his lifetime. All were timed to appear a few months to a year after each of his four completed novels were published.[Contents]The eighteen stories collected in Taps at Reveille are:1."The Scandal Detectives"2. "The Freshest Boy"3. "He Thinks He's Wonderful"4. "The Captured Shadow"5. "The Perfect Life"6. "First Blood"7. "A Nice Quiet Place"8. "A Woman with a Past"9. "Crazy Sunday"10. "Two Wrongs"11. "The Night of Chancellorsville"12. "The Last of the Belles"13. "Majesty"14. "Family in the Wind"15. "A Short Trip Home"16. "One Interne"17. "The Fiend"18. "Babylon Revisited"

Cuentos completos

Juan Carlos Onetti - 1998
    His writing is at once comic and tragic as it explores the loneliness of life and disintegration of civilization.


Roald Dahl - 2016
    There's still a whole world of Dahl to discover in a newly collected book of his deliciously dark tales for adults . . . We fall not in love but in lust . . . Lust, in all its myriad forms, consumes us. What won't we do to achieve our heart's desire? In these ten tales of twisted love master storyteller Roald Dahl explores how our darkest impulses reveal who we really are.Here you'll read a story concerning wife swapping with a sting in its tail, hear of the aphrodisiac that drives men into a frenzy, discover the last act in a tale of jilted first love and discover the naked truth of art, among others.Roald Dahl reveals even more about the darker side of human nature in seven other centenary editions: Cruelty, Madness, Deception, Innocence, Trickery, War and Fear.

Youth and the Bright Medusa

Willa Cather - 1920
    It was to be worse than jail, even; the tepid waters of Cordelia Street were to close over him finally and forever. The grey monotony stretched before him in hopeless, unrelieved years; Sabbath-school, Young People's Meeting, the yellow-papered room, the damp dish-towels; it all rushed back upon him with sickening vividness. Excerpt fr "Paul's Case," one of eight poetic stories in this memorable collection.

The O. Henry Prize Stories 2002

Larry Dark - 2002
    Henry, throughout its history this annual collection has consistently offered a remarkable sampling of contemporary short stories. Each year, stories are chosen from large and small literary magazines, and a panel of distinguished writers is enlisted to make the final selection. The result is a superb collection of inventive, full-bodied stories representing the very best in American and Canadian fiction.

The Palace of Illusions

Kim Addonizio - 2014
    In her new collection, gifted poet and novelist Kim Addonizio uses her literary powers to bring to life a variety of settings, all connected through the suggestion that things in the known world are not what they seem.In “Beautiful Lady of the Snow,” young Annabelle turns to a host of family pets to combat the alienation she feels caught between her distracted mother and ailing grandfather; in “Night Owls,” a young college student’s crush on her acting partner is complicated by the bloodlust of being half-vampire; in “Cancer Poems,” a dying woman turns to a poetry workshop to make sense of her terminal diagnosis and final days; in “Intuition,” a young girl’s sexual forays bring her closer to her best friend’s father; and in the collection’s title story, a photographer looks back to his youth spent as a young illusionist under the big tent and his obsessive affair with the carnival owner’s wife.The stories in this collection have appeared in journals ranging from Narrative Magazine to The Fairy Tale Review, and include the much loved "Ever After," which was featured on NPR's "Selected Shorts."Distracted parents, first love, the twin forces of alienation and isolation: the characters in The Palace of Illusions all must contend with these challenges, trafficking in the fault lines between the real and the imaginary, often in a world not of their making.

I Remember Grandpa

Truman Capote - 1987
    14 original watercolors.

Short Story Masterpieces: 35 Classic American and British Stories from the First Half of the 20th Century

Robert Penn WarrenSaki - 1954
    Surveying stories by British and American writers in the first half of the twentieth century, editors Robert Penn Warren and Albert Erskine selected stories that broke new ground and challenged the imagination with their style, subject matter, or tone: the unforgettable, enduring works that shaped the literature of our time.A truly exceptional collection of great stories, including:The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky by Stephen CraneThe Horse Dealer's Daughter by D. H. LawrenceBarn Burning by William FaulknerThe Sojourner by Carson McCullersThe Open Window by SakiFlowering Judas by Katherine Anne PorterThe Boarding House by James JoyceSoldier's Home by Ernest HemingwayThe Tree of Knowledge by Henry JamesWhy I Live at the P.O. by Eudora Welty. . . and twenty-five more of the century's best stories!

Before the Golden Age: A Science Fiction Anthology of the 1930s

Isaac AsimovJohn Drury Clark - 1974
    Includes a previously unpublished story by Asimov, Big Game.Complete text in one volume;Contents: IntroductionPart 1: 1920 to 1930 by Isaac AsimovPart Two: 1931 by Isaac Asimov* The Man Who Evolved / Edmond Hamilton, Wonder Stories Apr ’31;* The Jameson Satellite / Neil R. Jones, Amazing Jul ’31;* Submicroscopic / Captain S. P. Meek, Amazing Aug ’31;* Awlo of Ulm / Captain S. P. Meek, Amazing Sep ’31;* Tetrahedra of Space / P. Schuyler Miller, Wonder Stories Nov ’31;* The World of the Red Sun / Clifford D. Simak, Wonder Stories Dec ’31;Part Three: 1932 by Isaac Asimov* Tumithak of the Corridors / Charles R. Tanner, Amazing Jan ’32;* The Moon Era / Jack Williamson, Wonder Stories Feb ’32;Part Four: 1933 by Isaac Asimov* The Man Who Awoke / Laurence Manning, Wonder Stories Mar ’33;* Tumithak in Shawm / Charles R. Tanner, Amazing Jun ’33;Part Five: 1934 by Isaac Asimov* Colossus / Donald Wandrei, Astounding Jan ’34;* Born of the Sun / Jack Williamson, Astounding Mar ’34;* Sidewise in Time / Murray Leinster, Astounding Jun ’34;* Old Faithful / Raymond Z. Gallun, Astounding Dec ’34;Part Six: 1935 by Isaac Asimov* Parasite Planet / Stanley G. Weinbaum, Astounding Feb ’35;* Proxima Centauri ·/ Murray Leinster, Astounding Mar ’35;* The Accursed Galaxy / Edmond Hamilton, Astounding Jul ’35;Part Seven: 1936 by Isaac Asimov* He Who Shrank / Henry Hasse, Amazing Aug ’36;* The Human Pets of Mars / Leslie F. Stone, Amazing Oct ’36;* The Brain Stealers of Mars / John W. Campbell, Jr., Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec ’36;* Devolution / Edmond Hamilton, Amazing Dec ’36;* Big Game / Isaac Asimov [Written 11/18/41];Part Eight: 1937 by Isaac Asimov* Other Eyes Watching / John W. Campbell, Jr., Astounding Feb ’37;* Minus Planet / John D. Clark, Ph.D., Astounding Apr ’37;* Past, Present and Future / Nat Schachner, Astounding Sep ’37;Part Nine: 1938 by Isaac Asimov* The Men and the Mirror / Ross Rocklynne, Astounding Jul ’38.

The Best British Short Stories 2011

Nicholas Royle - 2011
    This new series aims to reprint the best short stories published in the previous calendar year by British writers, whether based in the UK or elsewhere. The editor’s brief is wide ranging, covering anthologies, collections, magazines, newspapers and web sites, looking for the best of the bunch to reprint all in one volume. Neither genre nor Granta shall be overlooked in the search for the very best new short fiction.The first book of the series includes stories published in 2010 by the following authors: David Rose, Hilary Mantel, Lee Rourke, Leone Ross, Claire Massey, Christopher Burns, Adam Marek, SJ Butler, Heather Leach, Alan Beard, Kirsty Logan, Philip Langeskov, Bernie McGill, John Burnside, Robert Edric, Michèle Roberts, Dai Vaughan, Alison Moore and Salley Vickers.Table of Contents:Flora – David RoseWinter Break – Hilary MantelEmergency Exit – Lee RourkeLove Silk Food – Leone RossFeather Girls – Claire MasseyForeigner – Christopher BurnsDinner of the Dead Alumni – Adam MarekThe Swimmer – SJ ButlerSo Much Time in a Life – Heather LeachStaff Development – Alan BeardThe Rental Heart – Kirsty LoganNotes on a Love Story – Philip LangeskovNo Angel – Bernie McGillSlut’s Hair – John BurnsideComma – Hilary MantelMoving Day – Robert EdricTristram and Isolde – Michèle RobertsLooted – Dai VaughanWhen the Door Closed, It Was Dark – Alison MooreEpiphany – Salley Vickers

Esther Stories

Peter Orner - 2001
    The discovery of a crime, a theatrical performance in a small town, or the recollection of a cruel wartime decision are equally affecting in Orner’s vivid scenarios. Esther Stories is divided into four distinct parts, each with its own momentum. The first half of the book concerns the lives of unrelated strangers, and the second introduces two Jewish families, one on the East Coast, the other in the Midwest. These stories cover considerable geographic ground — from Nova Scotia to Mississippi, from Fall River, Massachusetts, to Chicago — but the real territory is emotional. As the narrator of the title story tries to piece together his late aunt Esther’s life from the fragments of stories told about her, he remembers what she told him in a dark kitchen when he was a child: “You pay for everything. When you think you’re getting something for free — remember this — you’ll pay later.” All thirty-two wide-ranging pieces — funny or sorrowful, urban or rural, simple or innovative — are welcome additions to the art of the story.

The First Science Fiction Megapack: 25 Modern and Classic Science Fiction Tales

Robert Silverberg - 2013
    DelanyEXPEDITER, by Mack ReynoldsONE-SHOT, by James BlishSHIPWRECK IN THE SKY, by Eando BinderZEN, by Jerome BixbyLANCELOT BIGGS COOKS A PIRATE, by Nelson BondSENTIMENT, INC., by Poul AndersonTHE ISSAHAR ARTIFACTS, by J. F. BoneTHE NEXT LOGICAL STEP, by Ben BovaYEAR OF THE BIG THAW, by Marion Zimmer BradleyEARTHMEN BEARING GIFTS, by Fredric BrownHAPPY ENDING, by Fredric Brown and Mack ReynoldsLIGHTER THAN YOU THINK, by Nelson BondRIYA'S FOUNDLING, by Algis BudrysACCIDENTAL DEATH, by Peter BailyAND ALL THE EARTH A GRAVE, by C. C. MacAppDEAD RINGER, by Lester del ReyTHE CRYSTAL CRYPT, by Philip K. DickTHE JUPITER WEAPON, by Charles L. FontenayTHE MAN WHO HATED MARS, by Randall GarrettNAVY DAY, by Harry HarrisonTHE JUDAS VALLEY, by Robert Silverberg & Randall GarrettNATIVE SON, by T. D. HammJUBILEE, by Richard A. LupoffFINAL CALL, by John Gregory BetancourtAnd don't forget to check out all the other volumes in the Megapack series! Search on "Wildside Megapack" in this ebook store to see the complete list...covering more science fiction volumes, plus adventure stories, military, fantasy, ghost stories, westerns, and much more!

So Long: Stories 1987-1992

Lucia Berlin - 1993
    Each will resonate, as questions of the human condition always do, in the heart of the reader. Lucia Berlin is widely recognized as a master of the short story. This collection captures distilled moments of crisis or epiphany, placing the protagonists in moments of stress or personal strain, and all told in an almost offhand, matter-of-fact voice.The San Francisco Chronicle wrote, "Most of the stories in this collection are very short and very simple. They are set in the places Berlin knows best: Chile, Mexico, the Desert Southwest, and California, and they have the casual, straightforward, immediate, and intimate style that distinguishes her work. They are told in a conversational voice and they move with a swift and often lyrical economy. They capture and communicate moments of grace and cast a lovely, lazy light that lasts. Berlin is one of our finest writers and here she is at the height of her powers."This is a collection for anyone who loves short stories or great writing of any kind.

Six Shorts 2017: The finalists for the 2017 Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award

Kathleen Alcott - 2017
    Past winners and shortlisted authors have included the Pulitzer winners Junot Díaz, Anthony Doerr and Adam Johnson, plus Hilary Mantel, Ali Smith, Yiyun Li, CK Stead and Elizabeth Strout.Six Shorts 2017 brings together the six stories shortlisted for this year's award: ‘Reputation Management’ by Kathleen Alcott; ‘Half of What Atlee Rouse Knows about Horses’ by Bret Anthony Johnston; ‘The Hazel Twig and the Olive Tree’ by Richard Lambert; ‘The Tenant’ by Victor Lodato; ‘Every Little Thing’ by Celeste Ng; and ‘Mr Salary’ by Sally Rooney.Chosen by a hugely experienced and prestigious judging panel that included Booker-winner Anne Enright, Orange- and Whitbread-winner Rose Tremain, Booker-shortlistee Neel Mukherjee and critic and novelist Mark Lawson, the six stories represent the very best in contemporary English-language short fiction.