The Urchin of Walton Hall (The Victorian Village Sagas)

Emma Hardwick - 2020
    She was promptly sent away by her philandering father, the colliery owner Robert Harvey, to become an educated and accomplished young woman - and to escape the beatings at the cruel hand of her vengeful stepmother, Hannah. As Bess finishes boarding school, a tragic accident strikes Robert Harvey, almost killing him, and the decline of the family's fortunes means Bess and her siblings must find spouses to provide for them. After a series of doomed arranged encounters with potential suitors, Bess's stepmother is forced to take drastic action against her to protect herself and her family. Who is the mystery fiancé Hannah Harvey has in mind? And how will Bess feel knowing the decision means she will never be free to marry her childhood sweetheart?

Finding Forgiveness in the West: A Christian Historical Romance Book

Chloe Carley - 2021

The Crusader's Blade

James Mercer - 2015
    Amongst his few possessions is a dagger which bears an unknown heraldic symbol. He joins a band of mercenaries heading for Venice where the Christians are assembling for the Crusade. On his journey from boy to manhood, discovering a surprisingly natural aptitude for combat, he encounters a secret Brotherhood and their avowed enemy The Order of the Blooded Cross. “The Crusader’s Blade” is the first of three novels that draw heavily on historical detail, intermingling real and fictitious characters and events to give an enthralling portrait of the religious battles of the age.

Chase Family Collection: Limited Christmas Edition (Chase Family Series)

Lauren Royal - 2020

The Stolen Street Girl

Nell Harte - 2021
    Now, she must learn to survive.Forced to be both mother and father to her siblings after Ada’s mother turns to gin, and no longer able to scour the banks of the Thames as mudlarks, Ada turns to picking up cigarette butts from the filthy streets and repurposing the tobacco into a saleable item.Assisted by Elijah the son of a stonemason the Blair family manages to keep a roof over their heads, until their mother’s addiction spirals out of control and they find themselves out on the street.Desperate for safety, Ada takes a risk and is befriended by the well to do Mr Beauregard. But not all things are as they seem and soon Ada is torn from her family and thrown into a world of corruption she could not have imagined.When a chance meeting with Elijah reveals the truth, Ada’s life is at a crossroadsCan Ada leave behind the new life she now finds herself in? Will Elijah ever forgive her for what she has become? Or should Ada let the past remain behind and leave her family in peace.Nell Harte writes sweet and clean Historical Romance.


Cia Leah - 2014
    He never had a place to call home. While camping out one night, hoping to find the next town, he had a feeling he was being watched. He ignored his instincts and went to sleep to wake up in the morning with a splitting headache from being hit on the head, and his horse, food, and saddlebags stolen. Following the footsteps left behind by the thieves, he found it led to a cabin and to a patchwork family in dire need of help. Sadie Carman lost her pa and took in two boys and a little girl that needed her to care for them. The boys were a trial, but she loved them like her own children. When Stryker Steele showed up at her door and told her that someone stole his horse and belongings, she was worried the boys had something to do with it. She agreed to let him stay until he could figure out what to do, but she never figured that he would give them a Christmas like they never had and forgive the boys for what they did. She worried Stryker would leave and she wished he'd stay forever.

Here Will I Remain (New Hope, #1)

Gretchen Craig - 2016
    "Take some water," one of them said. Catherine shoved the cup aside, afraid she'd be sick. The floor rocked. The air smelled of the sea. She clambered to her feet, staggering, and fought the panic threatening to overwhelm her. He'd put her aboard a ship. Unlike the other women aboard ship, Catherine de Villeroy had assumed Fate intended her to live an aristocratic life of ease and luxury. Instead she is transported to a fetid jungle to be tied to a secretive stranger who reeks of pigs. Catherine's shipmate Marie Claude has had few expectations in life, and even they have been disappointed. When her only options become prostitution or starvation, Fate decrees she will become the wife of a stranger in a strange land. Even if her new husband is a cruel man, how can life not be better in this rough paradise of alligators and wild orchids? Agnes expected a life spent in her father's bookstore, perhaps married to a gentle, scholarly man. Betrayed and ruined, Agnes retreats into herself and hardly notices when she is transported to Louisiana. Married to a stranger who desires only an amenable bed partner, Agnes strives to stay present in her new life and to explore what more Fate allows a ruined woman.

Train to Colorado (Mail Order Bride Western Romance) (Frontier Women)

Florence Linnington - 2021

Born a Workhouse Baby: Victorian Romance

Dolly Price - 2021
    Deserted by a selfish man, and driven to the workhouse, young Annabel and her midwife mother face a harsh and hopeless future.A critical situation for the workhouse governor then opens a door of deliverance for them both, but it seems that revenge and bitterness hound their every step.A harrowing story of stolen love, rich and poor, faith, family, and fearful odds, Born A Workhouse Child, will keep your heart pounding and your hopes soaring to the end.Join Dolly Price for her most heart-warming Victorian romance yet, and follow Annabel’s courageous quest to discover the real meaning of love, faith, and family.

A Sprig of Lavender

Susan Ralph - 2012
    Since her viscount father passed away, the family’s resources have dwindled, and she dreads becoming a destitute spinster. But when she’s invited to the Duke of Mumshire’s country estate—where she’ll be considered for the heir’s hand—hope returns.A trip to the country will also take her mind off the crime she’d witnessed at the last event of the season—an unbearably handsome stranger stealing a lady’s purse. Catherine and the thief locked gazes in the middle of the act, and while she was quickly been swept away by the crowd, later that night she was introduced to the thief, Henri LaFleur. Now he knows her name and can force her silence.Catherine shakes the memory…until LaFleur shows up as a fellow guest at the Duke of Mumshire’s estate. This time, though, she finds herself terribly, inexplicably drawn to this thief. But is LaFleur who he seems?

Highlander's Betrayed Princess

Alisa Adams - 2020
     Eilidh has tears in her eyes while riding away from the only home she ever knew. Young Eilidh had to make the hardest choice of her life, trying to avoid marring a Laird twice her age, known for his cruelty.Now, travelling disguised, she meets lain, a leatherworker who is moving to a larger village in search of a better life for him and his sisters. Eilidh keeps Iain at a distance in the begging, but even a more experienced woman would have a hard time resisting an imposing man like Iain. And Eilidh is anything but experienced.While trying to escape a ferocious hunt ordered by her father, young Eilidh is slowly falling in love and is about to get one of the harshest lessons there are;Utter betrayal can only come from the one you let closest to your heart.

Capturing Sir Dunnicliffe

Rebecca King - 2013
    The feelings Miss Harriett Ponsonby stirs in him are less than welcome, but when he is left battling for his life, he has no option but to seek the help of the one woman who stirs his soul. The very last thing he wants or needs is to feel any attraction toward the delightfully intriguing Miss Harriett Ponsonby, especially when it appears that her father is involved with the spy smugglers Hugo has been sent to arrest. Torn between his desire for Harriett, and his duties as a member of the Star Elite, decisions don't come more difficult for Hugo when someone tries to take her life, and he finds himself becoming her bodyguard! Can he really send his future father-in-law to jail if he is guilty of spy smuggling? Will his obligation to carry out his orders cost him the hand of the only woman who has ever come close to touching this battle-hardened warrior's heart? Can they identify not only one, but two murderers in time to prevent another death? Book one of the brand new Star Elite series introduces one of England's elite fighting units as they battle to protect England's borders from French spies, murderers, smugglers and thieves while they battle with the demons on the past, and the women who will change their lives forever. Book 2 - Smuggler's Glory released 20th November 2013. Book 3 - His Lady Spy released January 2014.

Sisters at War

Clare Flynn - 2021
    The pressures of war threaten to tear apart two sisters traumatised by their mother's murder by their father.With her new husband Will, a merchant seaman, deployed on dangerous Atlantic convoy missions, Hannah needs her younger sister Judith more than ever. But when Mussolini declares war on Britain, Judith's Italian sweetheart, Paolo is imprisoned as an enemy alien, and Judith's loyalties are divided.Each sister wants only to be with the man she loves but, as the war progresses, tensions between them boil over, and they face an impossible decision.A heart-wrenching page-turner about the everyday bravery of ordinary people during wartime. From heavily blitzed Liverpool to the terrors of the North Atlantic and the scorched plains of Australia, Sisters at War will bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart.

Nobody's Children

Judith Saxton - 1991
    So when fate brings them together she sees no reason why she should not have everything Megan has - even Danny.Nobody's Children is the saga of twins, separated at birth but drawn together by an intangible bond... and of their mother, the beautiful, unhappy child bride, forever searching, forever unsatisfied.

Woman of Mettle

Linda Caddick - 2015
    Safe in her small agricultural community, the recent outbreak of persecution against the 'followers of the Way' in Jerusalem is distant enough not to affect her, and she is determined to keep it that way. Little does she know, she is about to walk through the fire. How much is she prepared to suffer on behalf of another? Things get dangerous when an ambitious young man crosses her path, especially as he holds the key to her future. To survive, she must employ all her feminine wiles. In spite of her imperfect pursuit of the Master, his exceeding grace sustains her in her darkest hour. But when it's all over, she is yet to find out whether love still remains.