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The Planet of Dread by R.F. Starzl


Death of a Spaceman

Walter M. Miller Jr. - 1954
    Take old man Donegal, for example. Most of his adult life was spent in digging a hole through space to learn what was on the other side. Would he go out the same way?Play Duration: 00:38:25 Down load file sizes[mp3@64kbps - 18.4MB][mp3@128kbps - 36.8MB]Public Domain stories from Project Gutenberg, that are read by volunteers. First published in Amazing Stories

The Next Logical Step

Ben Bova - 1962
    But, logically, there would be times--

Captain Future and the Space Emperor

Edmond Hamilton - 1940
    The beast lay dead on the floor.Carthew sighed deeply as he confirmed his fears. The corpse on the floor was Sperling, his best secret agent, transformed into this hairy brute by the dread peril that threatened to destroy them all.Only one man left alive might be able to ward of off total doom. The President flashed an emergency call for Captain Future...

Grey Angel

John French - 2012
    Shackled and bound, the former Luna Wolf must fight a battle of wits with his captor, lest the course of the Horus Heresy take an unexpected turn. Will his very presence drive his erstwhile allies into the arms of the Warmaster or will maintaining the status quo prevent another Legion from turning traitor? And just who is the mysterious Space Marine aiding him from the shadows?A Horus Heresy audio drama written by John French. Performed by John Banks, Toby Longworth and Ramon Tikaram. Running time approx 35 mins.

Subspace Survivors

E.E. "Doc" Smith - 1960
    when there hasn't been any first survivor to be an expert! When no one has ever gotten back to explain what happened....

Astounding Science Fiction, March 1942

John W. Campbell Jr.A.E. van Vogt - 1942
    Science-Fiction and WarA. E. Van Vogt. Recruiting StationLester del Rey. The Wings of NightRoby Wentz. Day After TomorrowMartin Pearson. The EmbassyIn Times to Come The Analytical Laboratory Anson MacDonald. Goldfish BowlSuppressed ViolenceIsaac Asimov. RunaroundMalcolm Jameson. DispersionBrass Tacks Eric Frank Russell. Describe a Circle

All the Time in the World

Arthur C. Clarke - 1952
    But who's behind it? Clarke's 1952 novel is read by Nicholas Boulton.

The Gates of Terra

Nick Kyme - 2013
    But he will not find it unguarded - the Ardent Reef, an encircling ring of gun bastions and asteroid bases, is but one amongst many such lines of defence. Captain Arcadese of the Ultramarines finds himself in command of a host of his battle-brothers, as the renegade Warmaster's fleet launches its final assault on the Throneworld. Will he hold the line even in the face of almost certain death, or will his own loyalty waver in those final moments?ABOUT THE BOOKPublished for the first time in English, this Horus Heresy short story has previously appeared in the French Games Day Chapbook 2012.

Operation Haystack

Frank Herbert - 1959
    But the problem Orne had was one step tougher than that! A science fiction classic from Frank Herbert, author of DUNE!

Distant Echoes of Old Night

Rob Sanders - 2013
    With his mission clear in his mind to leave no survivors, Murnau unleashes one of his Legion’s most deadly units – the fearsome and infamous Destroyers.This story was originally published in the Games Day Anthology 2012/2013.

The Thing in the Attic

James Blish - 1954
    In their exile on the ground they have to adapt to vastly different circumstances, fight monsters resembling dinosaurs, and finally happen upon the godly giants, whose existence they had questioned.

The Secret Life of Bots

Suzanne Palmer - 2017
    It was first published in Clarkesworld and can be found free online.2018 Winner: Hugo Award for Best Novelette,2018 Finalist: Theodore A. Sturgeon Memorial Award, 2018 Finalist: WFSA Small Press Award

The World That Couldn't Be

Clifford D. Simak - 1958
    He was honored by fans with three Hugo Awards and by colleagues with one Nebula Award. The Science Fiction Writers of America made him its third SFWA Grand Master and the Horror Writers Association made him one of three inaugural winners of the Bram Stoker Award for Lifetime Achievement. This is one of his stories.

Staying Behind

Ken Liu - 2011
    Originally published in Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 61, the story is now also available online at as an excerpt of Liu's story collection The Hidden Girl and Other Stories.


Kurt Vonnegut Jr. - 2009
    In this series of perfectly rendered vignettes, written just as he was starting to find his comic voice, Kurt Vonnegut paints a warm, wise, and often funny portrait of life in post—World War II America–a world where squabbling couples, high school geniuses, misfit office workers, and small-town lotharios struggle to adapt to changing technology, moral ambiguity, and unprecedented affluence. In “Confido” a laboratory assistant’s magical invention promises to put his family on easy street at last. But is a machine that gives voice to our innermost thoughts and unspoken grievances really the key to happiness–or a direct line to despair? “Confido” and the thirteen other never-before-published pieces that comprise Look at the Birdie serve as an unexpected gift for devoted readers who thought that Kurt Vonnegut’s unique voice had been stilled forever–and provide a terrific introduction to his short fiction for anyone who has yet to experience his genius.