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The Blood of Their Sins by Brooke Sivendra


Bride to the Beast

Samantha Madisen - 2019
    Despite her best efforts, however, her escape attempt fails and she quickly finds herself held in place over his strong thighs as her bare bottom is thoroughly spanked.Thanred's plans for Royla include much more than merely using her to keep his lust at bay. She will be his mate and bear his children. But to end his exile and take back his place among his people he will need to master his little human completely, claiming her publicly in even the most shameful of ways and leaving every potential rival in no doubt that she is his and his alone.Publisher's Note: Bride to the Beast includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.


Liliana Carlisle - 2021
    He'll be my ruin, but not before I destroy him...Dereck Archer.The powerful Alpha billionaire,The heartless monster,And my new boss.The man who single-handedly ruined the lives of Omegas everywhere.His ruthlessness knows no bounds, and when we meet, he assumes I'll fall in line as any good Omega would.Little does he know, I can be just as ruthless.My traitorous body may crave him,But I'm here for one reason only:To destroy his life.Dereck Archer has made many enemies, but I'm the one he'll never see coming... Intrusion is an Enemies-to-Lovers M/F Omegaverse Standalone Romance.

The Warchief's Bride

Ivy McAdams - 2020
    A bachelorette party in Vegas that would rock our socks off. As it turns out, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas…it gets teleported to a mysterious deadly planet full of monsters and alien savages.As if that’s not bad enough, the alien barbarian chief claims me as his wife.Not exactly the Vegas wedding I was expecting…Now I have to figure out how to refuse the all-powerful king who doesn’t speak a lick of English, especially the word “No.”Getting back home is going to be tricky. Especially when my new husband has hands like vices and a tongue like butter. I need to get back to that portal before it's too late, or I could be stuck in this world forever. And lose my heart to the almighty warchief.

HASH: Human Alien Species Hybrid

April M. Reign - 2013
    When flames fall from the sky and an alien ship crashes into Earth, Jade becomes government property and at the mercy of scientists. After all, she’s imprinted with an intelligent alien metal that could be the answer to all of Earth’s problems.However, in the wrong hands, the metal implant could become the deadliest weapon known to humankind.Kept underground for sixteen years, Jade fights to keep her sanity and understand the intelligent organism that is wrapped around her spine. When a new company takes over the science institute, Jade’s alien symbiont warns her of imminent danger.Then Jade meets Aric, the lone survivor from the spaceship. They form an alliance that will change their personal destiny and they put a plan into motion that will alter the future of mankind.Book One of THE IMPRINT TRILOGY.

The Time Traveler's Boyfriend

Annabelle Costa - 2014
     No, really—he has. She doesn't believe it either until Adam provides her with definitive proof that he does, in fact, have a functioning time travel device sitting in the living room of his Manhattan brownstone. But instead of getting ready to accept the Nobel Prize, Adam has very different plans for his groundbreaking invention. He wants Claudia to use the machine to travel back in time and stop the accident that landed him in a wheelchair over a decade ago, and prevent the trajectory of events that he believes ruined his life. When Claudia reluctantly agrees to become the first human time traveler, she knows she’s making a big gamble. If she succeeds, she could have the happy ending with commitment-phobic Adam that she’s always dreamed of. But if she fails, it could mean the end of the universe as she knows it. Other Books From Annabelle Costa... * The Boy Next Door * Harvard Hottie


K.A. Duggan - 2016
    A system designed to transport humansfrom one place to another, efficiently and effectively, in the blink of an eye.Faith sets out to save those incapable of saving themselves.But who really needs saving?As the story she’s chasing unfolds, Faith realises just how intertwined herlife really is with Advance Industries.When the formidable Kye steams into her life, he has her head spinning and her heart fluttering.Handsome, confusing and full of strange endearments, he also has a story to tell.But who should she believe?Can she regain her supposed lost memories?And if so, can she hold on to them long enoughto achieve her goal?Especially when the loved ones she forgot about are in danger!

Living in the Past

W.J. May - 2017
    The present is your gift. The future is your motivation. From USA Today bestselling author, W.J. May brings you a spin off from the Chronicles of Kerrigan. This is a stand alone series, or can be read with the Chronicles of Kerrigan series How can you build a future, when a part of you is trapped in the past? Gabriel Alden’s problems were supposed to be over. The man who had enslaved him had been destroyed. The girl he was supposed to kill, had become his saving grace. And the people he had been sent to infiltrate, had ended up as family. So why, when everyone else had found their happy-ever-after, was Gabriel still out in the cold? Dark memories, hidden shadows, and secrets too terrible to imagine haunt his every breath—chasing after him as he races around the globe, searching for the truth. Can he ever truly escape his past? Will he ever have a shot at a future? How far can you run before your ghosts finally catch up with you? One thing is certain, Gabriel’s problems are just getting started… The Chronicles of Kerrigan: Gabriel Living in the Past Present for Today Staring at the Future READ THE WHOLE SERIES: Prequel Series: Christmas Before the Magic Question the Darkness Into the Darkness Fight the Darkness Alone in the Darkness Lost in Darkness The Chronicles of Kerrigan Series Rae of Hope Dark Nebula House of Cards Royal Tea Under Fire End in Sight Hidden Darkness Twisted Together Mark of Fate Strength & Power Last One Standing Rae of Light The Chronicles of Kerrigan Sequel A Matter of Time Time Piece Second Chance Glitch in Time Our Time Precious Time

Just In Time

Kathryn Shay - 2013
    Journey with them as they fight for both the future and the men they unexpectedly come to love. These stories contain heart-wrenching emotions, biting social commentary and unique futuristic elements! In JUST IN TIME, Dorian Masters must save the life of research scientist Jess Cromwell by preventing his murder in five months. Cromwell’s work would eventually set the standard for eradicating all carbon emissions. But Dorian has to find the assassin first, while Jess’s brother, Luke, cynical New York cop and exasperating man, seems determined to stand in her way. Unaware of her background, Luke questions her suitability as a bodyguard and challenges her on the mistakes she makes about everyday things, including how she talks. Even so, the stakes are high and together they race against time to save Jess.For more futuristic romance and paranormal romance, look for this rest of the books in this time travel romance series: PERFECT TIMING and ANOTHER TIME.Reader Praise for JUST IN TIME:“The characters were real and engaging. I laughed out loud several times…It was clear, simple, but deeply complex in human emotions.” “I enjoyed every minute! I found the characters very interesting and enjoyed the storyline. I can't wait to read the rest of Portals of Time series!”“I've become attached to these three protagonists and will read the second and third books to see them through to their HEAs.”“A very well written story that will make you laugh at the interactions of Luke and Dorian. It's also intriguing, but most of all...You will be smiling with every turn of events.”“At the beginning, you will wonder where these women come from, as they keep butchering the English language, but it becomes a cute part of who they are.” “If you suspend belief, as I did, this is a very cute, very enjoyable book, and by the last page, you are wanting more.”

A Time to Reap

Jonas Lee - 2014
    An unsanctioned group called the Program begins taking notice as the two classmates exhibit stronger abilities when they are together. Carter's sense of reality begins to unwind as he learns more about his estranged father's involvement with it all. Carter will have to overcome the past of his father leaving, the present of an unknown adversary hunting him down and a future that seems to change with each decision he makes. He will have to learn who to trust out of the people in his life if he wants to conquer the looming notion that the government may be hunting him down because of his developing abilities.

The Undead Heart

Tate Jackson - 2010
    Hunters who, centuries ago, had vowed to slay all vampyres. A vow they set aside to protect the family that they had come to love, knowing that the outcome of that decision would be an eventual battle. A battle of decapitation and blood; a battle they may not survive.She was leaving a life she would kill to get away from for a family she would gladly die to protect, but could she do it? Could she make it back alive? Did she possess the strength and courage it would take to change the past and save their future?She was about to find out.The Undead Heart is a tale of love, life, horror, humor and family and is the first novel in The Blood Thirst Series.

Living Backwards

Tracy Sweeney - 2013
    Life just isn't that cruel. But when an overly-enthusiastic attempt at squeezing herself into them leads her to fall and lose consciousness, she is faced with just that possibility. When she awakens with both a bruised ego and a bump on her head, she's not in her tiny apartment but her childhood bedroom circa 1999-the spring of her senior year in high school. Jillian knows that time travel isn't logical. But then again, neither was her decision to wear skinny jeans. As she attempts to navigate her way through the halls of Reynolds High, walking the same path and making the same choices she made years before, she knows that any change she makes can have a catastrophic effect on her future. But when she strikes up an unexpected friendship with motorcycle-riding, cigarette-smoking Luke Chambers, can she pretend to be the same shy girl she once was? At least she has her pink sparkly flask to take the edge off. One little change won't hurt, right?

Lamented Pasts

C.R. Jane - 2018
    That’s all Juliet Caris has ever known. Cursed to pass through time, changing centuries without warning, Juliet has lost everything. A piece of her heart has been lost to the men she has left behind at every stop she has made, and finding herself once again alone, she believes she has no parts of herself left to give. Can a handsome stranger bring her back to life and help her get back what she has lost? Or will Juliet disappear again, this time for good? Join Juliet in a journey across the centuries, in a love story that defies time. What if you could live forever? Could you love forever?

Knight Defense (Rise of the Wolf Nation Book 2)

Sydney Addae - 2018
    Cain, Abel and David are heading out to explore those areas and report back. Meanwhile there’s an odd migration across the Canadian borders of rogues and rebels. Silas and the Alphas become suspicious when the name of an old enemy surfaces. Plus the Joint Chiefs and the Administration are on the offense putting the Pack in danger. Silas uses new and various weapons at his disposal to mount a Knight Defense.

The Mountain Lion's Secretary

Lila Jean - 2016
     Mara Warren is desperate. With no job, a room in her parents’ basement, and a mountain of debt right out of college, she takes the first job she can find: as secretary for the elusive billionaire, Zane Bradley. But her new boss is so much more than she bargained for. With his solid body, sexy-as-hell handguns, and the delicious stubble on his jaw, he’s too good to be true. He says he wants her, but Mara has been hurt before. With her already shattered heart on the line, Mara battles between protecting what little self-esteem she has left and letting herself fall head-first into the arms of the most dangerous man in town. A rugged mountain lion shifter with a knack for sensing danger, Zane Bradley uses the company name as a decoy to hide his inner animal—and to preserve the privacy his animal demands. As if keeping his company running and his shifter employees in line isn’t enough, Zane’s lion is desperately craving a mate… and it wants Mara Warren. But both Zane’s new mate and his billion-dollar empire is threatened when he catches the scent of the werewolf that killed his brother. The murderer has come back to take out the last surviving Bradley brother, and Mara has no idea she just walked right into the line of fire. CONTENT WARNING: This is a stand-alone mountain lion shifter romance. It contains smoking hot shifters, lip-bitingly delicious love scenes, naughty language, and a dash of violence to spice things up. Intended for mature audiences. This novel has an HEA, with NO cliffhanger.

Rewriting Justice: The Complete D.C. Series: Justice Served Cold, Vengeance Served Hot, Bounty Hunter Inc, Beware The Hunter

Martha Carr - 2019
    Here's your chance to get the complete D.C. Series starring Leira Berens and her swearing troll. Justice Served Cold: Leira Berens has split with the Feds and has gone out on her own to save her corner of the world. Magic is on the loose and the werewolves, Elves and Witches are causing trouble. Leira’s working on a new world with her Light Elf by her side and a certain swearing troll. There are whispers among the dark Wizarding families that she’s a new kind of bounty hunter. Time to show them how it’s done. They’ll never see her coming. Vengeance Served Hot: Once a cop, always a cop? Not if they become a bounty hunter... Leira Berens, former homicide detective must clean the streets, but this time it is against magic infused folks, shifters and dark wizards. There are no laws on the books to handle this situation. So, she is going to help make some. With a fireball in one hand and a pair of cuffs in the other, those she hunts can take their pick. A Light Elf and a swearing troll by her side… the world’s got a fighting chance at surviving the return of magic. Bounty Hunter Inc.: Hey dark wizards, there’s a new law in town. Her name is Leira Berens, part Jaspar elf, part human and she’s done playing nice.Leira Berens is the world’s first bounty hunter of magical criminals and she likes her job. Elves, gnomes, dark wizards and even a few humans want her to take early retirement…six feet under. Good thing she can throw a mean fireball, run toward trouble and is done playing by everyone else’s rules. Magic has returned and a bounty hunter is just what the planet needed. Beware The Hunter: The hunt is on – but who’s the prey? Leira Berens is the government’s newest bounty hunter of magical thugs – the first in the country. That’s not sitting well with a lot of dark magic. Leira, Correk and that troll YTT can see them coming. Too bad they don’t know that’s just the beginning of the story. Dark elementals have shown up in our world and no one knows what to do with them, but everyone wants control. Everything Leira has learned will be tested in order to keep the balance between Earth and Oriceran. --- NOTE: This book contains cursing. Perhaps humorous cursing, but cursing nevertheless. If this offends you, we don't suggest reading this book.