Five Green and Speckled Frogs (Sing and Read Storybook)

Constanza Basaluzzo - 2008

Peeping Beauty

Mary Jane Auch - 1993
    A hen-ballerina aspires to stardom and foils a fox-agent.

Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes

Mike Wohnoutka - 2009
    Words and music on last page.

Old Macdonald Had a Farm

Pam Adams - 1975
    Available in three formats, suitable for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and the nursery or classroom.

Mole Music

David McPhail - 1999
    When he first hears someone playing a violin, Mole realizes that he longs to make beautiful music, too.Through practice and patience, Mole learns to play. And even though he plays alone, in the privacy of his underground home, his music has an effect on others that is more magical than Mole will ever know.

The Ants Go Marching

Jeffrey Scherer - 2002
    The ants go marching from one to ten in this rollicking counting song.

Boom Bah!

Phil Cummings - 2010
    And ends with a triumphant Tah-dah!, as one by one, all the other animals join in. Ting! Tong! Clickety-click! Follow the band and tap your toe! Boom Bah! Here we go!

Three Little Cajun Pigs

Mike Artell - 2006
    Their mom has just kicked them out of the house and it's time they make their own way and start constructing new homes in the heart of the swamp. When ol' Claude the gator comes sneaking along, however, the three brothers are forced to question their choice of construction materials! This hilarious tale from the creators of the popular Petite Rouge (which School Library Journal declared "A treat from start to finish") will once again take you to the heart of the Cajun swamps and show you the Three Little Pigs like you've never seen them.

Mr Big

Ed Vere - 2008
    . . well . . . BIG! He has just one small problem - because of the way he looks he just can't get people to stick around. How can he show them that although he may look a little scary, he is just a great big softy inside? With his trademark bold colour and masterful graphic simplicity, Ed Vere sensitively and humorously tackles the universal and current subject of inclusion, reminding the reader that to get to know someone you need to look beyond their exterior.

How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?

Iza Trapani - 1997
    Nothing but that waggely tailed pup will do as a pet for the boy, so he's off to make some money to buy the dog of his dreams!Misadventures follow and by the end of the week the boy has less money than when he started. Thinking he will just say hello to the doggie in the window, the little boy finds the dog is gone. Someone else has bought the dog for a very special son to thank him for all the nice things he has done. Who could that lucky boy be?A story as irresistible as waggely tailed doggies and little boys.

Cuckoo/Cucu: A Mexican Folktale/Un cuento folklorico mexicano

Lois Ehlert - 1997
    Trouble is, she's lazy. She never does her share of work—that is, until a field fire threatens the season's seed crop and Cuckoo is the only one who can save it. But will she risk harming her lovely feathers by flying through the thick smoke and flames?

Armadillo Tattletale

Helen Ketteman - 2000
    That is, until ... Armadillo's friends give him the how-come and the why-not of tattle-telling that leaves Armadillo promising never to cause such a ruckus again.Tattlers and those they tell on will delight in Helen Ketteman and Keith Graves' hilarious spin on the story of how Armadillo's ears came to be so small.

Chester the Worldly Pig

Bill Peet - 1978
    Chester longs to be a performer in the circus, but the road to stardom is rocky until someone discovers Chester's true "worldliness."

Five Little Ducks

Penny Ives - 2002
    Bouncy illustrations, innovative die cutting and popular rhymes make Books with Holes a must for every child. Available in three formats, suitable for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and the nursery or classroom.

Down by the Barn

Will Hillenbrand - 2014
    The group of animals grows and grows until at last they reach their destination?and find a surprise. Charming illustrations and rhythmic text filled with sound words make this the perfect read-aloud for young children.