Slow Jogging: Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, and Have Fun with Science-Based, Natural Running

Hiroaki Tanaka - 2014
    Falling prey to injuries from overtraining, faulty form, poor eating, and improper footwear, many runners eventually, and reluctantly, abandon the sport for a less strenuous pastime. But for the first time in the United States, Hiroaki Tanaka’s Slow Jogging demonstrates that there is an efficient, healthier, and pain-free approach to running for all ages and lifestyles.Tanaka’s method of easy running, or “slow jogging,” is an injury-free approach to running that helps participants burn calories, lose weight, and even reverse the effects of Type-2 diabetes. With easy-to-follow steps and colorful charts, Slow Jogging teaches runners to enjoy injury-free activity by:• Maintaining a smiling, or niko niko in Japanese, pace that is both easy and enjoyable• Landing on mid-foot, instead of on the heel• Choosing shoes with thin, flexible soles and no oversized heel• Aiming for a pace of 180 steps per minute• And trying to find time for activity every dayAccessible to runners of all fitness levels and ages, Slow Jogging will inspire thousands more Americans to take up running and will change the way that avid runners hit the pavement.

Red Light Therapy: Miracle Medicine

Mark Sloan
    This 6x #1 Bestselling book Red Light Therapy: Miracle Medicine brings you everything you've ever wanted to know about near-infrared and red light therapy in one concise, simple and complete guide.What You Will Learn:- What is red light therapy?- How it works?- History of Red Light Therapy- An in depth look at how red light therapy heals- A to Z list of diseases and conditions its scientifically proven to treat- Questions and Answers- BONUS #1: Includes the FREE audiobook of Red Light Therapy: Miracle Medicine- BONUS #2: Free Red Light Therapy Dose Guide- BONUS #3: Includes FREE coupon for an infrared and red light therapy device- Backed by over 270 scientific and clinical studiesWhatever your disease or condition, there is probably nobody who cannot benefit significantly from near-infrared and red light therapy.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Mike Geary - 2006
     [image] It has helped thousands upon thousands of men and women, from all walks of life, finally see their abs and transform their lives.Attaining six pack abs can be done easier than you think, but you have to have the right roadmap to get there, and this book is the map to strong, ripped, defined abs.You'll discover the foods you must eat to strip away that stubborn stomach fat, as well as the foods you must avoid at all costs that will make weight loss impossible.Not only that, but you'll receive advanced workout strategies to burn fat in the fastest time possible, while also building lean muscle so that you not only have ripped abs, but strong abs, as well as a strong, lean, and fit all-around physique. There are many imposters, but this is the original, and still the best. [image]

The Ketogenic Diet: A Scientifically Proven Approach to Fast, Healthy Weight Loss

Kristen Mancinelli - 2014
    Studies have shown that the ketogenic diet’s program—a high in fat, moderate in protein and very low in carbs approach—guarantees you’ll lose weight by:Powerfully suppressing appetiteEffectively stabilizing blood sugarNaturally enhancing moodDramatically reducing fat storageThe Ketogenic Diet includes a quick-start guide to rapid weight loss, a surefire plan to eliminate carbs and fat-burning advice that works. Using the recipes and tips in this book, you will learn to avoid trigger foods, gauge the difference between good and bad fats, and steer clear of nutrient-poor carbs.

Run: Beyond The 5K - The Complete Training Guide To Running the 10K, Half Marathon, and Marathon Race

Michael Thomas - 2013
    You've had thoughts of running another 5K, but faster. You've probably thought about training for a 10K race in your hometown to see if you could run the full 6.2 miles.    The thought may have even crossed your mind about someday running a Half-Marathon as a stretch goal. 13.1 miles is a long way to run, but you're pretty sure if you work hard enough, it can be accomplished.   It's even possible that you have come to love running so much that you've thought about going all the way: running a full Marathon...26.2 miles!   No matter which of these statements is true, one thing is for certain: You are a runner, and you are ready to take the next steps: Beyond The 5K!    Everything you need to start distance running is included in this book!   Topics Covered Include: Proper Nutrition Stretching Warm-Ups and Cool Down Common Running Injuries Fartleks (Speed Running) Core Strength Cross Training Target Heart Rate Training Full training plans for 10K, Half, and Marathon Races!!   Personal Note From The Author: This book blends years of personal experience gained from my successes and failures. I show you my unique approach to running that took me from a complete couch potato to running multiple marathons. I understand the challenges and frustrations of transitioning from being a beginning runner because I went through it personally. I lost over 60 pounds, and I am in the best shape of my life due to the techniques used in this book.   This is why I've put together this step-by-step guide to learning distance running. I'm confident that the techniques I used to turn myself from an out of shape non-runner into a healthy, fit, and efficient runner will work for you as well!   In an effort to provide my readers exceptional value, I also promise a response to all reader emails. All running related questions will be answered with a quick personal reply!   I thoroughly hope you enjoy this book. Happy Running! ~Michael

Strength Training Past 50

Wayne L. Westcott - 1997
    In the third edition of this best-selling guide, you'll find these topics:- 83 exercises for free weights, machines, bands, and balls- 30 workouts for increasing size, endurance, and strength- Sport-specific programs for tennis, golf, cycling, running, and more- Eating plans and nutrition advice for adding lean muscle and losing fatStrength Training Past 50 will keep you active, healthy, and looking great with workouts and programs designed just for you.

The Science of Lifting

Greg Nuckols - 2015

HomeMade Muscle: Strong & Lean Without going to the Gym (Motivational Bodyweight Home Workout)

Anthony Arvanitakis - 2015
    One of the most amazing stories you will read that will take you through Anthony’s tragic life-changing event. From his darkest moments to the turning point when he made the most courageous life-altering decision - having his leg amputated. From a long recovery to finally reaching a place of peace, fulfillment and the best physical shape ever imagined. This book offers lessons of how to maneuver your way around life’s obstacles in order to achieve your greatest bodyweight and strength training accomplishments all just by utilizing the miraculous tools (a/k/a “your own personal body”) that you have been already given. This book will inspire you to face the most daunting challenges and fears you could imagine with strength and courage resulting in confidence, fulfillment, and most importantly, a healthier you! The exercises in Anthony’s program are self-tested and proven successful. Anthony will walk you through every phase of his exercise program to train you on proper form, technique, diet, nutritional supplements do’s and don’ts, training video’s and much more. This program will help you increase your strength, burn fat and define your muscles. For those who would rather not invest in expensive gym memberships and the hassles the gym brings, Anthony’s program offers convenience, clear instructions and endless tips, tricks and advice on how to reach the pinnacle of your strength training! Anthony has a special innate quality like none other that will encourage you every step of the way. Included in this book HomeMade Muscle contains a step-by-step blueprint for becoming strong and lean without going to the gym. In this ebook you will find out: Video Tutorials: Exercise guides, progressions and variations for every level. Muscle-building exercises Which are the best muscle-building bodyweight exercises How to get that Six-pack: Tips, tricks and the best bodyweight exercises for a flat defined stomach Arms, Chest and Back: Which are the most important bodyweight exercises for developing your arms, chest and back muscles Which diets really work How to lose weight without starving yourself to death Which supplements work: you need supplements to build a lean and mean physique? Which ones work according to science. Motivation & Goal-setting tips: How to stay motivated, overcome Injury, Illness and Extended Life Challenges Get started today Stop making excuses... Stop being hassled into lifetime gym memberships... Stop overanalyzing your workout routine.... Build the body you want by using the body you already have. Would you like to learn more? Download HomeMade Muscle and get motivated to start your own journey to a stronger and healthy body. Scroll to the top of the page and click on the buy button

Super Squats: How to Gain 30 Pounds of Muscle in 6 Weeks

Randall J. Strossen - 1989
    John had no special genetic gifts and no interest in drugging up; plus, he had to keep the training routine and the accompanying diet very simple as well as extremely effective. Enter SUPER SQUATS, and six weeks later, the 150-pound, somewhat shaky version of John Doe had been replaced by a 180-pound fire breather who knew he could walk through walls, because he'd just done it. SUPER SQUATS is the definitive book on the classic 20-rep squat routine . . . it's been around for almost 75 years and it's the system that turns scarecrows into musclemen. Whether you're trying to outgrow your size small shirts or are hunting for a win at World's Strongest Man, here's the winning recipe when it comes to bulking up. 112 pp.

The Naked Warrior: Master the Secrets of the Super-Strong - Using Bodyweight Exercises Only

Pavel Tsatsouline - 2003
    From the ancient days of Greek wrestling, to the jealously guarded secrets of Chinese Kung Fu masters, to the hard men of modern spec ops, warriors and allied strongmen have developed an amazing array of skills for generating inhuman strength.But these skills have been scattered far and wide, held closely secret, or communicated in a piecemeal fashion that has left most of us frustrated and far from reaching our true strength potential.Now, for the first time, Russian strength expert and former Spetsnaz instructor Pavel has gathered many of these devastating techniques into one highly teachable skill set. In The Naked Warrior Pavel reveals exactly what it takes to be super-strong in minimum time-when your body is your only tool.

Strength Training for Women

Joan Pagano - 2004
    The book is a sensible workout plan which features two programs for all ages and levels of ability and is perfect for the home or gym.

The Roll Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Erase Pain, Improve Mobility, and Live Better in Your Body

Jill Miller - 2014
    It prevents you from performing at your best because it robs you of concentration, power, and peace of mind. But most pain is preventable and treatable, and healing is within your grasp. Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe have taken life “by the balls” and circumvented a dismal future of painkillers, surgeries, and hopelessness by using Jill Miller’s groundbreaking Roll Model Method. The Roll Model gives you the tools to change the course of your life in less than 5 minutes a day. You are a fully equipped self-healing organism, and this book will guide you through easy-to-perform self-massage techniques that will erase pain and improve your performance in whatever activities you pursue. The Roll Model teaches you how to improve the quality of your life no matter your size, shape, or condition. Within these pages you will find: Inspiring stories of people just like you who have altered the course of their lives by using the Roll Model Method Accessible explanations of how and why this system works based on the science of your body and the physiological effects of rolling Step-by-step rolling techniques to help awaken your body’s resilience from head to toe so that you have more energy, less stress, and greater performanceWhether you’re living with constant discomfort, seeking to improve your mobility, or trying to avoid medication and surgery, this book provides empowering and effective solutions for becoming your own best Roll Model.

The Parkour and Freerunning Handbook

Dan Edwardes - 2009
    An It Books paperback original, this essential handbook offers a jump-by-jump guide to parkour, aimed at building the confidence of the novice to become a confident and inventive free-runner. The first book of its kind, The Parkour and Freerunning Handbook is the only guide the fledgling traceur will ever need to get jumping.

Science of Running: Analyze Your Technique, Prevent Injury, Revolutionize Your Training

Chris Napier - 2020
    Discover the hard science that will help you run faster, endure for longer, and avoid injury.Analyze your running style and learn how to enhance your gait for optimum efficiency and safety.Transform your performance with exercises targeting strength, flexibility, and recovery - each exercise annotated to reveal the muscle mechanics so you know you're getting it right.Understand the science behind your body's energy systems and how to train to maximize energy storage and conversion.Follow training and exercise programs tailored to different abilities and distances, from 5K to marathon.Whether you are new to running or an experienced runner, this book will help you achieve your goals and stay injury-free.

Fat Loss Forever: How to Lose Fat and KEEP it Off

Layne Norton - 2019
    Chances are you’ve tried one of the popular diets out there. The Atkins Diet, The South Beach Diet, The Zone Diet, The Blood Type Diet, The Eat Clean Diet, The Alkaline Diet, The Ornish Diet, The Insert Name Here Diet.You probably lost some weight… for awhile. Did you keep it off? Chances are you didn’t. In fact, chances are you regained it all back and possibly then some. You aren’t alone. Six out of seven people who are overweight are able to successfully lose weight during their lifetime. But 85-95% of them will fail at keeping it off in the long term. If this sounds bad, consider that ⅓-⅔ of those people will add back on more weight than they lost in the first place! If this cycle is repeated it can turn into ‘yo-yo dieting’, quite possibly one of the worst things you can do for your mental and physical health.Ask anyone and they will tell you that you need to lose weight and keep it off and prevent yo-yo dieting, but no one gives you an idea of HOW to accomplish that. What makes our book different? We discuss WHY diets fail on a physiological, psychological, and sociological level so you can better understand why what you did previously did not work. Then we also detail the MOST IMPORTANT behaviors, methods, and traits for losing weight and KEEPING IT OFF.This book is for everyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off, especially for those frustrated and hopeless chronic dieters tired of trying all the popular diets only to repeatedly fail. There is still hope to be found in these pages. Please give us the chance to guide you.