Groo: Mightier Than the Sword

Sergio Aragonés - 2001
    That must be why so many accountants are buying Groo collections This trade paperback collects the latest and greatest adventures of Groo, the world's stupidest barbarian. In a savage land of another era, a goodly segment of the world has long been under the heavy thumb of the evil, power-mad despot known as Pipil Khan. The tyrant wants nothing more than to name an heir and shuck his mortal coil, but one thing stands in his way: Groo It seems Khan just can't rest easy until Groo is out of the way. He'll give his kingdom to the one of his sons who can accomplish this. One of them has a foolproof plan how to do it. Unfortunately for him, it may be that no plan is foolproof enough to thwart Groo. Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Sergio Aragones and "World's Greatest Soccer Mom" Award-winning wordsmith Mark Evanier bring you more moronic mayhem from the barbarian who made "mulch" a household word.

My Room is a Dungeon Rest Stop Vol. 1

Tougoku Hudou - 2020
    But when he stumbles across Ria, a beautiful blonde knight, he may well have gotten more adventure than he bargained for!

The little trashmaid

s0s2 - 2020
    Short comic strips of a mermaid in the modern days.

Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Manga, Vol. 1

Nekomint - 2017
    She wants an average life! Unfortunately for her, thanks to God’s…interesting interpretation of “average,” she is reborn as a young girl with incredible magical powers. Can she achieve the normal life she’s always longed for or will her not-so-average abilities betray her?

Love Hina Omnibus 4

Ken Akamatsu - 2012
    So what could go wrong? Having missed a semester with a broken leg, Keitaro now faces having to miss the whole year of school and things with Naru have been really awkward. What can be done to salvage the dream of living happily ever after with Naru at Todai? Keitaro faces a big decision that shakes up all of Hinata’s residents!

Damned if I do

Elizabeth Stevens - 2019
    And, so does his son.DrakeMost guys like their dads.Most guys aren't the son of the literal devil.When Daddy Dearest tells me its unseemly for the last living son of the Lord of Hell to be unmarried, I hate to think who he has in mind. Until, I remember I’m technically already married. Yeah, she’s human, and I was all of eight at the time. But, still counts.Now I just need to get my wife to Hell for a meet and greet with Pops and send her back home. Except, our marriage won’t technically be legit until it’s consummated. And I don’t kno that I want to send her home…WrenMost girls live normal lives.Most girls aren’t married to the devil’s son.There is something weirdly familiar about the new guy next door, but I can’t place it. Then a weird little demon thing turns up in my room to tell me a prince of Hell wishes for an audience with me. Oh, yeah. And apparently – while I’m not even eighteen yet – he’s my husband?So, I find myself stuck in Hell with a husband. And I guess I don’t hate it as much as I thought I would. There’s always something going on and things to discover. And soon, I don’t know that I want to go home.Please be aware that this story uses Australian English spelling and syntax. Not recommended for younger readers due to mature content.

Ral & Grad, Volume 1

Tsuneo Takano - 2007
    With the castle walls collapsing and their doom within sight they are persuaded to let loose a boy who himself has a Shadow within him. Released from his black cell a teenager who has never laid eyes on the opposite sex, he meets his beloved teacher face to face and discovers there are differences between men and women, differences he deems worth fighting for!

Here is Greenwood, Vol. 1

Yukie Nasu - 1987
    But since the car accident sidelined Kazuya for quite some time, and he ended up missing a little over a month of school! Entering school, Kazuya is introduced to the Student Body President, Shinobu Tezuka, and Kazuya's dorm's Head Resident, Mitsuru lkeda, who both seem like nice, good-looking young men. They escort Kazuya to his new home, the dorm named Ryokurin-ryu--but because that is so difficult to pronounce, they call it by its English translation, Greenwood. And because Kazuya arrived at school late, he is introduced to his new roommate in the last available room, Shun Kisaragi, the cutest girl in the guy's dorm!


Steve Barlow - 2001
    But Fate has other, more dangerous plans for him.

Crown, Vol. 1

Shinji Wada - 2005
    As Mahiro learns more about her forgotten past, she and her handsome bodyguards must face explosions, assassins, betrayal... and the budding romance!

Amber Goes Yeti (Jewels Cafe)

Mia Harlan - 2020
    But when the heat goes out right before guests arrive, the party of the year might just be a complete disaster! Can my mates and I find a way to turn up the heat? And will they ever look at me the same again after I shift into a big, hairy, grunting yeti?Amber Goes Yeti is a reverse harem short story starring Amber and her guys. It is intended to be read after Amber and Amber: Deja Brew.

Chihuahua Karma

Debby Rice - 2011
    Cherry Paget's is a Chihuahua.Cherry was young, beautiful and rich-just golden enough to imagine that she had the world by the balls. Death was the furthest thing from her mind. But even a morbid obsession with the afterlife could not have prepared her for what happened.Chihuahua Karma chronicles the horrendous consequences of Cherry's bad choices. She trades love for a Black American Express card. She dumps veterinarian, Richard Preston, to marry gangster, Larry Finkelstein. And, when a smudge of magenta lipstick confirms that Larry is cheating she washes down a fist-full of Vicoden with a bottle of wine for breakfast. That mistake is the beginning of her problems.In an inebriated attempt at tanning, Cherry plunges from the terrace of her penthouse to the street below. She escapes extinction only to encounter a more complicated fate. Cherry regains consciousness trapped inside the body of a very tiny dog.Cherry's diminutive prison is a mini Chi named Sugar. The Lucky Dream Dry Cleaners is her dismal new home. With the unwitting assistance of her former housekeeper, Cherry escapes the dirty clothes and cotton dust. Once again ensconced in Larry's luxurious penthouse, she becomes his girlfriend's prized purse-buddy.In her diminished state, Cherry finds new perspective. She yearns for Richard. And she forms an unlikely alliance with Don Paco Fernandez, a temperamental ghost with a taste for tequila and pretty ladies. Through Don Paco, Cherry discovers that only she can save an orphaned child from her impending adoption by a sinister couple. The cast of off-beat characters collides, and Cherry meets her destiny at a casino night Christmas party.Chihuahua Karma could easily share a shelf with humorous fiction like the Devil Wears Prada and the Nanny Diaries. Sugars fans include women who love fashion, passion and small dogs and any reader who enjoys unraveling a quirky plot to its surprising conclusion.Debby Rice is a writer from Chicago. She has spent time in Mexico City, San Miguel Allende, New Orleans and San Francisco, and her experiences in those cities color her work. Rice blurs the distinctions between fantasy and reality and immerses her readers in a vividly imagined new world.

Coloring for Grown-Ups: The Adult Activity Book

Ryan Hunter - 2012

Obaka-chan Koigatariki, Vol. 1

Zakuri Sato - 2008
    Wanting to find romance, she decides to transfer to a highschool in Kantou. Instead, what faced her was a specially assembled class of delinquents.

Amai Akuma Ga Warau

Toriumi Pedoro - 2011
    Her best friend is Mami. She visits a girl's school across the road from a boy's school.One day she sees a boy in the window of the boy's school. When she comes home from school the boy she had s... clearHaruru Shirosaki, a girl whose father is a director, is always busy. Her best friend is Mami. She visits a girl's school across the road from a boy's school.One day she sees a boy in the window of the boy's school. When she comes home from school the boy she had seen earlier is there saying he will become her butler? Is this just a dream