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Romancing The Alpha 3 by Cass Wilder


Call of the Alpha - Part 1

Lia Manning - 2015
    She lives and breathes her work as a nurse. Even her few friends are colleagues. Outside of work, she lives alone on the edge of town, and hasn't had a relationship in years. One night, driving home after being gently told by her boss to take a week off, something darts in front of her car from the shadows. Something that at first looks almost animal-like. But instead of an animal, Jessica finds a man, injured and lying in a ditch. Taking him home to treat his wounds, she soon discovers he has no idea who he is, his memories lost in the accident. As he heals, his memory loss doesn't stop the sexual attraction growing between them. But what else has he forgotten? What was he doing running out there in the dark, and could whatever was hunting him now have set its sights on Jessica too? Call of the Alpha - Part 1 is a 20,000 word BBW Werewolf Shifter Paranormal Romance. It is part 1 of an alpha shifter serial and is not stand alone. Parts will be published every two weeks.

Totally Bears: A 10 Book Paranormal Romance Box Set

Amira RainMaria Amor - 2016
    I couldn't believe my luck!" Niah Q "Every book is just as good as the other. What a catch! - Lauren Hillian "stories that put a new spin the Shifter culture!" - Kristal Holt It's totally awesome, it's totally sexy... It's TOTALLY BEARS! This box set is a collection of TEN steamy “WereBear” romances. Every book is a bestseller and EVERY book can be read standalone. So this bundle really does have something for everyone! This is your chance to own all TEN bestselling shapeshifter romances for one LOW price! No catches! The 10 TOTALLY Breathtaking Paranormal WereBear Romances included in this collection for you are... (Warning: All these books contain scenes of a sexual nature and should only be read by adults.) Book 1: Gifted To The Bear – Amira Rain Avery Clarke has just discovered that she has been gifted with supernatural powers. Now the FBI are after her and she has no choice but to allow herself to be protected by handsome WereBear Jim Duncan. Protected, in more ways than one... Book 2: The Bear On The Bike – Amy Star When Kara Lashbrooke got herself into a dangerous situation she found herself rescued by a mysterious man on a bike. Little did she know that this was no man, this was a WereBear and her life was about to change forever... Book 3: Unleashing His Bear – Ellie Valentina Ryan Walker is, or was, a WereBear. However, he has lost his ability to shift. But after a steamy night with curvy Kara Smith he rediscovered everything he had previously lost. And more... Book 4: Bear My Babies – Jade White Thomas McMillian is a WereBear. He is also a billionaire who wants nothing more than be able to reproduce. And he thinks that fertility doctor Melissa Rancic is the perfect woman to make this happen.... Book 5: Her ToyBear – Bonnie Burrows Divorced Jennifer Casey loved to have fun with a toy boy every now and then. However, her latest lover is not actually a toy boy but a toy bear and she is about to find out the truth and much more... Book 6: Her Burden To Bear – Angela Foxxe Sharon McKay was loving dating Billionaire Chad Rogers. However, Chad's secret life as a WereBear was about to be discovered and it was about to become more than a burden for Sharon too... Book 7: One Night With A Bear – Jasmine White When Tara White enjoyed a no-strings attached one night stand with handsome WereBear Colton Boswell she had no idea that their night of fun would come back to haunt them in more ways then one... Book 8: Blake, Her Bad Bad Bear – Amy Star He was sexy. He was charming. He was also so bad for her that he should have come with a health warning and innocent journalist Lilly was about to find out just how bad this bear could be... Book 9: A Bear In A Billion – Lilly Pink When Kara and her friends headed for a relaxing weekend at the Black Bear Lodge it was supposed to be girls-only. However, the owner of the ranch was a young, handsome Billionaire named Wes and Kara was going to find herself getting to know him in ways that she never expected...

Protection, Inc.: Defenders Collection One

Zoe Chant - 2021
    But when they're up against deadly magic, the couples just might need a little help from their mischievous pets. Flying kittens to the rescue!Author Zoe Chant returns us to the thrilling and heartwarming world of Protection, Inc. with a new team of misfit shifters!This sizzling hot collection includes:Book #1: Defender Cave BearTwo damaged people. One deadly enemy. And a pair of hell-raising flying kittens.Book #2: Defender RaptorPigeons stole her heirloom necklace, a bright blue bugbear is bumbling around his living room, and that's not even getting into the shifter circus he inherited. They do say the course of true love never runs smooth...Book #3: Defender HellhoundShe has one year to live, unless he can figure out how to save her. But only she can save him from himself.And a special bonus short story, a prelude to the bestselling series:Book #0.5: Hamster DanceNo problem is too big or too small for the Defenders. But they had no idea just how small their first case would be . . .Love romance with action, passion, comedy, and heart? Get ready to fall in love with the Defenders - and enjoy this addictive collection today! Enjoy these four hilarious, sizzling hot, standalone, shifter romance books. These stories are all romance, with no cheating, absolutely no cliff-hangers, and guaranteed, heartwarming HEA's!

Timber Bear Ranch; Complete Series

Scarlett Grove - 2017
    Now he's the new Alpha of his clan, and in charge of Timber Bear Ranch. He soon discovers that his father left the ranch in so much debt that he and his brothers might be forced to sell everything. As if that's not tough enough, the new auditor examining his books is his mate! A difficult assignment... Sylvia Barker is ready to settle down, but not with any of the terrible dates her mom keeps arranging. A shifter-human dating website matches her to Leland, and their chemistry is immediate - but the next day, she finds out she's auditing him. If he loses the ranch, it could wreck things between them! A sinister agenda... As Leland works to uncover his father's secrets, Sylvia is targeted lurking enemies. Can Leland save his mate and his ranch, or will he lose them all? Saw Bear (Timber Bear Ranch #2) Can Love Heal? A loyal man... Buck Kincaid runs his family's timber business on Fate Mountain. He's hardworking, steady, and ready to settle down. It won't be that easy, though - the morning after a human-shifter dating app finally finds his match, his mate sends him a message that they can never meet! A wounded woman... Maria Reyes knows her sister is happily mated to a bear shifter... but Maria doesn't feel worthy of a forever love. And that's before she's attacked by a mountain lion shifter. Hiding in the woods, scared and sick, she attacks Buck when he tries to help her! A dangerous game... Buck won't give up on Maria, no matter how many times she tries to drive him away. She's his mate, and that's that. But when she's abducted, Buck has to save her from more than her own torment. Will he find Maria in time - and if he does, can he persuade her to trust him? Mountain Bear (Timber Bear Ranch #3) Love isn't always obvious... A solitary man... Cyrus Kincaid has been living in the woods since the Great War ended. In tune with the elements and his shifter nature, he's content to be alone... mostly. His longing for a mate, however, won't be silenced! An unhappy woman... Daisy Danes is the stepdaughter of a Mafia boss. She loves pink designer suits, her Yorkshire terrier Fifi, and shopping. What she doesn't love is the fact that her stepfather plans to marry her off to a hyena shifter in exchange for a shipment of drugs. In a desperate act of rebellion, she signs up for a shifter-human dating site and learns that she does have a mate - a bear shifter who lives in a remote cabin on Fate Mountain... A perilous path... When the hyena shifter tries to double-cross her stepfather, Daisy escapes (with Fifi) and flees through the forest - straight into Cyrus's arms. Despite their being mates, it's anything but love at first sight for this unlikely couple, and things get even more dangerous when a dark figure from Cyrus's past resurfaces. Can they overcome their differences in time to defeat their enemies and find a happy ending? Mechanic Bear (Timber Bear Ranch #4) Sometimes fate works in mysterious ways... A desperate woman... Fox shifter Dana Myers is on the run. After two years of indentured servitude to the Updike hyena pack on Fate Mountain, she finally makes her escape in a stolen car. When it breaks down, she discovers that mechanic and bear shifter Jessie Kincaid is her match on a shifter dating website. Out of options, she asks her unknown mate for help... A reluctant man... Jessie is in no hurry to settle down. Playing the field is fun - and besides, he saw how his dad fell apart after his mom’s death, and he never wants to be that vulnerable. But knowing that Dana is his mate changes everything. He’s determined to take care of her… and she’ll need all the help she can get! A dangerous dilemma... The car she used for her getaway has a body in the trunk, making Dana the prime suspect in a murder case. Jessie knows she’s innocent, but all the evidence is pointing her way. Can he clear her name in time, or will he lose his mate to a deadly plot?

The Bond: Bound to the Bear

Anya Nowlan - 2015
    Will she find him instead? Caleb thought he had found the one woman who was just right for him. One disastrous evening and he fears he has lost her forever. But will the invisible bond between werebear and mate bring the two together? Missy, a curvy and fiery-haired waitress, has set off on a daring adventure to find the only man who has ever made her feel like she could love and be loved. Finding him is no easy task, but the heart wants what it wants. The sight of his muscled body and soulful eyes makes her stomach flutter and she can't say no. She has to find him, whatever it takes. Will the brave woman find her bear and will the eldest Walker brother be blessed with a sexy mate? Please be aware that this is an erotic short story and it includes sexual acts.

Bear My Babies

Jade White - 2016
     So Thomas sought the expertise of fertility doctor Melissa Rancic who specialized in helping shifters like him reproduce. However, when Thomas set his eyes on Melissa he realized she was the woman that could help him in more ways than one. He realized that she was the one who was going to bear his babies and he was going to stop at nothing to make it happen... This is a Paranormal Pregnancy Romance with a whole bunch of sensual scenes intertwined with awesome action and adventure. Please only read if 18+

Alpha's Mercy

Kate Rudolph - 2015
    And with her ample curves she knows that she would never be able to hold his interest. But when a betrayal of his pack threatens to destroy her life, Jess finds herself under Rafe's power and tempted by his touch. Rafe Blackwood is the Wolf of Falcon Point. He rules the pack as werewolf alpha and takes what he wants. And he wants Jess. Her curves draw his eye and ignite his imagination, and her willingness to stand up to him makes him realize that Jess is more than a lover. She is his mate. But Rafe must convince Jess that she is more to him than the means to an end, and Jess must open herself to a chance at love before she can be anything more than at the alpha's mercy. This is an erotic novella featuring a steamy alpha werewolf and the sumptuous BBW that he can't get enough of.

Worshiped By The Bear Kings: Part One

Rosette Bolter - 2015
    All she wants is to relax and take her mind off her exams next week. But after one of her friends starts hunting animals in the forest, it becomes apparent the time for relaxing is over. Thunder Brad is the king of a bear shifter tribe whose job is to protect the forest. He and his cousin Spike share their role as king, as well as many other things. When misfortune befalls the forest Brad and Spike decide it is Jasmine who must pay for the misdeed, even though she had nothing to do with it. So begins Jasmine's great adventure with the Uthuro Bear Tribe. She will explore the love and sexual realizations that come with a menage relationship, as well as its endless challenges.

Tiger Bite

Lola Kidd - 2015
    The tiger shifter is supposed to be keeping curvy Jessica Sheridan safe but she’s made it her mission to make his job as difficult as possible. She gets under his skin like no one has before and he’s had enough. Alek decides to get as far away from Jessica as possible, get a new job, and start a new life. Right as he’s planning his exit, an unexpected attack makes him to reconsider. He’s forced to have to follow Jess into dangerous shifter territory. All he wants to do is get her home safely so he can quit. His tiger has other plans. This is the first book in the Shifters Everafter series. It is a standalone story with a HEA.

City Shifters: the Den Box Set (City Shifters: the Den, #1-5)

Layla Nash - 2016
    But when she saves Kaiser's life, she discovers a whole world of shifters exists in the city -- and her dead sister might have been involved in it. Josie has to decide whether to risk everything she loves to stay with Kaiser, including her own life and humanity, or shoulder her burdens on her own yet again. Bearing Hearts: Lucy Randall couldn't save her partner, Ragnar, when their mission against a rogue wolf-pack went bad, but she can finish the job and at least honor Ragnar's memory by killing the men who ambushed him. Reaching the investigator who hired her seems easy enough -- until she runs into a man with Ragnar's face and twice as much attitude. Can they avenge Ragnar's death and get one step closer to destroying the rogue wolf-pack, or will their hearts grow too heavy to bear? Bearing Scars: Kara flees a rogue pack to save her own life, but knows she has to go back to save her brother. When the rogue wolves chase her, though, Kara faces a lonely death in the woods -- until an enormous bear shifter races in to save her. Owen is everything she needs, and as he deals with his own scars, Kara discovers he needs her more. But when the rogue pack demands a trade that endangers Kara, her brother, and most of the bears, how far will Kara go to save her brother? And how much will Owen sacrifice to protect her? Bearing Demons: Greer O’Brien has seen all kinds of tragedy as a homicide detective, and she’s witnessed her fair share as a banshee, too. When she finds a dying man, the banshee sings his death-song – except the handsome shifter doesn’t stay dead. Greer isn’t ready for Malcolm MacNevin to disrupt her solitary life, and she certainly isn’t ready for him to kidnap her. When Malcolm's little sister disappears into the city's underworld, Greer walks a fine line between her oath as a detective and her growing feelings for Malcolm. She’ll even face off with Russian mobsters, crazy fae overlords, and a rogue pack to save Malcolm’s sister. But will that be enough to save Malcolm from his demons? Bearing Secrets: Sunshine Wilkes runs a shelter and escape route for women with nasty husbands. She handles whatever the world throws at her... until she rescues a crazy pregnant lady raving about werewolves and carrying a little boy with a puppy tail. She's in over her head in a magical world she didn't know existed. So when a detective pal recommends a gorgeous Russian thug as a bodyguard, Sunny doesn't mind at all. She can handle a guy with a dodgy past -- even him being a werebear is something she can come around to. But when her relationship with Sasha makes Sunny the target of an evil wolf pack and Russian mobsters, she starts to think some of his secrets are too dark to survive. Will Sasha's secrets ruin his future with Sunny, or will he finally break free of the past?

Yoga Bear Menage

Becca Fanning - 2015
    Two eager Shifter studs, hungry for me... I never claimed to be great at yoga. It's strenuous and demands complete concentration. That's not too easy when an Alpha Male Shifter stud is your yoga instructor. A bear Shifter! Each class I'd do the best that I could, despite my curves. Those gorgeous golden eyes. That strong compassionate voice. I couldn't stop thinking about him. Sometimes I was sure he was speaking ony to me. I kind of had a thing for him, if I'm being honest. But then I realized his attentions were elsewhere. A thinner, blonde elsewhere with fake tits if you know what I mean. So I quit. I'm not proud of it, but there it is. I'd just put him and his yoga class out of my mind when he sent me a letter. Offering me a private lesson. I was so angry at his audacity that with the help of some very strong tequila I marched over to his place to give him a piece of my mind. Then his stunning Shifter friend answered the door. Oh...oh my.

Josiah's Command

Vivian Wood - 2014
    All six men are big, built, and virile, but none of them has ever so much as considered settling down with a mate. As far as Josiah sees it, the Beran men have a duty to continue the bloodline and sire Berserker bear offspring, but all any of them has done is their sow wild oats. Josiah makes a decision that will change Luke, Wyatt, Cameron, Gavin, Noah, and Finn’s lives forever. When the Alpha of the Beran family summons them home to the Montana Lodge, his sons have no choice but to obey. Josiah makes a shocking decree, and he’s not willing to hear excuses. Anyone who resists will be banished from the clan and from the Montana Lodge wilderness refuge, the only safe place where bears shifters can roam free in their true forms. Will these six swaggering bad boys choose to reform their skirt-chasing ways, or will they face the possibility of losing their inheritance, names, and native land?

Shifters Forsaken: Shifter Romance Collection

Mia Taylor - 2018
    Four siblings estranged, four mates, one combined goal—love and unity. Featured Books in this Collection: Book One – Cypher’s Mate Book Two – Briar’s Mate Book Three – Vaughan’s Mate Book Four – Ryker’s Mate Book Five - Shifters United: The Sequel AUTHOR’S NOTE: These are stand alone romances with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

Scratch and Win Shifters: Libby

Kate Kent - 2017
    Visions of winning cash, trips and cars float thru her pretty head. But when she discovers the prize is a sexy, beefcake shifter she’s in shock!Handsome bear shifter Justin King is ready for his forever mate and enters into the lottery pool. To his delight he’s matched with the first winner, Libby. But she seems to prefer money to love. And her friends aren’t happy with her new attitude.Will Libby and Justin make a match? Can Libby resolve her differences with her friends? Scratch and Win Shifters: Libby is a BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance. This is a standalone novella and the first story in the 'Lovebites Lottery' series. These paranormal romances can be read in any order. The story includes strong sexual themes and language.

Bluff Bears: The Complete 4 Book Collection

Amelia Jade - 2016
    Four steamy standalone stories set in the mountains, where big hunky bears are known to find their match in the tough no-nonsense women who inhabit the area. Read on as these ripped shifters steal the hearts of both their mates, and you! Included in this collection: Rogue Bear Calan Winters has been roaming for a long time, but now it's time to return home after being gone for fifteen long years. Things have changed in the small town of Bear Bluffs, and Calan has a had time adjusting. Especially when it comes to understanding just why the woman his bear longs for is avoiding him. Outlaw Bear Jet Taylor has left his past behind him, settling down to the honest life as bartender in the small town he's decided to come home. He's even found a mate. The perfect woman. But when Jet overhears a chance conversation, he realizes that perhaps his past isn't as buried as he thought. Broken Bear Tanner Bryant has been successful in starting his own business in the small shifter town of Bear Bluffs. It's required a lot of sacrifice from him, however, and he's never been able to find the right woman to settle down with. But when a freak accident threatens a woman from out of town, he realizes that she's the one for him. Now if only he could figure out why there's a pack of werewolves following her around... Junkyard Bear Bear shifter Andy Hawes can fix anything. Anything mechanical that is. When it comes to his love life though, Andy hasn't had a whole lot of luck. But that's what the carnival is for, and when one rolls into town with a unique main attraction, Andy finds that perhaps his desires to settle down and start a family will come true after all.