It is Risen (Jessica Christ Book 5)

H. Claire Taylor - 2017
     Post-collegiate life in Austin, Texas, is going as well as Jessica McCloud had expected, meaning it’s exhausting and lonely and she’s mega broke. If she’s ever going to get her business off the ground, though, she needs to get her ass in gear. After all, groceries don’t pay for themselves. But that’s what credit cards are for, right? Same could be said for winning scratch-off tickets, except Jessica is done accepting her heavenly father’s help. If she’s going to make something of herself, she’ll accomplish it on her own, sans divine intervention. In the meantime, there’s a book of enigmatic half-truths making the rounds that she’s long overdue for reading. No, not the Bible, but the official memoirs of Reverend Jimmy Dean, for which she definitely didn’t write the foreword, regardless of what Jimmy claims. She may not know what’s between the covers, but she does know it’s part of a plot he’s hatching … though how his scheming will manifest this time is anyone’s guess. Can Jessica get traction with her bakery before the other pearly white boot drops on Jimmy’s latest power grab? And is there even a point to making something of her life when a smarter, wealthier, more charismatic force is set on twisting whatever she achieves to his own advantage? It is Risen is the fifth book in the Jessica Christ series of comedy satire masterpieces. If you like snarky humor, fresh takes on feminism, and adult hijinks, then you’ll love H. Claire Taylor’s divine comedy.Buy It is Risen today and prepare for an ungodly amount of laughter.

Driving Me Nuts!

P.J. Jones - 2011
    Every Friday night Ruckus and his roommate Fred sneak out of Shady Grove Home for the Mentally Insane for a ride in their orderly’s convertible. A trip to the used book store and the Dairy Queen is Ruckus’s one little routine among the chaos of pissing all over the lunch trays. There is nothing routine about Apple, another Shady Grove resident who wants to go joyriding with the boys. It quickly becomes obvious she has bigger plans than getting an ice cream cone— plans that could land them in jail or even worse. When their lives are threatened by three angry ex-cons and a crooked cop, it’s up to Ruckus to get his friends back to Shady Grove in one piece. But first, they all need to face reality and confront their tragic pasts. It doesn’t take long for Ruckus to realize that if Apple doesn’t drive him totally nuts, she just may be the one to help restore his sanity."Driving Me Nuts! will surely tickle your funny bone!" Five Stars and Reviewer Top Pick - Diana Coyle, Night Owl Reviews

Texts from Dog II: The Dog Delusion

October Jones - 2013

Mrs Brown's Family Handbook

Brendan O'Carroll - 2013
    Keeping her end up while seven grown-up children tear about the fecking place like the eejits haven't got a home to go to.Packed with Mammy's tips for keeping a perfect family, or at least a family, as well as contributions from her children, neighbours and other hangers on, Mrs Brown's Family Handbook dispenses advice in her own inimical fecking style. You'll learn:• why every mammy's secret weapon is the tea towel• the dos and don't of cleaning up Granddad • what Dermot doesn't know about farting (not much)• what Winnie knows about seks (not enough)• all about the Five-Sausages-A-Day Diet (hint: contains sausages)• from Maria all about pain relief in child birth (if its free, take it)The perfect gift for anyone in a large family - it's one present and cheap - or with no family at all (seeing what they're missing might cheer the miserable feckers up), Mrs Brown's Family Handbook is also ideal for anyone sick and tired of giving out bloody DVDs for Christmas.Brendan O'Carroll is an Irish writer, producer, comedian, actor, director and author. He is best known for playing Agnes Brown in Mrs Brown's Boys, which won the best sitcom BAFTA in 2012. He has written four films and nine comedy shows, including The Course (1995), The Last Wedding (1999) and last year saw the release of his DVD for the live tour Good Mourning Mrs Brown. He has also published seven novels, including The Mammy, The Scrapper and The Young Wan - a number of which have been translated into 12 languages.

The Pornographer Diaries

Danny King - 2004
    He talks to the models, he reads hundreds of filthy readers' letters, he organises the photoshoots and even gets to direct the action. He has, according to his non-porn friends, "the best job in the world". But Godfrey Bishop has a problem. Godfrey Bishop is going through the sex drought to end all sex droughts. He hasn't been with a woman in over a year and this knee-twisting frustration is magnified a hundred times by his daily grind. He feels like Billy Bunter put in charge of the cake shop, only to have the Atkins diet forced upon him at gun point. Chuck into the mix a twelve girl orgy, a stable of alcoholic co-workers, an angry argumentative feminist, a naked run from justice and an obsessive nutty reader who thinks Godfrey is trying to scupper his chances of marrying the magazine's centre-spread girl and you have Danny King's filthiest and funniest novel yet – according to the back of the book. Godfrey Bishop has "the best job in the world" – and it's doing his f*cking head in.

You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero!: Book One in the Just Make a Choice! Series

Bob Powers - 2008
    Julia, the girl you went out with last night, has been TAKEN HOSTAGE. What will you do? Will you go to the police and ask for help? Will you burst into the hideout, killing everyone in sight, then tell Julia that she shouldn’t misinterpret this as some sort of big commitment? Or will you unplug your phone and just get really, really drunk? The choice is yours!You awake to the sound of the phone ringing.“Hello?”You hear a man’s voice. It is muffled. “We’ve got Julia.”“Wait, what do you mean?”“We have kidnapped your girlfriend. If you ever want to see her again---”“Whoa, she’s not my girlfriend,” you say. “I just met her. I mean, I had a good time with her and all, but I wanna take it slow with this one, I think.”“We understand,” the voice says. “But she’s new to the city, and presently, you’re all she has. Give us fifty thousand dollars by tomorrow or we’ll blow her head off.”If you want to go and ask your parents if you can borrow fifty thousand dollars, go to page 173.If you want to have sex with your ex-girlfriend, consider getting back together with her, then think better of it, go to page 183.BE VERY CAREFUL! You’re directing the story and the CHOICES you make can result in MURDER, GRADUATE SCHOOL ENROLLMENT, TORTURE, MARRIAGE, POST-APOCALYPTIC SLAVERY, UNWANTED PREGNANCY, even TEMPING! It’s YOUR STORY and YOUR LIFE. All you’ve got to do is decide which page you want to turn to. JUST MAKE A CHOICE!

It's Hard Out Here For a Shrimp: Life, Love & Living Large

Jim Lewis - 2008
    He's a lothario, a linguist, and a specialist at looking on the bright side of life-- especially when it means twisting or turning a situation so it works in his favor! In this book, he will teach you how to do the same for yourself. He offers a plethora of thorough advice on parties, relationships, careers, love, friendship, and life in general-- there is something in here for everyone! Pepe's thoughts on friendship? "Love comes and goes .but friendship is forever, or at least until they run out of money and places to take you. Building lifelong relationships with people who aren't related to you or attractive to you is a strange habit, but one that's hard to shake. Here's how I deal with it..." Laugh-out-loud funny and in his authentic, Spanish-accented voice, Pepe's musings and guidance will delight readers of all ages with this fantastic comic relief! Served up with hot, fresh, and filled with wit, pith and a dash of salsa this is Pepe's guide to life, love and living large! From family to friendship to romance and everything is between, Pepe's words of wisdom are served up in fun and witty quotes and advice told with his signature brand of humor.

Jonathon Fairfax Must Be Destroyed

Christopher Shevlin - 2017
    In fact, if you’re stuck in a bit of a reading rut, it’s just the palate cleanser you need.” Emerald Street Longlisted for the Bath Novel Award 2017 Jonathon Fairfax, the world’s most socially awkward hero, works for a giant corporation where he specialises in muttering ‘um’ and tripping over bins. When he accidentally discovers a colossal corporate conspiracy, it soon becomes clear that someone will do anything to keep it secret – including murder. Read the book on its own or as a follow-up to The Perpetual Astonishment of Jonathon Fairfax – an Amazon UK #1 bestseller that was shortlisted for the Bath Novel Award 2014. Stylist called it ‘a comic gem’ and The Guardian said, ‘you can’t help being tickled’. "This one is even better than the one before. Buy!” John Lenahan (bestselling author, magician and voice of the toaster in Red Dwarf) How readers describe it… “A cross between PG Wodehouse and Tom Sharpe.” "Christopher Shevlin writes the funniest dialogue you'll ever read so you may need to find a private space with this book unless you don't mind laughing out loud in public places.” “Laugh out loud funny and thought provoking at the same time." "This is the funniest book I have read in years.” "Shevlin is a modern English Kurt Vonnegut.” "Uplifting, a great little gem of a book.” "I love the Jonathon Fairfax books. They're like a big hug for your neuroses.” “There are beautiful sentences on every page." "You'll love the characters and the writing style. What I would give to spend an evening at the local pub with Jonathan and co.” "Excellent. Every sentence is somewhere between amusing and laugh-out-loud funny.” "Funny but unusually also a page turner.” "The only downside is that I find myself missing the characters.”

Gone Girl Parody: So Far Gone, Girl

Luke Young - 2014
    Supported by his sister whose own behavior is inappropriate at best, a pair of lunatic detectives and in-laws with questionable motives, Rick Dunce tries to navigate the tricky waters of exactly how one should act when the woman he absolutely can’t stand disappears without a trace. If this Husband-of-the-Year is truly responsible, did he act in self-defense or did one too many bizarre quiz questions or inane treasure hunt clues finally push him over the edge? Whether Winnie is missing, dead or just hiding out, the only thing that's certain is she's so far gone that it's not even funny— except that it is. A parody of, Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn's acclaimed and runaway bestselling masterpiece, So Far Gone, Girl, will leave you doubled over with laughter, gasping for breath and checking to see if your own ottoman can really balance on its side like that.

Down Aisle Ten

Daniel Friedland - 2012
    The first sufferer is Harold Greensmeyer, who contracts USAC while at the supermarket. He is soon confined to a mental hospital, where he encounters a cast of curious characters – the compulsive psychiatrist who tries to treat him, a woman convinced that she and Harold are fated to marry, and a befuddled cop who believes Harold is a mystic. When USAC spreads and the hospital is quarantined, they escape together in search of answers, love, and a cure.

A Book Of Bits Or A Bit Of A Book

Spike Milligan - 1965
    Poems, sketches, cartoons, short prose pieces and doctored photos.

Staying Alive

Matt Beaumont - 2005
    He's started telling the truth at work. He's borrowed a stack of cash from a man with a gun, a speech impediment and no grasp whatsoever of APR. He's also taking drugs and -- God help him -- he's started dancing. Badly. To trance. And now he's on the run with a human version of Muttley and a teenage girl called Fish. Which is strange, because a few weeks ago Murray didn't even burn the candle at one end. But when his doctors tell him he has only months to live, he gives his boring old self the boot, relaunches a new, improved Murray and falls in love with a passion he didn't know was in him. His old self, of course, would tell him he's digging his own grave. But he'll be needing one of those soon enough anyway, won't he?

The Freaks of Mayfair

E.F. Benson - 1916
    Each is a distinct representative of an anthropological 'type': Sir Louis and Lady Mary Marigold turn snobbery into an art form; 'Aunt' George is a bachelor with a passion for embroidery; Mrs Weston, a devotee of every new health-cult and spiritual fad; Horace Campbell, the jealous and poisonous society gossip; the socalled 'grizzly kittens' Babs Begum and Charlie Gordon, refuse to grow old gracefully; Mrs Sarah Whitehand is the social-climbing wife of an American toilet-bowl magnate; and Mr Sandow, the socialite vicar who seems interested in everything but real spirituality. These and a number of other intriguing specimens, all greedily jockeying for social standing in this most exclusive of societies, are impaled, Iabelled and preserved for our entertainment on the razor-sharp scalpel of Benson's savage wit.

Otis Lee Crenshaw: I Blame Society

Rich Hall - 2005
    A man not above faking his own death to sell more records, this is his not quite true story of romance, recidivism, country music, and an unshakeable belief in Marriage at First Sight.

Missing Links

Rick Reilly - 1996
    Just adjacent to the municipal course lies the Mayflower Country Club, the most exclusive private course in all of Boston and a major thorn in their collective sides. Frustrated by the Mayflower's finely manicured greens and snooty members, three of Ponky's most courageous--Two Down, Dannie, and Stick--set up a bet: $1,000 apiece, and the first man to finagle his way onto the Mayflower takes all.One of the three will eventually play the course, but their friendships--and everything else--change as various truths unravel and the old Ponky starts looking like the home they never should have left.