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What Wolves Know by Kit Reed


The Four Worlds of Bertie Cavendish

R.R. Haywood - 2021
    The Undead. A Town Called Discovery and The Worldship Humility.A virtual reality.A fleet of spaceships.A shimmering blue door.A virus unleased upon the planet.Four worlds that do not co-habit the same time and space.But things are never quite as they seem…*This book is intended for existing fans of the series, The Undead, Extracted, A Town Called Discovery and The Worldship Humility, and as such, it may not appeal to new readers who have not read those series.

Bombardier - The Complete Series

S.D. Tanner - 2016
     Ark is the Commander of the Bombardiers, the transformed soldiers working as the United Guild's army in space. Two hundred years earlier, aliens used mankind's own DNA to destroy Earth. Now, the Bombardiers hunt for the enemy aliens, destroying them wherever they are. Book One: Tyranny Ark is preparing to take over the Bombardier army. Traveling with his mentor, Tank, he discovers the Guild is committing genocide against any planet with even a hint of enemy DNA. Learning he is part of a tyrannical empire, he must decide whether to start a war against Earth. Book Two: Treason Armed with advanced weapons and ships, Ark finds out Dunk hasn't been idle. Hopelessly outnumbered, Bombardiers take on the Navigator fleet with devastating consequences. An epic space war begins. Book Three: Empire Both sides have made a mistake by forgetting their true enemy. Earth is once again under attack, but Ark is in another galaxy looking for a solution. The true face of the enemy aliens is revealed, proving they have all been taken for fools. Bombardier is an epic fight for control of the universe, filled with alien species, cool technology and politics. Also by SD Tanner Books in Bombardier Bombardier Trilogy Books in Navigator Enemy Lines Blind Sighted Killer Edge Broken Arrow Navigator Boxset (Books 1-4) The Hunter Wars series Books in Hunter Wars Eve of the Hunter Wars Heaven Meets Hell Army of Angels Gift from God Right to Rule Call to War Books in Eden Lost Trilogy Hidden Evil Dead Alive Divine Death Standalone Books Time to Die Twisted Daze Website: Twitter: @SDTanner1

The Day the Tide Kept Rising

Greg Jefferys - 2015
    A thrilling tale filled with action, adventure, intrigue and a pleasant pinch of romance the story is set primarily in Antarctica, Tasmania and on the east coast of Australia. The book follows the lives of four different people in their struggles to survive after a huge tsunami, caused by the massive Ross Shelf icesheet sliding off Antarctica and into the Southern Ocean, sweeps across the Pacific. The tsunami leaves a trail of death and destruction after which the water levels of Earth's oceans begin to rise rapidly causing cataclysmic disaster as well as massive political and social upheaval. As cities and nations are flooded the fabric of civilisation is torn as groups and individuals struggle for survival in a terrifying new world. The three parallel story lines are exciting, predictive and thought provoking. The author has degrees archaeology and history with a particular interest in the effects of the end of the last Ice Age on the humans of 8,000 B.C. He has transposed known archaeological information on rapid sea level rises onto the modern world to create an exciting, informative and relevant novel that attempts to answer the question of what would really happen to you and I if the Earth's sea levels rose more than six meters. The stories. Katherine Brown is a climatologist based on Antarctica, when the Ross Iceshelf shatters and slides into the ocean she and her team must traverse the rapidly changing Antarctic terrain to reach the relative safety of a base camp at Cape Colbeck; only a few will survive the trek through ice and mud and snow. Peter Taylor and his family survived the first wave but not the second. Alone and homeless he is forced to scavenge in flooded supermarkets for food and avoid roving gangs of bandits that quickly establish themselves as social norms disintegrate to be replaced by anarchy. He meets a mysterious and alluring woman, who, like himself, finds herself thriving in the post apocalypse world. Jeremy Jones is an archaeologist with a particular interest in Paleo- climatology. He is fired from his prestigious position at the Queensland University for predicting massive sea level rises even as his predictions, and much worse, come true. Karen Whitaker had been partying with girlfriends when the first tsunami tore through Hobart. Trapped overnight in the remains of a collapsed building, she emerged to discover a ruined city strewn with the bodies of the dead, the dying and the injured. Living in a refugee camp she does what she must to make the best of the new world.

My Name Is Mister Grief (Tales of the Unusual)

Luke Smitherd - 2015
    The man who has a tale of his own to tell.A story within a story within a story, MY NAME IS MISTER GRIEF continues the Luke Smitherd tradition of making the reader wonder 'what would I do?' while transporting them to the place where everyone has a secret and the impossible is possible.


Dominique Mondesir - 2017
     Looking for a major payoff to save his brother and sister, he needs money and fast. But when his imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit and shipped lightyears away from family that need him the most, his options are taken from him one by one. Now locked away in a prison where the vilest and most dangerous reside, hope looks bleak. He needs help and he needs it fast. But can he rely on the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy, a crazed scientist, a plucky engineer and a backstabbing thief, to get the job done. There’s only one way to find out, but is he willing to bet his life on it?

On Station: Galactic Council Realm

J. Clifton Slater - 2015
    In the Military, if you screw up, you either get busted or promoted. Sergeant Phelan Oscar Piran, formally of the Galactic Council Marine Corps, discovers that both can happen. If it wasn't difficult enough trouble being the oldest Ensign in the Galactic Council Navy, call sign J-Pop, the Druids have plans for him. He's not a Druid, having failed the Ritual, but his parents are Druids. ‘On Station’ is an adventure encompassing a Galactic Empire, Space Cats, Martial Arts, Marines, Navy Aviators and the unfolding story of the Galactic Council Realm. ‘On Station’ is the 1st book in the series with ‘On Duty’ and ‘On Guard’ continuing the story of Phelan Oscar Piran and the Galactic Council Realm.

Ghosts of Noodlemass Past

T.S. Paul - 2016
    It is overshadowing even Noodlemass, the Holiday Celebration of Athena Lee's planet. Refugees have no where to go and children are trapped out in the cold without shelter. The best solution is to use local Hotels to put them up for the winter. One problem with that. The owner won't sell or even lease. What will Wilson and his gang of cybernetic heroes do to help? Wilson provides his unusual spin on a Christmas Classic!


Toni Cox - 2019
    There were scenes that made my hair stand on end.” – Reviewer

The Alorian Wars: Volume I

Drew Avera - 2017
    But, as his ship decimates planet after planet, he finds his sympathies swinging toward their defeated enemies. Sergeant Anki Paro, a Luthian Marine, has been anxiously awaiting the call to deploy. As the last line of defense against the crushing Greshian forces, she hopes the time has finally come for her world to stand against tyranny. However, as her society prepares for imminent destruction, questions of misplaced loyalties lead Anki to wonder if the world she is trying to save has any real intentions of surviving. As Brendle's and Anki's worlds collide, they find themselves in an unlikely alliance to try to stop the full might of the Greshian Empire before there's nothing left to fight for. A stolen ship, a mission on the line, enemies at every turn... After four months in hiding, Brendle Quin can't delay his mission any longer. His ship, the Replicade, is held together with failing patches, and he needs to make repairs in a port. Unfortunately, the nearest world with proper facilities is situated deep in Greshian-owned enemy territory. The Greshian colony of Farax is a safe hold for piracy in the region, and none is more vile than Crase Tuin, a man known for trafficking people and weapons across the Alorian Galaxy. He has a reputation as the only pirate never to lose a ship--with the exception of the Replicade. When Crase finds the Replicade, he vows to claim the lives of those who stole her. But Brendle won't go down without a fight. Nothing has stopped the Greshian Empire's expanse, but all hope isn't lost... The illusion of peace shrouds a hidden darkness. Just as the crew of the Replicade are getting settled on a seemingly tranquil world, they encounter a young girl with special abilities--and she's being hunted by a secret, powerful organization that will stop at nothing to have her. When Anki and Brendle intervene to help the girl, they are caught in the organization's crosshairs. The crew must make a decision: give into the looming threat of the organization, or die fighting to protect her. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander Ilium Gyl has taken command of a Greshian scout ship. A breach in protocol raises questions of his loyalty to the Greshian Empire, leading to a power struggle as a rebellion sparks in a distant sector of the Alorian Galaxy. His ambitions may cripple the Greshian Fleet, or he might just be the empire's savior. The Alorian Wars is a space opera series, filled with political intrigue and shrouded in mystery, is sure to please fans of "The Expanse", "Dark Matter", "Firefly", and "Killjoys". Join the war today!

Cries of the Children

Clare McNally - 1992
    Three little children, found abandoned in different parts of the country. Three wonderfully sweet and startlingly gifted children who won the hearts of the grown-ups who adopted them.But now all three children were gone. Had they run away or been stolen? Their foster parents had to find them to find out. And on a rescue search that led them across America and into a world-within-a-world ruled by a psychically terrifying envoy of evil, little did they realize that the young ones they loved so briefly were now the unwitting possessors of a deadly power to harm.

The Drowned Cities - Free Preview (The First 11 Chapters)

Paolo Bacigalupi - 2012

The Complete Survive the Fall Series (A Post Apocalyptic Survival Thriller, Books 1-5)

Derek Shupert - 2021

Lafitte's Treasure

Joe Corso - 2014
    So why does Lafitte refuse their generous offer? In the approaching War of 1812 General Andrew Jackson hasn’t any weapons, ammunition or money to fight the British with and no one to turn to for help but the notorious pirate Jean Lafitte. Jackson hates pirates, but he agrees to meet with Lafitte, and he forms an unlikely alliance with the dashing pirate. What changed Jackson’s mind about attending the meeting? Before the war begins, Lafitte buries an unusual treasure, one that is sought in the 21st century by two men and a beautiful woman. Julianna Montaigne a direct descendent of Pierre Lafitte has found his diary in her grandfathers old sea man’s trunk. The diary has a clue to the treasure. Eddie Calto a New York City firefighter has a second clue left to him by his great great grandfather, The two join forces in an attempt to find Lafitte's Treasure. But there are dangerous men who want the treasure for themselves and for 200 years they have waited patiently for anyone seeking Lafitte’s Treasure. Borrow this book for free with your prime subscription or subscribe to kindle lending library!

The Lost Island

P.K. Hawkins - 2020

Walnut Grove House (Cid Garrett P.I. Book 5)

Alexie Aaron - 2020
    Kiki has been hired to finish a job abandoned by twelve other firms. She has brought with her the best contractors for the job. The contract is very specific; get in, finish the job, and, above all, don’t mess with the ghosts. Cid Garrett arrives with Jesse at Walnut Grove House with hopes of accomplishing his part of the restoration and leaving with a healthy paycheck. No sooner does he enter the grounds of the mansion when he is bowled over. Not by an errant ghost but by Sally Wright, the crews’ chef for the duration of the renovation. The contractors’ first day working on Walnut Grove House is eye opening. They were warned not to expect benign white ladies, but they weren’t expecting over a dozen burly ghosts who seem to want to collect a few dead contractors to join them. Join Cid while he tries to balance a budding romance while trying to keep himself and his team alive. Walnut Grove House is the 5th book of the “Cid Garret P.I.” series (a spin-off of Alexie Aaron’s popular “Haunted Series”).