Ninja Pug (2): The Truth Revealed

Amma Lee - 2017
    Not only are they still tracking down the ninjas who had stolen books from Jiro’s owner and friend Hanzo, but now they must stop the ninja organization’s evil plan regarding the president. Things are moving fast for our ninja dog heroes, but Jiro’s determination to figure out the truth will ultimately prevail. In the second installment of the Ninja Dogs series, readers follow Jiro and Luna on their journey towards the truth, and the truth regarding the mysterious ninja boy Ryo, Hanzo, Monukuma, and Luna will have readers shocked and on the edge of their seats wanting more!

Junie B Jones Gift Collection

Barbara Park

Jokes: Best Jokes 2016 (Funny books, Joke books, Funny jokes, Best jokes 2015, Best jokes 2016)

Kevin Murphy - 2016
    Who doesn’t likes a good session of jokes? If you too are looking to add a little humor to your life and you would love to have some rib cracking laugher sessions, we have a perfect book for you. The internet is a vast repository of jokes and the list is practically too big to handle. However, not all jokes are funny and damn, we all know how much it frustrates to read a joke (and some pathetically long ones too) and then end up wondering WTF, where did that go!Heck, I didn’t even twitch an eyelid, leave apart laughing. So, to spare you from all such bloopers... We have brought for you the best jokes of 2016, compiled all together. We have spanned multiple dimensions and we are sure that you can’t have a straight face as you read the jokes. They are just too funny to simply smile. We had a cracker of a time compiling it as we broke into fits of laughter. So, are you all set to truly have a fun ride by dabbling on the best jokes that were hot on the internet?

Funny Minecraft Memes (The Best Funny Books #2)

Jess Franken - 2015
    Are you a fan of Minecraft? Do you enjoy the Minecraft Diary series? Then you'll love this collection of funny Minecraft jokes and memes.

The Discovery (Time Traveler #1)

Katrina Kahler - 2017
    Along with the help of her older brother, Oliver and her best friend, Kate, Holly will manage to travel to another place and time. However, all great adventures lead to a consequence of some sort and this group of young kids is not at all prepared for what lies ahead. As well as her discovery, Holly also has to deal with the cool kids at school, one in particular who is intent on making her life miserable. And when Zac, the cutest boy in the class begins to show Holly some attention, her whole world turns upside down. This is a suspenseful journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering what is going to happen next. It is another fabulous book for girls aged 9-12, one that is sure to be a new favorite.

Who's That Lazy Boy?

Sigal Adler - 2015
    He yelled: "Shut up clock!" and shook his strong fist, He slammed the OFF button with a flick of his wrist.

The Elephants and the Chocolate Cake

Balachander Vijayakumar
    But they just cannot seem to find a cake that's big enough for elephants. The elephants need to find a way out to arrange a cake for their friend's birthday.'The Elephants and the Chocolate Cake' is the story of three lovable characters that solve a problem by thinking out of the box. The story is easy to follow and the lovely, bright illustrations keep children engaged to the story. The book has all the right elements that children love - a birthday, a huge chocolate cake, and some cute elephants!The book also starts off with a subtle hint to the readers that while everybody is slightly different from one another, they can be great friends and care for one another.Perfect for children aged 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Romi and The Wildfire

Ruskin Bond - 2010
    Romi needs to reach home with medicine for his sick father. But the forest he has to travel across has caught fire and is a dangerous place full of falling trees, leaping flames and panicked animals. Will he make his way across safely? Ruskin Bonds classic tale of extraordinary courage comes alive in this special illustrated edition for young readers.

Student's Encyclopedia of General Knowledge: The best reference book for students, teachers and parents

Azeem Ahmad Khan - 2005
    It provides the best of GK to its readers. Every piece of information is authentic - culled together from several areas of knowledge ranging from encyclopedias, fact books, year books, official government releases, internet and other reliable sources - and verified for accuracy. Salient Features: • The best reference book for students, teachers and parents • Includes the most up-to-date facts & figures • Alphabetical order of entries in each chapter • Believe It or Not' boxes contain over 100 amazing facts • Quiz at the end contains 200 important questions • Over 100 lavish & spectacular illustrations • Index contains around 200 direct & cross entries Table of Contents: • Common abbreviations • Famous books (India) • Famous books (World) • Hello India • Presidents of India • Prime Ministers of India • Indian states and their capitals • Indian states and their languages • Dances of India • Countries and their capitals • Countries and their currencies • Countries and their natives • Countries and their languages • Countries and their religions • Continents and countries • Changed names of some places • Geographical epithets • Riverside cities • Cities associated with industries • Number of players • Names of playgrounds • National games • Olympic Games • World Cup Soccer • World Cup Cricket • Famous sportspersons • Sports cups and trophies • Sports terms • Sports measurements • Sports stadiums in India • Places associated with sports • First in India • First in the world • Popular titles of famous personalities • Nationalities of famous personalities • Famous founders • Popular slogans • Animal records • Animal facts • National parks and sanctuaries • Famous sites (India) • Famous sites (World) • India's superlatives • World's superlatives • Seven Wonders of the ancient world • Museums in India • United Nations • Nobel Prize • Indian Nobel Laureates • Bharat Ratna • National Awards • Inventions • Scientific discoveries • Scientific instruments • Branches of science • The planets • Body facts • Vitamins • Diseases and human body • Festivals of India • Major religions • Important days • Important events in Indian history • Important events in world history • Fictional characters and their creators • Defining places • Different subjects • Professionals • Important terms • World records held by India(ns) • Newspapers and periodicals • The top 5 • Miscellaneous • Quiz • Answers • Index General Knowledge 2018

Pirates (The Magic Library #1)

Gillian Rogerson - 2016
    Myra and Kassy have discovered that the library inside Lavender Hall is magic. An evil witch is taking characters out of the books. She tricks them into entering tall stone towers. Once inside the tower, the characters forget who they are. The words from their books disappear and the world forgets about them. Myra and Kassy have to save the characters, and their stories, before the magic library is lost forever. Book 1 - Pirates A flying book leads Myra and Kassy to a beach where they find a message in a bottle. They soon discover a magic cave which takes them to a band of pirates. The pirates have been tricked by The Witch Of A Thousand Towers and are stranded on the island. Can Myra and Kassy help the pirates escape from the island?

My Grandma's Bag of Stories

Nishant Joshi - 2017
    Nishan Joshi's "My Grandma's Bag of Stories" is delightful and at the same time enjoyable. This book is a collection of 40 moral stories, ideal for young children and those who are 5+ in age. Simple and lucid language of the book, makes reading a pleasure. Each story ends with a powerful message which can be interpreted in various ways and will help you expand the horizons of your mind. This book guides one on the correct path by enlightening with age old morals interlaced with new age stories. I hope you will imbibe the morals and apply them in your day to day life. You can read more moral stories on Nishant’s website:

Why the Spider Has Long Legs (Folk Tales From Around the World)

Charlotte Guillain - 2014
    In it, Anansi the spider learns that you usually have to work to get the things that you want, and that it is never a good idea to be too greedy!

Math Candy

Katrina Streza - 2011
    They have a lot to learn but when they visit Mr. Candor's Candy Store, math concepts suddenly seem fun and tasty. In this book, educator Katrina Streza focuses on major math concepts such as addition, units of measurement, estimation, money, sorting, multiplication and comparison. Kids see the real-life application of math and enjoy the fun and engaging stories. Math Candy features 7 short chapters with black and white illustrations and is a good bridge for beginning readers or as a read-aloud. Make sure you check out all the Candy School Chapter Books: 1. Math Candy 2. Grammar Candy 3. Map Candy 4. Science Candy 5. History Candy

Magnificent Monologues for Kids

Steven Woolf - 1999
    Chambers Stevens, Los Angeles' #1 kids acting coach, introduces young actors to the joys and how-to's of performing monologues in preparation of auditions. +50 kid-friendly monologues are incorporated. Each monologue is named and subtitled for quick content perusal. A glossary of industry terms, index and bibliography of magnificent performances by child actors in film are also included as a study aid. In the foreword, Steven Woolf, renowned repertory theater director, discusses the role of monologues in the development of today's actor. Monologues in the book are easy to understand, require a minimum of props and work in impromptu settings. Perfect for teachers of theater arts, parents, counselors, troop leaders interested in increasing the self-confidence and self esteem of young people through the performance arts. Great for classroom, variety talent shows, parties, competitions, and ultimately, auditions.

Magic Tree House Assorted

Mary Pope Osborne - 2002