Ricochet in Time

Lori L. Lake - 2001
    Dani is befriended--against her own better judgment--by a young therapist named Grace Beaumont, who helps Dani make it through the ordeal of bringing the attacker to justice.

All Things

Amber Belldene - 2018
    She leads her vibrant church of St. Giles’ with compassion and sass. Her busy days involve match-making, meddling, and saving the city’s beloved lesbian landmark, The Carlos Club. Alma meets the intriguing Rabbi Naomi Cohen there, and she’s smitten. Death comes to the church’s door… When the proprietor of The Carlos Club turns up dead on the steps of St. Giles’, Naomi’s brother is the number one suspect. She needs help exonerating him, and Alma’s knowledge of the neighborhood makes her the perfect priest to solve the case. If only Alma’s ex-boyfriend, homicide detective Cesar Garza will accept her help. She still feels the pull of their old connection, but she’s convinced the sexy-smart rabbi is her perfect mate. . . Too bad Naomi is playing by different rules. Can Alma solve the case before the murderer silences her forever? About the Reverend Alma Lee Mystery Series Meet the Rev. Alma Lee, the next priest-detective in a long line of clergy sleuths from Father Brown to Clare Fergusson, Brother Cadfael to Sydney Chambers. Only, instead of a rural village, Alma’s turf is San Francisco—gritty, gay, and glorious. Her methods border on the absurd, and she has more attractive admirers than anyone who’s taken holy orders has a right to. If she's on the case, the murderer doesn't stand a chance.

Seven Moves

Carol Anshaw - 1988
    Forging a trail that leads into the heart of Morocco, Seven Moves tracks Christine's gradual recognition that no one can ever really know another's soul. Bearing Anshaw's trademark style -funny, hip, and laser-sharp -this is "a tightly told tale that resists the bookmark as well as any thriller" (Chicago Sun-Times). A Reader's Guide is now available.

First Instinct

J. Lee Meyer - 2006
    When high stakes security fraud leads to murder, one woman flees for her life while another risks her heart to protect her.

Stoner McTavish

Sarah Dreher - 1985
    From Boston s Beacon Hill to Grand Teton National Park, follow the adventures of Stoner McTavish--lesbian, travel agent, reluctant detective--as she battles villainy, terror, and the elements to save the woman of her dreams.

Desperate Measures

P.J. Trebelhorn - 2014
    After assaulting him, she’s suspended from her job. She uses her unexpected time off to make some home improvements, but Kay has no idea Rayne is stalking her, and he’s hell-bent on revenge. Brenda Jansen owns Jansen Construction with her father. A routine job brings her to Kay’s doorstep, and Brenda is blissfully unaware of the twists and turns her life is about to take. The instant attraction she feels toward her newest client is something Brenda’s doing her best to ignore. Since her two previous girlfriends cheated on her, she’s having a hard time putting her trust in anyone. Brenda’s indifference toward her intrigues Kay, who does everything she can to get Brenda to admit their attraction is mutual. As they grow closer, so does Tommy Rayne, until he finally threatens everything Kay holds dear.

Beautiful Journey

Kenna White - 2008
    All around her the Battle for Britain is raging, and ferrying factory-fresh airplanes to combat bases makes excellent use of her skills as flight lieutenant for the British Women's Air Transport Auxiliary. An American in southern England, she is undaunted by war. It's safer than love.The talented aviatrix could fly a crippled craft through a thunderstorm without a compass and find her way home, so it is singularly disconcerting to find herself flying in circles around Emily Mills, a too young, too attractive and too abrasive British literature teacher. Even though Emily's grandmother is Lady Marble, it's a time of war and scarcity and Emily needs work. Kit offers to help her find a job on the air base—and as is often true, no good deed goes unpunished.There's no compass on earth to help when the irascible Emily gets past all Kit's defenses. She knows the sparks could turn to flame,and their hearts are in the line of fire.Kenna White turns her storytelling talents to this unforgettable tale of women who found love, courage, and the courage to love in the midst of a world at war.

Lucifer Rising

Sharon Bowers - 1999
    When an apparently happenstance meeting introduces Jude to reporter Liz Gardener, the dark ex-agent is both intrigued and aroused by the young woman. A sniper shot intended for Jude strikes Liz, and the two women are thrown together in a race to discover who is intent on killing her. As their lives become more and more intertwined, Jude finds herself unexpectedly falling for the reporter, and Liz discovers that the agent-turned drug-dealer is both more and less than she seems.In eloquent language, author Sharon Bowers paints a dazzling portrait of a woman driven to the darkest extremes of the human condition-and the journey she makes to cross to the other side.

Fire and Water

Amanda Kayhart - 2020
     No one knows this better than Diane Hollenbeck, who has the settlement papers and scars to prove it. Determined to salvage her life from the ashes, Diane starts fresh, beginning with a long sabbatical in New England. A retreat to her friends' lake house seems idyllic--to ignite her writing career, rediscover herself, and rekindle her confidence along the placid shores of Lake Champlain. Until Diane encounters her new neighbor--a sexy recluse with a strong and stormy personality. Now navigating the small island town and finding her much-needed solace is impossible. Conflict swells. And sparks erupt. But as Diane draws closer to this fiery acquaintance, as discovers there's more behind her neighbor's stinging flames--a shared loss and longing that fuses them together.

Gold Fever

Lyn Denison - 1998
    Leading a quiet, solitary existence as the city librarian, she is busily preparing for a special appearance by a mysterious new author whose first novel, Gold Fever, has become an instant best-seller. But the news that Ashley Maclean is also coming to town quickly turns Kate’s carefully controlled world upside down.Growing up together, Kate and Ashley used to be inseparable, first as best friends, then as lovers. Never doubting Ashley’s love, Kate thought their lives were mapped out – that they would always be together. But Ashley’s family had other ideas. After catching the young lovers together, Ashley’s mother forced them to separate. Upon receiving the news that Ashley was about to be married, a distraught Kate left home, vowing never to let anyone get close enough to hurt her again.Although Kate had convinced herself that the pain was behind her, the very mention of Ashley’s name brings all of the old memories – and feelings – rushing back. What will she do if Ashley wants to see her again? Even worse – what if Ashley doesn’t?

Punk and Zen

J.D. Glass - 2007
    That? She saves for music, whether she's playing guitar or DJing...and everyone dances to her tune. But when the dreams Nina works so hard for start to fall into place, the past she thinks she's left behind returns. As she opens herself - to everything - Nina learns that being punk alone is not enough. She needs to love and be loved, to let go - without losing herself. Angst, sex, love, rock - 'Nuff said.

Wild Abandon

Ronica Black - 2006
    From their first meeting, the two women are drawn together in a battle of wills and a fiery sexual dance that neither can turn away from.

Necessary Sacrifice

Noelle Winters - 2017
     Running a domestic violence shelter keeps Emma Stevens on her toes, and serves as a living reminder of her mother’s legacy that falling in love can hurt you in more ways than one. But when one of her clients is murdered, Emma comes face to face with a detective who makes her question her resolve to remain safely unattached. Reeling from her wife’s death, Nick Tanner fled her life as a homicide detective in the big city. But when a brutal murder rocks the police department in sleepy Battle Creek, she isn’t prepared for the haunting memories, or complications, it brings - especially stubborn therapist Emma, who is determined to solve the case all by herself if she has to. But when Emma becomes the target for a killer, both their lives - and the love building between them - are put in danger. Is it better to love with the risk of losing, or not love at all?

Tell Me What You Like: An Alison Kaine Mystery

Kate Allen (Other) - 1993
    Author Kate Allen doesn't back down from sensitive issues in this serious, slyly humorous novel of a new lesbian crime solver.

Under the Witness Tree

Marianne K. Martin - 2004
    Erin Hughes, a local history professor with a passion for old houses. Dhari’s life is complicated enough without meeting such an attractive and intelligent woman: Her mother needs her, her father relies on her and her girlfriend worries her. But when Erin finds old letters and a diary, Dhari knows she can’t leave until she finds out the truth . . .Marianne K. Martin is the best-selling author of five novels including Mirrors and Love in the Balance.