A Sonday Kind of Love

Tucora Monique - 2020

A Bride for a Loan (Mail Order Brides of Miles Gulch)

Susannah Calloway - 2021

That Bona Fide Hood Love 2: Dolcé & Kaizer

Shaye B. - 2019
    For the first time since they met, she was seeing him in a different light. Determined to set boundaries, Dolcé finally sticks up for herself. However, the love that she has for Kaizer may be too much for her to fight. With pressure from Kaizer and those close to her; Dolcé is forced to make make a stand. Will she forgive the man that she loves or start a new life— all alone. With his relationship with Dolcé on the line, Kaizer is determined to prove himself worthy of her love. As he does his all to get things back on track with Dolcé, his ex, Kyra proves to be more of a challenge than he anticipated. In pursuit of the truth, Kaizer places his relationship with Dolcé on the line; in a desperate attempt to settle the score. Will his desire for vengeance overpower his love for Dolcé, and ruin everything they’ve built? Or will he finally realize that nothing and no-one is more important than his family The second installment is all about boundaries. Dolcé and Kaizer must explore the boundaries of their love for one another to determine if being together is worth it. With their relationship in turmoil, Kaizer & Dolcé each have to dig deep to determine if their love is worth the fight. Or perhaps too much damage has been done, and it may be time for them to cut their losses and move on…

IF WE LAST: After Crossing a Light-year

Ishita Banik - 2018
    Reyansh is an engineer staying in Mumbai, whose life is drowned in the darkness. Their paths are just about to cross. A new journey is waiting for him. Avipsa's life is going to take some drastic turn. Some discrete incidents...Condensing Fear....Chasing Dreams...Footsteps of The Bygone... What's waiting for them? Or for everyone? Love? Hope? Or, SOMETHING ELSE?? Read this page turner to explore more...

Kiss of the Texas Maverick

Charlotte Dearing - 2021

Amish Christmas Surprise

Brenda Maxfield - 2020
    Her parents refuse to talk about where she is, but Elizabeth is certain they know. When Elizabeth accidentally overhears a clue, she investigates and finds Kathryn. Elizabeth can help her sister, but only with the cooperation of Elizabeth's long-time beau Stephen. But Stephen refuses to help. Why? The answer only leads to heartache.Now reeling with uncertainty, Elizabeth seeks advice from her friend, Caleb Kurtz. But Caleb offers much more than just advice. Stunned by his generous heart, Elizabeth doesn't know what to do. Her response could lead her to a completely different life than what she'd always planned. Dare she take Caleb up on his offer?

The Flygirl's Cowboy: A Single Dad Romance (Pinewood Valley Series Book 1)

G.C. Riley - 2020

Cowboy Blessings: Clean & Wholesome Cowboy Romance (Triple J Ranch Book 5)

Jenna Hendricks - 2021

Everlasting Magic: A Thorne Witches Holiday Novella (The Thorne Witches)

T.M. Cromer - 2022
    He also happens to be the man she’s loved forever, so the stakes couldn’t be higher to clear his name.Simon Blane is royally screwed. Framed as an international kingpin to hide the activities of the actual criminal ring, he faces life imprisonment. Worse still, he’s fallen for the brilliant, determined Evelyn Thorne, a powerful witch with a not-so-law-abiding family, and he’s unwittingly dragged her into the center of a maelstrom. Now they both have a massive target on their backs. Simon and Evelyn will have to throw away the FBI rule book and tap into the Thorne Witches’ power if they have any chance of survival—because the real culprit is determined to keep the truth hidden by any means possible. And as Simon and Evelyn hunt for the evidence to save them, maybe, just maybe, they can find a little Valentine’s Day magic of their own.

A Tailor Made Love: A Love That's All Mine

Tyrecka Liggons - 2016
    Their lives in New York came to an end when they moved to Louisville to live with their Daddy, step mother, and sister. Seven tried to piece her life back together the best way she could by leaning on her family and best friend Riley.Dealing with a broken heart is never easy and accepting the loss of her mother was a hard pill for Seven to swallow. Since moving to Louisville, she turned angry and coldhearted. She blamed all the problems she had on her brother’s best friend Shy’Donis. She felt he was the cause of her brother being incarcerated and hated the sight of him. But while Seven openly hated Shy, he secretly loved her. He knew with the hate she held for him, he could never have her.Life for Riley has always been difficult. Having a mother who put everything before her kids, Riley had no choice but to raise herself and grow up quick. Graduating from high school, Riley was ready to live her life worry free, partying, and hang with her girls, but a day after her graduation she was quickly pushed into the real world.Falling in love was never Riley’s intentions and who she fell in love with was even more of a shocker. Being no stranger to difficulties, Riley solved most of her problems by telling lies and keeping secrets from the ones she loved.They were two different chicks, with two different life stories, but with all life's crazy obstacles Riley and Seven lean on each other for support.

Say Hello and Wave Goodbye

Marina Johnson - 2019
     After seven years of self-imposed exile after the love of her life cheated on her, Becca is finally going home. She’d like to think she’s being brave but in her honest moments she knows she’s being forced into it by the loss of her job. Can she trust herself not to hunt down her cheating ex and fling herself into his arms? Will she ever find the true love that she yearns for? Finding the perfect home with a hot but unavailable landlord and a life far better than she could have hoped for, Becca is still plagued by self-doubt. Is she annoying? Is she the most accident prone person in the world? Is she dislikeable? She thinks she might be all of these, but most importantly, is she normal? Because normal people don’t have The Beccabird squawking in their ears...

A Cold Winter With A Hot Boy 2

S. Yvonne - 2021

Going Home to Dixie

Alicia Lane Dutton - 2013
    Buzz Central is The High Point of Beauty hair salon owned by Dixie Harper who happens to be the mother of Creighton’s ex sweetheart, Brandy. In order to forget Creighton, Brandy attended NYU, moved to Alaska, and then to Key West. Back in Gemini, Brandy’s cousin, Frangelico Reeves, and jet setter Fi Lipscomb are also faced with their own star crossed love affairs. As fate would have it, Brandy returns home to renovate her mother’s 1950’s era kitchen the same week as her ex-boyfriend Creighton’s engagement party at his family’s estate “Allegra”. The engagement party of the year is suddenly changed to the wedding of the year. The whole town is ensnared in the twists and tangles of old flames, late-night happenings at “Fran’s Booze and Bands” bar, and salon gossip. Throw in the president of the Magnolia Garden Club – Miss Evelyn Wellington, Bobbie Lee Whitt - “Miss Plains Peanut”, and “Lucky”, a homoSEKshul according to Miss Evelyn, who happens to be Gemini’s triple-threat cosmetologist, wedding director, and pageant coach, and you’ve got comedy, romance, suspense, and a southern novel to capture your heart. If you like the novels of Mary Kay Andrews, Jennifer Crusie, or Jill Connor Browne’s Sweet Potato Queens, you’ll love Going Home to Dixie!

Josephine's Guest House Quilt (East Perry County Series Book 2)

Chris Gilbert - 2016
    Kate Meyr continues to be charmed by the beauty of Borna, Missouri. Now, after encouragement from her friends Clark and Ellie, she decides to turn her home into a guesthouse, which East Perry County desperately needs. Wanting to acknowledge Dr. Paulson and his wife, Josephine, whose spirit still haunts the home, she names her new business Josephine’s Guest House. Kate also commissions a quilt to be made by her friend Ruth Ann to hang in the entry hall for guests to sign. Everything seems to be coming together and guests are intrigued by Josephine’s presence, but why do some of the guests’ names disappear from the signature quilt and some remain?

Stealing The Pastor's Daughter Pt.2

Edwina Fort - 2021